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FT Series Rotary Dryers

FT Series Rotary Dryers

Systems features:
Designed for processing a wide
variety of materials; nickel ore,
soda ash, phosphate,bauxite,
sand, petroleum coke, and
manyother minerals at moisture
contents up to 50%.
Fuel system options include;
natural gas, light or heavy oils,
coal, and petroleum coke.
Co-current or counter-current
flow systems are available.
Air pollution control system options;
electrostatic precipitators (ESP),
baghouse, wet scrubbers, or multiclone collectors.

FLSmidth is known for its rugged,

dependable product and system
offerings. In line with this tradition,
and in an effort to support todays
fast track delivery schedules, FLSmidth
has developed a standardized series of
rotary dryers known as the FT Series
Rotary Dryers. The FT Series Rotary
Dryers have been designed in
standard sizes between 3.0 and 6.0
meters in diameter. These standardized designs provide quick turnaround
for approval documents and improved
equipment deliveries as well as
increased parts availability. Contact us
and well help you select the rotary
dryer that best suits your specific

Drive components:
Gear and pinion are reversible so
that both flanks of the teeth can
be utilized for longer life.
Forged pinion mounted on an
extended reducer shaft for sizes
from 3.0 to 3.8 m diameter.
Forged pinion with integral shaft
for sizes larger than 3.8 m
Automatic gear and pinion spray
lubrication system.
Fully enclosed gear guard for
maximum protection.
Grease lubricated spherical roller
support bearings designed for
80,000 hour of L10 life.

Rotary dryer standard sizes

Dryer shell and internals

Shell is fabricated from ASTM
A-36 carbon steel. Riding ring
sections are made of heavier plate
than the balance of the shell
Internal lifters shower the
material for maximum drying and
heat transfer. The internals
(starting from the feed end)
consist of; feed advancing spirals
to minimize backspilling, straight
lifters bolted to angle brackets
which are welded to the shell,
and a section of bare shell at the
discharge end to minimize dust
Overlapping spring plate seals on
both end of the dryer minimize
air infiltration.
Support rollers are made of
high-grade forged steel and are
integral with the shafts.
Grease lubricated spherical roller
support bearings are designed for
80,000 hour of L10 life.
Full thrust is included. The
downhill thrust roller is designed
to take the full downhill thrust.




3.0 m diameter x 21.0 m long

112 kW
150 HP

71,865 kgs.

3.2 m diameter x 22.4 m long

130.6 kW
175 HP

84,464 kgs.

3.4 m diameter x 23.8 m long

149.2 kW
200 HP

107,843 kgs.

3.6 m diameter x 25.2 m long

186.5 kW
250 HP

122,258 kgs.

3.8 m diameter x 26.6 m long

223.8 kW
300 HP

137,487 kgs.

4.0 m diameter x 28.0 m long

261.1 kW
350 HP

154,621 kgs.

4.2 m diameter x 29.4 m long

298.4 kW
400 HP

177,447 kgs.

4.4 m diameter x 30.8 m long

335.7 kW
450 HP

224,473 kgs.

4.6 m diameter x 32.2 m long

373 kW
500 HP

244,769 kgs.

4.8 m diameter x 33.6 m long

447.6 kW
600 HP

275,610 kgs.

5.0 m diameter x 35.0 m long

484.9 kW
650 HP

310,549 kgs.

5.2 m diameter x 36.4 m long

522.2 kW
700 HP

333,588 kgs.

5.4 m diameter x 37.8 m long

559.5 kW
750 HP

369,225 kgs.

5.6 m diameter x 39.2 m long

634.1 kW
850 HP

421,291 kgs.

5.8 m diameter x 40.6 m long

671.4 kW
900 HP

492,827 kgs.

6.0 m diameter x 42.0 m long

708.7 kW
950 HP

530,579 kgs.

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