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The choices I had to make for my educational experience

The high school vocational test is not always accurate, so students are always confused
when choosing the field of study to major in. Making a good choice is difficult because
young students may want to do different things in life, and it seems that there is no single
career that involves all of their ambitions. For example, I remember that when I finished
high school, I was thinking in 3 majors such as Communications Science, Psychology, and
Tourism & Hospitality Management. I used to love the idea of being an avid learner of
many languages, I used to have a lot of patience, and I also liked the thought of becoming
a reporter. However, none of those careers was the result of my vocational test. According
to it, I was meant to be an accountant. Anyways, now, I acknowledge that the real problem
was not merely the major but the different aspects that a career offers to students. I wasnt
thinking about the amount of time the career would take of my life, the amount of hours I
was going to work, the opportunities to work, the opportunities to travel, the salary, etc.
Therefore, I believe that knowing all these aspects was the first thing I had to care for
when choosing among Communications Science, Psychology, and Tourism & Hospitality
The first career I thought of was Communications Science. In any Peruvian university, it
takes you 5 years to get your degree. Moreover, my sister who has a Communications
Science degree said to me that people working in this camp needed to devote themselves
24 hours and 7 days to their jobs. Besides, this career is not static, the news changes per
day, hour, minute, second. Consequently, it is important that a Communications Science
student has serving calling. Furthermore, there are different opportunities to work; you can
apply for a position as a writer to a newspaper, and editor to a magazine, a cameraman, a
news anchor, a reporter, etc. Along with that, since the news is coming from all over the
world, TV networks send their correspondents to wherever the news is taking place.
People with a lot of expertise in the camp said, While having the chance to travel, you get
to meet important people, learn from different cultures, and have a great experience.
Likewise, the salary that you are going to get is good. Once you are part of a TV network,
a Newspaper, or a radio station, you can be sure that you are going to have several
chances to get promoted and count with a great many contacts. On the other hand, it is
said that Communications Science is for students who have nice writing and reading skills.
Nevertheless, it is true that some students may not be very talented in writing, instead of it,
they have other talents, and they are very good at leading a news TV program or making
interviews on air. Subsequently, in the advanced cycles of this major, Communications
Science students can specialize in three branches such as the audio-visual sector, the
advertising sector, or the public relation sector. As a result, It is for sure that they are going
to have the best of the several areas Communications Science offers. All of these reasons
explain why Communications Science was my first option.

Psychology was the second career I was planning to study. Being a psychology student
takes you 5 years; however, since this major is a mental health science, it definitely takes
students more than 5 years to reach its real goal. Apart from reading many books and
studying several things, students are in a full constant learning while they listen to and
interact with every single patient who has a unique story. In the case of psychology, you
dont need to have a vocation for working the whole day, only eight hours are ok. Likewise,
there are different specializations such as clinic psychology, educational psychology, and
managerial psychology among others. You can work in a hospital, in a school, in prison,
and in your own consulting room. In this career you dont have to be travelling, that
decision is up to you because you can make a successful career in your own country.
Moreover, a psychologist earns a very good salary for his/ her service; specially, the ones
who have their own consulting room. Furthermore, specialists said that this major should
be for students who have a stable emotional life, a good mental health so that they can
satisfactorily help others. On the other hand, psychology holds the theory that people can
study whatever they want regardless their abilities because the real purpose of a major is
to help the student learn how to overcome their own difficulties and be a competent person
in all possible areas of life. I really liked that idea. The psychologists at my high school told
me that I could become a good psychologist in the future. Therefore, the second career I
thought of was certainly Psychology.

The third major that came to my mind was Tourism and Hospitality management. I knew it
takes people 5 years at college. Students need a strong service calling since this career
doesnt acknowledge holidays vacations. At the end of the 5-year cycle, students have the
chance to choose between the tourism sector and the hotels sector. There are different
positions which you can apply for such as: a receptionist, a HHRR manager, a chef, a
bartender, a tour guide, a travel agent, an interpreter, a dealer in a hotels casino, etc.
Besides, there are thousands of opportunities to travel while working in the tourism camp.
The English language is essential, but it is better if you speak two or three more
languages. As a consequence, you get to meet eclectic groups of people from you country
and from abroad. Friends of mine told me that people working in a 5 stars hotel had high
chances of meeting celebrities and important public figures. This career is for people who
like to interact with tourists and when it is about serving others. Moreover, the salary is the
best; particularly, for the ones who work in a hotel starting from the bellboy, the
housekeepers to the highest positions. Furthermore, one of the remarkable characteristics
of Tourism is that students are going to feel more identified with their country because they
learn about the varied types of cultural and natural heritage that exist there in their country
and in around the world. For this reason, it encourages them to instill in the people they
meet a touristic conscience. Finally, there are many stimulating things that made me
choose Tourism and Hospitality Management as the third option for going to college.
In conclusion, I think that it was fundamental that I knew the different characteristics of a
major in order to make a good choice among Communications Science, Psychology and
Tourism & Hospitality management. As a result, I decided to major in Tourism & Hospitality

Management because I will have the chance to interact with many various people. I think
that Im not a very sociable person; nonetheless, if the real goal of a major is to help
people excel their flaws, it will be just the thing needed. Moreover, I do love learning a
language. I hope I can learn more language in the future. On the other hand, Tourism and
Communications Science are related. While the first one discovers and classifies the
natural and cultural heritages, the second one divulges the discoveries making a
successful contribution to the world. Another important pointy is that Psychology can be
applied when you deal with customer service. Im happy about the decision I made, this
major is diverse and offers several labor camps.