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Change the Interactive Greyscale Colour

The interactive Greyscale tool is very useful. It shows a representation of the 3D view on
the 2D view. It uses colours to depict height. The higher parts of a relief have lighter
colours, the lower parts of the relief have darker colours. The interactive greyscale
updates instantly as you change and model the relief. In case youve never used it, the
greyscale button is on the 2D toolbar next to the vector and bitmap toggle buttons.
You can change the colour of the interactive greyscale form the Options page.
The Options tool is available in the File section of the Assistant page.
At the bottom of the options page, in the Greyscale View section, you can change the 3
defining colours. The Base Colour represents the Zero Plane. The Lowest Colour
represents the bottom or lowest part on the relief and the Highest Colour represents the
top or highest part of the reliefs.
To change the colour, click on the round colour sample and then select a new colour form
the palette and click OK. Apply the changes on the options Page.
Example: If you want a golden greyscale with a white background, change the colours to
the following: Base Colour = white, Lowest Colour = dark brown, Highest Colour = pale