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Dealing in:



Anti scaling Agent Flocon 260 (USA,UK,TAIWAN)
Biocides (Food/Non food graded)
Membrane Cleaners (Acid/Alkaline)
Community Water Purification Plants.
R.O Systems.
Waste Water Treatment Plants.
Mix Beds.
Water Softeners.
Swimming Pool Equipments (Algaecides for summer and winter shield)
Filtration System for Whole Office Building.
Overhead Tank Filtration System.
Filtration System for Whole House.
Kitchen Filtration System.

Consultancy Services:
We provide:

Consultancy on designing, selection of equipments, accessories and
maintenance guidelines for the Quality control Laboratory.
Consultancy on Bottle Selection, Quality Assurance Manual preparation and
advanced training of man power related to Mineral Water Bottling Plants.
Consultancy to industrial clients for selection of filtration cartridges and
softener resins.

We assure you best after sale services.

206-0pp.Evernew studio, Multan Road ,Lahore

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No. Description Qty. 1No 04* Flow meter (Permeate & Rejection) 2No 05* Pressure Gauges (SS Liquid Filled) 2N0 06* High Pressure RO Pump 1No 07* Skid M. Multan Road .Evernew studio.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS LIST OF EQUIPMENTS FOR SYSTEM S. 02* RO System 1500 GPD 03* Online TDS/Cond.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Installed 01* Repressureizing Pump 1 Page 2 .S 1NO 08* UPVC Fitting ¾” As required (*Details Given Below ) 206-0pp.

. TEFC motor.Evernew studio.0 NTU Maximum Feed water SDI (15 mins): 5.9 m2) Maximum Applied Pressure: 600 psig Maximum Chlorine Concentration: < 0.2% minimum) Spiral Wound Composite Polyamide 85 ft2 (7.. 60 Hz. 3 Pump head Stainless steel (AISI 304). Includes 6' electrical cord Maximum water temperature Type of pump Pump construction Inlet & outlet Make 150 degrees Fahrenheit Single stage. self-priming centrifugal 304 Stainless steel 1" MNPT X 1" MNPT (male pipe thread) Italy/USA Membrane Element BW-30 400 -4040 Performance Configuration Membrane Polymer Membrane Active Area Application Data* Salt Rejection : 99. 4.5 % (99.1 PPM Maximum Operating Temperature: 113 °F (45 °C) pH Range. 1 phase.1 HP. 1000W. Continuous (Cleaning): 2-10 (1-12)* Maximum Feed water Turbidity: 1.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS FEED PUMP Designed Specifications: Electrical data 220-240 volts.0 Maximum Feed Flow: 16 GPM Minimum Ratio of Concentrate to Permeate Flow for any Element: 5:1 Maximum Pressure Drop: 10 psi RO PUMP Designation Materials Motor stool Cast Page 3 . 206-0pp. Stainless steel on request.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. . Multan Road .5 Amps.

S.D.S 1No : BW 30-400 4040 : Page 4 .50 Hz : 25% to 40% : 95 to 97 % : 0.0005 Micron : 150 to 200 psi : Built in : 1No 206-0pp.A : (4040) : 1No : Hi Grade S.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Multan Road .Evernew studio.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS RO PLANT : TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR R.S Rejection Membrane Out System operating pressure Auto flushing Cleaning System : “Water PAK” : Film Tech/Hydro-U.O SYSTEM Brand Name Membrane Membrane Size Membrane Quantity Membrane Casing Model Voltage Water Rejection T.

Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Multan Road .CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS QUOTATION Description: Supply and Installation of RO system Price Rs. Buyer’s Responsibility 110.Evernew studio. Electricity at Room & Parts TERMS OF PAYMENT Advance @ Agreement Confirmation 50% Delivery 35% Installation and commissioning 15% Note: (All Prices Are Without All Taxes) ABDUL SAMAD ASST Manager Sales 0300 4772499 Page 5 . Inlet/Out let water Point.000/= Transportation .

Evernew studio. fabrication. 206-0pp.Lahore Chemist543@yahoo. Any additional item or changes in specifications shall lead to the revision of price. supply.  One-year after sales technical backup services for equipment & material supplied. installation & commissioning of the plant.  Any additional duty/Tax levied upon during the course of subsequent legislation shall be payable by Client at per actual.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS Taxes:  Offered price does not include sales tax. assembling. Inclusions:  The design.  Income tax @ 3. Delivery:  The delivery period shall be 15 days. which shall be paid by client where applicable.  The delivery of equipment & materials as per specifications & bill of quantities mentioned in the Page 6 . Multan Road .5% shall be additionally included in the offered price for the supply of equipment & plant.  Training of your operational staff during installation & commissioning of the plant. whichever comes earlier. depending upon items remaining unsold at the time of ordering of equipment. Warranty:  The system shall be warranted in workmanship for 12-months from the date of commissioning or 18-months from the date of delivery.

if required  Any service or item not specified in our scope of work in the offer. consumables. Page 7 . Multan Road .Lahore Chemist543@yahoo.CHEM TECH CONSULTANTS Exclusions:  Electro-mechanical scope beyond battery limit  Civil Work related to building. spares for commissioning as well as for operation  Operation & maintenance of the Plant  Easy approach of the site  Unloading & security of supplied equipment at site  Site Clearance  Rigging arrangement.Evernew studio. foundations or any other  Reject water disposal system  Storage tanks except mentioned & specified  Chemicals.