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Teaching grammar in context: Why and How
Extra information
When was the
Published on 2013, January
information published or
Has the information
been revised or
Does your topic require

With this source, my topic is well
current information or
supported because it shows how we can
will older sources work
teach grammar in context and why It is
as well?
very important in SLA.
Are the links functional?
Does the information

It shows the importance of teaching
relate to your topic or
functional grammar and how to do it.
answer your question?
Who is the intended
This source addresses its contents to the
teaching community and students related
to education of SLA.
Is the information at an

It uses specific terms related to teaching a
appropriate level?
second language.
Have you looked at a

variety of sources before
determining this is one
you will use?
Would you be

Sure, because it supports my
comfortable citing this
investigation giving some examples of
source in your research
how to teach a second language using
grammar in context.
Tugrutl, Cagri
Who is the
What are the author’s
Department of Langauges, Ishik
credentials or
University, Erbil, Iraq
Is the author qualified to

Yes, this author has investigated and
write on the topic?
shown graphically the way of teaching
grammar in context
Is there contact

Does the URL reveal

It reveals his affiliation and the scope of
anything about the
author or source?
Where does the
 An online academic paper :

information come from?

Is the information

supported by evidence?
Has the information

been reviewed or
Can you verify any of the
information in another
source or from personal
Does the language or
tone seem unbiased and
free of emotion?
Are there spelling,

grammar or
typographical errors?
What is the purpose of
This source is expository style due to
the information? Is it to
several explanations of the information.
inform, teach, sell,
It also gives some examples of how to
entertain, or persuade?
teach grammar in context
Do the authors/sponsors

make their intentions or
purpose clear?
Is the information fact,
It is a fact, because it explains specific
opinion or propaganda?
points of this paper.
Does the point of view
appear objective and
Are there political,

ideological, cultural,
religious institutional or
personal biases?
Tugrutl, Cagri (2013, January).Teaching grammar in context: Why and How. Retrieved from
Tugruy Cagri, a prestigious academic addressed his investigation in the scope on grammar instructions
within a context, how this method can be taught and why this teaching approach is very important to
teach to learners. According to what the author says, grammar rules are made easier if they are given
in a context and teaching grammar in context provides accuracy in the target language in the second

language acquisition process. The style of this source is functional due to the great majorities of
examples of how this method operate in a illustrative way