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[c:::==-__CHEMICAL ENGINEER-::IN=G======:::::J
c. t.o
d, 2.0

function /(,f )



s( t1- ')



I + e'

b. 1- e'

c. I +e '
d 1 - e"'
!'he fWlctiOn ft~<) "' Jx(x-2) has a
u. minimum aLx = I
b. nlii,XIffiLUU at X=
c., mini mum p:l x = 2

l'l¢D.cbon. the equilibnum constllflt

m~L.x•mum al~=1


compleK number 2(1 •
represented m polar form as


can be

a. 1.fie-tr.,





J=y . Jv
.. -SUI x - - +ycl~- .: smla :c IS
n. first order and line11
b. first order and non-linear
c. secgnd order and linear
d. second order and non-linear
A distillation c.olumn separates 10.000
kg/h oJ a benzene-to!uene mi~1ure as
shown in the figure beloll". ln Ute figure xv,
'"· and
represent th~ Wetghl frttelit,n of
benLene m the feed, diStillate, and residue,
respcctJ, el)







·rhe reO ux rallo 1s
a. 0.5
b. 0.6

ts independent of pressure
increases wi'th pressure
decreases wi~> pressure
increases/decreases \\'ith pressure
depending on Ote stoochiomecnc
coeft.icients of Ute reaction
As J>rcssure approaches zero. Otl} ratio of
fugacny tO pressure (f!P) for a gas







It r•"
b - c-"

d. ltM ~ 0.64
fllr an ideal gas mi~ture underyol ng a
gaseous phase chemocal





The weight rraclton Of methanol m an
aqueous sol utiou is 0.6<1. 'llte mole
tl·ncuon of methnnol ~" s:uisiTI!S
a XM = \).5
b. 'M <IU
c, U.S <x,, " O.M


The m1·erse. Laplace transform of the




b uuity
c. intinit~
d an indeterminate 1·alue
A perfectly insula(ed contaiuet• or I'Oiume
V is di>ided into tWQ ~t1unl hnlves by a
panition. One side is under vac!lum while
the other side has orte mole or rut ideal gas
("ith constant heal capacity) at ::9a K. If
Otc partiuon is broken. tho lin;tJ
temperature of the gas m the cootamer
a. will b e-greater than 298 K
b. will be 298 K
c. mil be Jess than 298 K
d_ cannot be detemtined
Tite mte e>;pressJOn for the gaseo11S phase
reactioo CO + 2Hl nhOI I is given by
r "=' ~J-. P.a.,p,
J- "l-PCJ,~,
Which of the followlng is NOT possiblc1
a. t.1 = LP "' l.r= I
b. a = l-/1=2, y = J
c. a = 1/ J,p = 213. y= 113
tl a = l l l.P = J.. r= l / 2
l11e equr,-alent diameter lor llOw through a
reclangular duct of \\1dth Band heogbt H ts



l(N +B)

460 b.e 1 " 2:~o For n pac1icle svnlinl! in woccr at il!> teruunnl sottliug ''elocity. drag = buoyonl>) t .04ngH u Gmupl .-eigbl d drag = weight 16. 14-.tnuct: decreases wit.3 kf>a ~nd Ute VApour rressures of water~~ "(l"C and oO<(' "J'e 7.. xa B. "ei@bt = buoyancy • drog c. knaul'(m1 s Pn) The rate of CV3pOratfun uf aniline iJ 2. moll(m' !I) d.30 kPa •nd 19. Ute Nu~sdt number Nu is o ru.91 10'"' l ts unit$ are a. ~ tl. :L.2 in wid1 • tangentia l velocity of 15 mls >1 the wnll. 'l11c humidity of air sample oxpressed kg ofwnter '"-'pmmk& of dry nir is •. refpeo:tively. 41fg 3 h. lhickenor an nine at 30(1 K is 0.2 olll d. liquid . gas • solid 4. rnte flf filtrutinn is emuL1n1 Th~ mnnerio:lll value of dee m:lll> transter oQcft'icient is 7. 0. 21. lfB c .:t bulb 1<'111p. mol's b.c c. Pr ~nd Or d. '" I !1. 11 bi~h of lhe following i~ cnac1 a.-+O"C <-T" 60"C . O.-. kmoli(m: s) 2 w w w d.079 c. mol!(m' s PaJ d.4 10·-'.. 12 17. cyclone A w->m''~. with time In Ioree« c. In eon.. le•s Ulan 40•c h.ivlty of lUlilino in air is 0. Jts uniLs an: :a. of 40 "('.048 b.n Group 3.11icm~ry in wator .. 22311 b. l kPa. 0. m A .122 d. d""ontw f>or on ~Ita I black hQdy ~b~Orptivity = I h. ITrg/1 13 .:n~tua e T"' for lhGabow miXIlir<!WUUld be a. Tha vnpour prCSllurc of s <L 0. fi Iter p~s 2. Re and Gr (li + B) WltAI is lhe force rtquir<!d (In "Nel•toJM) to hold a spheriOlll halloOn st.~lllnl pr~~ul'efilltitllon..-tiau (21 a 22) Aro •ir-wace•· ''apour ani. The Lola I prcs•ure is 101. J ~ 4 I For a cyclone of di>rnekr 0.ITrgH 4 ti.convection. o doplh of H li'clm the air-11otcr interface? Tltc bolloon i~ ur rndiu• 0. :tS[d Group D I. 15.ivicy = I a.xture hos a dry bulb t~mptrnt. htJllyoncr = weigbt +. (J/ -r B) c. ~l' ".1 In iiOd is filled with air. The lobi molor concentrntion und11r tlc~•-= I:Qnditioll!i is -10.Detlo fer Q. rcno()tivity = I ~.91 kPa. :!2. L ncol/m1 • ncu dim. Reoud Sc om c. . che$Cpuration licctQr is n.. J3 2. r~te offiltrntion increase< witlt time d. 20. m s b em/~ c.:..elms tinte b. I!). 0. •• Pure nnjline is eva1l0rating Utrough a stagnant oir film of l mm lllickncss al 300 K and a total P"'""""' of I00 liP. t:csi!.. rate oftiltrntion decrease. 74 ra 3 1\Joteb the systems in Group 1 with equipment used to suparnte tltotit i. moll( em: >) c. 1125 c.nctitm uf "· Rc: nnd Pr ce b.ure of 60 •c and a d~w point 1<-"'llpcnlm. L-miss_ivily U d trnnsmi-.152 The w. 2f!B ( li ~B) 4HB b.

:covery of acet(lli<:. r=O.. lfthc=ction i3 3 ru1>rcscntod as . byposs c. is a.5 (O.. petrol diesel LPG lubrica ting oil w w 3'2. lubdeoting oils diesel ~ petro l · U'G b.e 2 w 2 7. For !18~..6 p.~ 1 for rt!. Prillin&tuwor ..: rDte constant ~nd the extem pl m3ss U'3nsrer coefficient lire k a11d k. The 1 ~~~ or 25. triple wperpho•phlltc The prQper arrnng<lint:lll uf the petroleum ti'llc~ons. onl!~onc solution c.5 (0.Mp"' Jin. p~ . number 11f tray~ CNl <If tht:' ub$orl>cr is 33.t. petrol ~ lubrl~:.'l Q b..0 pi.. contaiqs h~o blue !milo..0. m xa (k. ha$ a.~ d. .O..:. 21• ItO w lution b.8!/~' p~ .xim. ) b. ph3$e tir•l order i= \'effliblc: ro~clion ~~ c. urea ~ 6UI'"''Pitospbl!le d.iesel " .\. twosolution.It lhe exit of the ~actor A fust or·det giLSOOus ph>s" reaction i~ c•talyzcd by a rton•porous solid..number of ~o lutiOII! A box enu1Jlin5 three blue balli and four red baU.Gp.J. 11nd five red balls. 11u> cffeclive rnle conslnni (k.lucs of the rnntri~ b.. dct>cndcnt On the l'llluct>f x 1lu:: ~~·Rtctll flf C<iUlllilln~ 4.~J om . :o(k k )"' I 1 1 d. J c.."· c.t. Q d. . Another lmum ..\1 1 . r..'8is i$ •· r O. k. c. 2 2 rDte of ~nuni>nia ~)•ntl1(. ma. 1hc number of trays n. c.n1l" given by a..OGJ4m... found in the Ott" shoet fur the rnonuti•cturc nf .t. d. 'L 60"C fhe rn!e of •mmonia synthesis for the rt:l CiiCln 11'• +3/fl c:> ll'ff. ntc incominQ uir eontllins 5 mol0 \o nf oootone (~·. lubriaoling oils petrol > diesal LPG c.. ) 29. zero Foro pockoo bed. nmmoni:t b.0. .f..4.c 23.t. is ..~tJng oils _. ~ k+k.. The ~ urn or the elgenv. t. 6y ~ ti 7x ~ ' U.i'. The kineti.28.. r. . 3 "' 11 Acetone ~ to h<l removed from ~ir in an lsolherm:tl dilute ah~orb<:r using pure Wtller fLI ~OIVCI! at the inlet nf the reo~ctor h g~ U•rou11h a ma-ximum 11lon~ the length ofthd reactor c.. 31. d.. • 0. 8 d..ion or '" idenl pt·u~ Oow b.) b. 21!3 8y: 9 3JI+2y: I f 1 11(2s' ) .)j k.x a. lt\1 1 17• P NJ r. ~t).NPt. greater lblrn Zct'O .05~ The tles ign etlu"tion 1<> be 11~ed for obtainipg th. ]}'!{'' 1 d. le~• th~n zero trJnSfonn or f (t)tlr is givon h ) ~. 10 ra renetion tl..nding J7or lllc lime domain funclio!l Qt) " t tit~ or ~ '1) ' I t· [ .:.._."Dtical hos.J:! lfit j.6{1~. detul ?one: d.PO d. lb" presence of ll long toil m the residon"" tlme distribution curve is :m indi~. chun..'qu lred islure a. !) oe ball is pi~kod ~I rondom ftnm tmc uf the lw!l .. in the ~rder their hoiling 1•oinL.'lll)ml negatwe vn ue& n.l! p~p~ 0.. k-1 ~. r~ U.j ..0. r = 0.8p~ . reactor. ~~ giv"'! h) . ce An endothermic D<[UCOtl. •-.. k_.:spcctivd y. N+ 2: 61og ( b. 1:~ 1-\1) ~ ).:>rrica Clut m ~~~ adiabatic plug flow r~actor. infinite . the . goes through a minimum along the lemrth of the re~ctor d.

34 kPa.~.ero !.1 d. IOH10 erys\Jils separ11te OUt. >2 d. 1/108 d.. .'S i• about or l1•e Jitfc~tntj~( equotivn e<on bo redu""" tu 1 ). n. l1te sc:rics • (:. the< 11)3Ximutn lcmpcratur~ tist the Cl(JtUU$l ga$C:S in •c would be a(lprox imololy oqual to G< -2)' 1...iru lnnk with time I · gtv . .. 1.. 'l11e number or deg1'""" of freedom for nn azcotmpie mixture In n lwu llOIIIJlUUe ul vapour.roduct gnS<. 20 In 2 J xa .t . l!:t)' = e .titTcrc:ntial e<tUnlion f\lr the v:nintiun Of the ~n\Ount of salt X.(moloC!IJiar w. 0 0. _ 81 ur water VBf"'uf iu Ule p. 4\1 1/(nwl f( ). 2 l11c . JJ3 5 <:. 5() lu l (L i00 Ju 2 Value of the integr~ ! d. 35. 1\SsUming thnt lhe V3(10Ut preilsurc of water ~~ 20'' C is 2. 1') •II. -z. 0 :!8.21~ b.m .730 IJ.. Tbd tollll pressure ond tempcr.. Soih arc 100 kP• and 20 •c. lhe lime (in mm) al which the amount of ~':tiL increa. ph~ e.ight = l-'2) is present in 330 kg or ~n aqutOu~ so lull on.67 [f U1e averuge specific heat of nil the ga•es"'"J>Our i.mol of mtlhane..<s in mi nutes.I' •·· on<I t 1's J~ = I 0 .> CO. ~ c.. 0..llll!l and tbe product~ :ue in gos ra kg i• . 2(l c.Sotu(llted with \\ atcr \'Jpour.. 0.~ . I. .·. QIW .liquid equilibrio is/ore {( d. lg n.25 c:.e b. 34 a.y 1b~>value of r . 1735 ~ A vessel or volutne 10110 nl contains air which L< . 'lbu tea~tion pro. tl-< dl• .y' dy b. m b"J d/ dx l 2o . tl' t = 0 ((biJ'' dr 1tK Mol~ fl'll~liOII a. respe<:tlvely.r Is ~J'~ 3 7. 4 9 417 39. C~ !L 'VI 34. ·n1e solurlon i. m c. Ali". O.. The weight fncJion of Nalso. .2)" ~ n• con~erge• all ~ for b. o. _. ® 80 kg of N~~.sblulion is •.()0 lzl ""2 lzl <.d. 0.= ..he read.:. ~.SO. 0. • 211. 40. 1225 b. TI1e prooobiliry that Jl 1!3ml: from I he limt hox is d.. " •IS . Assum1ng th3l there is no t~all in the t~nk ini!Jally.0. ut lhu remaining . .c tl.sell to I00 b. 0.' coolcd su~h l'h:it 80kg Qf Na. 25 .1)0 om boxes and it ill red.:ceds os Cll< I 20.- w a. "'1/ -~ -~ . L525 d.1~..nutaly •• 17 b..~::- •. J "' II b 1127 c.1fll .24 ce b.40 d..:. I tL 1\1 w w (where a is a con•tant) l~J = a 3~' the amount elf water l'opour (in ks) in tlrc vessel is >pproxi. 10 ln 2 :11\ tine mole oJ methane undergoes complete combustion io • !LOichlom. 0 .trl~ ortiOunL of air.

OM c..l..[) w w . 85 d.1Hg c.ilted up to t'rewnt water from lcakiJ1g? Assume thut lhe dons.O. A~sumu air is un ide"JI gps ilnd c. Mer the ~or is driYcn lor le11 hours. q2NO. Wllat is lhe force J' wilh which plate X must be pu.Vg I ~ d. the llressurc in tile t)'l'e incrrc~<es tn JJO kJ>a.lg(L -H ) d (flH -{I. -p.)gli b (flff -"' )gil C.. w • =-35k. •\G' =lOOk/ / null NO+ . I . 'I he VilfX'UT pressure of wutt.07 h.057 nl"' is mOoted lo 300 k:Pa nt JOO K.c J.-b m 1\ oyclie cngme exchange..500(1 =•1----y.e thut can he obtuined front 1000 .)gH-t(J>. (p11 -fl. p..J kg/(ms} i'or the mnnometer selup ~110"11 tn the Ci!lurC... 0.i I. 'rh.J•~.>~!l} or ce 45 15 b 30 c. II <. )g/." is Va>ec. h "·' ·~ p. 349 b 65 1 u. ~~) "' 1 • 10·> . +(/1. )gff A conMtl lunk wnh u bottom opemn{!. as shuwn tn tbc Jig~trt. A c:tr tyre of v<~lume.• bdlt Wtth twn reservoirs maintuined nl IOQ nnd !()() rcspcotiwly. of cruss-sccuounl nrcn A is li. 760 n.. 1•1' wutur nt 4\1°C liilll in Ihe rung~ .o-2.·ys l'(v-b) = RT Inc work obtutned from rc1 ersible i:. p. 0. the pressure dilteronco PA.>l i:< ll. RTin(XL) ·~ ~.5 of II The s\oodnrd free energy of fonrmtion of NO tu kJ/tnol is c:. Rnn(:. 0. (l Q8 om -14 IJ At stundurd~ondu.wltere A •s n conslllnl.ions.2kg/(msj <.1. two (1./l mnl 2 - 3.\'0. (it! . N~ +10. .5 1(11 .yre in J/m.<>thermul oX]:lilnsi" n ••f llnc mol~ flf this gttS from un inh1o I molnr \'olumc Vi to u llmtl molar volume ". .l~tl h 63Cl c.!. 49 Tbe ci'UUlge in lhe lnternn l energy uf nir io the l. for uir is l l J/(mol K). RTln{l) lv. maximum work •c.s) h. 667 d 1000 47 [li\'etl a.1. 1711 ~vapour pres~ure 111' wotcr is ~~eul'l)l .r or Leut el\1rncted from the lwl rell'!rV<Jir is n.l-"g /J .PH ts b)' ra h RTiu (\~b ) ~ 511.. t15 . ~R() A gus ob<. utm ut5ll "C 1~ appmxmvltelv IJ 0.2 " 1t r' kgl(m. xa 46.1 • I()"' kg/(m s) c.~slll'\: tn ult!L oncl T 15 tempemture 1n K. (1'11-P.lled with woter and is moumed on supports..ity of uir is negligible os compllre(ll<l UJC •l~usitv or water r" P"' is vapour In w prc. lhtcol.

o and no c. " L N.. The initial pressure drop c.> drop across tbem.t_ 1 • ' w w a. the temperamre of !he right tace in °Cio a. are plaeed horizontally They arc made using identic... drag on panicles b drag on toh1mn wall!' c.4 kJ/(kg 1<).. 1 to UUmr results i\1 (all \•eh>eiti es are $nlaller than the entrainmem velocity of the partlcles) no cbange in a. Q1 ' OJ : .C)' c5f?t (2R +-o) 2 w d.. the bed height 55 ..(l1!8'p 2 ·I c.. The densn.(M') gJves pn' a. 2 b J.. r.c)ls given by a. rewrill<!n ln terms of n(m. lf the impeller diameter i~ increased by 20%.Zo) 2 U.. J. W/(rn K) and lhc hent transfer ~oefflciMt ffom the right lace i~ I () W/(ml K) 1\t steady state.) The cumulative mass fraction of parucJes smaller than size dj for a collection Nt panicles of diameter d. The left face of a one dimensional slab of thickness 0 2 in is maintained at SO''C and U1e right t~1Cll is exposed to air at :l0°C The Lhcrmal conductivity of Ute slab is 1. J.dimensional numbers. Assuming no pres~ure losses at junctions.. om TI\ree piping networks. .J3 i 2 Re Re or ce 57 Re' Re' d. .v und the specir.56 .. (L2)'ii I> (I 2yV5 c ( 1.. lc. 2:2 d J2 .. NfdJ' j I d (1 .3 · propomona1 to ( b /I. as shown in the figure.)I') b ~<::>-~ IL oor I I d.m. .&c:c= =•=:::J:~ .a rotational speed or (J) has lnoer •mace of the liquid (density PL) located at a radial tlistauce R fi'OJL1 the axis or tuti)l!Oil.c .dlp.. . -w' Wp. hot thickness of the liquid fi lm is .2f" A centriti•gal fihrn1iun uni t operating at .7 A metal ball or radius 0 1 OJ at a unifonn 1ernperature or 9o•c is left in air at 30°C. and mass mt (i ~ I.1. is the minimUm Ouldisatioo Velocity for a bed of oaniclcs. the bed voidage The Koz. 'i. (/1 . 2. the impeller speed should be decreased by a factor of a. ( I\ I I.2)1.d. the tlow rates across the three networks ate re1atro as Q. pipe segmentS and ure subjected 10 tbe same pressuro. duri!1g fi ltrntlon is- d.ne_v-Carman equation. I 58.ak.c heat of the metal are JOOO kg/m) anrl 0.e xa 54 m ra 53 1 3 b c. J2 ·ro keep lh" power iJJput constant ror u sri rred vessel opera1)ng ~nder tully developed turbulem flow conditions (constant pow~!~' number). 77'1 b 7t '! c.e is fonnro. 63 8 d 48.. .. An lncrca•e in tl1e ~ll]lerfldal gas "elodty from 2U.

too•c Qr is 100"(' c. of cylinder ore ra b.. 1l~e lleot 1ramfer cocfllctent is 50 \V (m' K). x.:MC:S but ooodu.01 tn~'min) eultls Lbe tube h• n di!ltilllltiiiH nporntion. and lho specific hllllt of tho ~olntion is 4 icll( kg K )..tcr. L•"". 6 12 10~ C. Choose the correct answer a.indcr In li4uid-liquicl c~troction IOks of '' w tullo" CCJtttaining.nlr:ll• a 20% ~all o.· ~ x~ b. ·n. A well agitated equimolor tnl:l:turct of tolu~nc and watcr i!l prcpat'cd. O.(l ce 60. 32 b. ltigltor in c:llle(ii) o. Neghx:ting the lcmpcl'uture QmtlionL\ ill$id¢ Ute bttll. lc'" lhau 2 kg but more: dtutt I k~ of C i• u·anl<l'urrcd l<lsulvcnt B . )<.itotcd.9~ ''here \'' is kg ofCI~ of B ond X h kl! of Clkg of A.S om ~.11\cl ~ k& of ~olwnt A is bl'llUj. Xv.e rnte al wh tch he. rebuilcr londs nrc Ute 10me in both the <U!Ses b. th~ latent btml ofy aporizlltioo i~ 2 100 kJikg. ~2 (i) A long cylind<lr ond o spbcre both of 5 . Solvent~ A •nd t1 ure complcl~ly immi~<..~tor. 55~ b. Tho <l(troclion pmC<:S!l 3tbinB "'lumbnun\ 1 l'he "'l"~lbrium rel~tiQI!'fhlp helween the two phMes is \'• = (1. BoUt the cytindet ond sph<:re :uo soturated with lhc saruu solution of8odium . m sido of • . = 1.24 10' d. ocrndenser lood i< the same in both the cases but rebuiler load is higher i:n case . t.-. Consider • feed of 300 kglmm "' ~0 °('.e tii) as compared to ense 65.ot ion~ i.xchonger ~~ 80 •c nnd I~"''"' at 5(\0 ( " <:old oil (0. I 10.\ltl into C<lni~ct with I() kg of solvent B.:ible in coch olh. what i$ tllc elfcet of lhe temperntiJte nf the n:llux stn:um (givet~ helowl nn (he onmlen~Cl' and rebuilt!t' loads'! Reflux condition•. X11 ' Xs d.~t ba• tu he-supplied (in lclmuu ) to th• cvllporntor .hath the o~ects ore rmmersed for a -•hru1and ectunl interval of lime in o lllrgc IJln~ of\-. sealed. lbt mok fracti011 Of \\atttr '(w itt lh" v11pour pltase s (). at it~ buhhle pOint (ii) rtllux l>h~"'" i> bokl\1 its bubhl< tmin t tL conden•cr . the en In•umount of C •• lmns:i'erred In soh"enl l~ b.. 7.e xa dlffcrmce.iter lo~d is Ute sam~: in botlt the .5 66.!... IL 0 < 'iO\ < 0. Al • tcltul P'"""""' of one ~L1ndttrd "un exerted hy the vap<>Uril of wattr and tCllucn.0 60 °C' .. Tolu~u: ~nd woler are complolely immis.ulutiun (20 k11 ul' 8llll in IQO ~S !1oluli1!11) to • 30°n ull iolulion in •n evopor.:ocun'lllll • boll :md ~ube bcol e..: t'ollowing slllt~U\Ctlllli i~ correct? u. < J.e boiling point of lbe ~olution js 110 °C. holb condenser ~d reboilcr lands ore higher In c:u. (i) r«Ot~~ $Iream is completely liqllitl nnd i1.:nloride. bet\\•cen HlO and llll"C d. the lime Ioken tin huurt) lor Ute holltn ct>ulto 64..rl md •pcdfie hcat of 2 kJ/(kg Kl enters ~t20 11•c log mc:m temperature •c. d.u II 1S desired tu con.og 10$ Hot water (0. C. r""P'-"ti"cly.~ n. b. 37 c. x.:.Uc> j()> (ii) d... n..-= Xts 1'he bbilinll poiuts fu•· pur~ wal~r nnd pure tolu""" 10o•c 3nd 110. in °C is •pproximalely o.6'C 63.c or lk 61. 45 d sn w w = w ('be temp~r:•tore at whioh the obovo rni~ture will e~c. = d. 2k!! tt( solute C . . 555 :. les~ Utnn b.5 " X. 1J'he Oal end..i• grcotcr'l~~ thou ~ dCJIC:Udiug un th10 lent~th 11f the: cyl..05 m~/min ) of d"'ns ity SUO t<g. n.r wbereas solute C Is soluble in both tb" solvents. ~. Xc. 11 hich io well ~g.:ible in eooh other.::m diAmeter an: made from the same poron~ UlaierJal..r1 a I""JI$UJC' ooc: ~tand:u:d otm 11.6 •c.. ll•e froctiutl~ or suit reruuining in lh< C) l inder ~~d t~ ~phere nre '<r and X~~o n:spectivcl}'· Which of th.7 ul I I respectiwly.

\ ) - s rufted to total rcllu:< condition {i.2 71. C_.. 0. .re with nnd without lotaJ t'Ol1ux top •Jld bottom oompo~lt10ns correspond ltJ lite maximum cnri.composTtlon 1<'11-~ om number oftrn)'~ are requi. " L2C. B Is eanied oul in a rni>:cd Oow rcaclur op>~ratod in semi-botch mode ("" <:::< it slc:eom). ~nd WK'h~"lled 1..33.c (!7.te column is stopped). U$cd. tile I!OIIC«"IIltati!ln Of \\Oier 1!.l! (In sceondlt) fmm it. givcrn roO\lX ratio ond overhead 1. lht tempcroture ~ 31i0K 'rh. ruboiler lood lUld amdcnscr load nrc (' (I ..1} • .'\ ill I m (C. the opcr:tlion i! •..6 kg i• n.riog whkb tha '"'llp...<e tC• ) in k@lmJ of JiJ • I·' """ 1111d the nmount Clf WQI~r ( m) adsorbed per kg nf l. Under 1he Mamo CQnsrunt drying rate condition$..0..5.rclntccl by c• = (U)667 m.n xa 10 17..~ctioo 1\ .<. (1. lhc.s~1nt.. ·n.:r normal eond!tlons. I SOO c.sumll(L IdentifY the correct oxp~sion relating lhc concenlrnticm of A :11 the inle1 ((' M)..)ace :tllor ll long limo (<\u.C ). AI T m ~lofli! the length of the reactor. no product and residne :tre being wilhdrnwn "'"' Jeed lo ~. a.. = tt~~r.\') (I X ) "" (.2 kg initwly was dJ"it:d from both sides under constnni drying rate conditiQns. Anlllher I m 1 m I Cth tlat ~llccl llf Ute some mMcrial i-.. Sui II b<.r lh" weight or the sheet lo 1-eduoe II) \. It> b" dried ih>UI oue "illo only..·qlnmelric llow rate f The vulume ol' 01e reacling mil\lur<! is \1 •od U1e <h:mil)' oflhc Uquid mixture iJ eon. nnd (ii) 111.chmc:nl ocltieVllhlc An •<tuco~ ~olution of rncthnnol is 10 b~ clistilled in a lrny Cllhrmn.0.05 kg.r '' ater vapour initi.. o.'\t ~'<!Uifibnurn. ( ( I .X) c. The re:tcton1 A ol concenlrntimo CAP i!. 2500 A lii•liiiMX. mor.lry •ilic• gel nr. C . unchanged more O\lJllher of tray~ ""' reTtuir<>d and 111~ ro:siclue composition IS mot-e dilute in methanol Tb~r following JlM phJJSe ronclic>n is laking place tn a plug flow renclor d b. The moss bal-:mcc for Alll or •· ci(JIC". . 0 . .4 two c>ptinns .c fractiun or initial water t\!maiJtin!! in the . 11)()0 12. less tlttll\ I kg ore is lriUiilfeJTC<l lo D u.:talure is maintained constant) is e~plored: •.. the 70. Ul A 25 em tS em 1 "''' llal sheet w<lig.) dr 1.: pressure dmrt is negligible nnd au idCJ~I 11• $ beh•vioc c<tn bv o.!lin dry oondiliottot !11 n mom of nir sp~cc 100 mJ eontnining 2. w mmj mum c.!. 1t took 1500 seconds IC.ttme reqiJ]rcd Cnr dryin.2C.3 l.0... High prell~lt~ ~ll:!lm is nvllilnbk >R • ~ource of he:tL F<Jr . no nmount ofl' is transferred to a . 111 kg of dry ~JiiCJ~ gel is k"P' in the m<lm. "" con>positoon of vopoul'li i111d that of liquid do ool vary throughout the .1 rchoile• is IJ4!cd but ~kutn .-(c.1 "{I ( ..! weight of 19. 2000 d. ..83C J llCW 5l&:Jd)' stlltu. To muinl. the top bottom composittons :. N plul~ i• being ppernt«l und.wlunm b.. fed lu 1ht: re..SX) A seoond ardc:r liquid pho&e n>.) and the m ra 6!!.e 1>9.q..\') (1.tor ~I n .2 1>8- IU'C (i) 11 relx>ilet .1 .8--> C ce 2 A $lQichiom<lt i~ noi~ture !>I' 1\ ••1d B i t 300 K is fed 1b lhe rct~ctor. A . Altho w w ~'Pt'nding <:onl'<=~"~~itm ~r \(. 0.1l1). in crt•linn (ii) in Vllpor pbn. initio. -r~ ) A -r'v 4 ..u d . r.) ell /'' (C •• .kC' V • • . b.: number uf lm)S 31):1 rcqllired hut the residue tluHlJIII~itiotl rema in. c.0. fed direc:U~ ro the bottom of the b. cunlll:ntralion •>f .21tg . (I - d. Ai some point in time.•c.\") colum~ \1 ith .\~ comp•red 10 option (i).e . l!l>mpo$itiqn of tbe rc•idub remain> nnchanged .l .

B.Jmuld be'""""'"""' bv n tochll ul .5 kmol m1• the volume ol' rho m1~od Jlo" I'CI<Cinr .I25CR A stream c'()l'llllimn. order system t"'"" in Oroup I "llh the appropriate ltruc con~311t m Group U Groopl A.1000 kg:m '..ssablc lcmpcrnlurcs ore T.. The nbcl\'c dam can be ussumed tu be nnd CCIIl1Jl'lbili011 11f mdl'J""ldenl O. IJJ c..:reae:ti<MI P~t' " lu ht' . If the tumpcmture of the exi t stroom is nc\'cr lo c~wcd J'XI K.'<:lll cl) Which rtf the IOIIrn\lng tcmpemturc (r) profiles "ill rc'qUirc dt\l >h011c'<l NSJdoocc nmc 10 !IChtC\ C the deStr~>d COII\Cf\l(ltt? w nummum Q r". I' •s 0. m 75. 2.:ror ra • T..67 A pollut•ml I' Jcsrndcs uccordm~ to li"'l orucr kmcucs An aqueous :Meant C<lii WIIHII~ P ull ~m<>l lm 1 unci 1olumcln~ 71.50 1.. om c d.'d If tho pollulfoll lcwl 1\ to be brought clown to the 'lllll1e lc1 d of 0. 7 3 71•.~rn~d uul 111 :a 101. wluu is ll1o. • ICIO b CJ c 3 d.) A a .ximum fc:rtl inlet lcll1J)<Tuturc 1~111WOO'/ .. 490 M:!tch Jin..itot ...ion ot th~ polluwnt " now doublod nnd the >olumctne !low rotc is trfpll.: re<~utor.c r.. 2 r.. Tma• d For an ISCllhcrm31 second order aqueous pha>c n:acu011 A--..- ""9hol-- Till&>- b ~ e II T d T..ond T..'I ol II b... 22 74 ~ .0.e 7 w w a 1r .)!h/\) 2 qV 3.5Cp U.1>() d. !!'"'" b\ r .ru· lieU! of re3ctiou - dcn~11y of du' • ternpcmrore.S kmnl 'm f'hc mlct conceotmt. Titc 111"--ximurn 1111d p. sp<.. 0. Th~ n:s•dcucc lime required (in hot•n.\00 llo11 f\lJCillr n. Cort\ldcr u tclc-n. ce An IS<>Ihcnl1lll 1111110011\ f'hu!Kl 1'\!lc:rsibl.. onl~ P c'!llers th. 290 c. t.1.. ntbnur. 13. Mixmg Group !I I (mC. tooctiug.iJie bcut or rea<tin~ mixture lU•kgK. . ma..iblc c\othcrmi" rcactioo '" 4 plug llo11 re:teiOI ....._.!nnnmct._ T ~ ol- tlo11 ruru I m' ! h rct11HfCS u Dll\'cd llo11 rc:<cror of 1olu111e V to bnn~ dmvn lhu xa p<'lluuntl lci'OI hi U. -·- An irrevenoble uqueous phuse re~•~tioo A B -+ P is cnrricd o\11 in no adiabatic mixed tlow reactor A food COIIHIIning 4 kmollm3 of onch 1\ nnd fl enters the rcoctor ut 8 •. rc<p<.. V tq 4 (hA)I(nH.!10 b. l'b....:..1 mol... f\!l!<:ht•l rok 011 1 ktnol (In b) i.c 73 T 78_ b.) for ~o· cm1 ~n.·nm. the robo of the tin1e requu"Cd ft>r 90"o CQIIICI'SII!O I!' ll!C tim~ requirdl for ~s• • COlt I c:rsion lS G. 390 d.

3 l Tioe prooc. r. l>. 1 The expcrirn~'lltal re>lpOn~c of the controlled variable y(t) foo· • slop change of magnitude P on Uoe manipulated variable x( L) L.e ' =0 (n l}(2s . 19. shown b<:low.. c.11: of int~t is lS~o. .Wo(ll ·~ b.. b. Titc of t't:lum o n in-\1'-'1l. TA. zero A B w the oharncteri•tic equation is o. s.\...JUIJ1ll .u1d • s alvnge v•Jue of E. 2 b." X/<.m by SO'!o •• givc. .1)15s+ l) Fixed capital inveo>lmenl for a chemical plant i. 1 "·d.s-1)-K .s "ltd diuurbooco Lt..x •~ 15~~ i)flloe< annualt.r) 2 (} ( !1~---=-~:---:-:.t: ~l<>pc or Ute •symptotc ol'the l~>s AR (ounplitudc ratio) vo:rsus log 6l plot in Group 0.rU)'( 5s+ I)' d.o Uo. <•>> 1 Group U I.I 5..(.. m (0 1 P jtf'.ll(5• • 1) Match the un. .l. (2s+ l)'( 5s"' l)1 ce d.r-1) +. (r. .. 2 3 4 J l c. 37. 2 -1.alion.l) ( rr• .ll -1 million. (Q I R) e '" c. r1 1( r. ft<( r •.3 3.f) ~ d(s) . '"'"' - l he roppropriate lrunafer function of the pfOUCSS is (Q P )c '"''!' ra 82.l)+K.. r 1.~) a ~(.~+ I (Q I R)e·lN~<'I• J.forward controller tran•fer function tbnt will keep tbe process oull'ul cotiSUID._ .K1 d '~' =() d (r.<efullifo of() yen011 . •-I}(•P. 3 d.r+ I. 'l1oo plant d<:pr~cialC! on • straight line bas i>. The . (j..l for changes in dJ. . dlC income from snles is I~ 20 on illion and ouanufacluring CXJX:tiSCS liN fu 5 Jnilliuu.. "· ""'!..stutl>unce ~ l(ll ·'· l (2. st.< R~ 4(1 mill inn witl1un estimated u. iii(s ) (2s-l)(SH1) om Q r---~--~~=-1 4.S 2.'•' =0 fr~..s•.r.s+ J)e.~ -1 ) .r .K K.nsfer functions for a $}'stem arc yvcn by V(. (r. rn Ole lir~l yeat of oper..1.c Tioe feed .. Group f A.:! B. l>.ge ol' m (rre<plcney) on Group T" ·il. (1s+l )(S•-1) (Q r l')sr l 80.axablc income..t+ 1 Cousldct a system with open loop tnnsfer a.r + l)e '• =0 1 w w Ci(s) f'or the IJiock Ilia&rum ~h6Wn ~elo\1 . xa (Q r R).e function (2. 0 l!i < 0. o .

2 I 2 Mnteh the proooss in Group I with the catalyst used in Group II. Grour l A. ~ n. Yti!•"•~lc oil hydrogenatllm (}roup n I. 7S d. -40 3lld -28. Sugmr D. Iron 4. AnndB h. 1 2 I d.• > b used in lhe manufacture /\. Raney nickol A 13 •• b. whenn > b b. A. DCDA prDi!C~.lloJJJ 8S.C) <10.~ B. 4 J 3 2 2 d. usc CSTR wl01 n high COIIV<I'IIion when.oetor fn which 01<> rcaelivns A ~ R (desi. and co:rhon cli. -40 . AondC c.xamerhylcne dbmine n11d udipic acid A B ce •· u~e high pressure and e limiMie inet1..e product in Group I with lhe '"" mnr. Nylon ra 1\lultlple effect C\'3pornlors are commonly a. 89.j 2 . "· I2. 5. 1 2 c. b.-• _ or u. l'alS or . 2 M. {lreo 13. V•nndium pentoside 3.n 0 b ~\mrnoni• om C< Gro11p I . Polyt:thyk oo D. u..(l:JI"') c :.e xa n. C ond D 1\'IJJtoh lhe proc. ·'' 2 2 1 ..xide DirnctllyL t"""phUtulutc and ethylene j!lycol .ss m Group I wiU1 product in Croup Jl Gmupl A. Plalim1m 2. m N6. I I 2 b.rTals in Group II w 88. 4. SodiunL curbon~lc 4.75 Pick the WRONG 11e•isn guideline for 3. Nillic acid A B 1 4 ••• b 1 2 c:. Addition polymerization A B C a. l'olycstur Qroupll L 2. C.9 b. AandD d. Sulfuric ""'dm•nufacrure B. ~void ra"ydu when • b c. zem and 12.ol£b the product in Gro11p r whh tit<> nature of lhe l'~ction in Group U Group] A.redl ~nd A -> S(undcsin:d) me tn l:lke lhc rcuction rnlc• iJl plu""· The talio rallll .c 84. lltorcury CcU w w 87..Amm onia :md c:arlxm monoxide Tlo. Coodcnsarlon p<Jiymeri2lltion 2. 2 3 d 2 I\ larch !h.j .~e b•k h (el!otor or lllug llo\1 reaolllr Wbl. Papo:r B Super phosphate C. lh~ GJ'oupll L Sodiwn h.yilrol<idt 2. zero and -28.. c. Poly•tyrene Group ll 1.Sul!Urie •~id 3. CL 2fJ~o The ncr p~c:nl vnlu~ (NPV) in miUion R~ ot the st1rl ~nd at the end of lhe G111l ye:~r oroperation rs n:speclively given by o.