Prophet Told Us To Love Animal

“One day,there was a dog running around a well almost die because of thirst,suddenly there was a prostitute of bani Isra’il saw it,and then she pick her shoe to get water and then she gave it to the dog. Because of that act,her sin was forgiven. (Silsilah Hadits Ash Shahihah 1 no.30) “Do you not afraid to Allah of that animal that was given to you ? It told me that you’ve been let it hungry and load it with heavy things” (Silsilah Hadits Ash Shahihah 1 no.20) “Ride these animals in safety and release them in safety as well. Don’t make them as chair.” (Silsilah Hadits Ash Shahihah 1 no.21) “Avoid making these animal’s back as podium. Cause Allah Ta’ala subject it for you so that you could go to place that’s hard to be there unless you strive. And Huwa had make the earth for you,so fulfill your need above it.” (Silsilah Hadits Ash Shahihah 1 no.22) “Fear Allah in taking care of this animal which can not talk. Ride them nicely and give them food nicely.” (S.H.S. 1no.23) “Do you want to kill it twice ? You must sharpen the knive before you lie the animal on its side.” (S.H.S 1no.24) “Eventhough just a goat,if you love the animal,then Allah will loves you.” (S.H.S. 1 no.26) “People who wants to care for the animal that he’s going to slew,eventhough just a bird,then Allah will give his mercy (rahmat) on him later on the day of judgement” (S.H.S. 1 no.27) “There’s a woman being tortured because of a cat that being caged by her until death. And just because of that she gonna enter hell. Because when she caged the cat,she didn’t gave her cat food and water. She also did not free her cat so that it can found food to eat from insects and plants.” (S.H.S. 1 no.28)

Narration From Prophet’s Companions 1. From al Musayyab ibn Dar,he told me

“I saw Umar bin Khattab hitted a camel man while saying to him ‘Why do you load your camel with stuffs it couldn’t take ?’”. 2. From ‘Ashim ibn Abdullah ibn ‘Ashim ibn Umar ibn Khattab,who narrate this “There was a man who sharpened his knive while holding the goat he gonna slew. And then Umar hitted him using the handle of his shiny sword while saying ‘Are you going torture an alive animal ? Why don’t you sharpen it before holding the goat ?” 3. From Muhammad bin Sirin “That Umar ibn Khattab may Allah ridha with him.saw a man dragging a goat that he’s going to slew. Then Umar hitted him while saying ‘drive it, damn you, to kill it in a nice way.” 4. From Wahab bin Kisan “Ibn Umar saw a shepherd at a disgusting place . While there was a cleaner place. Because of that, he was angry: ‘Damn you, oh shepherd. Remove the goat because I heard Rasulullah Shalallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam said “Every shepherd (leader) will be accountable for he’s own doing.”