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Lesson Plan

Form: 5th A, beginners;
Unit: “Who’s Em?”
Title: „Who’s Em?”
Type: communication lesson
Vocabulary: all and none (general)
Main focus: to interact with their colleagues in short and simple dialogues.
A) Cognitive objectives: by the end of the lesson students will be able to:
1) introduce themselves;
2) introduce people they know;
3) greet people;
4) ask where people and things are;.
B) Affective objectives:
1) to create a warm atmosphere in order to offer the background for smooth, easy
conversations between teacher and students;
2) to make students confident in themselves when speaking a foreign language.
Skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing
Interaction: T- Ss, S-S, Ss-Ss, PW, GW.
Assumed knowledge: the students already know how to introduce themselves.
Anticipated problems:
- if she thinks it is necessary, the teacher will offer the students guidance in solving
certain exercises;
- some Ss might have problems when working in pairs;
- a few among the Ss may be given supplementary explanations in Romanian.
Assessment activity: the students will be assessed on class participation
Teaching techniques: conversation, dialogue, exercise.
Methods of teaching: Communicative Approach
Teaching aids: blackboard, coloured chalk, students’ books and notebooks.
Time: 50 minutes

asks a few students Students answer. -to prepare the reading. correct if necessary. -to draw students attention. 5` Pre-reading T. 2` Focus on. greets the students. Students read the lesson assess the comprehension of the Technique Reading/ checking Aids Students’ notebooks Speaking/ exposing Speaking Questionanswer Reading Students’ books Reading Speaking Comprehensi on questions Students’ books Writing Students’ notebooks. Read homework. asks the students to read the lesson. blackboard Comprehensi on task Text from the book Observation . writes the new words and their translation. Students listen. asks the students to decide whether some Students decide which sentence is true and which is false. translate the lesson. -to provide the students with a model reading with emphasis on more difficult words. . -to attract students’ attention on the lesson. asks the students to translate the lesson orally.Time Lesson stage 5` Greeting & homework checking. announces the title and objectives of the lesson. -to focus students’ attention on the new words. T. ( they assume different roles) T. Answer T’s greetings. checks homework. T. helped by the teacher. Aim -to introduce new vocabulary. some questions: What’s your name? How are you? Where is your book/pen /pencil case/notebook? 20` While-reading T. Students write in their notebooks. The students. 15’ Post-reading Students listen. T’s activity Students’ activity T. -to revise and reinforce previous knowledge. T. T. gives the model reading of the lesson. -to make students active while learning.

Each student writes a short dialogue in his/her notebook. . Explains the task. asks the students to write a short dialogue in which they have to introduce one of their friends to their parents. 3’ Setting homework text.statements related to the text are true or false. Write down their homework. personalize the topic Written assignment Students’ knowledge .