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Driving Employee Productivity and Happiness

Background :
Maintaining competitive employee productivity is a big challenge for Tata Steel and for the Steel Industry in
general . Over the last several years Tata Steel has made concerted efforts to improve this by adopting World
class Technology and work Practices . However there is still some distance to go .

Problem Statement :
While Employee Productivity is an important factor for continued sustenance of profitability & competitiveness
for us , however it seemingly has a perceived adverse impact on employment generation and employee wellbeing , which seems to conflict with the core principles of our belief that the basic purpose of existence of any
industry is its stakeholders

Case Question :
With the above two competing imperatives, what would be your advice to VP-HRM, on
a) What should be Tata Steels long term philosophy going forward on the issue?
b) What are some ways in which Tata Steel can balance the needs of high productivity & employee wellbeing?

Developing Diverse Talent & Fostering Divergent Thinking

Background :
Diversity of thought & work force in an essential ingredient to success of any organization. Currently the work
force in Tata Steel has about 9% representation of Women . The nature of the industry & the restrictions in the
regulations which prohibit deployment of women in odd shifts in the manufacturing sector are stacked against

Problem Statement :
Tata Steel has taken up the challenge to double its women work force by 2020.

Case Question :
To realise this dream and with the background in mind what would be your recommendations & suggestions to
VP-HRM to meet this challenge.
Also, create a diversity scorecard metrics to evaluate the impact of diversity on organizational performance.

Closing the Talent Gap

Background :
Tata Steel has huge plans to grow in Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh & Karnataka by setting up large integrated
Steel Plant in the next 10-12 years. To fuel this growth , Tata Steel would need competent & dedicated Human
Resources to manage its Mining , Steel Operations & other functions.

Problem Statement :
Currently & going forward, Tata Steel will continue to source its Key Talent from reputed Technical &
Management Institutes. However, Manufacturing Companies & Tata Steel in this case, at time, finds it difficult to
attract & retain these young talents from Premier Institutions ( both Management & Technical Institutes) , largely
owing to nature of Industry & the locations in which our operations are situated.

Case Question :
In this context, advise Tata Steel with some key strategies & initiatives which can enable it to attract & retain key
talent from Premier Institutions.

Branding it the right way

Background :
Campus Relationship for Tata Steel is an important initiative to enhance its presence in Premier Campuses & use
it as an opportunity to improve our visibility and communicate to the students what the Steel Company stands
for and has to offer. Also it forms an important basis to listen to the students to enhance our effectiveness as an
Employer of Choice

Problem Statement :
At Tata Steel, we realise it is important to create a long term relationship and a unique selling proposition with
the campuses on aspects which we believe are important to the Company & for the students .

Case Question :
With this context in mind , Define & construct a Value Proposition which would be attractive for students in the
campuses & also align with what Tata Steel stands for and its values in the

Business Schools

Technical Schools

Create a framework which enables Tata Steel interact more deeply & meaningfully with the students in the
campuses & help them make the right choices