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Nick Buonvicino

Radio Actuality Michael Brown Case

Media Journalism
Intro: The community of Ferguson, Missouri will never be the same after the riots
that took place on Monday night. This was in response to the grand jurys decision to
not indict officer Darren Wilson for murder when he shot and killed Michael Brown
on August 9th. The grand jury believed that Wilson had to use lethal force in selfdefense. Since then, Ferguson and cities across the country have taken to the streets
in protest. Dan Hutchinson, a student at Kean University, gave his thoughts on the
Cue in: I saw it coming
Cue out: this is just proof of that to the core.
Yet throughout all the chaos, some people believe that the right decision was made.
Barbara Buonvicino, a Green Brook resident, explains why.
Cue in: I have to side with the grand jury
Cue out: I dont know if that person was trying to do the right thing.
Many people have taken sides on what has surely been the most talked about issue
in America today. No one knows how long the unrest is going to last, but judging by
the increased number protests, it doesnt look like its stopping anytime soon.
For WKNJ-FM, 90.3, Union, New Jersey the NEW sound of Kean University, Im
Nick Buonvicino.

Sound Bites:

Dan Hutchinson
I, like many people, were out raged but at the same time I saw it coming. Weve
seen this happen so many times before. Its a biased system and I really hate to say it
that way because Im proud to be an American, but at the same time, I think we are
messed up as a people, as a government. It just goes to show that we will never be a
society that isnt a little bit racist at the very least and this is just proof of that to the
Barbara Buonvicino
I have to side with the grand jury because I really believe that the police officer was
challenged, and I believe that the police officer did not want to fatally hurt that
person. But it was all circumstance, and I dont know if that person was trying to do
the right thing.


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Name: Nick Buonvicino
Date: 12/3/2014