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, Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This Special Time of the Year
by Clydene Overbey
Every year at this time I
start getting all misty eyed.
It will be easy for me to just
sit down and have a good
cry. It doesn’t take much, a
kind word, a harsh word,
good memory, bad memory,
a smell, a color. In other
words, everything and anything.
Childhood memories can
do it for sure. I guess when
you get my age those are the
most precious memories you
have. I know mine are. And
Christmas memories are the
most precious I have right
now. Could be because it is
the Christmas season?
Christmas Eve always
found us in the little church
that I grew up in. We had a
big Christmas tree and our
parents (we found out later)
took us each a Christmas
package to put under the
tree. Santa would be there at
the end of the program and
each kid got to sit on his lap
and he gave us our gift.
Down at the end of my
driveway there is a little cedar tree. It is loaded with
those little white thingies
that from a distance make it
look like it has snow in its
branches. Now that is a
Christmas tree in my mind.
That is the only kind of
Christmas tree we ever had.
It was Christmas when that
cedar tree was brought inside with that pungent odor
all its own.
We didn’t have ornaments bought at a store until I was a teenager. After we
got electricity in our home
we had one little string of
lights. Seven bulbs that I just
loved to look at.
There was this stuff
called angel hair, and packets of silver strings called
icicles. Daddy came home
one day with a sack. Somehow he had gotten a packet
of angel hair and one of
icicles. Oh man, were we
proud and so were my parents. We didn’t have room
for a big cedar tree, so it was
about four foot, I think.
We all decorated together. I think my parents
enjoyed it as much as
Norman and I did. As I look
back I’m sure it wasn’t a gorgeous tree like you see now.
It was a special tree and a
special time. The icicles and
angel hair that Norman and I
placed on the tree was not
neat, but globs hanging
haphazardly here and there.
Well, it is a fact that Daddy
told us to just “pitch” the
icicles on the tree and they
would look more natural that
Mama and Daddy just
left it the way we placed it
and told us how pretty it was
and what a good job we were
We didn’t get the tree
until two days before Christmas. Since cedar was so flammable Daddy said we
couldn’t chance it catching
fire. When we went out to
cut the tree was always special. Mama would save a lard
bucket. Daddy put gravel in
the bottom of the bucket and
filled it with garden dirt all
around the trunk of the tree.
We could keep water in the
bucket so the tree didn’t dry
out so fast.
Everyone got something
from everyone. If it cost a
nickel or a penny it was fun
and very appreciated. Each
family had Christmas at
home, then visited later in the
day. But Christmas was
home and family.
Those were our traditions and all we knew. I’d
love to have an old time
Christmas like that again. I
no longer have a live cedar
tree, but I did as my son was
growing up. Now I bring in
some cedar branches so I can
smell Christmas. What a
treat to have that smell in my
home once again.
As I go down memory
lane I see Daddy and Mama

with that proud smile on their
faces. I can see Norman and
me down on our knees on
the floor as we open gifts.
Whatever we got we were
happy with whether it was a
package of caps and cap pistol or a doll. We were satisfied. I don’t see much of that
For unto us a Child is
born, unto us a Son is given:
and the government shall be
upon His shoulder: and His
name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The
Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince Of
Peace. Of the increase of His
government and peace there
shall be no end, upon the
throne of David, and upon
His Kingdom, to order it,
and to establish it with
Judgment and with Justice
from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the Lord of
hosts will perform this
(Isaiah 9:6-7).

St. Mary's Mtn.
By Lynda Evans

ARTWORK BY DENA TURNER, a framed and matted print to be auctioned.

Arts Society to host fund-raiser
The Arts Society of
Ozark will host its first annual “Art, Wine & Dine”
fund-raiser and gala Saturday, Dec. 6, at the American
Legion Building in Ozark
with cocktail hour beginning


Bits from Batson

I hope you all had a
happy Thanksgiving. My
crew and others in our family had Thanksgiving dinner
at the Catalpa Cafe. Randy
Atkins and his dad, Jerry,
cooked a wonderful dinner
and served it to us for free.
Among those attending
were Jake Geisler, Laryn,
Lakyn, and Lauren Robinson, Craig and Logan
Harderson, Carroll and
Debbie Sherrell, Jenny,
Quincy and Keaton Moore,
Carla and Cordell Harderson,
Janette Russell, Logan and
Mason Hatchett, Jerry and
Terry Hutchinson and
friend, Nina, Joseph and
Mandy Sherrell and me. Others came, but they weren’t
with our crew in the back.
We had a very delicious
dinner and Randy fixed us a
special cheese cake. Thank
you so much, we do appreciate you!
Carla and Cordell, Jerry,
Terry and Nina spent the
night last Thursday with
Carroll and Debbie.
Laryn, Lakyn, Logan and
I helped Jackie and Bill
Moore move their turkeys
last week. Also helping was
Bill and Jackie’s grandsons,
Andrew and Jaxon. Everyone did a great job and they
moved really well.
Greg Stewart came over
Saturday for a visit.
Our deepest sympathy
goes out to the families of
Opal Moore, Jewel Woolsey,
Terry Mooney, Gary
Zolliecoffer and Jurlene
Collins. You all are in our
Mike and Jennifer Cooper visited Josephine and
DeLorn Cooper last Tuesday.
Mary McGuire, J. D.
House and Robert Cooper
visited the DeLorn Coopers
on Wednesday.
Thanksgiving dinner
was brought to the DeLorn
Coopers by Mary and Kevin
McGuire. Later on Thursday
Heath King, Roxie, Cora, and
Trey Casey, Breanna English, Kelsey and Gus Cooper, and Garrett Palmer vis-

ited the DeLorn Coopers.
Weekend visitors at the
DeLorn Coopers' were Joel
and Marlene Cooper, Mike
and Jennifer Cooper.
Have a fantabulous

The Candy Bomber’
on AETN Sunday
AETN (Conway) – Hear
the heartwarming true story
of Col. Gail “Hal” Halvorsen, the American pilot who
brought joy to children living in the rubble of post-war
Germany by dropping treats
from the plane during the
Berlin Airlift in 1948.
Don’t miss “The Candy
Bomber,” airing Sunday,
Dec. 7, at 2 p.m.

Correction on the
turkey donation
Loretta Williams of Ozark
Mustang Club decided to
donate the turkey that she
had won in last Friday’s turkey drawing.
Monday morning, Nov.
24, she went to Arkansas
Tech University and surprised Regina Olson with the
turkey. Olson’s teacher at
Arkansas Tech University,
Donna Brumley, also surprised her with all the sides
to complete the dinner.

Weekend Marathon
shows gift ideas
AETN (Conway) – With
the holiday season approaching quickly, take note
from our gift specialists Katie
Brown, Joseph Rosendo and
Donna Dewberry.
They’ll go to the finest
holiday markets, and you’ll
learn how to add that extra
special detail to a homemade
Watch “Gift Giving,” airing on AETN-2 Create at 6
a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.
Sunday to show someone
how much you care with the
gifts of love that you give.
Music soothes a
troubled soul.

at 6 p.m. and dinner and music at 7:30 p.m. Seating is
limited and tickets can be
purchased in advance. All
proceeds will go towards the
Arts Society of Ozark.
The event will feature
live music performed by the
acclaimed duo “The Coverlets,” a fantastic meal prepared by Chef Teresé Post,
and a live art auction with all
pieces provided by local artists.
For more information or
to purchase tickets visit:
com, or call Amber Patton at
(479) 644-9903.
Everyone is invited for
an evening celebrating the
arts and artists in this community. - - Amber Patton

Dec. 5: Jeremy Belt,
Charles Elser, Forrest Abercrombie, Linda Cox, Eual
Smith Jr., Dell Nelson, Nancy
Moore, Richard King, Betty
Ruth Torix and John
Holsapple Jr.
Dec. 6: Lisa Smith, Denver Woolsey, Bobby Dale
Walker, Mrs. Hoyt Robertson, Iva May Thomas,
Shayla Walker, Davis
Courtney Dunn, Nancy
Moore, Dennis Eugene Harris, Ruth Ann Ballard, Chris
Gortemiller, Janet Staton,
Mitchell Leo Elser, Marsha
Burkes, Billy Sossamon and
Susie Baca.
Dec. 7: Gene Hogan,
Marilyn Valentine Hankins,
Harlan Childers, Martha
Parrish, Jayland Lance Riley,
Charles Murkey, Mark
Felker, Gladys Gossett and

Greetings! We had a successful Thanksgiving dinner
and quilt auction. Wasn’t
the day beautiful? Thank
you to all who bought our
beautiful quilts. We appreciate you. The kitchen ran so
smoothly under Ricky’s direction. All in all it was a
busy five days, but well
worth it.
I saw many people at the
dinner including Don and
Susan Jarsulic, Janie and
Gene Dahlem, Margaret
Bartlett, Cathy Ritter and
many more. Georgianne and
Harvey couldn’t come as
they had Thanksgiving at
their home. Georgianne
makes most of our large tops
and Susan makes our baby
quilt tops. They spoil us
with their fine sewing and
color selection, makes us

Come out and join us at
the gazebo located on the
courthouse square for a visit
with Santa on Saturday, Dec.
13, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
Free pictures with Santa
will be taken and will be available for pickup at a later date.
Sponsor is the Franklin
County Library Ozark.
—Nancy Smith, librarian

Zeth Watts.
Dec. 8: Drew Gragg,
Crickett Pullen, Spencer
Larsen, Jennifer Amy Greenwood, Mary Lou Acord,
Jacqueline Opper, Terry Lane
White, David Richards, Lori
Neel and Leah Kay Dobbins.
Dec. 9: Frank Roland,
Patsy Williams, Nancy
Smith, William P. Medlock,
Ronnie Gossage, Gordon
Wayne Carpenter and Christine Maier.
Dec. 10: Maria Shaneice
Soenksen, David Shedd,
Johnny Hamm, Mrs. Gorman
Kelly, Barbara Ann Brown,
Harold Richards, Thella
Eveld, Edith Eveld (98), Billy
Crabtree and Johnny Wayne
Dec. 11: Kenneth H.
Yates, Elwood Thompson,
O.B. Hargrove, Mrs. Ervil

look good.
Aunt Gertrude’s kids
came in and that sure makes
her happy. They attended
the wedding of Scott and
Micah Gilmore Saturday.
They had their marriage
blessed at Mass Saturday. It
was great to watch.
I couldn’t do enough
outside this weekend it was
so warm! It was strange having the doors and windows
open and putting up Christmas decorations, but I got
over it. I’ll finish up this
week, get my cards out and
get a tree. Then sit back and
make more cookies and
candy. Friday all I ate was
cookie dough and fudge.
Life is good.
Happy Birthday to Rita
Evans, Ken’s Mom. She is
going to be 92 next week.
My friend, Jan, from Chicago had a packing party this
past weekend. She will be
moving to Alabama soon.
I’ve never been there, so this
summer I’ll make a road trip.
She bought a big house and
I have to see that she decorates my room right.
Better get ready for the
cold night and put my heaters on outside. I sure don’t
want frozen pipes this year.
AETN special features
Tennessee Ernie Ford
AETN (Conway) - American legend Tennessee Ernie
Ford is known for his unmistakable booming voice and
contagious personality as an
artist, radio personality, ac
tor and TV host.
Gospel music was one of
his greatest career passions,
evidenced by his chart-topping recording successes
and captured in this timeless
special airing at 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6.
Milton, Judy Ann Agee,
Frances “Toots” Rinke
Whisenant, Wesley Jackson
White and Teresa Wilkerson
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write to: The Spectator, 207
West Main, Ozark, AR 72949.

Membership Plaque
Photo Contest
The Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Annual Membership Plaque
Photo Contest” will feature the winning photo on the yearly membership plaque
that each Chamber of Commerce member receives to display in their business,
designating them as a member of the Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce.
Contest dates:
November 25th through December 31, 2014
The winning photographer will be awarded recognition on the winning photo
and will receive membership in Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce for one year
as an individual member.
For more information, contact:
Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce
300 West Commercial Street
Ozark, AR 72949