Smith College, Box 0000, Northampton, MA 01063 413-585-0000 42 Morganville Road, Laurelton, PA 17889 717-922-1567

February 15, 2006 FINCA International Attn: Internship Coordinator 1101 Fourteenth Street NW Eleventh Floor Washington, DC 20005 Dear FINCA Internship Coordinator: I would like to be considered for the academic intern program for Washington, DC and International available at FINCA this summer. My interest stems from a recent conversation with Phyllis Schneider at the Soros Foundation, who recommended this program. I am particularly interested in working in Central Asia, and am open to any regional assignment. In early May, I will finish my junior year at Smith College, where I am majoring in government and taking coursework in international politics and political economy. In addition, my studies have included regional development in the post-Soviet era. I have also enjoyed studying the economics of developing countries including microfinance, and have taken a year of Russian. Because of my strong interest in this field and in the region, I spent last summer interning for the Open Society Institute in New York researching and writing on the development of universities in Central Asia. It was exciting to track the evolution of the higher educational system in parts of the region, particularly as it relates to entrepreneurial activity. I also offer you the research, outreach, organizational, and team skills I have developed in a variety of other experiences. I have planned events for the Laurelton Chamber of Commerce, managed fundraising for several campus organizations, and conducted economic development research for one of my professors. This coming summer I am eager to contribute to the development of small businesses in Central Asia. I will follow up with you soon to see if you need any other information. I look forward to talking with you. Sincerely, Jane Ellis Jane Ellis


Janessa Maguire
Smith College Box 2211, Northampton, MA 01063 February 9, 2006 Mary Johnson Director Human Resources Department Turner Construction Company 123 Maple Way Anytown, CT 06111 Dear Ms. Johnson: Please accept my resume for the assistant engineer position at Turner Construction Company (position #21678). Jack Harris, a project engineer at Turner Construction Company, referred me to the opportunity. I strongly believe that my direct experience in new building design and construction will benefit the company. As you can see from my resume, I recently completed an internship at Morgan Construction Company working directly with the construction of a new residence hall and student center at Emerson College. This state-of-the-art building is designed to create a living/learning community situated in downtown Boston. In my internship, I worked closely with the lead project engineers on all aspects of the project. Specifically, I processed shop drawings, prepared a contract items list, managed accurate project records, communicated and coordinated with subcontractors, and assisted with budget analysis. In addition to learning about the day-today operations of a construction site, I have come to appreciate the importance of collaborating with a team to ensure a client’s needs are met, and to deliver on-time and within budget. I have also completed relevant coursework through my engineering studies at Smith. I am currently participating in the two-year Design Clinic, in which I am working with a team to design a new fishway at the War Memorial Park Dam in the Town River in West Bridgewater, MA. The team and I are developing several design options based on the existing fishway and the analysis of function, fish passage success, and structural integrity. We will present the final design options to the Department of Marine Fisheries this spring. My interest in Turner Construction Company stems from the organization’s commitment to environmentallyfriendly solutions, and to the use of “green building” practices. I have been active in Clean Energy at Smith, an on-campus organization that promotes awareness of alternative energy sources and environmental issues. I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to bring these commitments to my work, and I believe that your company has demonstrated its responsibility in this arena through projects such as the Southern California Gas Company’s Energy Resource Center. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you in person regarding my interest in the assistant engineer position. I will follow up with you next week regarding my application. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Janessa Maguire Janessa Maguire 413.555.1212


Smith College, Box 1111 Northampton, MA 01063 413-585-0000

February 15, 2006 Rick Heideman Vice President Olander Media 25 Bridge Road Northampton, MA 01060 Dear Mr. Heideman: I would like to express my interest in the recently advertised position of Account Executive at TeamOne described on your agency's web site. After four years at Smith College, where I majored in English and minored in Studio Art, I’m ready to jump into the competitive world of advertising at TeamOne in San Francisco. As my enclosed resume indicates, I have focused my studies and work experiences in communications, particularly marketing and advertising. On a practical level, as Advertising Manager of The Sophian, the college newspaper, I achieved record sales last year, helping the newspaper exceed financials goal by implementing a unique sales/advertising incentive program. Additionally, I’ve spent the last two summers interning at Olander Media as an assistant account executive working on the Basketball Hall of Fame account. During my time on that account, the company's advertising spending has increased one hundred thousand dollars, and I have progressed from having very little client contact to interfacing with the client side on a regular basis. If you seek an account executive who can assist in generating objectives and strategic development, work with all disciplines to generate agency goals, collaborate with creative teams in writing creative briefs, and who will hit the ground running, then please consider what I have to offer. I will call you within the week to answer any questions you may have, and to hear about your hiring process. Thank you for your attention to the enclosed materials. I certainly look forward to exploring this opportunity further. Regards, Deborah Winters Deborah Winters


Janice L. Rogers Smith College, Box 1212, Northampton, MA 01063 February 14, 2006 Ms. Susan Blackmore Internship Coordinator The Cloisters Summer Internship Program The Cloisters Fort Tryon Park New York, NY 10040 Dear Ms. Blackmore: I am writing to apply for the Cloisters Summer Internship Program which I learned about from Dan Jones, a participant in the program last summer. A sophomore art history major at Smith College, I have a special interest in medieval art and experience working with children. I first became interested in the art of the Middle Ages as a child during school trips to the Met’s Bloomberg Arms and Armor Court. Recent visits to the Cloisters library to research the Belles Heures of Jean of France, Duke of Berry manuscript for a course paper on the art of the book have deepened my appreciation for the magnificent collection of the Cloisters. As my resume shows, for two summers I assisted an art teacher in Amherst, Massachusetts, in leading crafts programs for groups of children ages 6-12. I helped develop weekly projects, instructed the children on using materials, and coordinated craft birthday parties. Based on these experiences, I am confident I will be able to lead engaging gallery tours for children. Dan mentioned that interns have the opportunity to research their own tours to present at the end of the summer. With choices such as the Unicorn Tapestries and the Lion Aquamanile, I can easily imagine stirring children’s interest in medieval art as happened for me years ago. Along with my resume are the statement of interest, official transcript, and reference letters requested in the position description on your website. I am available by phone or in person for an interview, and I look forward to discussing with you my strong interest in the Cloisters Summer Internship Program. Sincerely, Janice Rogers 413.585.6655

Janice L. Rogers Enclosures: resume, statement, transcript, references (2)


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