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Jimmie roan (order #6500081)

ALIAS: Jason Pierce










MOTIVATION: Redemption
TRAITS: Athletics 8d (Martial
Arts), Blast (varies by weapon
used) 9d (Marksmanship: guns),
Charm 4d, Perception 5d
(Investigation), Professional (spy)
4d, Stealth 5d, Telepathy 4d
(Sense Minds), Thievery 5d,
Toughness 4d, Willpower 4d
PERKS: Lightning Reflexes
GEAR: Firearms loaded with mercy
rounds that inflict blunt damage
FLAWS: Compulsion (shameless
flirt), Enemy (rogue black ops
agency that was his employer),
Secret (secret identity)
QUOTE: Trust me guys, you cant

possibly imagine how much you want

to give up right now.

ORIGIN: Jason Pierce entered the military right out of high school. His keen intellect and easy charm quickly
caught the attention of the intelligence community, and he was offered the chance to transfer to an elite
agency that handled only the most classified operations. Jason accepted, and spent several years working for
the organization. He always assumed that what he was doing was for the good of the country and the world,
until he killed that telepath. Jason had been told that the old man was a terrorist, a renegade scientist whod
worked with the organization in the past. The old man sensed Jason a moment before the shot was fired, and
filled Jasons mind with the truth. The old man didnt know much; just enough to make himself a target. In
that terrible instant, Jason learned that hed been working for a rogue agency with a dark agenda. And
somewhere between the old mans scream in his mind and his own on his lips, the psychic assault triggered
Jasons latent telepathic abilities. The old man had intended to stop a series of experiments being carried
out in prisons across the country, experiments based on his research, but it would be Psidearm who finished
the job. Jasons first act as a hero was to put an end to those experiments. Even though he failed to expose
the organization, Jason stopped the experiments and met his friend Jack Dalton along the way. The
organization, however, seems to have vanished.

Jimmie roan (order #6500081)

Academics: Your knowledge of all scholarly subjects.

Athletics: Agility and acrobatics; used for attacking with ranged weapons and for defense. (Martial Arts:

Use half your Athletics rank (round down) when attacking with your bare hands).

Blast: You are such an expert marksman that you roll 9d (much more than normal) when using any kind of
mundane firearm; in your hands, the particular weapons statistics dont really matter.
Charm: Your attractiveness, empathy, social skills, and force of personality.
Command: This is your ability to get others to do what you want.
Gear: You carry various firearms loaded with non-lethal mercy rounds that inflict blunt damage.
Lightning Reflexes: You get a +3 bonus to your Edge (which has already been included).
Medical: This trait covers everything from basic first aid to neurosurgery.
Might: Your physical strength; its used when attacking with melee weapons or your bare hands and when
throwing heavy objects (use Athletics when throwing light objects); its also used when grappling. You can
lift up to 250 pounds.
Perception: Your physical senses, empathy, intuition, and general level of awareness. (Investigation: You can

conduct professional investigations and glean information from physical clues).

Professional: Reflects what you know as a result of your career or profession.
Riding: Combines riding, caring for animals, and mounted combat.
Science: Your knowledge of all scientific topics.

Stealth: Your ability to do things like hide, move quietly, and follow people surreptitiously.
Streetwise: Your knowledge of the criminal underworld and your ability to interact with it.
Survival: Wilderness survival in all environments.
Technology: The use, repair, and even creation of mechanical and technological items.
Telepathy: You can read minds and send telepathic messages to targets you can see. You can read the
surface thoughts (what someone is thinking and feeling at the moment) of anyone within distant range. You
can also perform a mind probe, which is like rifling through a targets memories for information. Both mind
reading and mind probing require you to make a Telepathy roll against the targets Willpower. (Sense Minds:

You can sense the presence and pinpoint the location of nearby sentient beings by concentrating).
Thievery: This trait concerns intrusion and theft.

Toughness: Your physical resilience; used as your passive defense against physical attacks and to resist
agents like diseases, drugs, and poisons.
Vehicles: Your ability to operate land vehicles. At 2d, you can only operate everyday vehicles.
Willpower: Your spirit; used as your passive defense against mental attacks and powers.

Jimmie roan (order #6500081)

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Jimmie roan (order #6500081)