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Assignment Two Questions & Concerns

After completing the voice recordings and reviewing the assignment sheet, list at least three
questions or concerns that you have about Assignment Two. Be sure to put your name
next to each one of your questions/concerns so I can give you credit for your work. Failing to
complete at least three questions or concerns will result in a zero for one of your homework
response grades.
Useful questions will demonstrate that you have reviewed both the voice recordings and the
assignment sheet. If you find that you have a question that is a repeat of someone else’s-that is perfectly fine, but DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE ANOTHER STUDENT’S
WORK! You need to be sure your questions are written in your own words and sentence

Here are my questions about Assignment Two…
 Here is my placeholder example question with my name attached. (Ashlyn W.)
 Is this paper suppose to be written in first person since the guidelines say to write it
like we are in the conversation? (Jared Y.) Yes
 Is this similar to assignment one in that to receive an A we must go above and beyond
the guidelines? (Jared Y.) Yes
 How will our assignment one observations fit into the paper as a source? (Jared Y.)
Use events in our observation as our own personal research to back up what we’re
 How can we go above and beyond the guidelines to receive an A? (Zach E.)Consult
the Possibilities, restrictions, and values sheet
 You said not to use slang. If my figured world uses specific terms, which I needed to
identify in Assignment One, can I use these terms within this assignment or should I
try to avoid them? (Emily H.) You can use slang terms when they are context
 If we find a source that is really good but is earlier than the year 2000 should we hold
on to it just in case or just not use it completely? (Xzavier S.) Stay more recent
 Can different Youtube videos by the same channel be listed as sources? (Zack D.)
 What are some ways that we can go above and beyond in order to get a better grade?
(Jackson S.) Consult possibilities restrictions and values
 What does reputable sources mean? What makes a source reputable? (Brenden O.)
Needs to be from someone who’s an expert in the field.
 Is this paper supposed to limit the amount of biases in someones research by adding
my own opinion into it? (Brenden O.) No, expose your own bias.

Is assignment 2 connected to assignment 1 and how will I find that much more
information to do assignment 2 when I did a lot of the research in assignment 1? (Gabe
L.) Yes. Find 8-10 sources. Assignment 1 can be used as a source.
Can we use the same sources and same information that we used in assignment 1?
(Gabe L.) Yes. Assignment 1 can also be used as a source.

In these recordings it sounded like we were choosing a different topic than that of
assignment one, what topic are we choosing and how is the topic related to
assignment one? (Andrew D.) You are using assignment one to contribute to the
Since my figured world is Top Gear, would it be a good topic to look are the
mannerisms of the hosts? Being that they are in the UK they have many things that
they say and do differently. (Andrew D.)Compare American and English reality T.V.
I know that in high school, a research paper was almost all quotes/paraphrases/etc. is
it the same for this one or will we be able to write our own words? (Jacob B.) We can
use our own words because we’re adding to the conversation. However, we will still
be paraphrasing
How will I come up with an issue? I have a figured world, but how can I transform that
into an issue to discuss? (Jacob B.) You can use the sources to help create the topic.
Are we to present both sides of a topic in our papers and share how we stand? Or
solely speak from our view on our topic? (Marshall T.) Share multiple viewpoints, but
this isn’t necessarily an argumentative paper though the viewpoints may oppose each
What are some examples of things we can do to earn an A on this assignment rather
than a C that is earned for completing the bare minimum of each part? (Marshall T.)
See Possibilities, Restrictions, and Values that will be covered next class
What do you mean when our you say our resources are supposed to be organized by
themes? (Abby D.) Find something that the sources have in common, and those are
the themes. Themes are different for every topic.

Here are my concerns about Assignment Two…
 Here is my placeholder example concern with my name attached. (Ashlyn W.)
 How will I support my opinion without leaning too strongly on one side? By finding
documents that have arguments for each side(Zach E.)
 For “entering the conversation”, what makes a good strong position? A good strong
position is when it is supported or challenged by the documentation. ( Zach E.)
 I don’t think I’ve ever written in first person for a professional paper. I’m a little
concerned about how it’s going to sound or that I’ll use repetitive phrases, like “I
think…” (Emily H.) You don’t have to use “I” continuously. Do not go first-person
 I am not completely familiar with one of my topics of interest. I feel like once I start to
really look at my sources I will be more comfortable, but I am still concerned about
critiquing these articles, responding, etc. (Emily H.) Look into your topic - SparkNotes,
 I’m concerned about including myself into this paper. I’ve never written in first person
and I don’t know how it will turn out. (Xzavier S.)

I am concerned about being able to find sources that show a different opinion than the
one that i have, so my paper will not be balanced. (Zack D.) Use sources that
show different viewpoints, not necessarily opposing to your additions.
I am concerned about having enough information to meet the length requirements.
(Zack D.)
I am concerned about finding enough sources for my topic (Jackson S.) Made my topic
I have never written a paper where I have been “entering the conversation” so I am
concerned about my ability to add something new.(Jackson S.) modifying cars on a
college budget
One of my concerns for Assignment two is finding reputable sources. (Brenden O.)
I am concerned about finding enough information for this research paper (Gabe L.)
Keep looking. Use Assignment 1 as a resource.
I am concerned that I won’t be able to make it seem like a conversation. I am really
used to just stating the facts. (Andrew D.) Use your assignment one observations to
join the conversation
I am really concerned with finding sources for my paper because I haven’t been able
to find any relating to my specific figured world. (Jacob B.) Connect the sources to the
topic and maybe look in architecture.
I am concerned with the fact that we have to have our own view in the paper. This is
very different than what I am used to a research paper being. (Jacob B.)
I am concerned with making sure all research flows and stays on the same topic.
Doing the research up-front as opposed to during the writing process is new to me.
(Marshall T.) Doing research up-front helps the different findings flow and ensure that
they are related.
One of my major concerns is that I wont be able to find sources after the year 2000
and I will not be able to reference them correctly. (Abby D.) Keep the sources before
2000 and if can not find more then make sure to show Ashlyn. State what the source
say and site at the end.
I am also concerned that my paper will not be easy and smooth to read. (Abby D) Try
to make it a conversation where I am exposing bias and contributing my own opinion.
Include how my sources relate. Make sure to find your sources and make them