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The following is the list of questions appeared in University papers Of Elements of Logistics

Management from Nov 2001-2008.

2 marks:1) Benchmarking
2) Customer retention
3) Terminal delays
4) Lead time
5) Vendor managed inventory
6) What is intermodal transportation system?
7) Define reverse logistics
8) What is JIT II?
9) Define obsolescence cost
10) State main objectives of customer service
11) What is Fill rate?
12) Define 4th party logistics
13) State operating objectives of logistics management
14) What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
15) Define Re-order level
16) Define logistical management
17) What are the advantages of hiring public warehouses?
18) What is matrix organization
19) Define Activity based costing
20) Differentiate b/w MRP I and MRP II
21) Cross docking22) Economic order quantity
23) Fill rate
24) Bill of material
25) Intermodal transportation
26) Palletisation in material handling
27) Drivers in reverse logistics
28) Internal performance measures in logistics
29) Activity based costing
30) ABC classification in inventory control
31) Basic functions of warehousing
32) Product related factors in transportation costs
33) Relevance of distance and volume to transportation cost
34) Differentiate b/w internal and external logistics information system
35) Distinguish b/w MRP-I and DRP
36) Pipeline is a modal transport Explain
37) Pipeline inventory is a form of inventory
10 marks:1) Explain the growing importance of Logistics management in India in todays context
2) Explain in detail various parameters to achieve logistical competency
3) How is performance appraisal carried out in logistics function?
4) What is economic order quantity in inventory problem? Discuss its basic square root formula
along with assumptions and limitations
5) Explain the different objectives of developing and implementing performance measurement
system in logistics
6) Explain the important steps involved in layout, design and site selection for a model
5 marks:-

1) Elements of Customer Service or Importance

2) Objectives and Components of Logistics Performance Measurement
3) Objectives, Types, Principles of Material Handling
4) Importance/ Functions and Role of Transportation,
5) Types of Transportation costs
6) Demand Forecasting and its methods
7) Costs, Assumptions and Limitations of EOQ
8) Objectives, Functions, design and layout of warehousing
9) Different methods of Inventory control
10) P and Q system of inventory control
11) Elements of logistics costs
12) Functions of Logistics
13) Inbound and outbound logistics
14) Responsive Organization
15) Mission Based Costing
16) Activity Based Costing
17) Functions of Packaging
18) 4 PL19) DRP
20) Process of outsourcing and its benefits
21) Perfect Order Concept
22) Information functionality
23) Primary activities of LIS