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CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS was established in 2009 in Multan Road, Lahore.
The initial objective to establish the company was to provide best quality Water
Treatment chemicals, standard laboratory-ware and state of the art instruments of
world renowned multinational companies, later on company has taken initiative to
transform its business from conventional trade towards the utilization of indigenous
services in the field of Consultancy along with the Validation services and the
solution of problems of national importance. Company also took this initiative to fill
the gap in the field of Validation of water treatment systems in Pharma as there are
no such Services providers in the region. The primary objective was to provide
quality services to the valued customers in the field of instrument / equipment of
water treatment and testing as well as to facilitate industry with services.
Chem Tech Consultant received a tremendous response from the industry and now
it is one of the best Services Providers in Pakistan. We have built long term
relationship with our customers. Our sales and service staff is highly competent,
have sound technical and product knowledge so we are serving our Honorable
Customers up to their entire satisfaction. The key customers of CHEM TECH
CONSULTANT include Manufacturers, Consultants & Contractors, Public Sector
Organizations and Consumers.

206-0pp.Evernew studio, Multan Road ,Lahore

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Consultancy Services: We provide: A) B) C) Consultancy on designing. Overhead Tank Filtration System. Consultancy on Pharmaceutical Industry for the Selection of pipelines for Syrup section.TAIWAN) Biocides (Food/Non food graded) Membrane Cleaners (Acid/Alkaline) Community Water Purification Plants. selection of equipments. Deionizer.UK. Water Softeners. loop system. Multan Road . Swimming Pool Equipments (Algaecides for summer and winter shield) Filtration System for Whole Office Building.O Systems. Waste Water Treatment Plants. accessories and maintenance guidelines for the Quality control Laboratory. Mix Page 2 . 206-0pp. We assure you best after sale services.Evernew studio.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. R. Consultancy to industrial clients for selection of filtration cartridges and softener resins. Kitchen Filtration System.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS Dealing in:     FILTRATION PURIFICATION ULTRA FILTRATION MEMBRANE ULTRA VIOLET STERILIZATION Products:               Anti scaling Agent Flocon 260 (USA. Distillation Unit Validation documentations for Quality Assurance staff and advanced training of man power related to Water Treatment Plants. Filtration System for Whole House.

) Ltd. Lahore • Radiant Medical . Lahore • Global Pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Ltd.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS We are providing Services satisfactorily to the following customers: • Atlas Honda Limited • Lahore College for Women University. Lahore • HAWK BIO Pharmaceutical.).) Ltd. Lahore • BF Biosciences (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad • CSH Pharmaceutical (Pvt. Lahore • Titlus Pharmaceuticals (Pvt. Lahore • Mega Pharma (Pvt.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Laundry unit.) Ltd.Evernew studio. Bahawalpur Mint Herbal Pharma Lahore Phytocon Herbal Pharma Lahore Alalaq Herbal pharma lahore For enquires or future details please contact with following official during working hours. Multan Road . Lahore • Rasco Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.) Ltd.) Ltd. Lahore • RADIANT pharmaceutical(Pvt. Lahore.) Ltd. Sahiwal • Textile Testing International Pakistan (Pvt. Lahore • Bureau VERITAS Consumer Products Services • Punjab Beverages (Pvt. Islamabad • MAYO Hospital CSSD. 206-0pp. Faisalabad • SGS Pakistan ( Page 3 . Laundry. Lahore • Lahore General Hospital CSSD . Lahore Azhar Group Of industries Lahore BVH . Faisalabad • Jinnah Hospital CSSD . Lahore • PIMS Hospital CSSD and laundry .) Ltd. • Soma Laboratories. Lahore • Ayub Agriculture Research Institute. Lahore • Irza Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.

marketing • Manager Technical Mr.Evernew studio. Multan Road . Abdul Rehman • Technical Staff Mr. Waqas Ikram • Sales Promotion Officer . Ali Raza Shah 206-0pp.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS • Chief Executive Mr. Ali Sheikh MBA.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Abdul Samad MSC-Chemistry (Organic) • Manager Marketing (Institute) Mr.Faisalabad Office Mr. Shahid Khan Mr. Choudhry Atif jalil Engineer • GM & Manager Marketing Page 4 . Muhammad Latif Mr.