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Traditional grammar

When was the information
published or posted
Has the information been
revised or updated?
Does your topic require
current information or will
older sources work as
Are the links functional?
Does the information
relate to your topic or
answer your question?
Who is the intended
Is the information at an
appropriate level?
Have you looked at a
variety of sources before
determining this is one
you will use?
Would you be comfortable
citing this source in your
research paper?
Who is the
What are the author’s
credentials or
organizational affiliations?
Is the author qualified to
write on the topic?
Is there contact
Does the URL reveal
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Extra information
Published on Dec 07, 2012

No doubt at all. This source answers the
main point of this paper. It shows points
important of traditional grammar in SLA.
This source addresses its contents to the
teaching community .
It uses specific terms related to language
and teaching in SLA.

I center my investigation on SLA in
grammar in context, so this source is
useful to explain why not to use
traditional grammar as a main method.
Rogelyn A. Castañeto

Master Teacher,

 This is not the Authors´s official website,
but it presents the source in ppt format:


Is the information
supported by evidence?
Has the information been
reviewed or referred?
Can you verify any of the
information in another
source or from personal
Does the language or tone
seem unbiased and free
of emotion?
Are there spelling,
grammar or typographical
What is the purpose of
the information? Is it to
inform, teach, sell,
entertain, or persuade?
Do the authors/sponsors
make their intentions or
purpose clear?
Is the information fact,
opinion or propaganda?
Does the point of view
appear objective and
Are there political,
ideological, cultural,
religious institutional or
personal biases?

 It is just a presentation in ppt

This source is expository style due to
explanation of the information,

It is a fact, because it explains specific
points of my paper.

Rogelyn A. (2012) Traditional grammar, Retrieved from
Rogelyn argues that traditional grammar is a method used since many centuries ago to teach the traditional
language. Now on day, English is taught by this method for being a language that has the same structure as
traditional languages such as Greek and Latin. This article is addressed to students interested in educational
scope and also, for teachers. The aim of this source is to show how traditional grammar interacts on second
language acquisition, and reflect why could be positive now on day