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Match the following, where x is th" spatial
coordinate and l is time.
Group l
A. Wave eq1~1tion
B. H~at equation
Group II


I. - = a iJI





2, -

= a·,





i' c
; iJc
3. - = a -






.. iJ:u
-=cr ,
-1 ~


Two ba_gs con t~1 n ten coms each, and the
coins in each bag are numbered from 1 to
10. One coin is dra\\n at random from
each bag. The probabilit) that one of the
coins has 1alue 1,2.3 or 4, while U1e other



has value 7.~,9 or 1o. is
a. 2/S
b 4/25

d. 1(,/25


i=,[:j . the ratio



( l + 2T)


is gtven by

a I


b, - 1

c. I




A dtstl llat1on column at a ptlol pllllll os
scaled up by _; umes lbr todustrial use m
steady state. Arter sealing up
a the num~r or tbeorencal trays
mcreases bv 3 IJmes
b. the minim~ reOu.~ ratio •s Increased


thre~ hmes


lk. where Tis the~J w w ... liquid level in u tan!< h l..11t 1 An e:<amf'le of an op<:n·loop &ec:nnd ordeT" uod. '\!.:~lly hen~e~l element 1~ ~ubmc:rgcd in ~ [>001 of water u il• sntur~tion tcmpor...nL by what factor LS the power requu'lltne. Grnup 11 0 u. n:m>Ul> COit>tlnl ficrn top to bollllm d fll'll increa~a.:r damped S)•tcm "' a.:. g c.. more ll"'n one men•urement 1!11d mo~t lbon cmc manipulated I'Oriabh: '>latch lhe follo>~ing. 16 d. proruor. r =p r 2.d Kpe-< • .iahle Ca•cade 1:0n1rol comes under the contiOI OOnliAllr:llion whi~h UJ'O • une rnc..: cross llow ond turbulwc:c in 1he shells ide 1-1ood d to preven1 shell cxpansoon due to thermal c:Jl'cciS. 12 xa m v•rillblc h more th. (R-<) "' I.x:rc:hmg Junction of dlil numipulnuxl \'ariabl. liquicl mct. 4 b.mup I i\ f'll<cl(!pl:t.. sa-res tne conlrol \'.~"" from tC))) 10 oottom c.1 • +Kr ! r =K ! y .·tube m~non>clcr .."") " .. gain •• is • linearly in=•~in! function or the m2mpula1ed variahlc b b a l!ne:~rly d."'lc<s of the condensate.lic is selected suc:h that the pmduet of pmcess yin and tk ' ah.1·eased at htgh Reynolds number/ •.fcr<~lc1fl<!icn I a incre:asC'Ii from l<lp II) IM. lhe thocl. Uaermoeouple in • thermo-well tnhe. . IJo Cilm t}I>C condou•nuon of lic1uod nlong a l'crtic. the maximum heut mmster coefficient •• ohs01v. b. d 13 .arinhlv <1...Ui lhc vnfuc uf chc: on3mpulau:d vnria11le clnange.l. t'Te<tllcn<} of tl1~ <tom:r on • nnlCinK lJink is mllle.: "' 11 om d.. oua mco•ul'tlmcm und 111orc thou one m~nipulntcd 1 .• R..layer incrc~C:S tow~rds tbe boHQm. {R-t) d ( by • foctOO' of 2 \\lulc aU othcr paramck:r• arc lept comLJ.: c1 n... 8. ~2 .. This impli01 !loot Uoc lucul heal 1r•n.tlcd '~~"ttonion liquid• pol~"mai~ liquids b.. n 4 r= K ir " n w ' n."l\1 ecn lhc nuclo•tc boil in!I and parti.ancti~n uftbe mMipuloted .nt ln<.c KtO ce 9.'oll~ B Bingh•m pl~~~i~ 17. i> j>roportion:lltca 15.•urcment anil one nunipul.:l<~te boiling rcgtm~ d.>!) layer for c.~lurc:. iuctooso the tube •ide fluid's heal lrau•fcr coc:ffic1Clll I• promote vi~uon m the he:ot excb3ngcr <:.. An cleo:tri.ll\e dt>roetcn_. which contain> bo ll> cof r•dius r. •nd then deerC3~ rrom lop to l>oltom The criti~al •peed dl' the h~ll on all of nldiu. ~won_on·inlur•cling liM onlor . "'l!"'jj""nll) thlcktr llun the h) drodytUUlic bound.'Tt1ent ami one m•nipubted .an:ains cans1JUH .-ystwm LD 10 1 .uom h dc:crea.e and r I> the <lriiJn nile. l...xed 11 itb umt>ble film boiling rcgtm<>s c m lh~ mcipient nu.\y~ i.~riahlc . r = r0 b (R-f). c. lL is •n espon<:!llially increru. c. A B I 4 2 4 3 2 l The thermal buund111 1. t)p"-'1 11f Ouid (in group l ) with their "'"~""''" c C:Olllltitu•n·c rd>lions (in group II ).r ~ toll he f= ct)nl t:c:linn ocgomo: h. nudate boiling mi.:m fmc mtn~un..r)' If the. the tom1>«:a1u~ of the elemo:nl incrd4sc~.:. in lbc s~1blo film bolhng rcginr< without s ignHic•nl rodiotion cllccts lhfll<:!l arg ll>!ed in heAl exchangers in order to A. ra II lol.

I'R = 2 r. Murphree efficiency ll. b.u. Ute mlcs of 25.112 d. 30. lt)O•... 1 . 10 l.~. The cost ol' n dnm• dryer ".~"' 2y +. . wiU1 non-ldeal l b l!e>. d umge l~f\. in lokhs uf wpt:<:S is • . r.~cced 27. $ and 1' respectively..ln C:.loes Uu: following sys tem of cqual·ions hnvo'! 4. 2 I() 'f he cost of a distiUallon column tO the year .U'bulcnl flow p•• t a ll•L plnlc.. i c.1. <eparding ~ bin31')' mixture.:.~pcriments in o hat~h ic. Syrtlh<s is !!l!ll b Fi"nnnld~ hydc c. c. xa w w 24 " Beqzene hexach. :!00 The c-ost of a drum dryer rs R•. Ill() d.ctor f and the Cbtlton-('olbtu·u fnctur jo alr •·~hued •• n.. b.ang nuollipllcatidn metlood.. ra~ rs and r. . 2 32. fis gr<'ator Uwn lo d.akh.')·i l\e112t:nc @ Uifonute l'he: cJJier f.loride h.Cec:d I()(I" u J. ..What is the cost nf l11c co lunm .JncuL io l11khs of rupees. is •. Contlcnsatitm polymerizati<m Which of the follo>11 ing i• n <letergcnl~ form~tion.:.-.!W mnterial far lhC ~Omm. ~6 b.:s for the years 211\)41 and 20 10 are~~() nnd 520 respectively'! "· (5201480) .2000 b x rup= .~of n rpl"" in th o year 20 I 0 given the cosl ondi. b 11 •• 7112 b..· or the subsltutces w R. the friction r.. IU lnkhs. liquid is or U!C !lrdct' ur ~. Llsing L. •• 10' It)-'" J . d.:. a•·e.. d.1\c· F-T<T? ~. Polyvinyl chlruide d..'<.rT For lbe liquid pbase reaction A-+ P. Uten li1(T) . . Uotb Murplm:c •nd point d'lic. ONE uflhe fn ~ lr'~)' l'u llowin& statements i~ TR\. doubl« the suofa. Cellu lo~c nitl'llU: .=-2rT 26. 2 10 ra b 28.r r c.peel to tom perature i!l higbee o. "" 'lbe mltlri~ 1\ 1~ jliv.ivcu t t.. lite tutal copi.O~t ~.'ln excco:d I000'<> 20. I is less U1au Jo Which of the follow ins is NO I' employed in tloe c<>nnnerc>al produclton of linear polyvmyl chlorid'" 1 ~~ l!mulsion polymcrizallon h.2::-=2 •• 0 b. EU••nol For Ute reaction 2 Jt I S -> 'r. JO' For ti. If At = A1 nnd " lh.L ce 1. c:mnot e. .rdal prnduutiml M methbnul is u.tal invesi. 7r~= n:: . in • ~eriC!\ ol' e. the h<oU: Iife 1111 \\ u• fhund 10 I>C: invel:llel) propnrtiQnn l ro the sqttnll: tMt of !he inillnl concentrmion 111' The ortlttr vi' the r<:ullt)Qn i~ 10 • · (520/4SOfx b. I c.. (52U/.':tCiiorl~ the o.e 23. 1\ce:tie acid d.> k. i and )U cannot he rob ted fis equa l to j o c. For liN re:tetions 1 nnd 2.Pou1l efficiency can csceed h M'urphn:e ~fficien cy Ioo•.c 10 _ . Suspom>ion polymerlzoHon lower t'ilmperatur<js. Fm n g. ~ 112 Wl1ich is the Q()rreO:I st•tement from the following •la(tm~ent• on the Arrhenius model of Utt t•:ttu cotl!lltlnt k : .v d.. • . = 2 ryd.:n b). A i• a lw•ys dlm•mionles>.. All.('l1 om 19 m 29.I8Q)00 X 31.icncies C.'E.-~•lj' . F'or n solid procasing plnnL tho delivered equipment co~l is Rs.._-. are rcl•ted by "--- "' s••• 116 1u d. H H0/520)-< Hu'' mnn~ solutions t. ra = 1 r_s. 11u: "oo cltang¢ of k with respec1 lo tontplll:nture i$ higl~<t for high or A. 2(l rs . . wiili . >7 c. Addition polymerlzallon d. whon no ll>m1 drag is pr10S<mt. 111e ratio or lhe dill'u~ion <Wel1icicmt m • gus ltllluillu.tCiur·.:7 b.

!ll :md recovers 9() 0 u of lhe metal in the pore form The unr'-"loverW mciJtl and 4Ssoc!. Y . ( 1111-~ ) (. g(xl 11x) • 2 rh~ cigenvalu~ of I he motrh: A Qr-c real und nun-neg•liVc fot I he l!tlltdhiou U. (-ll 16):s.e funcliup y(x) = i'e • has 'L no max. and n L• an inle!-""· which uf the foliO\\ ing is a volid •olution for lht: uns teadv oU<:- om c.I!). fl.~l 1.J co• (~)~. n' = 4b d.1 scaJar ueltl one minimum w 3 7. 4a In lhe 9omain _..on ofx b.) = Rxl + I 33. is a.II iy is • comple• oumber.i<>n II J I $8hslics lhe cquati.. If~ = x + r m x>+/ xa -tO. . . f{:q Itt • quadmtie f\lnetion of.s 111' the initial gu. L . coi ( 11~-" ). .2 tf the oons13nts .. then which of lite following ill true? a._. ~ j ..' . c._ with VI u1"' boundary conditicm£ c .II.I "':•' j ~. o . "' "X "''• ll. .od no Jninimum b one mnxirnijiO and no minimum c~ no max.ghl Croctiou ol' tll\'0 mcU. diffusion l> r.diml of~~~~ scalar field •I• h the divergence of ~n. 2ixy 36.tion'l ·'-~ li..ol equutinn w w is Of 1l1c fonll y • (Cr C. lf Jlx) is the solution of tlu~ equation dv -'..Slll . Find the Uo11 rate (m6) and the wei.• 2. 1.c A'"(: . whol to Ute limiling value of Ute limchon Ffx) g1ven below'/ F{..:c .~ 1J •n•l c=O atx = L 1 - = .! -. Assume ste:td) stolo . ~c • i5 th~ oolution l>t' (he e~wllion und g(x) - - 111 01e domaJJJ ""-'<!i.( 1/16) b.a:::W 16J d. x' + •·' 2z:'JI 1 d.. ~.l... . . Tile tiquid product Dow rnld ill 7500 ksihr of CQniposilion 0. 1 (wt li11clion). ( 1/ lli)SA.imu.. g(xl = llxl .m ..J::j llum whieh l)f lhc fnliQII'ing lw~~~ ano lylklfunctlon ofz'! n. Tho Ncwton·Rarltsun itcr>tive me1hod converges 19 lhe s•llu1ion in one <lep..II or '.. l..iquid produel from a plo.::J<.a<( 112) . where 1 b. ore suitably chosen so as lo satis·ty the initiol conditions. fl'~)isa cubtclimction ol' x: d.1:) ". ' d.-cv • 2x~ 0 .!. J. ~) cl~ and Ute con'l~nl of integmlion In It~<) l• equal to that in glx). < li2):s. ( 112).'< c.-s. fl.~1mum Ami om: mmnnum 3M. n. the di•'CI'gottt~ of nny ••ector floWB d. a..I~ J ~ .1 d. g(. ~mnion. 2 d.x) is ~n exponential fonct•on ol'" A m<tol n:cove•y unit (MRU) of mlake< C!tpacity 5000 kglht tn:at~ • l. !J j dlmeosional ce 34.)rficld A c•n he expres~ed •·~ • · Ihe gr..Unum o. IL one mn. .cos(2.·lutll ely + 2'1J•-2x~ 0.Is b.I • ( /111.n rrxJ = 0 at x = x.\.e tlivcrgcnec of a v""li" field A is ulway• c<Jwl l to LCro. iflbc vccl..l (\\ 0). X) ~""· whl:rtt Cr and C2 ~re consl4nt> ofintegr:.'') £. the cu rl of ony 1•cctor !'lcld B In du• limit " -t 0.x) is a lin~r fUJJcti.(1r2) b.. b' -(Z e. g(xl 1N . LJ '*' tr!IU'l - b. h.1' _v I 2L\~· \\11m cnndjtion i~ to be ~uliAfred so that ihc solution of the di1li:r<:nti.. regtttdloo. L t1 ra c. ·n. '11te f'und..e c. I 35.Y) ..tcd liquid ore sont to o di$posal Wlit along "flh tltc unlrcntcd product fTD111 lite plant (See ligure llelow)..

w. One b.0314 lu the triangular diagnuu.. = 7050 kg/hr. - . \'In-= 0. m • A b.J .. where 1l1e reaction A ~ B lakes place.1 42. Composition A fe~d ~tream (S J) ut lOO k!'/IJJ <Wil otmrmning only l\ mi7'eS with recycle stream 55 before entenng 1he reacror (see fig11re helow ).am F. 4 2 2 Given lhe ohamcrcristic equation below.2.285 b. res(>Ccrively. . dc. If' the mass ffnctiou of B iu S4 is 0. 2 c.llJ(J kg/hr o.5 units oo the ligure.1!.0 b mt. w. x. t. 70 and 330 kg/hr A Camot hear engine cycle 1s work111g with au ideal gus.:o:U.._ S uri I "" 1 ~~· 1!. w• = 0 .5 -. B• = us a. om '-"""'~ m ~T)UU~ . ll1e ratio RIE is esttmared to be a.!JI"illP '!". 3 d.1712 d m0 = 5600 kgihr. a.rmd E 11re I k!l aud UO kg respectively l'he lllllgth FM" is 3.-. c.. ~•ISOO kg/hi. <16.J>.W:I b. The stream S3 leavmg the reactor 1s separated. 1W1I< W1J c. . . ..25.40.represented beJo"' fqr a haJch Sl. m. 5. 24 and 241) kgiltr o. The amom1t:s of B .uring..5. Bi·mCIAIIia MlefniOmctct w w ~3.s ~ stre. B* = O.5. then the t'atio of Oow rates of streams (S3/S5). 0.. the cmiier liqnid and C is 1he splnte to be extracted.2 Group-t Group-U l. Ori fice rueter 2. ce :L . B* = 0.. '" '• = 751)0 kg/hr.95 and total Oow rare of S5 is 10 ksJh.. w.. aro related as a. ant! tile fioll' rate of A in 53 are. select ~~e otunber of roots wbicli wi II be located tu ~ie right o f the imaginary axis s•-"'•' -. I i am. wi~!Oul dther phase or composition cbaofl. = ().333.333 March the . devices (Group-Ll) A Hlgh T «~nperature B. is mixed wiUt a soh•enl B to l)roduce produ~ts Rand E. X2 ~ 45. W1 and W1 respectively.mts A• and B+. 8* = 0.. 47. I and leoglh FBis 8.. w0 = 0. const..e. Two c.75.~ ~w::: The van Laar acti vity co<:fficient molld tor a· binmy mi~rure is given by I he form Given 'It= 1...751 d 2.04255 c. A* = 2.Jnnttion p•·oc<-. Flow C. A* = 3. 0. J\* ~ 0. The work perf01:med by the.r..--.1 ·~~­ tm--.c ..5 kglbr d. '(: = 1. W1= W! d. The operation is at steady state.e w d./ a. Radiation Pyrometer 4. ra c 44. A B C' J 2 J I 3 2 ~- I c.proccs:> varrablcs (Group· I) given below with the m~'as. A* = 0. Substance A is.tcnnine l h~. into two streams S4 and S5.. 1. gas dtu·i•IS the adiabatic expansion and compression steps... .. C'hrQmiiiO!!-raPh 3..cru 17s + i2 = 0 . Three d. I I and. xa •.

5 • 10 rf b. t.2 m m a pilot pl ant rotates at a speed of50 Hz in t>rdcr to aclrieve Mfective is the l:otal force F aoling on ihe darn due i.. K. 1/ 100 < K. 44. tD=l31 b.5.omil.i.8. be stable. .. ML 1 ~~tion.kes law.= 1. a. Tf tllis oenlrifitgeis scaled upton cliameter t>f I m in the chemical plllnt. rutd tl1e same separnti<m fuct~.I et using ZiegleJ'-t/icbl)ls conlrt~Uer settings.. ilenslt.2. 4 x 10'1J A centnfuge of d!ameter 0. 0.02 m and lllltg1h 'I m... and li~re . < ltJOO c. = 4/(te + 1)1 >U1d IILe t~J!!nl'i~~Lce transfer function04= 2/ (~s + 1) 1 seloot tlie con-ed: lransfer functi\)11 for Ute Feei:l F. for a particle of d.e mass. I f M. = K. 30Hz d.u lmlll B is :l m (as shown irl t·he figure beJow). C(lntcol locyp are umty.he flow ..2). A and B. calculaJed !rom the tank A is 6 lll and the hcigltl of llw flnid i.on'(afd Contr<i!IC1" for perfect distwbrutce a.lulcl !low? a.u Ote ce -:2 (. 6 elf jJ lln-Jr b.og pru=erers (co.lve.tes.LO .l. The clteck -valve is opened. Land 1'are Ui.mge of K. b. tn= 0. I'~ 25 · I O~ N c. ~ = laruillru:. 2 m/s Whill is lhe total l'llergy loss between llte initial •nrl l:irull states due jj) the f.-.stantB 'I . at tt•e bott\Jm. the yu\ve is opened1 a. Wld ihe fluid flows Ji'Oro bLuk A 1o unil< B lilJ lhe lavels iJ1 IJJe lwo t1111ks 11I'e eqval in the final stai'e.!runcler 0. F= 30 ~ 10° N d.. 22. tile derivative lirue constant Tn in minutes. F=5 • 10'' N The rehitiofl betweefl the stress > and the strain rnle (du. What is lhe terminal velocity in m/s. < 1/H) d. lm eaclL oontain a Ouid of density 1000 kg/m~ and visc. " !flo b.i. 8 <ltf J w w w . and the int:egrnl linte consmnt t 1 in nlinutes) for a ND cont:rQI. t t = LS. . J5 Hz r=B(~~J wh. -Q. The tanks> are collllootod by a pipe of cUamelllJ· 0.. and conb:oller transfer furtcti\ln 0 .r..nlrtlllo?r gain K.38 A dum of width 50 misused to hold waler in a res~rvo. speed of the scaled up cen1ri:fuge? a..sity 1 kg/(m s). and dte fluid d$1Sjly is WOO k!!l'nr'.. length ond lime dimension respectively.. AsS11l1Je that l. I dy) for the ropid JJow of a grrurular material is given by 0 ~- . of cross sectional area. -(-rs+ If Given the pr<icesg transf'er fimctio11 G~ = 20/(s .. m/s d.e xa m 53 5'2 55..> UIO Tha value of ultimate period of osciUatioa :P is J minu. and n check vnlve. forwltioh tlte .. '2 .o tlte wntet'l Asrnme g . and that of the ultimate controliCf' gain K.d 1) b. M 'r1 d... Select -rhe coa'CCt sel ofumi. the average Otud velocity 10 the pipe liS soon us.~r i~ ro be aoliieved.. no J:iicti. lf tlte w!ll~ heighl is 10 m from the bottom llf the diJill. 1<. ~<. ln theWtlal state.25 m/s h. '' = 1.72Bz 56.5(u + l} d. what is the dimemioJI of Ute con..ou in the checl va. ='2..y 2800 .1 8\ b. in lhe . K. the height of the flui<l. K.-r.8..48 Given ihc pl'ocess lransfCi' function <3].1. wh. 0.. -r1 = 1.\). om functions <if ll11 ofll<'l' eleml!ttis..losed loop response will 6• I ~ijl:~t-~!!"~I2~- ra 50.36Hz c. !J> = 051 c. IS 2..1 " I0-! <n.c 49 e. what 1~ the rotati. •elect l)le r. K... .5mls· ~. 1o• J What ts d. = 1.ere 13 is a conshml.r.=O51 d. and !ll!StlilliliS" fhe himsfer Two tanks. = 15. 6 a. F = 12. !6 1o• J c. ML-1 -rc. Assume g = 10 m/s~ i.

"! ler Utili 20000 LS It'\ cn b \ w w .Jtr _ J T . nt 2.Rnoult's Lm the .'•tom obcvs ..15 m> c.. tran. F1 fur l.. r.026 Rc ti'I'H 11 !tile lhe "" M:lt numbc:r fur J l•mm•r flo11 fir Re)n<lld numher lr:s~ lh•n 21tH) >nd (Rc PI' D 1.<fct" .~ P'"Cll"'l1ionallo .tt \IDler llcm ing at l l.. 10 ml• 1) 10-! 2 :L 60. A counten:urrenl Dow da. . 226 m= 6~. ) 2-1.chonger is 11 ·n.•M' IJ) ( l<lll mean lcmpanlurc diffc:rcncc) based 110 Ihe al>u1" double pi_pe heal ex. .. '\ dn:ular tube: ol OUI4T Ol3mt ter S e m and inner di"n1cta ~ em 0. w~t-dtu ll<nt vcy hot flui<l Thc inner <nrf•cc uf 01<: ""II uf th e tuhe i\ •I a i(mpetAiurc of 80"(' whll<: Ihe ouiC1" •urfacc: ol the " ''II of the luhc: .Tix. 9..h: b in <~quilibrium with ib I'Opour l1l 10 1 ~Pa and 373 K..) plpe hem ex~hnngcr/ '11•c doubl~ correction fo~tur..: w' llt"" meier ICI1Sih of the tube 31 .CA<. and 1he s~mc inlt l n"d outlet.•c~~ area require<! with rc. k\1 m:>. The npor prclllum of henzene and toluene at 3T:.20. "ben: >< is position and I i. or s. The heal ll11" at the <wee x ~ II i. th¢ he>t A\ erage 'cklcity tr.. d.. The 0\ .== ce 57. 2 7646 \\' "' C'omidcr Ihe llo11 of • g•s with dcm ity I Ill ' k\1 (m •). What i~ lhc ra1c nf hc:.s 2SW i\flct •orne time.Po t-cspecuvcly A. lime..c. h SOO ·c.e ~9.e rem:t1n. . ..rn>fcrcocffll!icnliS 11.01665 \\"(ru tlk!nno l conduc1i1 ity ~ K).=4180 Jlkg "<'. Ote 1\us«h nuntbcr for • pipe" lilt (lJQ) utio greJ~er Ihan 10 >nd R~~ nold.I rn.7 \V (ml h:) b. l II I..Ilm cg b.60 \\' ~ 13.0 1 m ond length I . T. At lime l = 0.t e tube. .. 11 lf the ~~~· llo" • dtrough Ute pipe 11 itb an 11 I m S.. ble pipe heal a cll.1•c. d -1 A liquiJ IIUXIUN uJ'bcnzroe anJ WIU.ltelnttcralurr.56 and 63 L.'s from 40•c to so•c Oil L< U!Cd for heatmg and its ll!nlper•ture changes from HI()' <: to 71Y'C:. conditions ru>: moint~ ined C~.:>iJlll IS J J(l .1n!!er with countercurrenl tlm1 coniJ~tutallon whh water llowm. .g in •hull and oil 0Q~> ins. t) 'I r .1\0 m~ f•2.-·~ d I f! b..!i number'C:-r eoen'idc:nt heJ l uocl!tl11£td.(m' 1\.m. 11hcrc 80°• of th e feed is •·"J)<<rized tllldct ..and T~ 7SO"C'.K f<l!ipt<:ttWII an: 1.:. \\bat is the ntl rotc nf energy tron. Su 0. n~ dot1< ~nt change "llh tcmptraiUil:.<I<U~dy >laic. 4 ~ 111 d 8 ur' ' l(l l I bigh<r tctnp~r. II' the lhcm1:1l cunduchvity uf the tuhc wall is 10 Wl(nt -r. I) of lh<: •lah rise< ac~Ordmg tO lhc equation 2 .. n m. the feed ltne •k>rc in the \lc("aloe-Thiele method for dislllllllion column d.t~ L'~ "' -. a.1850"('..:rail he31 tnsnsf.47 W..c kg m 1et1Jins '" water of dt~UJIY 1000 ~m1 ~n~ 1iJ<coshy 10' ~s:im >)? a 13M2J \Vtm h 154k7 Wtm "· 17279 w"' d..llute 10 lJ"lln.'ll 11At!>pol1 UCI'O•$ lhc lul•. in U. Fur a lllt>-J'Inse feed. Jtt: c. xa K)'/ w :"'u h c d.300 W (nt 1 •c~ If it is roploced by • l-2 ~h oll ond tube ho>t exch.'1 the c.:g.u!gct is used lo b.89 \\' d 11 0 1 \\' -v."'uoung that the "..<fcn c:nc:rg) b) •~dutton to a block body Ot l JnWCT tcmrcralllrc f 1 Jnillolly.1 186 [Re 1'1 (D L)J 0.. 1•i~cogfty I S 114G J (L8 Kl and • pcciJU: heAl C'~ 0.-\ bbck body at b.u. h.'iilCCl to lhc m ra ~8 L 87~\\ • I ul I 1 A semi-infinite slab ~>Ccupying !he region x = ll and ~ = • i• •• •n imli.. tn a pipe of diomci•T D 0. om 1 . "1\ hen T11 ISOO' C . 9. .sler o.:ulumn c(lt\Jitio. th• $urfaee 11f l~e sinh at S: 0 is brOught inl1! OOD•IJIOI \\ ith a bOll! loatlt al J tempm111m: T11 The tcmpcn>llllc T('t. and the nel r2tc of C:Oa'lr. =ZOOO J ~g0<'..:r coollidont i>.) lr. whal 1.68 W (m: K) I 14 \V(m! K) 2...T . and •nume lhc: 'rsc..

R and S.\ l:tyor thCM)' 13 ..47 air an: 0.\ I m l'f'R followed bv • I m Cll'lR.: n:specto ell .1ir th.. JOO K uod OtQ oullet temperlllutc i• 400 h:.11el) m l•rsc vulume.GS 1.U ext! con\ttsions.35 70.:C!I!I.e ts dt~cd "ith atr at "tt and dr• bulb tclltpc:ratUI'CII uf 300 and ~23 r.:ntAi..\\10 K. 1 •ncl k:on:.j -1 2 2 I _. • The ovt:ra.e w w w 66.. _. 8 !I following ideal =•tor oonfieunt~• A. The heat turuf•-t ll()Cflictent 11 II \\' (. Di!IJ>"Uion ll1tlDber a b. 071 10 : kgm-:• ' II. (mol' ~ m-•'1) c. (tnllr' m' s-t )..11 (I 04 l\• o •olid di.32 10-: !.:. Gas-solid nou-C310h ~ =~Lton • GroupiT l..ue l'tlac:. Selecti\'ity 2.: nolated as a..U iOIU/fl Of II lAS> trll\.umin& i<le•l gP~ mi.S bv a I m1 xa Rnundu~· G1vup II ond uniruml pr.R .1>s ltJnsfa cloc:> not hmit tltc JliU.g"' : .1!1Ed out tsolhcnnallv in the x..:ondtt1oru and tcmperalur.• 1\ Q..::. Xr"> Xk C\:.. O. pha~c •~ J . d~ A lihcr cal.30 c. d. (' 3 2 I ~ 1 2 b. . = X. \1. . (mor11' m 1t:) om tl. Sclc:d the cb) 1!18 rotc during the can.j 3 2 .Xp • XJt . 3 4 I} 2 . Penctraticltt dtcury 2.-~ri~tton in Group 11 Gmup I A. X.:ondo~IMtn through the >11lid and rodtation c:ffe<!lll.Sol II mole fraction of bcn7cne tn tltc Uquld 11~~ r . b.&cs of hcntoic 3eid (mnltculiiJ 122) of e<jua1 dimcn~ion' tre "ei£ht •pmning •epor. m'" &-"'l The fins& orcl. .urc} is "· 0. does not diS~Oh'e eilhcr tn w•lcr or m ()S. m Wtth lhb oppropnotc .c 0.Jclli~ic:nl> foo b. 4 S3 tO : ltg m : • 1 In J kll m : • 1 The rnk cxpn:ssillij hlr Ihe rea"llcm of \ io gi•·•n h)' ct.:s •I the some rotc m bod1 air ••r :\(OICh 01\Dlil 3.: ") and the btent heal ol • •puun>•tion of" •Ia •• 2SOO U l. a3~=!! identical inlet . CSTR. Porollcl readioos C Non-ideal tubular re.>ctor D.z liquid pbll5c n::octton . n1o.elliuicnt Jl'~"'". c.. A l m1 Cl>TR followed bp I m 1 PFR. of """"'and air at . The rutio of tl!C outlot to Inlet molar c<mcentl'lltion (•f A {~s. I he m••• tramfc:r C....:1d in att .:.. C) Ill 6!1..9 n:specti\·c1y Ill<' solubility ofbc~ttoic ocid in W31er IS 3 ka m 1 ond the cqutlibnum 'opc>r P"'>"'" of benmtc 1..(mo1 11 mll>s 1) h ond water d. =Xn= "R tl. 2 3 1 "· t 2 . Thiclo modulus 4. (n10r' m 1s -t).60 b 0. ~ ~7.tehi•ving -IO"o C<Jni'Cfsilln ol' A.s '> ~ b. b} the theory in Group 1 (' (mor'm'~-•).-• b.<fcr co.k. 0. MJJkb the items m Group I \\ itlt tlto•o in C'rroup II Group I A. 1.1.. •nd 0. l11c in lt1 lotnll<l~tl uro i.: •del in "ola ond 10-: nu 10_..S 7(1 mol" o A uod 30 mol"• in <fill...\ P ts lo be C3. 1 B.. rcsDil<livc:ly.0-1 kPa.Xs The !!"-' pb. Xr = XR Xs ~ Xq c. for the above configuration.~n m \\:Jicr b dissolVe$ fo~l"" tn woter than in atr "· dis•oh. Then the d"c 3 di~'oly~ faster tn 1. <! d.:. '\c1. 1\:f:cl hii.k:c' I The units c. 0. A2m CSTR 1 1 C.. o.L1n1 ratc pc:ruxt t\cslc:d . 68. tmolm' 1 s 1). (mol . 'Film Theot)' 13. .tion ~\ > B • C l~ can· led nut in an iclea l PE. 1 0 A I m CSTR fotlo. Shnnking core model 3._ o. .:~. 0. .rt. OA-7 ra lilt: V'. Porows callsl\'sl B. at.065 ce 64. d A a r 3 I . DAB'' .

\ CI!ly lcne ond hydrogen eyanidu 4.78 Ill d.xl to the Ooid from lrutor tubo w w w 75. Soda asb Clroup II 1. t hlorodfnuro methane 2. F=ldehyde Crmup II I.STR 1•t 298 K. ~ d. The ooh. . 0.e 7d.j an ilnnu1us o1 inner dianlot.U I.J I01 N'/m3 tQ "'Rs.c 100001•• b. who:n: P l~ A •• Group I .ptdlsor i~ 85'\(. ~()25/- .66 B.s..91:.I cro..\.>ctalion cosl per year is R. 91.6 k\V d.The rote of tho liquid phnse re•'ei'Slbl~ reaction . whot i~ the diam~tc:r of the colu11111. 1'1 tL II~ The otigin~l vul~e or J!l equipmt:nt .. Wbat ts the poy<llll penod m years. .ge pro[Ll per yc. l'ervleue om 71 4. Nylon .:tuul l)IIII'L'I' TO<fltlrcd l<i drive n 1c~ivollcbting dir 1!\llllpressor wlueh ""' In tntiiJl'""' 34 rnJ of nir per minute limn I..n.0. Th~ avcrugc dcprl.age ' '31Ue i~ ~t. 4 78.the mtl'limum limiting con\lersion of A n~hievable In nn is<>thennal t .\ltd .. is -r.:\V B 3 .h~d ium A •. trunsferr..xllimd 3. Hoxnmeahylene oiamin~> and adipic 3Cid xa m 73.. 200 kW c. I()() JokllS.20 ~.:8 are 76.:Jorbtm surfa~:e of th" nnnulus.72 nl c. Caustic sodo B. Nitri~ •cid B. l:laat i. 2\l Fluid now& . if th~e is no intereya charge? •. Om•edJyl lerephthal<tte and ethylene ra glycol 3..:s 200 lmlotlhr of vapollt.t utlhe mlcl? 72 •· I b '}JJ e. s~lt and limostone . R• ncr nickel 3.nt 1114 tnd of its Ukc:ful Hie p. 15 lakhs.table flxed cU1<L . Ammon_ia nnd sulfi1r1c nctd 2. ~.:s.3 d. by textbuok <lcclining h•lnn<e met110d? 77..\ c :1J~ in (kmol m ' min 1) nt 298K. 0. ""P'"sscd in ~lonol m-~).7 1.• fer in m1 a 0. tho pl-. I ~ c.s <<:elinnnl arc:. . R!. \\~Ia! iS the AS$¢l value in ntp<lel! 3net 1\I'U yean. a:nd Ou: cflicieuc) uf tbc co.. 500. \\~1~1 15 tlle equiv•lent di•motcr For heo! tran. 10 lnkhs. I 'b c O\'er. IQ7.4S b.. 4010/c. c.'fiod uf S y. 82.? Averoge density of ••npour ~ 2 kl!'lll$ and i~ 111oletrular weight ~ 44.. b. assuming pure A i.~rs.~ fe. I m M~l~h 01e l'liW ot~teriaJs ln Group )l with lha productll in Oloup 1 Group J 0 l> m and outer diaoteter 1 m. Rlo. SiiV<:I'I)~ide 2.1. WlwL i• . II' the enlunul uporotc~ nl 85°~ of Oooding vclQ<:·iJy and the clt)Writtlm er 11rea i• (0Qn 11fLhe lOin. ? of II A sepDtllli<ln column tbr V~JIOut·li<tuid conlacl rroces:s.02cA . 1. JO tl. b.b Ou> po•oduct in Group I wWt Lbo '"" malenal tn Group I) <iroupl .0$2 101 Nlm: 7 A~tune lh~l PV 1" ' is c4n~Lnnt. to.. '11\c lloodin~ Vel!ldty is ·' ml•. Sodiwn c~rboomo aJtd • l•k. J 3 2 2 c. ~ 13 2 3 4 1 llwtc.O..otr.64 d IUXI What is II•~ •. 0. 5()20/d 6050/l'he ckpr. Pl~lmum· R.W b.82 Ill b. g Group ll ce ..\ eli' :ned . 79. I Motclt tbc pwduc1 in Gt•flliP I with the carnly•• w1e<1 for ia~ pmducti<m iq Group II A.~urc and V i~ tlto Vul\Jmc. where the concentrations CA . 0.

nnd l.o534 c. •• 10.ur • I0 \\'/(m1 K) .. Jdealp!l w w u .(11 2:!. 934. }.oed from the ground level. 821 Selecllhe oorTect value of Ute lt)l\Htrd lhnJ~.37 H 2 J 1 J... ~~~ ...2) A liiotiolllcos cyljndor piston u5~emb ly conlllinw nn idenl guo. 1()0 J i! ) .• constant R = 8 .\. so thai heo t trMSfcr take< place only through the cyllndrical $1lrface.K.:. I000.O b.o~ d.97 ltl. b...!JI$ ore insulated.lected.Wofll J SnU nnd «ulfurie ooid A n..e xa m tempeml'urc (T1 ) = 500 t..Ssume lhUt ~·• density of a. the ntmO>pheric pre.< bnlloon rises it iJ nssumed lhallbe temperature in and around tltc balloon rcmalns ooostnnl al :!73 .:!.tamMWt fOI' una-t . 3 1 d atatamlllll tar LinlaMI . l) . d. d.sure is I00 kPa and the aceelenuion due hl J!l11Yity is 10m ~1.tlan (81. w l:li 1 'Ib. d.o. Ouring its rise lh~< in order to maintain • consiJiot ditlcrcntial pl'eS.2!1 w·• d.1 to 8t. _ . MM~h d... Qu.Z) A liquid of mass 7 kg and specific heal 4 kJ/(kjf • C) os contained in o cylindrical heater of diameter u.:d in Gn)up I 11 iU1 lh« [>fiiOdf• iu Gn)Up tr G"" <>it B.0..ainoo coJuiJtnl ul tOO kPo..... The heat tl'lln"fet coeffiaient in the liquid = 1()(1 W/(m~ K) 'The h.c -1-.. Th~>lhieknc:ss of the wall of Ute heater ! mm The walllht:tmal ctmductivity • 10 W/(m K).S~C while tl1e ertd c.01 kg h eha•'!led with hydrogen lo n pressure nf 102 kPa and rolca...e cltange in intcmul c:n«rgy Ill' the £ US 111 JL.31 4 KJ. hydrogen is pmniltQ<I Iii "-'c~po from om A..: t~l)..tlon (12.. 700 10.1362 82! Sdt:.tJan (13.. Acetylene production .1. 'J 4 4 I th<> fc:. .23 I(lAI Il l . Q._. b. 83.e finillvolum~ uf tbe gas ( \1~) lD mi is •._..>scd iu Pa.UN of 3 kPa under whioh oondilion the diameter of the haHonn rem3ins nt 0. Residual erode Group ll 1. .bc: uoh"-'n.1 and 112.~pn.:allrlln~fer ctlcffioicnl in . 35530 12130 11/86() $3( Sl.06 10-1 p .1006 w·-r . at.!tlb~vn lueofthe ouisidc pri:!>'S urc P in P• fnr wltiuh there will l1e no force on the holloon'/ a. . 1 a8111 U.Sse<l in tcnns oflhe uuJ.0. b 1. 866.I (in Qu. Cr•ck.3:! 10. The cylindrical sutfaoe of UK: h~al"'' is expos•-d to atr ot ?. at 2'73 K is L2733 k!ifm'1• lbc ovc:rogc moloou)ar " eight of air Is 28.40 111. F urther. Grollp f n. -.l so..l 5 111 ~nd herght.n g _'.idc I""'S$Utc' P 1vhiuh is exprc.. lnitiolly pres~un! (P 1) ~ 100 kPl1.0.. 3 OV. atatement fOf' u. 0. Cqlll. balloon 82 ra 4 2 ce A b. 8.08 IO"' P .$ lh i... the wcrtia of lbc balloon nnd tltu air re•u"nnce due In tlte nsing bnlloon mny be neg. .ing c. The entha lpy vprintion i8 given by h(Jimol) = ~0000 • 50 T where 1' is the tempernture in K. 8(1. 2SSJU Q.:1) A ba Uoon of mass 0.d volume (V 1) = 70() tO "" rn 3 • This system is supplied with 11)0 J of hcol and pressure is ruaiut.9. c.Ethlene pritduC1 inn 3..o.2 ·n.4 m. .

1 L..x... 23.Llab4 anaa-.meao I s~.i• initially Dllllnhlined ~~a tewperntut'l! R~.tlen (8!1. ·'"N -.-:-'.. 8 c.Xn N [Jit.7 d. and V mny he asrumed 10 be constant ~t.l mi:<Umo nf a •olulc and a c:mior ga.rJys. lhe cylindrical Jloll l For nny volue of in.. h ui her. are the molar How rat~s <>f Ute g<li! and Uquid respectively..'L whc.. c. lltcn inoro"'"" linearly lo :t ma. 1 ~ .'\5. vulue E.coetlicieot in Wf(m' K)'l bJ •V .. 16. 12 v. w . eontuining id~nl l. '= I ~urtilce. m r (l... . • ..2 What is Ute time n:qninld for the lomperaturu of Ute liquid to reduoc Ia 50°C -ntler the healer is sw~chod otl'.. the g'!S and liquid ~!reams are suflic•ently dilole that 1. d t'i !YN•t mJ-x..)IS in the CiliUm11 ~ 8iV~ "· I h. nt 8 oufn11t~ ofter which it det:re"~t& linc<trl)' huck to Zero • 15 minme.. ce .iug u th. I 0 83. •" c.-umc Ut!tl tho carrier ga> is insoluble in tho ~olvcnl and Uml the vapour pn:ssuro of lhe solvent is very low nl the given conditions of the column.87~ "10 lf b.x. ltata-nt ' ..• i~ tr~:<llcd in Jl countorclioTt!t1l gM a~rption colunm.. tho h"aler is s.( ''h·• I m) '' _ . u .. N b....rQUgltour the column~ The "'-JUilibtium relntion i• given by y • _m .c Tilt liquid S.() b.07 •tatametrt fw LlnkMI "--r au-tlea (a4. mI.. U(mV) = I 83. 9..> and liquid respecdvely.. .213 >d Ol • a. \ " = L b..i Whru..e xa IJ•• V... ill is o p::asitlvc.7 in m..x. 118 c.. 83.·alueof~ 'l • · I... assuming lumped S)"l<lem analysis is vaHd'l 3 il. . nnd tlte tem(l<.t l m) b.V) ~ 1 d..828 X I0) J< om 34.Y. l r~i. ~(){ c.1 \V)Iett i~ Uw ovcrull hcat tran~t<.dettce time 2 ~. 1l•c oomJIOil iti\lm )' •nd '< (see ligure below) :1re U1e mole lhlc!iqn• C!f tlte solu[e in g~~.. .3-16 ~ 101 s c.1 to 84. I 1. \ rutd I.2 UndCT Ute correct condition correspOnding 10 prlrt (a). constant.(.. 85.. lhc cbungo in Ilqu!d composition acroso • !rll)' Independent of thotray location If 3. 85. 7. 1/3 85.1 1m) .l of 75°C A1 tiute l "' 0.y.. w w .xN ". L..1 to 8!1.2 \Vhnt i!l llusvnluu oflbc .vitohc<l off."rtlllln> of the li~Juid in lhe henter decreases due 10 hem loss n~ro<s.t.. 11.-'jr ·'t.2) ra d. Also..2) The n::sidenee lime distribution E(l) (as sbo\\11 bchm) of 3 rettctor is ztro until 3 minultS aut! m t\ binary J!ll. the number Of ide~! lrii.. . Ul. .mut~? .