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The Company Hire Division Prestige Industrial Pipework Equipment (P. Pipe Purge Tape Please contact our Hire Division on the numbers below: Tel: +44 (0)1869 324 424 Fax: +44 (0)1869 323 273 3. 02 Content Argon Purge 70ppm Vol.E Hire Division was incorporated and is now a world leading supplier in the hire and rental of pipework fabrication equipment.pipe-ltd. semi-conductor. 0. Create a seal (dam) either side of the weld and close off the weld gap with Pipe Purge Tape to create the weld chamber. a massive £3 million investment in equipment has been made. 02 Content Argon Purge 500ppm Vol.I. The basic principles of purging can be seen below.E Limiteds products Why not ask for our free product DVD? Site Services P.E Ltd supply a comprehensive range of systems to create the correct welding environment. 3 .P. 02 Content Argon Purge 200ppm Vol. Purging equipment and its use has a major impact on preventing oxidation and improving final weld quality.I. We have an unrivalled range and quantity of equipment available off the shelf. 2. whatever the application.0 1 guaranteeing no oxidation or discolouration of the weld. titanium and other exotic materials for the nuclear. the weld seam is subjected to heat and air which causes oxidation.PURGING FOR WELDING Why Purge? When welding stainless steel.I. petrochemical. 4.P. pharmaceutical. During the welding process.I. In 1999 P.the perfect environment for welding is paramount to maintaining the corrosion resistant properties.P. both in product and service. These industries include: • Petrochemical • Offshore • Power Generation • Boiler Industry • Ship Building and repair • Nuclear • Oil Refinery's • Heat Exchange Manufacture/Repair • General Fabrication This brochure has been designed to give you a brief introduction into the extensive range of P.P.I. Principles Of Purging 1. Welding can then be carried out. Since then.E Ltd.E) Ltd was incorporated in 1989. Use a weld purge monitor to recognise when the required level of oxygen has been met.P. titanium and other corrosion resistant materials . A new investment in a tailored hire software system has been made to simplify all of your hire needs. Our hire service is offered not only in the UK. Specialist machines can also be designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements.E Hire Division to become the leading hirer of: • PIPE Bevelling Machines • PIPE Cutting and Bevelling Machines • PIPE Cutting Machines • PIPE Clamps • PIPE Stands • Tube Expanding Machines • Tube Pulling Machines • Plate Bevelling Machines Argon Purge 12ppm Vol. P. For the best results.E has established an effective distribution network to industries across the world. offer a comprehensive range of on-site machining www. enabling P. if the correct processes are not adhered hire@pipe-ltd. from pipe bevelling and cutting to tube pulling and expanding. but anywhere in the world. due to our consistent high level of quality.I. Over the past 25 years we have established ourselves as the worlds leading supplier. 02 Content Argon Purge 60ppm Vol. 02 Content Argon Purge 250ppm Vol. All of our site engineers are qualified and approved to work in all areas including Offshore and Nuclear industries.I. 02 Content Weld Quality The effective welding of stainless steel. P. our aim was to "specialise" in the supply of pipework equipment and tools. the oxidation must be prevented. Our hire fleet is constantly expanding and improving. aerospace and food industries requires the proper tools to create a perfect weld environment. The quality of the exotic corrosion resistant material welding is dependent on the correct purging methods to minimise or eliminate the oxidation.P. Fill the chamber with inert gas (such as argon or nitrogen) to expel oxygen from the chamber.

8 kg 4. 5 . Afterwards. The volume of purge gas used is less than 2% of that required for or a conventional purge.9 kg 2. the dams inflate and.0 kg 44 – 57 mm 58 – 84 mm 80 .48” (50mm . the dams are deflated simply by disconnecting the purge gas feed and the system easily withdrawn.265 mm 265 . Through the preset purge valve.8 kg 3. so requires no adjustment Due to the design of these systems.162 mm 175 .34 kg 0.0 kg 1.1 kg 3.PURGE BAG SYSTEM How it works The Purge Bag Systems in the range manufactured by PIPE Ltd are designed around the principle of using 2 dams to create a seal either side of the weld. The Pipe Purge Bag Systems are quick and easy to use providing a very rapid weld purge. upon reaching the pre-set pressure.2 kg 2.110 mm 103 . Fitted at one end with a 3/8” female gas regulator connector and at the other end with a fitting to attach to the inflation hose.2 kg 4. Standard sizes 2 to 48” are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock. • Quick and easy to install simplifying the process of inert gas purging. 8” pipe = 4 mins. Once ready to start purging.305 mm 330 – 355 mm 380 – 405 mm 430 – 455 mm 485 – 510 mm 535 – 560 mm 585 – 610 mm 635 – 660 mm 685 – 710 mm 735 – 760 mm 785 – 810 mm 835 – 860 mm 885 – 910 mm 990 – 1015 mm 1040 – 1065 mm 1195 – 1220 mm 30 metre argon feed hose assembly for connecting PIPE Purge Bag System to dedicated and regulated gas supply. with the inert gas enabling the welder to produce an even oxidation free penetration weld bead.5 kg 2.8 kg 1. 24” • Use less inert gas. Used in conjunction with PIPE Ltd’s Oxygen Monitors to indicate when the required low level of oxygen has been reached. Special sizes are available within 7 days. Features and advantages Typical purge times for 4” pipe = 1½ mins. connects to a dedicated ated and regulated gas supply.34 kg 0. Argon In Argon NOMINAL PIPE SIZE 50 mm 75 mm 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm 350 mm 400 mm 450 mm 500 mm 550 mm 600 mm 650 mm 700 mm 750 mm 800 mm 850 mm 900 mm 1000 mm 1050 mm 1200 mm 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24” 26” 28” 30” 32” 34” 36” 40” 42” 48” O ² Out WEIGHT INTERNAL DIAMETER RANGE 0.213 mm 230 . welding can then commence. Sizes: 2”. shiny. Return on investment can be achieved in as little as just one or two welds. These robust systems can be used over and over again paying for themselves in very little time. the system is inserted into the bore of the pipe using the luminous strip to centre the system to the weld gap.38 kg 0. The design of these systems means that only one gas connection is required for both dam inflation and weld purging.34 kg 0. 4” Purge Bag System Luminous strip allows the operator to locate the centre of the bag system to the weld gap with ease. These dams are connected by an armoured spinal tube.5 kg 5. Choose e any flow rate up to 20l a min. just far enough away from the weld not to be effected by heat but close enough to the joint to provide the fastest weld purge time.90 kg 1. oxide free weld roots. the volume of gas used to purge is minimised. the valve releases the gas gently into the weld chamber. 48” • Heat resistant up to 70ºc continuously.1 kg 1.5 kg 6.38 kg 0. 4” 4 PB02 PB03 PB04 PB05 PB06 PB08 PB10 PB12 PB14 PB16 PB18 PB20 PB22 PB24 PB26 PB28 PB30 PB32 PB34 PB36 PB40 PB42 PB48 PBS401 16” O² Sizing and specification PART Nº • PIPE Ltd’s Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems dramatically reduce purging times leading to significant savings in labour costs.135 mm 124 . to purge the interspace without turbulence. • Gas pressure control ensures an even positive root bead with no notching.7 kg 1.4 kg 3.1200mm) Double Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems Used for 90% of the traditional pipe weld purging applications to provide bright. The Oxygen is removed from the weld chamber through the integral exhaust tubes in the bags. High quality materials are used in the manufacture of these systems guaranteeing perfect oxide-free weld roots in very little time.3 kg 1. When the gas flow is started. resulting in significant savings in both time and the quantity of inert gas used.0 kg 5. 12” pipe = 8 mins • Ready to use. The Gas Release Valve is pre-set and sealed.

so that the higher temperatures closer to the weld do not damage the system. As with all of PIPE Ltds inflatable purging systems. even around bends and elbows.7 kg RP18 Rapid Purge™ 18" 450 mm 420 .316 mm 2. PIPE Ltd’s Rapid Purge™ systems enable high speed welding of larger diameter pipe joints that have to be purged. A gas exhaust valve is installed between the primary and secondary dam.1841 mm 28.6 kg RP24 Rapid Purge™ 24" 600 mm 572 . A 36” diameter pipe will purge to below 0.1384 mm 18.645 mm 4.215 mm 1.267 mm 1.445 mm 3.7 kg RP12 Rapid Purge™ 12" 300 mm 291 .5 kg RP30 Rapid Purge™ 30" 750 mm 722 .899 mm 9.7 kg RP48 Rapid Purge™ 48" 1200 mm 1175 . Rapid Purge™ has been developed specifically to enable high speed purging for any pipe welding application.394 mm 2. nickel and other alloy materials.0 kg RP54 Rapid Purge™ 54” 1371 mm 1359 . connects to a dedicated and regulated gas supply. Choose any flow rate up to 80l/min. along with an auxiliary argon purge line.1015 mm 9.1150 mm 13.0 kg RP72 Rapid Purge™ 72” 1828 mm 1816 .696 mm 5. titanium.1% oxygen in less than 10 minutes and all smaller pipes correspondingly faster. 2” 12” 6 DESCRIPTION PRODUCT SIZES EXPANSION RANGE WEIGHT RP08 Rapid Purge™ 8" 200 mm 190 . Standard sizes 8 to 80” are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock. 16” • The inflatable dams and imbelical hose are covered with a heat resistant material and insulated accordingly for use at temperatures up to 250ºC.0 kg RP32 Rapid Purge™ 32" 800 mm 772 . free from oxidation and discolouration.747 mm 6. Designed to enable the user to produce high quality. • Ready to use. The robust design of the Rapid Purge™ Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems allows for many years of repeatable trouble free use.0 kg RP36 Rapid Purge™ 36" 900 mm 874 . duplex and chrome steels. reliable and repeatable welding of stainless steel tube and pipe joints to ensure a very fast weld purge time and a very high quality weld root. Due to the quality of the materials used.343 mm 2.4 kg RP10 Rapid Purge™ 10" 250 mm 242 .1200 mm 15. the Rapid Purge™ come with preset valves.1537 mm 20.5 kg RP28 Rapid Purge™ 28" 700 mm 671 .0 kg RP20 Rapid Purge™ 20" 500 mm 471 . 12” 48” Dramatic savings of time.2044 mm 30. Special sizes are available within 7 days.2 kg RP44 Rapid Purge™ 44" 1100 mm 1125 . Special sizes are available within 7 days. the Rapid Purge™ systems can be used over and over again further reducing manufacturing costs. gas and money can be made by using these systems. • Friction free coatings allow easy movement through pipes from one joint to another. O ² Out O² Argon In Rapid Purge used to weld a stainless steel elbow.597 mm 3.0 kg RP80 Rapid Purge™ 80” 2031 mm 2019 . so are ready to use ‘straight out of the box’.4 kg RP22 Rapid Purge™ 22" 550 mm 553 . Each Rapid Purge™ System is covered with heat protective material.5 kg RP16 Rapid Purge™ 16" 400 mm 369 .0 kg RP60 Rapid Purge™ 60” 1524 mm 1512 .8 kg RP26 Rapid Purge™ 26" 650 mm 620 .1 kg RP14 Rapid Purge™ 14" 350 mm 318 .1 kg RP40 Rapid Purge™ 40" 1000 mm 990 .RAPID PURGE™ SYSTEM PATENTED PRODUCT How it works Sizes: 8 to 80” (200 to 2035 mm) The Rapid Purge™ Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems for pipe and d vessel purging comprises a tandem inflatable dam system connected by an umbilical hose e and collar to reduce the volume being purged. 24” • A central (glow in the dark) strip allows fast and accurate alignment of the system to the centrepoint of the weld area. Argon Sizing and specification Features and advantages PART Nº • Typical purge times of less than 10 minutes!!! • The unique “thru-bore” design of the central sleeve minimises the area to be purged. dramatically reducing the volume of gas required. 7 .0 kg Standard sizes 8 to 80” are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock.797 mm 8.9 kg RP42 Rapid Purge™ 42" 1050 mm 1023 .577 mm 3. through the twin preset purge valve. Purge larger diameter pipes faster than ever! Used for stainless.496 mm 3.1048 mm 13.

the heat resistant systems are available for all pipe diameters from 3” to 80” (75 to 2035mm).1048 mm 13.0 kg HRRP32 Rapid Purge™ 32" 800 mm 772 .6 kg HRRP24 Rapid Purge™ 24" 600 mm 572 .316 mm 2.2 kg HRRP44 Rapid Purge™ 44" 1100 mm 1125 . 14” Argon Sizing and specification PART Nº DESCRIPTION EXPANSION RANGE HRPB03 Purge Bag 3” 75mm 63 .0 kg HRRP80 Rapid Purge™ 80” 2031 mm 2019 .25kg HRPB06 Purge Bag 6” 150mm 138 .645 mm 4. • A central strip allows fast and accurate alignment of the system to the centrepoint of the weld area.125 mm 1.696 mm 5. these systems guarantee bright.175 mm 1.75 mm 1.1 kg HRRP14 Rapid Purge™ 14" 350 mm 318 . shiny. such as pre-heated pipework. allowing the weld to be purged continuously for up to 24 hours if necessary.1537 mm 20. or up to 500ºC for short periods of time. How it works: The Pipe Purge Bag and Rapid Purge Systems are both available as heat resistant versions Both the Heat Resistant PIPE Purge Bag system and the Heat resistant Rapid Purge System work identically to the standard systems.up to 20l/min/Rapid Purge up to 80l/min) through the twin preset purge valve. connects to a dedicated and regulated gas supply.8 kg HRRP26 Rapid Purge™ 26" 650 mm 620 . 26” • Manufactured to Nuclear Quality Standards with nuclear approved materials.899 mm 9. and pipes where very high temperatures are required for welding. or up to 500ºC for short periods • Available for all pipe diameters from 3” to 80” (75 to 2035mm). the heat resistant range comes with a central band for rapid centering of the system to the weld root for the fastest set up times. Features and advantages • Heat resistant up to 350ºC (572ºF) for up to 24 hours. use and withdrawal from pipes.7 kg HRRP48 Rapid Purge™ 48" 1200 mm 1175 .g.267 mm 1.5 kg HRRP16 Rapid Purge™ 16" 400 mm 369 .1015 mm 9.394 mm 2.2044 mm 30.1 kg HRRP40 Rapid Purge™ 40" 1000 mm 990 . Heat Resistant Purge Bags 7” Designed for use when high temperatures will be encountered during the process of pipe welding. 7” 14” O² O ² Out Mirroring the features of the standard range of inflatable purging systems.g.577 mm 3. as with the standard systems. but are made using a purposely designed Nomex and Kevlar mix material to withstand the temperatures typically encountered when welding exotic materials. Choose any flow rate (Purge Bags . welding and post-heat treatment cycles.4 kg HRRP22 Rapid Purge™ 22" 550 mm 553 .1150 mm 13.343 mm 2.HEAT RESISTANT PURGING SYSTEMS Sizes: 3” to 80” (75 to 2035mm) Systems For the Fast Purging of High Temperature Pipework.0 kg HRRP60 Rapid Purge™ 60” 1524 mm 1512 . elbows etc. Heat Resistant Rapid Purge e. 4” 3” e.7 kg HRRP18 Rapid Purge™ 18" 450 mm 420 . 8 WEIGHT 9 .1384 mm 18. 18” • Ready to use.2kg HRPB05 Purge Bag 5” 125mm 113 .597 mm 3.747 mm 6.3kg HRPB07 Purge Bag 7” 175mm 163 . • Designed and manufactured specifically for the power industry where high strength chrome alloy steels are more frequently used.496 mm 3. 7” Pipe will purge in less than 4 minutes! These versions of our inflatable Pipe purging systems are heat resistant up to 350ºC (572ºF) for up to 24 hours.1kg HRPB04 Purge Bag 4” 100mm 92 .4kg PRODUCT SIZES HRRP08 Rapid Purge™ 8" 200 mm 190 .9 kg HRRP42 Rapid Purge™ 42" 1050 mm 1023 . • Suitable for 24 hour cycles including pre-heat.0 kg HRRP54 Rapid Purge™ 54” 1371 mm 1359 .215 mm 1.445 mm 3.150 mm 1.1841 mm 28.0 kg Most sizes are available in large quantities for immediate delivery from stock.797 mm 8.100 mm 1.5 kg HRRP28 Rapid Purge™ 28" 700 mm 671 . bends. for ease of insertion.0 kg HRRP72 Rapid Purge™ 72” 1828 mm 1816 .1200 mm 15. coke and oxide-free welds.0 kg HRRP20 Rapid Purge™ 20" 500 mm 471 . Argon In The welder can position these systems prior to pre-heating and leave them in place throughout the pre-heating. 36” Pipe will purge in less than 10 minutes! • Designed to be flexible.7 kg HRRP12 Rapid Purge™ 12" 300 mm 291 .4 kg HRRP10 Rapid Purge™ 10" 250 mm 242 .5 kg HRRP30 Rapid Purge™ 30" 750 mm 722 . welding and post-weld heat treatment. Special sizes are available within 7 days.0 kg HRRP36 Rapid Purge™ 36" 900 mm 874 .

The design also guarantees that at least one disc will always remain tight to the pipe wall creating a 100% seal. • The Double Seal systems are made for pipes from 1 ½” to 12” Features and advantages The double seal system can be purchased individually or in kit form for a range of pipe diameters. The discs are UV and temperature-resistant up to 330ºC for up to one hour. and gas usage for maximum efficiency. achieving an extremely short purge time. • Suitable for purging pipes. Supplied with a carabiner and insulated withdrawal cable for sizes 38mm upwards for ease of withdrawal from the pipe. Besides the very short purging time. This process of gas diffusion provides an even flow of gas and prevents any gas turbulence behind the weld. Available as a kit for 16-165mm (DSK16-165) 10 PART Nº TYPE PIPE i/D RANGE HOSE LENGTH DS16-19 Flex 16-19 mm 100 mm DS19-24 Flex 19-24 mm 100 mm DS24-29 Flex 24-29 mm 100 mm DS29-34 Flex 29-34 mm 100 mm DS34-38 Flex 34-38 mm 100 mm DS38-43 Flexible and rigid 38-43 mm 120/60 mm DS43-48 Flexible and rigid 43-48 mm 120/60 mm DS47-53 Flexible and rigid 47-53 mm 120/60 mm DS52-58 Flexible and rigid 52-58 mm 120/60 mm DS64-72 Flexible and rigid 64-72 mm 120/60 mm DS78-86 Flexible and rigid 78-86 mm 120/60 mm DS90-101 Flexible and rigid 90-101 mm 150/100 mm DS100-112 Flexible and rigid 100-112 mm 150/100 mm DS120-130 Flexible and rigid 120-130 mm 150/100 mm DS124-138 Flexible and rigid 124-138 mm 150/100 mm DS144-155 Flexible and rigid 144-155 mm 150/100 mm DS150-165 Flexible and rigid 150-165 mm 150/100 mm DS197-206 Flexible and rigid 197-206 mm 150/100 mm DS209-220 Flexible and rigid 209-220 mm 150/100 mm DS246-257 Flexible and rigid 246-257 mm 150/100 mm DS260-273 Flexible and rigid 260-280 mm 150/100 mm DS290-320 Flexible and rigid 290-320 mm 150/100 mm DSK16-165 Complete Kit 16-165mm 120/60 150/100mm 11 . thereby minimising the risk of oxygen in the welding chamber while. use silicon discs to form an air tight seal. Gas inlet push fitting universal on all sizes. • The silicon seal units can be separated and used as a gas finger ge and pipe stopper respectively. reducing purge times. There are 2 styles of silicon double seal systems available: • The Gas Finger system is designed for small pipes and tubes from 16 – 38mm i/d How it works The gas inlet and outlet are provided with twin sealing discs separated by a flexible. rigid or a spring-type tube. Argon Sizing and specification • Guaranteed gas tight seal.g. at the same time. • UV and temperature resistant up to 330ºc continuously or 450ºc for shot periods. The gas is diffused into the chamber via the built in sintered diffuser and exits through the exhaust holes in the secondary twin disc unit. These extremely short purge times result in valuable cost savings in gas and time. These systems. Single Gas Finger for smaller pipe and tubes.THE DOUBLE SEAL SYSTEM Sizes: ¾”-12” (16-320mm) Purge pipes fast with minimal gas usage PIPE Ltd also manufacture The Silicone Double Seal purging system that has been designed to further reduce both inert gas use and purging time.01% Oxygen in less than 2 minutes) O² O ² Out Argon In • High quality silicon sealing disks that prevent them tilting ng or falling over inside the pipe. Show with flexible hose connection for purging elbows and fittings. • Typical purge times of less than 2 minutes(e. the Silicon Seal System also offers the possibility to cover various nominal pipe diameters by one pair of baffles enabling highly economic use of the device. elbows and fittings. an 8” Pipe will purge to below 0.

Sizing and specification PART NUMBER Pipe Ltd’s range of Pipe stoppers are available in a number of different styles to suit many applications for pipe sizes from 1/2” to 72”. Steel Plugs PIPE Ltd also manufacture a range of Steel plugs from 2” to 72” in diameter. Features and advantages • Minimal gas usage. the range of sizes make these plugs ideal for a number of other applications in the water and gas industries as well as applications in all other industries where pipes are used or where there are holes to be blocked. These stoppers can also be supplied with a hollow shaft version for screwing on standard hose connections or for using fixed or free nipple caps. These are provided in sizes from 1. Pipe stoppers are mainly used to seal off from water. The purge area is isolated.5” upwards and are suitable for more arduous duties such as immersion in chemicals and/or higher temperatures. Nylon Plugs Nylon plugs are the standard ‘Drain Plugs’ for testing leak tightness of foul water lines at the time of installation. Larger sizes and specials available on request. Special Pipestoppers are also available for pressure testing. 12 13 . a wing nut on the shaft moving the two plates together compressing the tyre and making the seal in the pipe. Aluminium Plugs To complement the range of nylon expanding plugs. RANGE PGS-1 330-360mm PGS-2 380-410mm PGS-3 420-450mm PGS-4 470-505mm PGS-5 570-605mm PGS-6 625-660mm PGS-7 670-705mm How it works: A central spindle/shaft on which two plates are fitted with a natural rubber tyre (ring) between them. Due to their design. or drain plugs as they are sometimes known.40” (200-1000mm) Sizes: Up to 72” (1828mm) Large diameter silicon seal purging systems Expandable test plugs for purging and general pipe blocking The Gas Cylinder system has been designed to further reduce gas usage on larger diameter pipes by localising the purge area to the weld root. All plugs conform to British Standards BS8005 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes. these cylinders have extremely short purge times of 1 ½ .GAS CYLINDERS PIPE STOPPERS Sizes: 8” . These tools use two heat-resistant sealing lips to form the seal capable of coping with 300ºC for up to one hour. or a pipe with a series of bends or elbows. we offer all sizes of aluminium plugs. Furthermore. The Gas cylinders are designed with pull-through balls to enable the unit to be easily retrieved out of a straight section of pipe. the purge area is localised to the weld root. thereby minimizing gas usage. or pipework systems that are under repair.2 ½ minutes for all dimensions. These plugs are typically suitable for more arduous duties such as long immersion in water and use at higher temperatures or for contact with acidic or alkaline environments for which the Nylon and Aluminium plugs may be unsuitable. • Typical purge times of 1½ to 2½ mins. gases and foreign objects in newly laid pipes. Expandable Pipe Stoppers are available in three different types. Pipe stoppers. The Gas Cylinders are available for pipes from 200mm to 705mm diameter. so there is no need to purge the entire area of pipe to be welded. are used to temporarily seal the end of a pipe or opening for many different testing applications.

Th Through tubes can be supplied when the stoppers are required for weld purging applications. including in air conditioning ducting and venting. bicy enabling inflation with a standard bicycle or foot pump. 16” Heat Resistant Stopper Cylindrical Stoppers 12” 8” 6” 4” Sizing and specification INFLATABLE STOPPER SIZE MIN ID MM MAX ID MM 2” (50mm) 45 55 3” (75mm) 70 80 4” (100mm) 95 105 5” (125mm) 120 130 6” (150mm) 145 155 7” (175mm) 170 180 8” (200mm) 195 205 9” (225mm) 220 230 10” (250mm) 245 255 11” (275mm) 270 280 12” (300mm) 295 305 13” (325mm) 320 330 14” (350mm) 345 355 15” (375mm) 370 380 16” (400mm) 395 405 17” (425mm) 420 430 18” (450mm) 445 455 19” (475mm) 470 480 20” (500mm) 495 505 21” (525mm) 520 530 22” (550mm) 545 555 23” (575mm) 570 580 24” (600mm) 595 605 26” (650mm) 645 655 27” (675mm) 670 680 28” (700mm) 695 705 30” (750mm) 745 755 32” (800mm) 795 805 34” (850mm) 845 855 36” (900mm) 895 905 39” (1000mm) 995 1005 44” (1100mm) 1095 1105 48” (1200mm) 1195 1205 51” (1300mm) 1295 1305 55” (1400mm) 1395 1405 60” (1500mm) 1495 1505 63” (1600mm) 1595 1605 67” (1700mm) 1695 1705 71” (1800mm) 1795 1805 75” (1900mm) 1895 1905 79” (2000mm) 80” (2035mm) 1995 2030 2005 2040 Doughnut Stoppers 14 15 . W PIPE Ltd offer a range of shapes and sizes of inflatable stoppers. suitable for all applications. Sausage The design of this type gives more contact area between the stopper and the pipe wall enabling these stoppers to hold back more pressure. Doughnut These stoppers require minimal space and are perfectly suited to larger diameter pipes as there is less inflation required. There are six different types available: 12” Cylindrical These are generally used for blocking pipes where access is restricted. Due to its shape the spherical inflatable stopper can be used at any angel. Single inflatable damns for blocking and testing When deflated.INFLATABLE PIPE STOPPERS Sizes: 2 to 80” (50 to 2035 mm) PIPE Ltd’s inflatable stoppers are supplied as standard with no through tube. and are mostt suited to applications where access is further limited. Made from a natural rubber bladder covered in waterproof polyurethane coated nylon to prevent friction and static electricity build up. Each inflatable stopper comes with ith an inf inflation hose fitted with a schrader valve ard airline. Heat Resistant These stoppers are made from a specially designed kevlar and nomex mix material to withstand temperatures up to 500°c for applications involving higher temperatures such as pre heating. Square / rectangular These stoppers have a variety of applications. Spherical These stoppers have less contact area than cylindrical stoppers. the inflatable stoppers can be inserted and withdrawn with ease.

The pre-formed dam includes a generous amount of water soluble tape. Insert & Press PART Nº DESCRIPTION PACK QUANTITY CASE QUANTITY • Start welding faster EZP-2 2" (51 mm) 48 192 EZP-3 3" (76 mm) 48 192 EZP-4 4" (102 mm) 24 48 • Get ahead of schedule EZP-5 5" (127 mm) 24 48 • Maximize your savings EZP-6 6" (152 mm) 24 48 EZP-8 8" (203 mm) 24 48 EZP-10 10" (254 mm) 24 48 EZP-12 12" (305 mm) 24 48 EZP-14 14" (356 mm) 12 24 EZP-16 16" (406 mm) 12 24 EZP-18 18" (457 mm) 12 24 EZP-20 20" (508 mm) 12 24 EZP-22 22" (559 mm) 12 24 EZP-24 24" (610 mm) 12 24 EZP-30 30" (762 mm) 1 24 EZP-36 36" (914 mm) 1 24 EZP-42 42" (1067 mm) 1 24 EZP-48 48" (1219 mm) 1 24 EZP-56 56" (1422 mm) 1 24 EZP-64 64" (1626 mm) 1 24 EZP-72 72" (1829 mm) 1 24 • Save time on labor How it works 1 Peel liner to expose adhesive 2 Insert E-Z Purge dam inside pipe 3 Press tape along circumference of pipe wall Your purge dam is complete in less than a minute! 16 * E-Z Purge is made of heavyweight water soluble paper (WSP-60) and tape. There is no need to buy separate inventories or carry heavy rolls and tools to the job site. lightly moisten the tape with a dampened cloth or foam brush. sodium carboxy methyl cellulose and wooden pulp that dissolve instantaneously and completely in most liquids.72” (51-1829mm) Pre-Formed. The adhesive will be reactivated instantaneously. cut or construct a purge dam. Larger sizes and specials available on request. 17 .E-Z PURGE Sizes: 2” . there is no need to measure. 72” If the water-soluable tape becomes dry. Don’t waste labour hours on preparation: • Gathering supplies • Constructing • Measuring • Fitting • Cutting • Convenient • Economical • Timesaving Sizing and specification When you can: • Peel. Self Adhesive Water Soluble Purge Dams Revolutionizing the Way TIG Purging is Done Since E-Z Purge is pre-formed. Your purge dam is complete and ready-to-use.

i. the size of the systems cause storage and transport concerns. Argon or any purge gas may be introduced through the root gap with a needle valve connected to the gas line. Cut and fold to create the dam.3 times the diameter of the pipe. After welding is complete. Insert the dam into the pipe with the lip towards the weld preparation. It is extremely easy to store. Peel tape from backing and tape dam in place How it works Made of Sodium Carboxy Methyl cellulose and wooden pulp that dissolves rapidly and completely in most liquids including water. Sizing and specification Features and advantages • Cost-effective After dams are in place. The product is available in a variety of formats including sheets. 19 . 18 Type Size/Format Suggested Use WSP-36 9” x 165’/roll 15 1/2” x 165’/roll 8 1/2” x 11” sheet 8 1/2” x 14” sheet 17” x 22” sheet Use in pipes having 4 inches inner diameter or less.e. The vent hole should be made at the upper end of the other dam to allow air to escape. permitting the construction of purge dams for literally any pipe diameter. Custom sizes are available upon request. PIPE Ltd have introduced a water-soluble paper that can be formed into a dissolvable purge dam. When systems such as inflatable bags are unsuitable. • Durable • Ease of removal and sizes Impress the pipe i/d on the paper. Traditional cardboard purging systems are time-consuming and often leave dangerous residues upon removal. environmentally friendly and non-toxic. E-Z Purge comes in a wide range of grades and sizes. WSP-60 15 1/2” x 165’/roll 31” x 165’/roll 15 1/2” x 22” sheet Use in pipes having 4 inches inner diameter or greater. leaving no residue in the pipeline. the purge gas may be introduced through a hole at the lower end of one dam. If one end of the pipe is accessible.WATER SOLUBLE PAPER Sizes: up to 72” (1829mm) Rolls of paper that can be cut to form a purge dam for any pipe size Significantly improved purge chamber technology in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding applications. It can be used to dam Argon or Helium gases during Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding of Steel or Aluminum pipes. Punch a small hole in the dam to facilitate the evacuation of air when purging. Forming a Purge Dam with water soluble paper Cut the paper into a circle with a diameter about 1. • Ease of use • Availability of various shapes Clear view of the completed purge dam. rolls and pressure-sensitive tapes. adhesive water-soluble tape to hold Purge dams in place. WSP-40C 20 1/2” x 165’/roll Water soluble coated paper used for greater volume of gas retention. purge dams effortlessly dissolve by flushing the system with water or steam. Trace or impress the pipe’s inner diameter on the paper and fold on this line to form a 90° lip. WSP-1 WSP-2 1” x 300’/roll 2” x 300’/roll Pressure sensitive.

Inert gas welding requires the exclusion of oxygen from the weld zone during the welding process. Within this range. Also connect the vacuum hand pump to the sensor adapter and squeeze it a couple of times to let a sample of the gas flow to the sensor. • Top-quality weld seams • Top quality is guaranteed.01% and to exactly measure oxygen concentration up to 0.2 % at 2 % ±0.). welders’ toolbox monitor The PIPE Handy Purge™ Weld Purge Monitor comes complete and ready to use straight out of the box. This reduces waiting time and gas consumption and ensures perfect oxide free welds.20. The Handy Purge can be used both for continuous monitoring during the welding process and for taking samples. The probe then measures the residual oxygen concentration in the purging/welding area. For continuous monitoring during the welding process connect one end of the rubber hose to the sensor adapter and leave the other hand outside the purging area to let the residual oxygen flow away from the welding area. colored or even charred weld seams can be avoided. The device tells you exactly when the residual oxygen concentration of a purge gas is low enough to start welding. • Handy Purge Weld Purge Monitor • 1m hose with flow adapter • Stainless steel probe • Vacuum hand pump • Plastic Carry Case • Instructions • Calibration Certificate (on request) Measuring range: Accuracy: Dimensions: 155 x 81 x 38 mm Power source: Battery Type PP3 9V Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Weight: 210 g Dimensions and weight for shipment • Duplex / Stainless steel The Handy Purge Weld Purge Monitor can be used for all stainless steel. you may start with the welding process.9 % Oxygen (O2) (100 ppm – 209000 ppm) at 20 % ±0. Dimensions: 310 x 260 x 80 mm Weight: 870 g Large display for clear easy readings 20 0. The Handy Purge is specifically designed to indicate oxygen concentration up to 0. etc. the residual oxygen concentration must be reduced to a required minimum.01 % . Prior to the welding process. The PIPE Handy Purge™ Weld Purge Monitor gives an extremely accurate measurement of 0. Replacement Sensors and spares available from stock. Routine inspections for quality control are extremely simplified using this device. • Reduced purge gas consumption. As soon as the residual oxygen concentration is down to the required minimum.02 % 21 . zirkonium. Features and advantages TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS The Kit Consists of: • Minimum waiting time.1 %. The device’s LCD is 13 mm high. You need no longer rely on rough estimations. to let the welder know when is the correct time to start welding. duplex and certain titanium welding applications. It is the most economical user friendly monitor in the market accurately measuring the Oxygen levels in the purged weld areas. Exact monitoring of the residual oxygen avoids unnecessary purge gas consumption and allows you to produce oxygen-free weld seams. The analyzer works with all purge systems and argon welding systems.01%(100 Parts per million) which is normally considered suitable to ensure there is no oxidation of the weld. easy to handle and has a rugged enclosure. as too early welding and hence porous. which is big enough to identify the displayed values easily also from a distance of a few meters.01% (100ppm) How it works The entry level. For taking samples connect the short wire with the stainless-steel probe to the sensor adapter. It is small. it is absolutely safe to weld and produce an oxygen-free weld seam (exceptions include special metals such as titanium. This saves both time and gas.HANDY PURGE 100 WELD PURGE MONITOR Measures oxygen levels down to 0.

9% (oxygen concentration in air) Calibration Gas: Ambient Air Sensor: Electrochemical fuel-cell Resolution: 0.25. self pumping digital oxygen monitor Measures oxygen levels down to 0.0% One Decimal Place Response: 90% in less than 10 seconds Display: 0. A rechargeable battery pack and multi range power plug are standard features of the Handy Purge Pro 5. • Unit Warranty Specifications Range: 0.4 mm 450g TECHNICAL DATA 22 Measuring Range 5 .Connects via RS 232 Sensor: Type: Electrochemical fuel-cell Life: 9 . The Handy Purge Pro 5 is the ultimate handheld Oxygen monitor.0% oxygen concentration Calibration: 20.00% .01% Oxygen Accuracy: 0. pump and Driven Sampling: display will run continuously.00% .01% (100ppm) The most accurate handheld digital oxygen monitor Measures oxygen levels down to 0. • Built-in recognition for 110V –240V power sources • Portable for remote and difficult access sites using Sampling: Timed Pump Driven: 20 seconds Sample Period: Sample with OFF/ON/CAL switch in ON and START switch pressed.25.7 x 19. standby life approx. • Internal Pump • Compact & Lightweight Design • Instantaneous Response Time • Sensor Warranty The unit incorporates an internal pump and is designed for measuring rest oxygen in inert gases such as argon. Sample Probe: Stainless Steel Filters: Integral particulate and condensate filter rechargeable batteries (supplied) • Integrated programmable sound function • Multi language: english. 4hrs • Temperature regulated zirconium cell (maintenance free) • Graphic display screen changes color relative to process and function Colour changing display for quick reference to monitor status. discolouration and coking.0005% (5ppm) High Purity Welding For Applications Where Minimal Oxidation Is Critical Oxygen contamination is one of the most common reasons for substandard welds.4. german • Low permeability measuring hose for accurate measurements • Data logging of up to 250 entries .0% .0% Range: 0.00 .5 mm 68g HP-100F Sponge Filter 12.HANDY PURGE 100 PLUS PURGE MONITOR HANDY PURGE PRO 5 Portable. Key Features The interface option enables the Handy Purge Pro 5 to be connected (via a cable or Bluetooth dongle) to a PC & printer to record the readings. DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS WEIGHT HP-100 Handy Purge 100 Plus 140 x 89 x 38 mm 454g HP-100S Oxygen Sensor 38 x 63.999ppm Dimensions 290mm x 130mm x 60mm (L x W x H) Weight: 0.8kg Supply Voltage: 7 VDC. french.0% .12 months Recommended Calibration Period: Weekly dependent upon use Supplied in a durable carry case.4.4” / 11mm LED Warm-Up: Instantaneous Battery: 4 “ AA” (not included) Key Features: • Measures oxygen levels down to 5ppm (Parts per million) • Rechargeable batteries.99% Range: 2% of measurement range at STP 5. The enhanced 100 ppm resolution makes the Handy Purge 100 Plus perfectly suited for high purity welding. Continuous Pump: OFF/ON/CAL switch in CAL.5% of measurement range at STP Display Resolution: 0. and its light weight and ergonomic shape make it the ideal portable instrument for all orbital welding applications. This unit can be used up to 4 hours before recharging is necessary.0 mm 1g HP-100L Lead Pellets 101.25. interface or Bluetooth PART NO. measuring the level of oxygen in the designated atmosphere down to 5 ppm (parts per million)!!! The new Handy Purge Pro 5 Weld Purge Monitorr is essential for reading oxygen levels for titanium welding.6 x 152.99% Two Decimal Places 5. Display will hold for 30 seconds after sampling before blanketing. 2850 mAh rechargeable batteries 23 . Constant monitoring is necessary to ascertain oxygen has been evacuated to prevent oxidation. self-calibrating.

with a deviation of less than 5% in the 1 to 10 ppm range. Capable of readout documentation (per second) that can be logged via a printer. Attaché Advantages • Safe: Soaps and detergents should be handled with caution. Used for Production of Semi-conductors. AUX (AMI) • Can be calibrated to ambient oxygen • Software updateable • Multi language: English. filled with the surfactants then dropped into a gas well to deliver surfactants to the bottom of the well. Aerospace. Forming Water Soluble Paper into Soap Stick Tubes Water accumulates in natural gas wells as they age. The zirconium oxide ceramic sensor in the Pro Purge 1 provides very accurate readings. Danish • Data logging up to 250 entries internally or externally on a PC. Water-soluble paper can be formed into a tube.5ppm) The preferred surfactant delivery method The top of the range portable. the water must be extracted or altered to allow gas production to resume.400ppm Dimensions 220x165x85cm Weight: 3. • Biodegradable: water-soluble paper is made of Sodium Carboxy Connected via a Bluetooth Dongle with a range of up to 100m to a mobile phone. converting the liquid into foam. Attachés have a non-stick surface. • Repeat procedure if or when it becomes necessary. Nuclear. and relative water motion in the well. The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor enables Welders and Welding Engineers on site or in the workshop to precisely monitor rest oxygen levels to the point where precision welding can take place. Making it ideal for testing weld joints in the shop. TECHNICAL DATA Measuring Range 0. ensuring continuous launching of soap sticks. French. One of the most cost efficient methods for enabling the gas to flow freely again is to add a surfactant to the water. non-toxic and biodegradable compounds that leave no residue in the well.5 ppm • Temperature regulated maintenance free zirconium cell • Graphic display (blue & white) • Built-in recognition for 110v-240v power sources • Internal battery power for up to 90 min • Integrated programmable sound function • Date and time function for data logging • Easy to use software • Low permeability measure hose (FPM) for accurate measurements • Connects via RS 232 interface. The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor is the ideal tool for many welding applications where critical weld standards are required. jetting with coiled tubing.5ppm). Energy. digital oxygen monitor • Accuracy to 0.5 ppm. Bluetooth.11 Dissolving Time: The soap sticks will normally dissolve in 20 to 80 minutes depending on temperature. CAN-Bus. This means that its resolution is ½ a part per million (0.PRO PURGE 1 WELD PURGE MONITOR WATER SOLUBLE SOAP STICK TUBES Measures oxygen levels down to 0. 25 . • Wait 45 seconds until sticks contact top of fluid then slowly return well to normal production.00005% (0. The water soluble paper enclosure eliminates direct handling of the surfactants. Dairy. Pharmaceutical. General Instructions: • Shut-in the well and drop sticks through a lubricator. resulting in “perfect conditions” for consistent high-quality repeatable welds.3kg Supply Voltage: 110V/240V 24 Inserting Soap Sticks in Launcher • Efficient and Economical: Attaché water soluble soap sticks are an economical way to remove water from gas wells without using expensive well service operations such as swabbing. there is no need to remove outer shell before use. or in the field. Via the phone all relevant data including rest oxygen level. • Non-Stick Surface: Soap stick tubes made of materials other than water soluble paper release moisture over time and stick to one another in the soap stick launcher. salt content. sensor temperature will be displayed. The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor contains a stabilised zirconium oxide cell with a regulated heater to maintain a cell temperature of 750°C which enables it to accurately measure levels from 206400 ppm down to as low as 0. before the internal battery must be recharged. To maximize the life and gas production of the well. • Ready to Use: Since the Attaché is ready to use. or installing artificial lift and siphon strings. preventing the gas from rising. Using simple commands the PRO PURGE 1 can be operated remotely. Dutch. Czech. Methyl cellulose and wooden pulp. German. Technical Specifications: Melting Point of Soap Stick: 122°F/ 50°C Specific Gravity of Soap Stick: 1. Connecting a printer via the RS232 interface. The dissolving time will decrease if the soap sticks are broken before dropping or if they break upon impact with the top of the fluid. Brewery and Food processing where strict welding guide lines to eliminate weld-quality issues associated with atmosphere contaminated welds are required. The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor can be unplugged for up to one hour.206.5 .

E-Z ZONE TAPE Description Purge gas retaining tape for a contaminant-free weld E-Z Zone Tape Tape is a purge gas retaining tape used to seal the root gap between pipes to trap Argon gas. The soft foil conforms well to irregular surfaces. E-Z Zone Tape has become a standard in the nuclear. creating a clean.” The adhesive edges stick to the area surrounding the root gap on stainless steel and aluminum pipes with the adhesive free “zone” being placed over the weld. fully coated aluminium tape • For capping pipe ends during transport • Controls release of gas by sealing root gap • For other conventional uses in the field such as heating. refrigeration and acting as a vapour barrier 26 Heat Resistance: Adhesive 425°F 219°C Aluminium Tape 595°F 313°C 10°F -12.5” Aluminium tape with 1” adhesive free zone section • Clean Contaminant-Free Welding • Halogen and Fluorocarbon Free • High temperature resistant • Reduces pipe clean up time • Reduces amount of gas used • Improve the safety of your workplace • 4” Aluminium tape with 2” adhesive free zone section E-Z Zone Tape was selected to be used at an Australian LNG site. chemical. air conditioning. There are 3 versions of the E-Z Zone Tape available: • 2. Adhesive Adhesive Free “Zone” Specifications for Aluminium Welding Tape Item Composed of two adhesive sections separated by an adhesive-free center “zone. contaminant-free weld.0 2.0” (102mm) 2" 75' (23m) EZ-T-FC2. • 2” Aluminium tape fully coated with adhesive How E-Z Zone Tape Works Attributes: Application: Result: In a short period of time.5°C Minimum Application Temperature 27 . aerospace and other industries.5” (64mm) 1" 75' (23m) E-Z Zone Tape EZ-T4.0 4.5 2. Adhesive never comes in contact with the weld joint as it is welded. Item Number Width Adhesive Free “ZONE” Width Length E-Z Zone Tape EZ-T2.0 (51mm) " N/A 75' (23m) E-Z Tape Fully-coated Also Available: E-Z Tape Fully Coated • High temperature resistant. high heat-resistant acrylic adhesive system. but in a most innovative way! A 3 mil (75 micron) aluminium foil coated with a high shear.

FIBACK TAPE Applications Fiberglass weld backing tape Eliminate / Reduce The Need For Back Purging FiBack Tape is a heat resistant aluminium tape with a woven fiberglass center strip. Sizing and specification How FiBack Tape Works A Simple 3 Step Application Process PART PART NO.5 2. Gently coil the adhesive tape edges back and push the woven fiberglass strip outwards.832°F 1000°C For Application up to 300 Amps 29 . The 1/4” gap between the sheet metal has been welded with . apply the adhesive aluminum tape to the area surrounding the root gap. Adhesive 752°F 400°C Aluminium Tape 1. for sheet to sheet or pipe to pipe welding. Notice that the fiberglass has not burned away and there is no appearance of oxidation. 28 Beginning from the centre and slowly moving outward. The adhesive edges stick to the area surrounding the root gap with the woven fiberglass strip being positioned to the backside of the root gap. designed to eliminate or reduce the need for purging and create a weld pool enclosure • Reduces setup time • Eliminates/minimizes need for back purging Carbon • Reduces post-weld grinding Stainless FiBack Tape can be used with carbon steel (left photo) or stainless steel (right photo). air-free seal. providing a smooth. Centre and apply the woven fiberglass strip firmly to the backside of the root gap.0 4. • Cuts down on post-weld clean up • Increases weld productivity.5” (64 mm) 1” (26mm 41’ (12. WIDTH FIBERGLASS CENTER STRIP WIDTH LENGTH FiBack Tape FBT-2.0” (102 mm) 1” (26mm) 41’ (12.5m) FiBack Tape FBT-4. reduces costs • Heat resistant FiBack Tape consists of two outer adhesive strips separated by a woven fiberglass centre strip.112°F 600°C Fiberglass Strip 1.5m) HEAT RESISTANCE: Peel away backing tape covers from both sides.045” flux core.

even when the socket is sideways or upside down.Does not provide a uniformed gap as required for socket contraction Spacer disposal . yet completely water soluble.75 3/4” 25 mm SGP-1..5 2 1/2” 75 mm .Flimsy. The Design Solution • SoluGap has uniquely engineered 3-point tabs around the edges to hold it in place. • A hollow center allows you to view inside the pipe easily during socket welding. US Navy & Military Codes. 30 31 PART NUMBER SIZE METRIC SGP-0. SoluGap dissolves completely and does not corrode.Metal spacers corrode over time One step application SoluGap is the most stable water soluble socket welding spacer ring.SOLUGAP Water soluble socket weld spacer ring Comparison Features Competitors SoluGap Spacer Installation .Paper rings aren’t completely soluble . It’s the economical solution! • SoluGap is solid. Just snap in place. SoluGap provides the 1/16” minimum gap required by ANSI 31.Made from environmentally friendly water soluble paper that dissolves completely . Section III.Secures in place during socket welding . SoluGap is easy to install. even when the socket is sideways or upside down.5 1/2” 20 mm SGP-0.50 1 1/2” 50 mm SGP-2. with no grip . Notice how SoluGap stays in place.Provides a precise and even gap as required for socket contraction .Falls out when placed in a horizontal or vertical position Spacer Characteristics .One step application .25 1 1/4” 40 mm SGP-1.Not transparent . • SoluGap is easy to install and ready to use. with unique patent-pending tabbed edges to keep spacers stable for effective joint socket alignment.1. ASME. Just snap in and weld! • Unlike other spacers. • SoluGap costs less and performs better ..Hollow center allows viewing of inside of pipe .Tabs around spacer hold it in place .Dissolves rapidly .Metal spacers do not dissolve and other paper spacers do not dissolve completely .0 2” 63 mm SGP-2.0 1” 32 mm SGP-1. The Productive Solution • Eliminate the need to pre-measure or guess the size of a gap opening before welding.

32 4 Press glossy surface of LiquiFilm to tacky adhesive inside pipe. allowing for Specifications for LIQUIFILM Water Soluble LiquiFilm and Adhesive easy use in any situation • Can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets with little risk of tearing or splitting How LiquiFilm Works: 1 Clean pipe with EZ Wipes 2 Apply LiquiFilm 3 Cut LiquiFilm TM Water Soluble Adhesive to inside of pipe.LIQUIFILM LiquiFilm is available in Kit and Brick formats: Flexible barrier for tig welding KIT INCLUDES: • LiquiFilm Water Soluble Purge Dam Film (wound on core for easy dispense) LiquiFilm™ is a water soluble plastic used as a purge gas barrier during TIG welding.) bottles of LiquiFilm Water Soluble Adhesive • Possesses good barrier • Cutting Knife characteristics against Argon and Helium • Instruction Sheet • High resistance to pressure.3 times greater than pipe diameter. Item Item Number Wiper Size Qty / Carton LiquiFilm Water Soluble Purge Dam Kit WSF-1/20RG 1m x 20m (39 in. x 65 ft) 12 LiquiFilm Adhesive WSG-250 250 ml / bottle 48 LiquiFilm Adhesive WSG-500 500 ml / bottle 24 33 Illustration . allowing for greater positive pressure to be maintained in dammed area • Highly flexible. x 65 ft) 12 LiquiFilm Water Soluble Purge Dam Kit (Block Format) WSF-1/20B 1m x 20m (9 in.5 fl oz. • Rapidly dissolves in water • Two 250 ml (8. in a circle 1.

With EZ Wipes™ it’s . saturated. perfect for carrying to the job site. Vinyl Surfaces. grease. dirt. • With EZ Wipes™ there is no need to buy multiple cleaning products. convenient and effective method to clean almost any surface. marker. • EZ Wipes™ provide a one step controlled application with maximum cleaning power. Benefits EZ to Be Contaminant Free • EZ Wipes™ are multi-purpose. loose particles and other contaminants • Ready to use • Disposable • Shred Resistant • Lint Free • CFC & HCFC free from a variety of surfaces. . EZ to Save Item Description Item Number Wiper Size Wipers/Container Case Pack EZ Wipes™ Tool Box EZW-30 8” x 12” 30 24 EZ Wipes™ Fab Shop EZW-70 8” x 12” 70 12 • EZ Wipes™ provide a quick. • After removing slag with a wire brush. an economy size for permanent work bench settings. a natural portable canister. machinery and especially pipes. Tools. • More convenient to use than solution and rags. 34 35 . pre-saturated EZ Wipes™ make cleaning nearly effortless. contamination can severely impact the quality of the weld.EZ WIPES Description Multi-purpose saturated cleaning wipes A disposable 8 inch x 12 inch pre-saturated wiper featuring a specially formulated blend for maximum cleaning power. Save money and space on inventory! • EZ Wipes™ allow welders to reduce time spent on cleaning pipe surfaces and increase time spent on welding. Pure Welds Start With Preparation EZ Wipes™ remove permanent marker. • EZ Wipes™ feature a specialized two-sided cleaning fabric. Machines. grease and other contaminants. EZ Wipes™ Toolbox contain 30 wipes in a handy. Equipment and Other Metal Surfaces. eco-friendly formula contains Limonene. EZ Wipes™ Fab Shop contain 70 wipes. where EZ Wipes™ clean Machine Parts. EZ to Use • EZ Wipes™ unique. lubricants. . Bench Top Areas. simply pull the wipe from the canister and start cleaning! • EZ Wipes™ are available in two convenient sizes. inks. Use EZ Wipes™ to remove: • Lubricants • Oils • Grease • Inks • Loose particles • Marker • Other contaminants polished surface. an abrasive side to loosen dried on surface contaminants and a smooth side to reveal a cleaner. abrasive cleaning wipes that remove oil. use EZ Wipes™ to ensure all impurities are removed from pipe surfaces. • EZ Wipes™ are ideal for cleaning industrial work surfaces.

England Tel: +44 (0)1869 324424 Fax: +44 (0)1869 323273 email: sales@pipe-ltd. Products may change or vary from those Our company policy is one of continuous improvement. OX26 4LD. Bicester. www. . Telford Road.OTHER PRODUCTS PIPE BEVELLING MACHINES PIPE CUTTING MACHINES PIPE ALIGNMENT CLAMPS PIPE STANDS HEAT EXCHANGER MANUFACTURE AND MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT PLATE BEVELLERS Unit L10.