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July 31, 2013

The Sr. Engineer Electrical,

Shree Cement Ltd., Unit Shree Power
Beawar 305 901
Dist. Ajmer, Rajasthan.
Attn: Mr. Prakul Khandelwal,, 92510 77845

Generator Condition & Reliability Evaluation Services for 50 MW, 11 kV generator.


Your e-mail dated 29.07.2013.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the interest shown in our services.
Our Generator Condition & Reliability Evaluation (GENCARETM) Program can holistically
assess generators from all angles to accurately identify static, dynamic and load-related
Details of the tests are given overleaf. Should you have any doubts or queries, kindly get in
touch. We look forward to working with you.
Best regards,
For Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Aditya Korde
Executive Director

Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


The GENCARETM Program is a comprehensive diagnostic procedure for assessing generators
condition. It can predict practically any electrical or mechanical fault well in advance. It is
designed on the basis of the IEEE 62.2-2004 & other relevant Standards.
Test Object






Rotor Winding Faults

Air-Gap Eccentricity

Stator Core Degradation

Interturn Degradation

Excessive Harmonics

Stator, Rotor Stator/
& Exciter





DC Step



Loose Connections





Foundation Problems

Bad Bearings

Coupling Problems

Lubrication Problems


Moisture Ingress


Overall Insulation Aging

Localized Insulation Faults


Loose Coils

Loose Wedges
X Excellent

L Limited

VA Vibration Analysis AE Acoustic Emission DD Dielectric Discharge R - Resistance

WCA Winding Circuit Analysis PRPD Phase Resolved Partial Discharge LPT Lemke Probe Test
NFT Natural Frequency Test WDT Wedge Deflection Test

** ELCID, LPT, NFT & WDT are possible only when the rotor has been threaded out.

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

S. D. Korde Managing Director
49 years of experience in motor manufacture, operation, repairs & rewinding
Involved in repairs & rewinds of generators upto 250 MW
Pioneered tan delta & integrated discharge analysis in India back in the 1980s
Analyzed more than a thousand motors & generators using off-line testing
techniques till date
Aditya Korde Executive Director
18 years of experience in generator overhauls & repairs
Pioneered Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), introduced this in India in 1999
Instructor on ESA for Areva as well as All-Test Pro, USA
Responsible for R & D and software algorithms on ESA for Areva
Most qualified Vibration Analyst in India (ASNT Level III, USA & ISO Cat. III, Australia)
Has tested & analyzed over 12,000 motors & generators till date

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


Severe corona in a 210 MW, 15.75 kV generator

GENCARETM testing during a shutdown revealed extremely high partial discharge for one
phase (R Phase 14000 pC, Y Phase 58 pC). The patterns were typical of corona. Physical
inspection showed that corona had eaten away the end winding insulation of R Phase & this
would have failed shortly. Remedial action was taken and the generator has been in service
since for over 3 years.
Insulation de-lamination & contamination in a 30 MW, 11 kV generator

Generator 1 47.6 pC

Generator 2 11.6 pC

Two identical generators have been in operation for over 15 years now. GENCARETM testing
showed that one has severe de-lamination & internal contamination. Physical inspection
revealed that the severe oil & carbon ingress had occurred and drastically degraded the
insulation. Remedial action was taken & the generator now runs fine.
Inter-turn shorts in rotor of a 5.1 MW, 6.6 kV synchronous motor:

Brand new rotor field coils were being fitted based on manufacturers recommendations.
New coils had been procured from the manufacturer itself. GENCARETM testing identified
that two of these coils were defective, due to inter-turn shorts. Had these coils been
installed, they would have led to hunting during operation & premature failure.
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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.



1. Tan Delta & Capacitance Analysis (IEEE 286; 2000 & VDE 0530)
This test will be performed by applying AC voltage in steps of 20 % of the rated
voltage to each phase of the stator sequentially. The following parameters will be
measured & calculated:
Tan Delta & Tan Delta Tip-up
Capacitance & Capacitance Tip-up
2. Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Analysis (IEEE 1434-2000 & IEC 60034-27)
This test will be performed by applying AC voltage in steps of 20 % of the rated
voltage to each phase of the stator sequentially. The voltage will be applied in both
incremental & decremental steps. The following parameters will be measured using
a 1 nF capacitive coupler (bandwidth of 600 kHz to 5600 kHz):
Apparent Charge
Average Discharge Current
Quadratic Rate of Discharge
PD Inception & Extinction Voltages
Number of PD Pulses & Repetition Rate
3. DC Winding Resistance (IEEE 118; 1992)
This will be measured for the stator & rotor and compared to earlier values.
4. Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index (IEEE 43; 2000)
These will be measured for each stator phase at 5 kV DC. These will also be
measured at low voltage for the rotor.
5. Dielectric Discharge Test
This will be conducted on each stator phase by applying 5 kV DC for a period of 30
minutes & then discharging it through an external resistor for a period of 1 minute.
The charging & discharging currents will be measured to calculate the Dielectric
Discharge Ratio.
6. DC Step Voltage Test (IEEE 95; 2002)
DC voltage will be applied in steps upto max. of 10 kV (one minute at each step). The
leakage current will be measured at each step & the graph plotted.
7. RSO Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope Test (EPRI TR-114016)
This test will be performed by injecting a succession a step-shaped low voltage (8 to
12 V) pulses into the rotor winding from positive & negative terminals. The reflected
signals will be captured using an oscilloscope and compared.

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

8. ELCID - Electric Core Imperfection Detection Test (IEEE 62.2, 2004)

For this test, the stator core will be energized upto 4 % of the rated flux & a special
Chattock potentiometer connected with the main unit will be moved along the core
to measure the leakage currents. In case of any fault, the resultant excessive leakage
current will be sensed, identifying the location & severity of the fault.



1. Electrical Signature Analysis (BSI DD CLC/TS 60034-24; 2011)

The following parameters will be measured:
Simultaneous 3-phase voltages & currents upto 5000 Hz at 6400 lines of
Current & voltage time envelope & demodulated spectra
Apparent, real & reactive power
Power factor & impedance
Transformer harmonic & voltage de-rating factors
Odd & even harmonics; positive, negative & zero sequence harmonics (V & I)
Total harmonic distortion (V & I)
2. Vibration Analysis (ISO 10816-3 & 7919-3; 2009)
The following parameters will be measured at all accessible bearings of the
generator & the DE bearing of the turbine:
RMS velocity spectrum in all 3 axes, viz. H, V & A (6400 lines resolution, high
RMS velocity spectrum in H axis (6400 lines resolution, low Fmax).
Acceleration time waveform in H axis (16384 samples per second, 10 revs).
Cross-phase measurements between points wherever required.
Orbit Plot data in case proximity probes are mounted in the bearings & the
buffered data available at the panel.
3. Acoustic Emission Analysis (ISO 22096; 2007)
The following parameters will be measured at all accessible bearings of the motor &
the DE bearing of the driven load:
Overall acoustic emissions (dB) using a 100 kHz tuned sensor.
Enveloped acoustic emissions (DISTRESS) at 100 kHz.

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.



MICAMAXX Partial Discharge Analyzer

PD Tech, Switzerland

ACTS-12K Tan Delta & Capacitance Analyzer

Eltel Industries, India

MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV Dielectric Analyzer

Metrel d.d., Slovenia

LR-2045 Micro-ohmmeter

Motwane, India

RSO Shorted Turn Analyzer

Sumatron, USA

TDS-2012 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Tektronix, USA

EMPATH 2000 Electrical Signature Analyzer

Areva NP, USA

VB-3000 /VB-8 2/4-channel Vibration Analyzer

Commtest, New Zealand

MHC-Memo Pro/MHC-Classic Acoustic Emission Analyzer

Holroyd Instruments, UK


The generator should be in de-energized condition at ambient temperature. The

power cables should be disconnected so that access is available to the terminals.
For rotor assessment, access is required to the DC current carrying pins/bolts.
For ELCID test, rotor should be threaded out (clients scope).
All disconnection & reconnection is in clients scope.
Access to be provided to the generator CT (1/5 A) & PT secondary (110 V) for
Electrical Signature Analysis.
Generator to be made available in steady running condition at over 50 % of its full
Single-phase 230 V supply & small working table should be provided at the site.
The entire work can be completed within two (2) working days.
Final report will be dispatched within 10 days of completion of testing (1 hard copy +
a soft copy on CD).

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


1. Lodging & boarding for three engineers & two technicians to be provided at the
guesthouse, free of charge.
2. One weeks advance notice should be given for carrying out the tests.
3. 100 % payment within 30 days of completion of testing and submission of report. All
payments to be via RTGS Bank Transfer or at par cheque only.
4. Security Deposit will not be acceptable.
5. Idle charges would be Rupees 30,000/- per day (except Sunday).
6. Service Tax @ 12.36 % will be applicable on the quoted charges.



Off-Line GENCARE Test Nos. 1 to 7

85,000/- per generator

Off-Line GENCARE Test No. 8 (ELCID)

1,25,000/- per generator


45,000/- per generator

Mobilization Charges (Off-Line)

45,000/- per trip

Mobilization Charges (On-Line)

8,000/- per trip

For Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Aditya Korde
Executive Director

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