The Four Stones

An Electronic Game Narrative Proposal Developed by Michael Post Draft 1

Michael Post Copyright 2007 -1-

Table of Contents:
Writers Statement.................................................................................................................3 Plot Summary.......................................................................................................................4 Narrative Script:.................................................................................................................14 Act One: Coming of Age...............................................................................................15 Act Two: I have no Home..............................................................................................24 Act Three: The Four Stones...........................................................................................28 Act Four: Rise of a Dark Lord.......................................................................................30

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Writers Statement
My basic reasoning for this narrative idea spurred from playing current fantasy games that also have magic as a tool of the player. In most fantasy games magic is something that the player can use or ignore but it is rarely the only factor of gameplay. In this narrative I wanted it so the story and gameplay revolved around the character only using magic for everything. This includes attacking, defense, healing, and any other abilities that they player can possess. So instead of a sword wielding warrior who can through some fireballs the character can instead make a sword of fire and throw it like a fireball. Or even enchant a sword to protect him during combat. The character will never carry a weapon for melee combat. Also I liked the idea of integrating some connection to Ancient Egypt. During the beginnings of Egypt they had many gods and believed they possessed special powers over humanity. In this case it is the same except that some humans can wield some of that power as their own called magic. Egypt culture was also based heavily in life and death; their very livelihood was all about death and preparing for it hence the pyramids. So I thought of twisting the idea of polytheism to where the magical energies can only be touched by a small population of people and that the gods were actually humans who grew in power enough to shape and control the world around them. The themes of death and life should be added into the story and gameplay while also referencing the myth of the gods and their rise to power. This story in particular focuses on a banished god who was summoned back from the land of the dead where he could live through eternity (where his soul resided) and attempting to resume his road to conquest. Another theme I personally enjoy is the destructive power of gaining power and the corruption of the soul. In this story the player follows the main character in his quest for vengeance from his presumably dead family. Since the energies of magic have affects on the body and soul his path of destruction to avenge his family actually destroys his body. At the end I want the player to realize that the path that the main character took in the game is the same that this fallen god took to reach his godhood. In the end his quest for vengeance transformed him into the very being that he sought to destroy. Although this is an uncompleted draft I also see this game as a three part story. The second narrative would follow a young girl as she embarks on her own journey to find her lost older brother (the main character of the first game). In this journey her path of searching for knowledge and for truth and justice is the opposite of her fallen brother so at the end she becomes the complete opposite of her brother; he is the embodiment of darkness and vengeance while she is an embodiment of light and knowledge and truth. After a duel between the two it comes to a draw and thus a third game would be needed to end the story. In the final story the player would take the role of the eldest brother of these siblings. He is older and therefore more experienced in the ways of the world when he embarks on his journey. This character shows attributes of both his younger brother and sister. By the end of the game the player should realize that the stories of the three games are not about winning but instead the rise of three gods; a god of the evil side of death, a goddess of the good side of death, and a god of the living. The story would end that the three had brought balance back to the world and that the gods were finally back. This could spur more stories or games but the trilogy would not have your typical ending of destroying evil and winning the game but instead would just be about the journey and the outcome. Michael Post Copyright 2007 -3-

Plot Summary
Intro Cut Scene The camera is flying through the desert as a dust storm is in full fury. In the distance there appears to be a mound, or a lone mountain of rock jutting out of the sands. As the camera gets closer the dust storm all of the sudden ends, the storm is seen circling around the center mountain ever constant to keep desert travelers out. The camera focuses on the mountain and it’s revealed that it is actually a run down castle carved directly into the mountain. The camera fades out and fades back in at a courtyard in the castle. The rock of the castle and mountain is black and worked so fine over the ages it is smooth to the touch looking almost like glass but barely reflects the light around it. Two prominent figures are walking towards what used to be the main entrance to the greeting hall of the castle. Several other men and creatures litter the courtyard putting their possessions on the ground and looking to take a rest. Chigaru Why here brother? I don’t like this place. Kamen Because brother, this was one of His places of power. He would remember this place and be more at ease after we revive Him. Chigaru He resided here? Is that what I feel from this place? Kamen Yes. His spirit still resides here even after a thousand years. Summon the Acolytes, we should waste no time. Camera moves past the two into the darkened room and fades into another room with torches lit and a circle of Acolytes are surrounding the two brothers who are standing on either side of two archways conjoined at the center creating half a sphere. The Acolytes begin chanting some dark prayers in an incomprehensible language. The brothers begin chanting together their own spell. Kamen and Chigaru With the power of the Two Amulets, entrusted to us brothers by Your order we come here to summon you, Lord Nahkti. Arm of Darkness, Spreader of Chaos, Lord of the Night we two hereby summon you back to this plane to rule once again. With a rush of wind the stone floor under the two archways caves in to show an endless pit of darkness. A black smoke fills the sphere and a misty form takes root. Lord Nahkti Who summons me back to this realm?

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Kamen and Chigaru We do, great Lord. It was instructed to the Order if ever you were banished from this world we should seek the Stones and awaken You once again when found. Lord Nahkti You have the Stones?! Kamen Not all of them my Lord, but one necessary to bring you back as You ordered. Lord Nahkti Give it to me! As the stone is handed through the invisible barrier of the sphere Lord Nahkti grabs and holds it to his chest. A transformation occurs as He goes from a cloud of black smoke to a solid form of black skin, yellow eyes, and armor covering most of his body with the stone set in to one of the four slots in his chest piece. The remaining three slots look identical except they are missing what can be assumed are three other stones. As He steps out of the sphere Lord Nahkti features are still smoky and undeveloped. Lord Nahkti (laughing) The power of the Stones will be mine and so shall I reign over this land as once before. Long have I slumbered dreaming of my return. I must have the remaining Stones. Until then I am vulnerable. Kamen We will find them my Lord. End Cut Scene The Kingdom of Tanta was neither in any great peril nor in any great peace. It was normal in every sense and definition of the word. Normal. Trade and economy went on as it should; farmers grew their crops and sold them at market, boats carried goods back and forth between towns and Kingdoms. All manner of crafting made what was needed for their town or per order of others in nearby cities. Cities grew, the population grew, and life was moderately prosperous in the Kingdom of Tanta. There was also evil about the lands. Creatures of all manor roaming the untamed plains, deserts, and forests fighting for their own space against the people of Tanta. Bandits roamed the roads raiding smaller towns and caravans. There was death, disease, and destruction but also life and progress. Life seemed pretty steady. Normal. It appeared this way to Amun as well. Life couldn’t have been better for him. He was turning 15 tomorrow; at that age he would be considered an adult in the eyes of his village and go from being an apprentice with his uncle to a mason of carpentry. Not quite a master but that would come with age and time. His older brother helped his parents on the farm and his family just welcomed in a new baby sister; their family never felt more complete. Michael Post Copyright 2007 -5-

The story begins the evening before Amun’s 15th birthday where he would be recognized as a man in the village. Nearing the end of the work day Amun’s uncle Ottah gives him a few more chores to do before calling it a night. These chores include gathering a few tools in a shed that was left behind while working on it earlier that day and fighting a few rats that have taken refuge in the shed for the day. After completing these two missions and returning the tools to the shop Amun leaves with his Uncle and is joined by a few friends as they run around playing in the streets. Suddenly Amun stops as if his body hit a wall and begins wobbling from feeling dizzy. Seeing that Amun is standing around and looking sick Uncle Ottah approaches him. Before he can reach him Amun falls onto his knees and begins screaming. Uncle Ottah runs towards him but suddenly a torrent of energy emanates from Amun. With so much energy around Amun and not knowing what is happening all the people around him stare, dumbfounded at what they are seeing. Amun looses control and the energy explodes outward throwing people every which way. Waking up Amun finds that he is in a bed with a group of people standing near him all with their backs to him. Amun recognizes all the people around him except two; the town healer, his parents and older brother, his aunt who is wife to Uncle Ottah, and two strangers who are robed and hooded. Hearing only part of the conversation Amun realized they were discussing the devastation that he had caused and the people he hurt and what should be done. Deciding that it was a decision he should be apart of he spoke agreeing with the two hooded figures; he should leave the town and learn to control his ability over magic before he hurts more people. With the parents now upset they make him promise that he will return as quickly as he can. Exchanging a few short words with his family he departs with the two strangers after promising all those who were with him just a moment ago that he will learn only enough to control his ability and return home immediately after. The two strangers gather all their supplies and the in-game cutscene shows them departing and arriving some weeks later at the city Qenas where a Mage Hall currently trains those who could use magic. It is explained to Amun that he should stay and train like all other students to fully master and control the magic energies that he can touch but Amun is confident that only learning to control and prevent any more accidents is enough. Thus starts the magic training which has Amun complete missions using magic in different ways and to recognize the different forms of magic and how to control them accordingly. During this training he receives missions from his instructor, a student by the name of Khepri who is further along in her training, and the two strangers. These two finally reveal their names; Ramla (female) and Zubero (male). These missions are not exactly tutorials but are still training missions giving more information on the different magic energies, what they are used for, and their consequences on those who use them. Magic is explained in these missions as basically falling down into two categories, Life energies and Death energies. Depending on how you use these energies will affect the persons mind and body. Because Amun is only there to learn how to keep control and not so much as how to use the magic his training is not as intensive as with the other students. However, to learn how to prevent more accidents he still must learn the basics of wielding magic to know how not to accidentally use some. Even though there are only a few missions a lot of time passes and Amun grows up and is about twenty years of age when the last mission is completed. This amount of time passes because magic is dangerous and even just to learn enough to not cause accidents takes about five years. Michael Post Copyright 2007 -6-

After completing these missions he is given one final task which is to journey out with other students who are graduating on completion of the same mission which is to learn why some Zaren (cat like creatures that have scales instead of fur) have increased in number and have took residence near a village a few miles from the city. Once they find out what has caused these creatures to migrate to a smaller area away from their natural habitat they are to rectify the problem. It turns out that they were pushed out and aggravated to the point of aggression by a large group of tree spiders not common to the area that have taken residence in the large oasis where the Zaren normally live. The group determines that to put the area back in balance they must lessen the number of both creatures in the area so that the Zaren will spread out and stop killing the livestock and people in the nearby village. With this last mission completed the group of students return to the Hall and graduate. Immediately thereafter Amun begins to leave the city only to be joined by Ramla, Zubero, and Khepri. They explain that there have been reports of disturbances to the south and they are ordered to investigate and decided to travel with him until their paths no longer head in the same direction. Amun and the others come to the outskirts of Amun’s village and begin to depart ways when Khepri smells smoke and can see it coming from the direction of the town. Running around the bend in the road they come into full view of the village and see that it is indeed burning in a few places. The party then comes into contact with bandits and evil looking creatures and fights their way to the main gate and eventually to Amun’s home which is smoldering and with no one in sight except a few more creatures rummaging trough the rubble. The creatures in the game vary in size and power. Some are small and scrawny but very quick, some are just gliding robes where no flesh can be seen, some are brutish warriors, some are elemental (fire, air, water, earth), and some are huge and sluggish but resistant to magic. Depending on the difficulty of the area will depend on the type of creature that appears. Destroying the creatures Amun runs up to what was his home and sees one of the creatures holding a necklace that his mother used to wear that contains a small stone attached to it. There is no way to determine if his family is still alive so Amun asks his companions if this is what they were sent to investigate. Ramla says yes, but that the disturbances were reported farther south than this village and they had no idea what was happening or that it would spread this quickly and easily northward into the kingdom. Deciding that now there is nothing left here for him he is determined now to set out with his companions to help them in discovering what is happening. Ramla and Zubero immediately disagree because he wasn’t at the Hall long enough he argues that he is going to find out what happened to his village and that the answer lies south so since their paths still seem as one they mine as well allow him to journey with them. Leaving the village they journey further south to attempt to uncover what has happened. As they come to the next town it also is badly damaged with buildings burned to the ground and fresh graves dug outside of the town. Here Ramla and Zubero leave Khepri and Amun together as they venture out to find some information instructing them to find the local defenders to see how they can help. They are given a slew of missions ranging from helping take care of local beasts that are endangering the locals up to discovering where some camps are that is believed to hold the creatures that attacked them in the first place. Most of these missions lead in a story to why the next one must be done, however, there are a few that are optional just to gain extra money and possible equipment as well as adding more depth to the story. Although both Khepri and Amun Michael Post Copyright 2007 -7-

were left together they don’t actually go anywhere together but decide to split up convinced that they are both talented enough to work alone so they can get more done. Since Amun never received enough training on the caution of using magic in excess or incorrectly some side effects start to show up. Although Amun knows how to wield both sides of the magical energies he is affected by the corrosive Death energies of the magic that he uses. But wielding too much of it at once even for simple spells begins to corrupt the body and mind from its uses. Usually those who are trained know that they must reach a balance of using both the Life and Death energies to keep any side effects from affecting them. The effects that begin to appear with Amun are anger, rage, and unkindness to others. A physical change also occurs to those who delve too much into one energy or the other. Because Amun is still thinking of what happened to his village and is seeking revenge he tends to use the Death energy more often than not; Death magic focuses on destructive spells or spells that cause disease and pain. The side effects will continue to grow as the game progresses and both emotional and physical change will take hold of Amun. The physical changes that appear make the player look diseased, corroded, pale skinned, bleach white hair, and he will begin to hunch over in his posture. This physical change obviously doesn’t go unnoticed and is often commented by his companions and NPC’s that he interacts with in the game. The information that the two of them uncover during the missions of the first town tells them that a man named Thoth is leading the creatures in this region and that he is not far off. Not hearing from Ramla or Zubero for a few days the two decide to head out together and find this Thoth and either drive him off or kill him to restore order back to the town. When they reach the small fort the two of them split up again to help better the odds of finding Thoth and killing him. Fighting his way through the small fort Amun eventually reaches the chamber where Thoth is and sees Khepri fighting him already. As Amun approaches Thoth strikes at Khepri and knocks her out. Amun expresses his rage and anger at Thoth and blames him for the destruction of some of his village and the killing of so many people. Thoth laughs and states that he is just a lowly commander in the Legion of Nahkti and that even if he is killed another will come to take his place. Outraged Amun begins the battle with Thoth. After taking Thoth’s defeating Thoth but not yet killing him Ramla and Zubero appear and prevent Amun from exacting revenge on him. Thoth strikes back in this moment of debate between the two Mages and Amun but he is unsuccessful as Ramla and Zubero block the attack. Before both can react Amun strikes out at Thoth and kills him. As a cutscene starts it shows Thoth’s soul leaving his body and entering the stone that is on Amun’s necklace and he feels a great sure of power enter him. He feels more power in magic than he believed he had just moments ago. As Amun stands there stunned at what just occurred Ramla and Zubero seem to not have seen anything as they rush over to where Khepri fell. She seems to have been cursed by Thoth and they must find a Healer to help otherwise she will die. Taking a few horses and a cart from the fort they put Khepri in the cart and head out for the city Aswan where there is a Mage Guild House. Reaching the city it seems to have seen a few recent battles but is currently not under siege. Entering the city Khepri is brought to the Guild House and put in the care of a few Healers. Talking with the Guild House Keeper the small party is informed that a new mass of evil has arisen from out of the desert claiming that they are followers of something called the Legion of Nahkti. Amun says that Thoth mentioned that he was a lesser commander in the service of someone called Lord Nahkti. Needing Michael Post Copyright 2007 -8-

more information Ramla and Zubero set out again instructing Amun to stay near the Guild House to keep an eye on Khepri. Refusing to just sit aside and do nothing Amun sets out to find out what he can and soon begins the missions of offered in this city. Seeking out the Guild House Keeper he asks to be pointed in the nearest direction to begin helping against this threat. The Keeper asks if he is a member of the Guild and Amun lies claiming that he recently graduated with Khepri and he can’t just sit around and do nothing and feels responsible for her condition. Again Amun sets out with missions of killing the creatures that infest parts of the city and the outlying land all the while collecting more bits of information and slowly confronts more mini bosses. During this stage in the game the affects of his rage and anger and over use of the Death energies is even more apparent. After killing a lesser boss in the first mission quest line in this part of the story Amun takes some of the mans clothes and items. The clothes are dark and evil looking and hide the defects and corruption that is transforming Amun’s body. Although bigger in stature he still haunches over as he walks and rage is becoming more apparent as he acts evil to everyone he comes across except those in the Guild House. Finally reaching deep enough into the evil that has taken hold of the city and outlying lands Amun again finds out where the leader of this exhibition is and heads out to confront her. This time however Ramla and Zubero are already there fighting her. Instead of joining in on the battle the two mages yell out to help keep any more forces from coming to their commander’s aid. So while the two mages battle the boss in the back ground Amun defends the entrance. Defeating the waves of reinforcements Amun turns to help fight the boss but both Ramla and Zubero are thrown away leaving only Amun and Moswen, the boss. Even though her life is already down to only a quarter left she is a full commander in the Legion of Nahkti and therefore a much harder boss. Upon defeating her Amun walks up to where she lies dying and she sees the stone he is wearing around his neck. Shocked at what she sees she speaks out loud that she can’t believe that after all this time of searching for one of the stones here it is, on the “boy” that defeated her. Asking what she means Moswen claims that Lord Nahkti is searching for the lost Stones to restore his power and claim the kingdom that was once his and it appears that Amun is wearing one of these Stones. Not caring anymore about what she has to say Amun casts one last spell and kills Moswen and again it appears that her spirit leaves her body and enters the stone. This time however Amun can feel a great amount of power rush through him as he gains extreme strength in magic from whatever the stone has done to Moswen’s soul. Returning back to the Guild House Amun, Ramla, and Zubero inform the House Keeper of what happened and that again they have only removed one piece from the board and that it seems apparent that Nahkti has be resurrected again and is spreading his power out over the world. Amun claims that Moswen, in her last moments before death, told Amun that she, as well as all the other commanders is searching high and low for information on the whereabouts of the remaining Stones. The House Keeper tells Amun what the stones are and what they can do, claiming that Nahkti must already posses at least one if he has indeed returned from where he was banished. If Nahkti were to have all four Stones he would be a power that not even the Mage Hall could deal with. The Keeper also shares that its believed that the Stones have different qualities in each of them, one in particular can sustain life enough to cause immortality unless slain, while another claims souls of fallen foes that end up adding more power to the Stones Michael Post Copyright 2007 -9-

possessor. The last two Stones are focus points to the two energies of magic. One lets the user possess great strength over the Life energies while the other over the Death energies allowing the user to do magic that can’t be done today by any living mage no matter what trinkets they own or how much power they have in magic. And all Four Stones together, when combined, could make any mere mortal man into a God. Nahkti only needs to possess any one of the stones to sustain enough energy to keep him from where he was banished and the more stones he possess the more he comes out of banishment. With all four Stones he would be completely back into this world. Before Amun, Ramla, and Zubero head out again to try and stop Nahkti becoming to powerful it Amun visits Khepri one last time. It seems that the curse has taken a turn for the worse that it seems like she won’t make it. As Amun is holding her hand and tells her that he will end this new evil and avenge all those who have perished he notices that the bracer on her left arm has a Stone almost identical to his on the necklace. Asking her where she got the bracer she said while she was still a student she was given a mission to help with an infestation in some mining caves back north and she found it with some other treasures that were lying there, not moved yet because of the creatures in the caves that came after the treasure. Taking it off her wrist he examines it and the Stone he has on his necklace and when he puts the two close together he can see them glowing. Excited that another Stone is found so easily he looks to Khepri to explain about the Stone in the bracer but as he looks at her he sees that she has passed away from the curse. Putting the bracer on another final transformation takes place as Amun now has the power of two stones. The rage and anger in him boil to a new high and his body becomes even more corrupted. Now with the Stone that steals souls and the Stone that grants everlasting life (which is why Khepri died when Amun took it off her) he sets out to find and destroy Nahkti. Traveling through the desert towards Nahkti’s old fortress Amun must fight his way through patrols and roaming creatures of the desert, laying waste to all that cross his path with his new found power. Amun does come across random camps of soldiers who are gathering to try and fight back the hordes of creatures and men loyal to Nahkti and this is where he receives more information on where he is before departing again. It’s almost like Amun is leaping from one lily pad to another through the desert as he goes further into the desert until finally he comes to Nahkti’s fortress that is still mostly ruined. Finding a way in through some of the ruined walls Amun continues to fight his way through the fortress until he finds the main chamber where Nahkti. Without getting a clear view of Nahkti Amun is blocked by the twin brothers who resurrected Nahkti. After some brief dialogue from Nahkti about how surprised he is to see someone so young and also so foolish to come so far in his own fortress he sets the twins on Amun. Defeating them leads Amun further into the chamber until he comes again to Nahkti. This triggers a cutscene where it shows Nahkti standing there, looking exactly identical to Amun save the clothes that they are wearing. (The path that Amun has traveled since seeing his home burned and not knowing the welfare of his family has lead him down the path of darkness and rage, becoming a mirror image of Nahkti save that Amun was consumed with his need for revenge while Nahkti was only focused on rebuilding his kingdom again). Amun also notices that Nahkti has two stones placed into sockets in his chest armor. With nothing really to say Nahkti laughs and the two begin their battle. Almost instantly Nahkti uses the two stones of Life and Death to cast a spell that would obliterate anyone standing in front of it (the player can try to use a shield but once this spell is cast it turns Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 10 -

into a quick cutscene) but as the spell diminishes and standing there with an evil grin on his face is Amun. Nahkti yells out “You have the Stones?! Good, now it will be easier for me to rebuild my rule once I take them from your corpse.” The battle continues and once Amun defeats Nahkti the last cutscene plays. Amun blames Nahkti for all the pain he has caused him and all the people he has killed. Taking the breast plate off of Nahkti he straps it onto himself, removes the stone from the necklace and bracer and places them in the last two slots. As the four Stones connect Nahkti’s soul begins heading towards the portal that the twins first summoned him to but suddenly stops. Wide eyed with fear Nahkti starts getting pulled back towards Amun and is finally sucked into the Stone that took the souls of Thoth and Moswen. Now with these three souls part of Amun he undergoes one last transformation into a form of even more evil. The souls of those that the stone took were too much for Amun to control and the path of destruction that he set himself down didn’t’ help either. With Nahkti’s soul now part of him, Amun shouts in a commanding voice that now he, Lord Amun, will conquer the world and make it a better place in his image. Before the credits role the cutscene fades into some other place in the Kingdom of Amun’s family. All are a little older including his sister and they ask out loud how Amun will ever find them after their house burned down. The sister, now much older, says for her family no to worry, she will find him and bring him home. The camera pulls back and Ramla and Zubero are standing there. Ramla says that Amun has lost his way and that it will be very difficult to bring him home. Zubero tells the family that they believe that the dark Lord Nahkti has taken him. But the sister is determined and claims that nothing can stop her from getting her brother back, and the credits roll.

Character and Creature Descriptions:
These are basic character and creature descriptions of their looks and their personality types. Amun is the only character whose physical looks and personality changes during the game. Amun: Starting out as a fifteen year old boy Amun is the apprentice of his uncle at his village’s carpentry shop. Departing from his home village Amun will age five years when he departs after completing his training and will not age again during the rest of the game. His personality to begin with is that of a youthful innocence who is fascinated with the world he hasn’t seen but feels it is his duty to return home quickly. At the end of his training Amun is confident in his power over magic but still holds on to some of his childhood innocence about the world. His appearance during this all before he departs the Mage Hall is that of a young face, brown eyes, short black hair, and decent body build although hidden under the robes that he wears. During the rest of the game Amun’s physical appearance slips into decay and corruption as he exposes himself to too much Death energies of magic. His hair will become silvery white, his eye color will become a mixture of yellow and red, and his physical stature will hunch over and his walk will stagger and limp. His personality will also slip as he delves too far into his vengeance. He will become hot headed, constantly angry and self centered, and as he fights he will scream in rage and his body will shake and quiver from it in battles.

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Nahkti: His form is never fully seen until the very end of the game when he and Amun confront each other. His is your typical evil god seeking dominance and power. He doesn’t express forgiveness and those around him cower in fear of his rage and anger. Amun develops into the same personality and physical characteristics of Nahkti which will become apparent at the end of the game. Khepri: She is tan skinned like all other people of this desert climate kingdom. Her hair is brown and her eyes are black. She is 5’5” and 125lbs. She acts way to mature for her age being the oldest child in her family and therefore had more responsibilities. A smile on her face would appear out of place even though she smiles a lot and is quick to laugh even though she acts like the elder in any group. Ramla: Wife of Zubero, she has dark brown hair, red eyes, is 5’10” and weighs 140lbs. Her presence is very dominating as the power that she wields is apparent in her physical stature. She is stern and quick to point out faults but also is quick to point out how to improve one self. She never laughs or smiles unless it is because of her husband. Zubero: Husband of Ramla, he has sandy brown hair, icy blue eyes, is 5’6” and weighs 170lbs. Being shorter than most they take his large figure to be that of a overweight man when in fact he is very lean. He is a joker and charmer with all those he calls friends but is sneaky and a trickster to his enemies. Being almost the complete opposite of his wife those who find out are usually shocked to know that the two are together. Legion Soldiers: Fighters in Nahkti’s army these are typical soldiers. They possess armor, swords, bows, and magic but are common soldiers and therefore mostly used as cannon fodder. The officers are more equipped for combat with some specializing in melee combat while the others in magic. Lastly are the Commanders who have their own specialty in combat and are the greater bosses found in the world. Kingdom of Tantra Soldiers: These soldiers are similar to the Legion soldiers in every way except looks. They to have swordsmen, bowmen, magic wielders, officers, and Commanders. Mages: Those trained specially in the arts of magic. These men and women wear special robes of their order. They are special agents who deal with all matter of problems that are requested of them. Some of these missions can include fighting, healing, development of technology, study in the energies of magic, diplomats, and so on. The following creatures are under the command on Nahkti and are tougher than the common Legion soldiers. No names yet. Creature 1: Small and skinny these creatures wear very little armor to help increase mobility and agility. They are masters of using swords and carry two dark steel swords. Vulnerable at a distance they will run into the thick of battle where they stand a better chance of killing their enemies.

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Creature 2: A more hearty solider these creatures like to lurk in the shadows. They are the primary assassins of Nahkti and are hard to spot. They can hide in plain sight and like to use poison daggers or shot poison arrows from afar. Creature 3: These creatures use the power bestowed upon them to spread disease and poison all about them. Their primary attacks are corrosive spells that can melt even the strongest armor. Creature 4: Similar the Mages these creatures focus mostly on fire and electrical attacks. Killing these creatures first is probably the best idea since they will imbue their power upon their allies. Creature 5: Ranging to about 10 feet tall these creatures are walking tanks. They have massive amounts of armor and wield a massive two bladed ax that can clear trees in a single swipe. End Game Creatures Only: Desert Creature 1: A cross breed of earth and air elemental these creatures summon the sand to do their bidding against their foes. It’s hard to spot them since they look like the sand that surrounds them. Desert Creature 2: These fallen mages possess many of the same powers of those who serve the Mage Hall. Although they use more Death Energy they will still heal themselves and others if not killed quickly enough. Desert Creature 3: Two beings in one, the outer shell creature is pure rock and use its own fists as weapons. Killing it will actually be easier than killing the smaller parasite inside. This smaller creature is worm like in appearance and will quickly seek out another earth elemental to take over and you’ll have to start all over again to kill it. Elementals are Humanoid in Appearance but Have Power over Their Element: Air Elemental: Looking like a walking mist with arms and legs these elementals can move quickly while also being able to push you around disrupting some spells from being cast. Fire Elemental: Deadly no matter how far or close you are these elementals can summon mass amount of fire to throw around at their will. They do however like to create molted swords to get up close and personal. Earth Elemental: Huge brutes, these creatures are tough and once they get going they are hard to stop. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when a wall of earth erupts under your feet since these elementals can shake the very ground you are standing on.

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 13 -

Water Elemental: Also very quick in movements they are impervious to physical damage. Luckily you have an arsenal of magic to bring them down.

Narrative Script:
Intro Cut Scene: The camera is flying through the desert as a dust storm is in full fury. In the distance there appears to be a mound, or a lone mountain of rock jutting out of the sands. As the camera gets closer the dust storm all of the sudden ends, the storm is seen circling around the center mountain ever constant to keep desert travelers out. The camera focuses on the mountain and it’s revealed that it is actually a run down castle carved directly into the mountain. The camera fades out and fades back in at a courtyard in the castle. The rock of the castle and mountain is black worked so fine over the ages it is smooth to the touch looking almost like glass but barely reflects the light around it. Two prominent figures are walking towards what used to be the main entrance to the greeting hall of the castle. Several other men and creatures litter the courtyard putting their possessions on the ground and looking to take a rest. Chigaru Why here brother? I don’t like this place. Kamen Because brother, this was one of His places of power. He would remember this place and be more at ease after we revive Him. Chigaru He resided here? Is that what I feel from this place? Kamen Yes. His power still resides here even though He hasn’t been here in a thousand years. Summon the Acolytes, we should waste no time. Camera moves past the two into the darkened room and fades into another room with torches lit and a circle of Acolytes are surrounding the two brothers who are standing on either side of two archways conjoined at the center creating half a sphere. The Acolytes begin chanting some dark prayers in an incomprehensible language. The brothers begin chanting together their own spell. Kamen and Chigaru With the power of the Two Amulets, entrusted to us brothers by Your order we come here to summon you, Lord Nahkti. Arm of Darkness, Spreader of Chaos, Lord of the Night we two hereby summon you back to this plane to rule once again.

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 14 -

With a rush of wind the stone floor under the two archways caves in to show an endless pit of darkness. A black smoke fills the sphere and a misty form takes root. Lord Nahkti Who summons me back to this pitiful realm? Kamen and Chigaru We do, great Lord. It was instructed to the Order if ever you were banished from this world we should seek the Stones and awaken You once again when found. Lord Nahkti You have the Stones?! Kamen Not all of them my Lord, but the one necessary to bring you back as You ordered. Lord Nahkti Give it to me! As the stone is handed through the invisible barrier of the sphere Lord Nahkti grabs and holds it to his chest. A transformation occurs as He goes from a cloud of black smoke to a solid form of black skin, yellow eyes, and armor covering most of his body with the stone set in to one of the four slots in his chest piece. The remaining three slots look identical except they are missing what can be assumed are three other stones. As He steps out of the sphere Lord Nahkti grows to some fifteen feet. Lord Nahkti (laughing) The power of the Stones will be mine and so shall I reign over this land as once before. The time of the Four Stones has come, and so shall end the world of light. End Cut Scene

Act One: Coming of Age
Gameplay: Amun, the main character is in his Uncle Ottah’s shop. By the looks of it Ottah carves art into furniture and stone. The game is in 3rd person view and the player assumes control soon after getting their first mission, which is a tutorial of map use, movement, inventory, and interaction with objects and NPC’s. Uncle Ottah Well my boy, before we can call it a day I need you to run back to the house we were working on earlier and collect the last of the tools there. If you don’t remember where it is use your map. Now hurry up, I know your excited about your birthday tomorrow but don’t think I’ll let you get off easy today. Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 15 -

Amun Very well Uncle. I’ll be right back with the tools. Gameplay: Moving through the town there aren’t many passage ways available to explore at this time. All roads are mostly blocked or the character will be turned around if he tries to venture off to far in the wrong direction by having an NPC saying they know they have a few more chores left to do and should get to them before sneaking off to play. Coming to the house the tools are near the front door with a woman standing outside. Approaching her: Woman in front of House Well well well, I see that your uncle didn’t forget about the tools he left here. Or rather he did and felt that you should retrieve them knowing I’d give him an ear full. Don’t you worry, he still will once I get my hands on him. Here you go Amun, this is a little something for your hard work and for your birthday tomorrow (she hands him a few coins). Amun Thank you ma’am. I’ll be sure to tell my uncle that you are looking for him. Gameplay: Returning back to the shop Amun hands his uncle the tools and the tutorial is complete. Scripted Event: Amun and his uncle set out together returning home. As they walk down the street several kids about Amun’s age (14) are running around playing tag. Amun suddenly stops feeling a great pressure against his body. Falling to his knee’s his uncle comes over but before he can reach him Amun’s body spasms and a great torrent of energy blasts away from his body. Amun wakes up in the town healer’s house with his parents, aunt, the town healer, and two figures with hoods cast over their faces talking in a low whisper. Hooded Figure 1 (Female) I’m sorry, but it’s the simple truth. He cannot stay here. You saw what he did. I know as his parents you worry for him but if he stays it will get worse. He’s lucky that no one was killed. Hooded Figure 2 (Male) She is right. If he stays he will continue to lose control. The Hall can teach him to control it. Not to mention he could joint the Guild and have more of a life than he could here. Amun’s Older Brother Mother, I think they are right. I don’t want to see Amun leave though. We should wait till he awakens and ask him. Amun I’ll go. Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 16 -

Mother Amun! Oh thank the gods. Father You don’t have to decide just yet son. Give it a few days. Hooded Figure 1 He could lose control again in that time. With us we can contain another blast but that’s taking a great chance that we are near. On the road it will only be us. Amun We can leave now. I don’t want to hurt any one else. I’ll only stay long enough to keep this from happening again then I’ll come back. Hooded Figure 2 You could stay Amun, become a Mage and do more in this world than you could imagine. Amun No. I don’t want to give up my position at the shop. I owe it to my uncle after I hurt him. Mother Very well Amun. We’ll go gather some of your things for the journey. Be safe and learn quickly. We’ll keep an eye out for you every day. Amun I shall try to come back as soon as possible Short clips show the two mages and Amun traveling through the kingdom reaching a city and entering the Mage Hall. Upon entering he is given over to an instructor who will be giving Amun most of the missions and training in the ways of magic. Gameplay: there are three sets of missions given to Amun. The first set is teaching Amun about defensive spells that primarily use Death Energies. The second set teaches Amun offensive and healing spells that use Life Energies. The third set has Amun us both in a string of missions. The missions take Amun through different sections of the Mage Hall training grounds. Mission Set One: Instructor Bakari I’m glad to see you settled in so quickly Amun. I heard you were eager to lean because you are even more eager to leave. Don’t let haste get the better of you for it could lead to more accidents. You will begin your training on how to use magic. Learning how to use it is the first step in learning how to control it. I have three sections prepared for you just to get you started. But in truth the total time needed to make sure you are no longer a danger to yourself or others will take a few years.

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 17 -

Amun Years!! Why so long?! Instructor Bakari Because the Hall must be sure that you can control the magic. Even if you learn quicker than any other student you will still be here for upwards to four years. In that time I hope you strongly consider you position here and change your mind about joining us. Most students train here for up to ten years before they are ready, although they start a lot younger than you. Amun Fine, let’s just get started. I don’t want to be here a day longer than I have to. Instructor Bakari Your first set of missions will have you train in defensive spells. You need to make your way through the passages while I instruct you on the various spells. Almost all defensive spells use what we call Life Energies. This can protect you from other spells, from swords and arrows, and from the elements. You can also heal yourself and boost certain abilities in yourself using the Life Energies. You can also stun or knock back your enemies. Follow me down to the old ruins of the Hall, which is where most training happens here. Gameplay: Mission One has several sections training the player in the various defensive spells such as shields, healing, buffs, and confusing enemies, dazing enemies, and knocking them back. In each mission Amun faces small creatures where he has to use the spells he is taught to get through the area. Part one: While walking through an open area creatures will shoot arrows and swing weapons at Amun. The character must activate his shield before any blows hit him. If Amun’s life bar empties the mission fails. Part two: In the next area Amun must still use his shield but the blows will weaken the shield before it can recharge. Amun will have to also heal himself as he passes this area. Part three: Using certain buffs can protect mages from the elements. In this third area Amun must use the different buffs to survive through fire, deep water, lightning, and blasts of sand. The shield used in part one is only for physical attacks, these buffs act like a shield but towards magical attacks. Part four: Here Amun must confuse the enemies in fighting each other and dazing others while trying to get through the section. The shield, healing, and buff spells are turned off so the player can use them. Part five: Lastly the player uses something like an inverted shield. Instead of making a bubble around himself he pushes it outward in one direction pushing enemies and objects back. This blast isn’t 360 degrees but more like 45 degrees and must be directed in which way it blasts.

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 18 -

After completing these missions Amun and Instructor Bakari return to the main hall where they started to go over what was taught. Instructor Bakari Before we begin the next part of your training I must warn you about the side effects of using the Energies. When it comes to using Life Energies the effects are obviously positive. They make your body healthier, stronger, more resilient to damage or disease, and also causes longer life. I will get into the side effects of the Death Energies after your lessons but needless to say the side effects are completely opposite of using Life Energies. Gameplay: Mission Two is similar to mission one but is done in a different section. The missions also differ to the point that you are destroying your enemies rather than protecting yourself to get through the level. Part one: The primary offensive spell with all mages is fire. So in this first part Amun must use fire against the enemies that come against him as he makes his way through the area. Also with fire wood doors can be burned down, lights can be lit, oil can be made to burn, etc. No Life spells are available during these missions. Part two: Another primary offensive spell is lightning. Again Amun must use it to defeat to enemies of the area to progress to the next stage. Lightning can also be effective with enemies in water and can also be shot at iron beams that will travel across them to enemies that are out of range of the spell. Part three: The third primary offensive spell is an earth shatter spell which causes the earth in small sections to either rumble or just upwards to knock back enemies and damage them. This can also be used to loosen bits of earth to open passage ways or block them so enemies can’t keep coming. Part four: Curses are the complete opposite of buffs. They inflict enemies causing them to become more susceptible to certain damage spells or weaken their physical damage or to even take buffs off of them. In this part Amun must curse each creature before they attack and then depending on the curse use the appropriate spell to kill them. Example: curse them with a fire curse that makes them more susceptible to fire spells and then cast a fire spell on them. Part five: Disease/Corrosion spells can affect not only enemies but the physical world depending on what it’s being cast against. If there is a rusted iron gate casting acid on it will cause it to decompose and fall to the ground leaving the doorway open. Creating a disease cloud where enemies are about to walk will act like a cures only it will damage them over time. Using these spells Amun must make his way through the level by opening doors and defeating the enemies. Ending Mission Two will cause Amun and Instructor Bakari to return to the main hall again. Instructor Bakari You did amazing in there Amun. I really hope that as you continue to train over the next few years on control over magic that you really consider staying with us to graduated

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 19 -

fully and join us as a full mage. You are surpassing student who have been here for a few years. Amun Thank you Instructor Bakari, but my determination to learn and study as you have instructed have only been because I want to return home. Control is all that I seek and nothing else. Instructor Bakari Very well Amun. It saddens me to know that all this training is only so you won’t use magic later. But nonetheless I should now warn you on the penalties of using Death Energies. As I said earlier using Life Energies has a lot of positive effects while Death Energies have negative effects on the body and the mind. You can see how useful Death Energies can be when facing enemies and obstacles but I cannot stress enough that you should always seek different methods in completing missions. Death Energies will corrupt the mind causing unchecked anger, rage, and vileness to others. It will also damage your body, deforming it and eroding it. Some lose their hair, some have their skin turn pure white, others who use it in excess can have their body full of disease and puss. However, even with these negative side affects they won’t actually kill you. For some reason the body can live with these side affects as if it was a part of their body. Amun But I haven’t seen anyone here look like that. Instructor Bakari That is because mages go through extensive training to learn how to balance their usage of Death Energies. The Energies were made from the gods of old, created for the usage of man to help the gods in their actions while they lived on this planet. The Life Energies came from the greater gods, made to help mankind. But with the Death Energies they were created by the darker gods to gain power and dominance over people. The god could use either form of Energy without and affect to them, but human bodies are much weaker and thus we are affected. Mages learn balance and therefore seem unmarked. Those who do dwell with the Death Energies fall to madness and do great evils in the world and are thus hunted down by our own Hall that trained them and are killed. Do you understand? If not then we will go over it again. Amun I understand. Instructor Bakari Good. If you even need reminding come seek me out and I will tell you again. Now comes the more intense training so you can control the Energies better so they don’t cause any more accidents. Scripted Event: This in-game cutscene is quick clips of Amun in classrooms with books reading, training rooms where they appear to be doing exercises, and walking around Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 20 -

with various other students and teachers talking. It also shows Amun grow up during this time. At the end of the cutscene Amun now looks to be 20 (five years have gone by). Instructor Bakari You have come along way Amun. It is still a shame that you are not staying to actually graduate and join our ranks. But nonetheless we believe that you have trained and come far enough in controlling the Energies to go home. There is one last mission you must complete which will be with a few students who must finish this mission to graduate later today. Leave the city by the West gate and find two old companions of yours. They will fill you in on the mission. Good luck. Mission Three Gameplay: Navigating through the city to the West gate Amun comes up to the two people who originally brought him to the Mage Hall for training. Ramla (Hooded Figure 1) Greetings Amun. It’s been what, five years since we left you here for your training. My name is Ramla if you don’t remember. Zubero (Hooded Figure 2) And I am Zubero. We have been checking in on your progress over the past few years and I must say we are impressed with what you’ve accomplished in just a few years. Amun Thank you. And of course I remember you both. I thought I would never see you to again after you left me with the Hall. I assume that Instructor Bakari meant that I was to meet the two of you for this last mission? Ramla Yes. We have your instructions for you. A group of graduating students has already headed out and is expecting you soon. There is a report of trouble in a small village further west near the oasis. Zubero The road to the town is a bit dangerous but I’m sure you can handle it. The report states that a pack of Zaren have left the oasis and are troubling the village killing livestock and even a few people at night. They usually don’t bother humans or even leave an oasis. They are cat like, but as big as a dog and have scales instead of fur. Their claws and fangs are very deadly and they are resistant to earth type spells. Ramla You and the other students are charged with lessening the number in the pack and also finding out what drove them out of the oasis. Once you find the problem fix it. If the

Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 21 -

problem is too much for the group to handle then you must send a message and we will come to aid you. Zubero Do not be ashamed if the problem is too much to handle for you and the other students. It is wiser to ask for aid then try and tackle what is too much and end up getting people killed. Believe me their will be punishment if you attempt to do this mission if it proves too much for you. Remind the others of this warning as well. Amun I will, I promise. Gameplay: Leaving the two mages behind Amun heads out to the village. The road is indeed dangerous and Amun will have all the spells that he trained with in the prior two missions available. Killing creatures and completing missions will cause Amun to become more powerful (level up). As well as gaining levels as Amun uses spells they will become more powerful over time. He can spend the points he receives from gaining experience on more spells that he can buy from the Hall or from certain vendors in the world. Reaching the village Amun meets up with Khepri, one of the graduating students who inform him that the rest of the students decided not to listen to instructions and left without him. She stayed behind because that was the order for all of them and she didn’t want Amun to come to the village alone and attempt to do the mission on his own. Together they set out to find any Zaren and kill them as they make their way to the oasis. Reaching the oasis a few villagers are running towards them. Before they can reach Amun and Khepri the villagers are jumped on by large spiders and killed. Amun and Khepri say this must be the reason for the Zaren on leaving the oasis. Entering the oasis they fight the spiders as they travel deeper and deeper into the oasis. At the end they come across a rather large spider who seems mutated (first boss of the game). Killing the spider Khepri will see a large totem pole with inscriptions and stones in it. Reading the inscription the totem pole was causing the spiders to mutate and grow to huge sizes. A totem pole has to be made and placed by someone who has knowledge in magic. Bringing the totem pole with them they set out and come across the rest of the students who claim they have found nothing to cause the Zaren to migrate like they did. Amun and Khepri explain what they found and if they had waited like ordered they all would have completed the mission together. Leaving the oasis they all head back to Ramla and Zubero. Amun and Khepri explain what they found as the other students try and argue that they didn’t need Amun: Ramla So what did you all find? You seem to have completed the mission sooner than we expected. Maybe it was too easy and should postpone your graduation till we find a more suitable challenge. Amun It wasn’t easy. After killing the Zaren around the village Khepri and I headed into the oasis and found mutated spiders… Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 22 -

Zubero Wait, you and Khepri? I thought we instructed you to work with all the students. You are not as fully trained as they are. Amun I know. When I reached the village only Khepri was there to greet me. The rest of these so called better students decided to not wait for me and do the mission without me. Khepri was the only one who stayed. Ramla Is this true? Student 1 We wanted to please the two of you and complete the mission quickly. Having him (pointing to Amun) around would have only slowed us down. Student 2 He isn’t qualified to go on such a mission Ramla The reason Amun was there was because he needed to see other people his age who have had sufficient training working together to complete a mission. Zubero Obviously we thought wrong. It seems that the only two students here capable of doing such a mission, and one has had half the training of the rest of you. You said you found spiders? Khepri Yes sir. They were quite large and very aggressive. They were defiantly the cause of the Zaren leaving the oasis. We decided to try and find what happened to the spiders here and came across the queen spider. Disposing of her the two of us found this totem pole near her nest. Reading the inscriptions it appears someone placed this near the nest and the magical energies cause the spiders to mutate and grow. Ramla Interesting. I wonder what this persons intentions were to purposely make spiders mutate in such a way. We will tell the Hall of your accomplishments. Of Khepri and Amun’s accomplishments. The rest of you report to your instructors and inform them that Zubero and I said you failed your last test and must remain in the Hall for further training. Maybe you will actually learn something useful now. Scripted Event: Standing in the main courtyard Khepri goes through the graduation ceremony. Amun also partakes in the ceremony but does not actually receive the Mage Pendant of graduation. The ceremony was to only recognize his deeds on the mission and Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 23 -

the time he spent at the Hall. After the ceremony Ramla, Zubero, and Khepri come to Amun expressing the wish to travel with him. There are reports that there are some disturbances in the deep south of the kingdom and the three of them are to investigate. Their paths seem to go in the same direction and the three of them wish to accompany Amun to his village. Welcoming the company Amun is excited to finally be heading home.

Act Two: I have no Home
Gameplay: The game resumes with the party walking down the road that is right outside Amun’s home. Walking around the bend they see his village in the distance and it appears that there are great billows of smoke coming from the village. The party is ambushed by some creatures and bandits. Killing them quickly Ramla and Zubero run after the survivors yelling for Khepri and Amun to head to the village and that they will meet them there. The two of them fight their way down the road to the village gate, which appears busted open with a two massive creatures feasting on some corpses (mini boss). Killing the two bosses Amun and Khepri enter the village and fight their way to Amun’s house. Upon reaching it they see that it is destroyed with a group of creatures rummaging through the remains. After killing them Amun sees that one of the creatures was holding the necklace that his father gave to his mother when they first met. Picking it up Amun puts it on and turns; he isn’t crying but seems looks to be in a fit of rage. Seeing more creatures and bandits Amun and Khepri goes to kill them. While in this rage mode Amun can’t use any Life spells and his Death spells seem more potent and deadlier. Thus he undergoes his first transformation, although it’s mostly mental as he begins to always be angry and vile to those around him except Khepri. His hair also is now pitched black and a little bit longer. Ramla and Zubero walk up the street and see what has happened to Amun’s home. Scripted Event: Amun They are dead. My whole family, gone. I should have studied harder, I should have been here. I could have helped. Ramla You could have died. And your family mite not be dead, I don’t see any bodies or remains in the ashes. You are in your village now. Seek them out. Zubero We must depart here though. It seems that the reports were true, however they are also old. The reports said the activities were much further south than here. It seems to have picked up, whatever IT is. Ramla, Khepri, and I must head south still and see what is causing this, and what those creatures are. Amun I’m coming with you. Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 24 -

Ramla Your family can still be alive… Amun No. You see this necklace. My mother never took it off, no matter what. It was the first gift my father ever gave her, and I never saw it anywhere beside her neck. These creatures killed them and I want find who is responsible. Zubero I know we said you did remarkably with your training, but you were not in the Hall long enough. You are not a mage yet. You know how to not lose control, but you don’t have control over what you cast as well as other students. The instructors never cared to focus on that since you were just going to leave. Amun I’m heading South whether you like it or not. I must find out what happened here and stop who ever is behind it. My path seems to be one with yours. If you will have me I’ll come and follow orders as well as Khepri here. If you still refuse then I will head out alone, but you can’t stop me from going. Ramla Fine. We will have you in our company but you must promise to heed our orders as if you were still a student. When we can Zubero and I will try and help you learn more control over casting spells so they don’t affect you so much, if we have time. Amun Thank you. Zubero We should leave then. The townspeople mite not be very welcoming with strangers here. Once we can I will send a message to the Hall about what has happened here. They will send help and supplies. Gameplay: The party heads out to the next city in the south only to find it in no better condition. Finding the guard house and lord manor they get rooms and inform the Captain of the Guard that the situation is spreading north and that they are here to help find out who or what is behind this and help fix it. Captain of the Guard There are many camps all over the land surrounding the city. It is believed that there is a camp out there somewhere that houses the Commander of these invading forces but we have no idea where it is. They attacked the city for a while but it seems that they are now content on sending small parties of villains and monsters into the city at night to spread more corruption and evil in the city. Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 25 -

Zubero We will start gathering information on the camps in the outlying lands and try to destroy this hidden Commander. I’m afraid that the protection of the city will have to remain in the hands of the Lord here as well as you, Captain. Ramla I suggest working closely with the guards in the city and the Lord that commands them. Send only a few mages though; the rest should be kept ready to help quell forces should they attack the city again. Amun What about us? Khepri Will we be helping you outside the city? Ramla No, you two are to stay here and help the Guard House with whatever it is that they need. You should stay inside this building and do whatever is asked of you. It may be too dangerous outside the city. Captain of the Guard I will find them chores and errands to fill their time. Amun (to Khepri) I can’t believe this. I’m not going to sit around and do chores while everyone else fights. The reason I’m here is to find those who burned my village and stop them. Khepri Then we should try and find out what we can in the city. If what the Captain says is true there are gangs in the city who should know what is going on. Maybe we can find this Commander before they do. Amun Then shall we? Gameplay: The missions that Amun and Khepri go on in the city have them uncovering information on the infiltrators that are sabotaging the city and causing unrest in the guards. As they follow clues found from mission to mission they finally find the leader of the forces in the city and confront them. However, after defeating him they realize that this was only the leader inside the city and was taking orders from various people outside the city. Traveling into the country side the two quest to help local farms and villages while searching for the hidden camp with the commander in it.

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Mission 1: Seeing as how they are now left alone while Ramla and Zubero are off hunting down the Commander of the invading forces and the House Keeper is busy trying to help restore order in the city Amun and Khepri are left utterly alone. Venturing into the city they travel first to what can be considered the slums. Finding a few guards they lie and claim they are from a Guild House on orders to help fight the evil that has plagued the city. Given a briefing on their first mission they set out to a local tavern where a small time gang leader is currently stirring trouble. Reaching the outside of the inn there are a few guards outside that are not friendly. Dispatching them the player must head inside and begin working his/her way through the enemies inside to the man running this particular cell of evil. Reaching him and killing him a note is found in the room leading Amun and Khepri to their next goal. Mission 2: The note leads the two mages to a small general store that has its own small warehouse. The note describes that this is a staging area that the boss from the tavern received orders from to help distribute weapons, armor, poison, and other items to help spread chaos in the city. Gameplay: After completing the missions in the city Amun and Khepri are lead outside the city with information pointing to a higher source of command that started the corruption and crime inside the city. These quests are much like those from inside the city except they must travel from area to area in the countryside finding enemies and clues to lead them to the final source. Using a small farming community as their staging ground they use the inn and local shops as they hunt down the Commander who is causing all this violence. Gameplay: Coming finally to the small but fortified encampment Amun and Khepri split up again to find their way to Commander Thoth waiting at the camps center. Amun takes one entrance and heads into the camp. There are not many guards here in the fortified section because the outlying camp that they came through should have been enough protection to the Commander here in the center. Dispensing the guards along the path Amun finally comes to the center tent and comes across Khepri fighting the Commander already. Approaching the fight Khepri is struck aside by the boss and is about to kill her when he notices Amun running up to attack. Thus starts the first major boss battle between Amun and one of the few main bosses in the game. Scripted Event: After fighting Thoth and defeating him he begins to talk. Amun rages at him for burning his village but Thoth simply laughs stating that he is only a low commander among many. He himself is just a pawn in the Legion of Nahkti and that no matter what happens today more forces will come. Before Amun can strike the final blow Ramla and Zubero come running into the area and step between Amun and Thoth claiming that he is defeated and should be led into the city for questioning. Using this moment of debate Thoth attempts to strike out at the three but Ramla and Zubero see the attack and block it while Amun strikes out and kills him. As Ramla and Zubero run over to Khepri Amun stands there looking at Thoth’s body as what would appear to be his soul leaves his body. Before it can drift away it stops, shudders, and starts towards Amun ending up being sucked into the stone on the necklace around his neck. Looking at the Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 27 -

other it appears that they didn’t see this happen or else were ignoring it. Amun ends on his knees shaking while it becomes apparent to the player that Amun has just increased in power (mana bar increases, health bar increases, etc). As this happens there is a physical transformation in Amun. He looks, to put it plainly more evil. His hair has grown considerable darker, his eyes turn to a yellow/red color and his stature seems bent. His movement now seems hindered from a limp that he can’t seem to stop. Deciding to try and hide this change Amun puts his good up to cover his hair and shadow out his face. Grabbing a cart Ramla states that Khepri has been poisoned and must be brought to a Guild House quickly if she is to survive. The closest one lays many miles to the south, further into conflicted lands.

Act Three: The Four Stones
Scripted Event: Reaching the Guild House the House Keeper greets them and leads them towards the healing quarters. Along the way Ramla and Zubero inform of that the situation in the north has somewhat been lightened with the death of Commander Thoth but they saw many patrols of creatures and bandits on their way into the city. The House Keeper informs them that the city hasn’t fallen yet but they are on the verge of destruction unless they get help. Claiming that they are the only help that they know of coming for a while they determine to set out once again to uproot the evil in the land and push it further south. Gameplay: After being told to stay here and keep an eye on Khepri while Ramla and Zubero head out in search of more information on the now revealed cult calling themselves the Legion of Nahkti. Determined to continue his quest of vengeance he seeks out the Guild House Keeper claiming that as Ramla and Zubero are out he is to help in the city in the same way. Asked if he is a member of the Guild Amun lies stating that he is but his medallion of graduation was lost in their recent battle with Thoth. Given a lead Amun heads out in the same fashion as the last town in search of information to begin seeding out the evil in the city and soon the countryside. Mission 1: The first mission given to Amun is to head to the north gate of the city and meet a merchant train waiting there. The merchants are refusing to exit the city until they are provided some sort of protection and that Amun is to guard them till the edge of this region, just short of the woods. Since the north has been relieved of most of the cult the merchant chain should be safe once they reach the north wood. Of course the merchant train does come under attack along different points of the road and Amun must defend them while keeping a set amount of wagons from breaking down. Mission 2: Returning to the city the House Keeper has left quests with his assistant. The next mission is to find a murderer that is known to be hiding in the less reputable part of the city. When the player comes to where it is rumored that the murderer is staying they find him still there and give chase up to the rooftops and finally bring him down. It appears that he was no simple murderer but a hired assassin who was working for a local noble. In order to bring this noble to justice though Amun must gather more evidence against him. Mission 3: Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 28 -

Mission (Last Mission): Finally making his way into the Manor, Amun must fight his way through the house and finally ends up in the garden in the back. There waiting for him is the corrupt noble who is leading this cell of evil and crime in this city. This noble seems to know magic which startles Amun as the battle begins. Upon defeating this lesser boss again the soul of the dead noble enters the stone that Amun possess and he further diminishes in stature, his skin pales, his eyes begin to glow evil, and black smoke seems to seep out of his body. Taking the nobles equipment Amun heads out of the city to begin his assault on the cult that has the countryside in terror. Instead of having to fight and gather information he is fortunate enough as he returns to the Guild House to overhear Ramla and Zubero inform the House Keeper that they have found the location of the leader in this area, she is some demon creature named Moswen who is using an abandoned keep as her staging ground. It appears to them both that this cult is following someone called Nahkti who very well could be the very same creature that lived so long ago who was lord over a region deep in the desert and it appears that this is the best next course of action after killing Moswen. Final Encounter: Deciding not to back down just because Ramla and Zubero have found the evil creature behind this regions attacks Amun goes to visit Khepri one last time before heading out to kill this creature Moswen. In order to avoid the other two mages Amun heads out to the forest southeast of the city to take the long way to the keep while remaining under cover of the trees. Still having to fight his way through enemies to get to the keep Amun will finally reach it but upon entering the keep there are bodies littered everywhere and the sounds of fighting can be heard. Going deeper into the keep Amun comes across little resistance and finally enters a large chamber where it appears both Ramla and Zubero are fighting Moswen already. Boss Fight: When the two mages see that you are there they yell out to keep any more members of the cult from entering the chamber to help Moswen. Immediately reinforcements begin to appear and Amun must fight them off as the other two mages continue to fight in the background. After defeating the waves that come the two mages are blown aside and Moswen begins coming after you. Her life is down to only one quarter but she is a full Commander in the Legion of Nahkti so is a much harder boss. Scripted Event: Upon defeating her Amun approaches her to cast one last spell to kill her but Moswen grabs his arm and pulls him close and examines the necklace that Amun has. Shocked at what she sees she claims “You?! You have a stone? All this time wasted looking for it and its right here in front of me.” Amun jerks away and kills her with one last spell. Again the spirit of his defeated foe enters into the stone around his neck and another transformation consumes him and another great surge of power enters him. Taking some more equipment from her corpse he looks at Ramla and Zubero, sees that they are still breathing, and goes to help them up. Heading back into the city Amun informs the House Keeper, Ramla, and Zubero that Moswen was muttering something about stones as she died (making sure that the stone necklace he possess is hidden). The House Keeper tells Amun what the stones are and what they can do, claiming that Nahkti must already posses at least one if he has indeed returned from where he was banished. If Nahkti were to have all four Stones he would be a power that not even the Mage Hall could deal with. The Keeper also shares that its believed that the Stones have different qualities in each of them, one in particular can sustain life enough to cause immortality Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 29 -

unless slain, while another claims souls of fallen foes that end up adding more power to the Stones possessor. The last two Stones are focus points to the two energies of magic. One lets the user possess great strength over the Life energies while the other over the Death energies allowing the user to do magic that can’t be done today by any living mage no matter what trinkets they own or how much power they have in magic. And all Four Stones together, when combined, could make any mere mortal man into a God. Amun goes to see Khepri only to be informed that she is failing and won’t last the night. Entering the room she is barely awake but Amun says that he is off to finally put a stop the evil that has taken the southern part of the kingdom. Smiling Khepri pulls off a bracelet and hands it to Amun. To his surprise it has a stone encased in it that looks almost identical to his. Looking back at Khepri he sees that she has died. With a scowl on his face he puts the bracelet on and storms out, leaving behind Ramla and Zubero as they begin their plans on how to assault Nahkti’s fortress.

Act Four: Rise of a Dark Lord
Gameplay: Entering the desert to the south Amun sets himself to find some of the lost soldiers that have been rumored to still be roaming the desert so he can find his way to this castle ruin. These soldiers are part of the kingdom and therefore friendly, however there are also other creatures that roam the desert as well that he will have to fight between camps. In some instances the soldiers Amun encounters will follow him around. The levels are mostly linear so they will simply stay with him as he travels. Mission 1: Coming to the first camp the soldiers seem wounded and completely lost. Asking for assistance they tell you that they are looking for the rest of their company but became lost and were attacked by a roaming band of creatures of the Legion of Nahkti. Now having a direction to focus on Amun and the soldiers start to make their way towards the last know position of their company. They are attacked several times on the way and will lose most of the soldiers. When the camp is finally reached Amun is thanked and told that whatever he needs for supplies he can get from trading with the company before he heads out again to go deeper into the desert. Mission 2: Coming to the next camp Amun sees that it is under attack and must rush in to help fight the monsters off. There is a mini boss that appears when most of the attackers have died. Mission 3: Leaving the camp after defeating the mini boss Amun is ambushed on his way deeper into the desert. He must fight his way through the ambush and towards the next camp at an oasis before he becomes overwhelmed. The ambushers will keep coming until he reaches the oasis. Mission 4: Reaching the oasis Amun is asked to help the company as it splits into two groups to travel further into the desert to their Captain. The two groups split up to help enhance the odds of finding the next camp but to stay close enough for runners to find each other and Amun is asked to travel with one. After starting the mission the group Amun is with basically walks into another company of monsters and kills them all. Seeing tracks leading off into many directions Amun is asked to find the other company that is supposed to be only a little ways away traveling in the same direction. Fighting his way through a few monsters Amun comes to a destroyed company with apparently no Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 30 -

survivors. Upon finding them all killed Amun can hear screams of battle happening the way he just came from and must run back. Reaching the first group they too are all dead so Amun continues on towards the direction of where the Captain and his men are supposed to be. Mission 5: Finding them untouched by the roaming bands of monsters the Captain said that they were regrouping after an attack on what was supposed to be a defended supply station at a large oasis a few miles deeper in the desert. Given command over a small group Amun is asked to attack one side of the oasis as the main company flanks to the other side. The small group should be able to slip in and kill the commander that has taken the camp from them. Doing so is the half way mark into the desert and in the distance Amun can make out the constant whirling dust storm that circles the castle that Nahkti is supposed to be. Realizing that this is the front line Amun is told that there are still missing soldiers that were part of the main attack group headed towards the castle. If Amun is to find any he should gather them up and have them help him infiltrate the castle. Mission 6: Heading out of the oasis Amun is given a task to search and destroy a few small companies that have been plaguing the Captains forces for far too long. The first company he comes to isn’t very large but they have a mini boss with them that can wield magic. Mission 7: After killing the mage boss Amun releases a few prisoners who accompany him further into the desert till they find the next party of monsters. They are actually trying to avoid Amun and the men following him so are running away towards another company. Amun and the soldiers must kill all the monsters before they reach the next camp or they could become overwhelmed. Mission 8: Killing all the monsters before they reach the camp left Amun and the soldiers off the trail and near a massive force. Determined to try and disperse the monsters Amun and the soldiers backtrack a ways to another smaller camp where several more soldiers are being held captive. Killing the guards all the soldiers replaces the armor with that of the monsters of the Legion of Nahkti and they make their way back to the main force. Amun is loosely tied to make it look like he is a prisoner. Mission 9: Using the disguises they took from the dead monsters the company makes their way towards and then into the main force of the Legion that is the guarding force near the base of the mountain that holds the castle. Reaching the Commander at the center Amun throws the bindings aside and begins to fight the Commander while the soldiers turn around and begin killing any monster they can lay their hands on while also sounding the call to retreat, that the Commander has gone mad and is killing everyone. As mayhem spreads Amun defeats the Commander and takes what men are left to the base of the mountain. Mission 10: Heading up the mountain Amun and the remaining soldiers fight their way up the slope and then into and through the castles wall. They are lightly guarded since most of the Legion was set to defend and watch for any invaders which no one believed could have made it that far into the desert without some sort of warning. Deciding the spread out they go off in small groups in search of Nahkti. Amun takes two other soldiers with him and begins the search through the castle. Last Mission: Amun and the two soldiers finally find the main chamber in which Nahkti is seen walking away. One soldier tries to fire an arrow in his back but the arrow bounces Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 31 -

off something halfway through the room and the twin brothers seen in the opening scene come walking out of the shadows while Nahkti in the background can be heard laughing. While Amun and the two soldiers fight the twins Nahkti is in the background walking around watching the battle. He can’t be fully seen but instead just looks like a dark figure walking in the shadows. When the twins are defeated Nahkti just laughs again and the final boss fight begins after a short monologue from him. Last Boss: After defeating the Twins and walking into the next chamber the two soldiers are killed instantly while Amun is left untouched. Nahkti then goes into a monologue about how surprised that someone so young could come this far all alone. While delivering his speech Nahkti still can’t be seen as he continues to walk around in the shadows. Nahkti You are foolish to enter my domain so carelessly and utterly alone. What did you expect to accomplish by coming here? So far away from any help and so inexperienced. Even if you are the mage that I’ve heard about, killing my commanders and then daring the desert and my castle you must feel your doom with every beat of your heart. Amun I am not scared of your empty threats. I have nothing to live for now. My family and friends have been destroyed or scattered by your Legion. If I cannot kill you than at least I know I’ve disrupted your forces enough to help the kingdom gather their forces. Nahkti Ha! Even if they could muster enough forces to dare start an assault the desert will destroy them and any who are left standing will be consumed by my Legion. Hmmm, it does appear why you have made it so far on your own. I can feel them, the two Stones you possess. Do you really think that they will help you here? I doubt you even know enough to master them. Amun I know enough. Nahkti Do you? I can see the effect of your usage of the Stones and of the magic on you. Corruption and diseases has taken you; your soul and mind rage together towards everyone. Do you wish to see the full extent of the error of your ways, the path that you have taken to see my downfall? Scripted Event: And with those last words Lord Nahkti steps out of the shadows to reveal what at first looks to be a mirror image of Amun. Everything except their faces look the same and even then they are not far off. Amun’s armor looks different than that of Nahkti’s but the visual effect is the same: they appear to be almost identical. The destructive path that Amun has taken to seek revenge and the trail of death he has left in his wake has destroyed and corrupted his soul to the point of being identical to Nahkti. As he begins to laugh Nahkti casts a massive spell that takes all of Amun’s life. Still Michael Post Copyright 2007 - 32 -

laughing Nahkti freezes mid step as Amun begins to rise with the stone on the bracelet that Khepri gave him glowing darkly. Gameplay: Looking at each other for a few seconds the screen puts the camera back behind Amun and the last battle starts. This battle will last until Nahkti is destroyed. The two stones that Nahkti possess allow him to wield and cast massive spells against Amun; however Amun can’t exactly die in this battle. The problem is that each time Amun looses all his health and awaits the Stone to revive him Nahkti replenishes some of his health therefore Amun must attempt to stay alive to prevent Nahkti from healing himself. End Game Cutscene: When Nahkti is slain his soul is seen leaving his body by Amun but as it attempts to float away the Stone on his neck glows again and Nahkti’s soul is draw into the Stone screaming the whole way. Amun falls to his knee’s as his soul is merged with Nahkti’s and the power transforms him again to an even more evil looking creature. Walking over to Nahkti’s corpse he removes the breastplate from the body and puts it on himself. All four Stones light up and all the lights (candles) in the room go out. As the screen is pitch black the player can hear raspy breathing. With a wheeze and then a laugh two dark blue eyes appear in the darkness looking right into the camera and laughing begins as the camera fades out. The camera fades back in on two figures watching the castle from the base of the mountain. Without seeing the two faces they start talking to each other: Zubero We appear to be too late. We will die if we approach him now. He is too powerful for the two of us. There is no hope left for the world. Ramla For this kingdom, maybe for now. It is out fault that he fell so far and was allowed to become what he is now. It rests on us now to fix this or die trying. Zubero How can we fix this? We would need help in bringing him down now that he has all four Stones. I know you, wife, and I can see that you already have a plan. Ramla Yes husband, I have a plan. We must head north; there is someone that we must find for she might be our only hope. The End

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