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-----Original Message----From: Nathan Anderson []

Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 11:02 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Riverview Dairy
Dear Sir,
I would like to voice my concerns about the proposed dairy in Baker Township from Riverview Dairy. I am very
concerned about the groundwater supply. The West River Dairy already draws a huge amount of water from the same
aquifer. We are blessed in this area to have a good water supply, but we don't need to tax it anymore. I know they have
a back up plan of using water rights that the ethanol plant (Denco II) had lined up. But, what happens when the ethanol
plant wants to expand? Where will we all get our water?
Another concern is the run off of manure. The barn itself is very close to a local lake. Also, they will be spreading/
knifing in manure close to wetland areas.
Yet another concern is the county roads. The milk trucks have been beating up our county tar roads. Also, add in the
silage and haylage trucks and it's a lot of truck traffic.
So, I would like you to do an Environmental Impact Study to decide if our area can handle this new dairy. Riverview
already has three dairy operations, and at least three feedlots in this county. My thoughts are that this area can't handle
another dairy operation.
Thanks for listening.
Nathan D. Anderson
PO Box 316
Chokio, MN 56221
(320) 287-0132

From: Bill Kleindl []

Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11:08 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Cc: !Commissioners; Ace Sperr; Keith Marty (; Ken Rausch (;; Phil GausmanHome; Rob Kopel (
Subject: Baker Dairy EAW Comment Letter

Hi Chuck,
Attached is a comment letter in regard to the Baker Dairy EAW. Please confirm you received. I will also be
mailing a hard copy today.
Let me know of any questions.
Bill Kleindl
Environmental Services/Planning & Zoning Director
400 Colorado Avenue
Suite 306
Morris, MN 56267

From: Scott & Jenell Staples []
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 12:57 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: probabilty of Baker 30 Dairy

Dear Mr. Peterson,

We are writing concerning the proposed Baker Township Dairy which will be located near our farm in Stevens
County, rural Morris, here in Minnesota. We have many concerns, and would like you to know some of them
before the dairy is allowed to be built.
First, we are asking why, if the water that can be produced at the actual location of the proposed dairy is
either insufficient or of poor quality, the owners can be allowed to tap into water from somewhere else. It is
our understanding, that water may be piped from a neighboring township, or from a main leading from the
city of Morris. This was not brought up in the original permit, and should it not have to be re-permitted? Also,
the ramifications of using water from an alternate source needs to be addressed. We do not care to have our
wells and aquafors depleted through no fault of our own. In our opinion, if water availability is an issue for the
dairy, the project needs to be re-thought or moved to another location,
When the existing dairy, Riverview West was proposed awhile ago, we were promised these dairies would
have no effect on our quality of life here in West Central MN. We live here because we enjoy clean air, quiet,
and little traffic. We can assure you, this longer the case. Our roads have greatly suffered from the
equipment and semi trucks needed to move the silage to the dairy. We have a lot of dust. Their drivers dont
always obey traffic signs, it can be dangerous out here. There is a lot of odor, at times we cant sit
outdoors. Our life has change, and not for the better.
We also know the owners of the proposed dairy need to sell their manure to other landowners to get rid of
it. Do they have enough permission slips, in writing, to address this problem? These are issues that need
attention before ground is broken. In addition, the value of our farm-sites and land becomes an issue for
anyone not connected to this dairy, as we dont feel anyone would want to live too close to a smelly dairy
barn. These concerns are not only in the here and now, but will potentially affect our lives for many years,
and our future generations.
Thank you for the opportunity to let you know our concerns. Please do the right thing.
Scott and Jenell Staples

From: The Ericksons []

Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 7:44 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Comments on proposed Baker Dairy site. (EAW)
Dear Mr. Peterson,
My name is Dean Erickson and my family and I live less than one mile South of the proposed Baker Dairy site. We, as a
family and community, have many concerns about Baker Dairy.
The location is too close to the existing West River Dairy. How many animal units can one part of a county provide
for? The amount of water, traffic and odor from these barns will be devastating to our already shrinking population. The
dairy needs 6300 acres for manure application, it has only 3060 acres to use. Shouldn't they have to have all of the acres
needed under contract before a permit is issued? When they were permitted for West River Dairy they gave a list of acres
they were going to use to put manure on and some of those acres have never had an application of manure yet. Who
oversees this process?
The amount of water they would need started at 98,000,000 gallons per year and then it increased to 135,000,000, which
is split 60,000,000 West River Dairy wells and 75,000,000 Baker Dairy wells. Looking at the information provided by them
this will make an already bad situation worse. If by 2030 the water they are using now is going to be at critical levels and
you add 9,000 more cows, how fast will it fall to critical levels? In their report they have a well inventory list and the two
closest wells to the new dairy, our well and Keith Anderson's well, are not listed at all. I would ask that a draw down test
be done on all wells on that inventory list and include our well and Keith Anderson's well also.
In this report they say there are 4.8 acres of wetlands and I think it is more than that. I have sent 3 short videos, in
seperate emails, showing wet areas of the South and West boundaries of the proposed dairy site. In the report they say
they are working on wetlands delineated and I would ask that this be done before any permits are granted.
The odor that 9,000 cows give off is something you need to experience first hand. While I am sure that the models used
are good at telling you what should happen, I can tell you first hand they are not very accurate. We live 5 1/2 miles West
of West River Dairy and when the wind is from the East we can smell it without any problem. I have talked to people who
live in every direction from West River Dairy and they say it is the first thing they smell in the morning and the last thing
they smell at night. One family said they get into their car, in their garage, and turn on the air conditioner and the smell
comes right out at them! I don't believe that is a faint odor and even a faint odor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is
not healthy and people should not be subjected to this. The fly problem is a very real problem and families that live
around West River Dairy will tell you that also.
The traffic from the existing dairy has already caused County Road 8 to start to fail. They list that Baker Dairy will need
56 trucks for milk each week and 28 trucks for feed each week that is 4368 trucks per year just to keep the dairy
working. This is a small number compared to what it will take during harvest and construction. I think just for harvest it
will take 160 trucks per 160 acres. I estimate they will need around 10,000 acres to feed and bed these cows, adding
another 10,000 trucks per year using County Road 8 and the surrounding township roads. County Road 8 was scheduled
to be resurfaced in 2016, since I have been talking to people about this I have learned that it has been pushed back
to 2021. If this dairy is allowed to happen they might just as well let it go back to a gravel road because that is all that will
be left by 2021. The township roads they use to get the hay off starting in early June and sileage off thru September are
sometimes unpassable to regular traffic due to ruts and heavy dust. They are an accident waiting to happen!
These are the concerns we have about the information in the EAW. Since this has started we have learned they are
going to get their water from another source and if this is true then will another EAW need to be filed so myself and my
neighbors will have the opportunity to voice our concerns about how they will get the water to the new dairy and what type
of problems it could cause the people of this area?

In closing, this proposed dairy is not good for our environment, schools, businesses, churches and our community in
general. I have been told by two families in our neighborhood that they will be moving away if this dairy is allowed to
happen. We would ask you to deny this permit, or at the very least take another step forward and ask them to do an
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). I have two children who would like to farm and because of these dairies their
chances of farming are getting less every day.
Thank you.
The Erickson's;
Dean Erickson, Stevens Township Board Member
Jeri Erickson
Alex Erickson
Chandler Erickson

-----Original Message----From: Jason DeVita []

Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 9:37 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy EAW Comments and Questions
Mr. Charles Peterson,
We, as a community from several townships, had a meeting to discuss the proposed Baker Dairy in Baker
Township, Stevens County. I have several concerns and questions with allowing a new dairy to be started in this
My first concern is traffic and wear on the road. Section 9(A) of the Environmental Assessment Worksheet
stated Stevens County road 8 is slated for improvements in 2016. County Commissioner Ron Staples informed
us that the date for improvements is 2019 and they are talking about moving it another two years to 2021 due to
county budget concerns. The increased heavy traffic will bring the condition of that road down well before the
scheduled improvements.
Secondly, section 4(A) states they will be drilling two wells, one on site that will allow for 75,000,000 gallons.
What is the guarantee that the water is available and will not be running the aquifer dry for the neighbors in the
area? If also states they will be taking 60,000,000 gallons from a new well at the existing dairy in Synnes
Township. County Commissioner Staples informed us that after this EAW was submitted the Baker Dairy
bought water rights from yet a third well further out in the county. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact
location of the third well. The question to that is if these wells and water sources are changing, and the road
repairs/improvements mentioned above are not correct, why is a new EAW required to be submitted and a new
public notice period allocated?
Thirdly, manure application and storage. My first question is how will they remove all the manure? It stated
they will pump and inject some after the fall harvest and they will have verbal agreements with neighboring
farms. What is the guarantee they will have enough people interested to take the remaining manure, and if
neighboring farms are not taking the remaining manure what will be done with it?
Lastly, I have a great concern about the odor from the dairy. Their existing dairies, even with the modern
methods they have, puts off odors for tens of miles with the wind, more so and stronger when applying manure.
This will impact the quality of life for many people in the area, not only the few listed within one mile on the
map in the report. I understand, and agree with not hearing complaints about something with smells, noise, etc.
if someone moves into an area where there is an existing commercial farm, airport, industry, etc. however I
moved to this area 14 years ago to get away from those nuisances and in talking to neighbors they enjoy this
area for the same reasons.
What is the reasoning to allow another nuisance and resource draining site into another area that doesn't
currently have these issues? I ask that this proposed plan be denied and not allowed to continue. If, however, it
is not denied, at the least I ask that an Environmental Impact Study be required.
Jason DeVita
Clerk, Stevens Township, Stevens County

-----Original Message----From: Karen De Vita []
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 9:38 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy, Stevens County
Mr. Peterson After attending a meeting concerning this dairy and reading the information on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
web site, I firmly believe that an Environmental Impact Statement must be completed. It seems logical that an EIS
should be ordered for projects that have the potential for significant environmental effects.
My first concern is odor. Nothing in this report convinces me that this will not be a problem. Do we, as property
owners of long-standing, want to schedule summer activities at our home only to find it unbearable to be outdoors?
Another concern is water usage. And it concerns me that Currently the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is determining
what government body has jurisdiction (federal, state or local. How certain are we that one million gallons per year of
water usage will allow sustainability. The report also states that new regulations require the DNR to provide preliminary
assessment of a proposed well and a water use permit is required. Has that been done?
You state that County Road 8 is slated for improvements in 2016. It is my understanding that this date has been put
back to at least 2020.
Thank you for your consideration of these statements.
Karen DeVita
Treasurer, Stevens Township
Stevens County

From: Jake Marty []
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 6:11 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy EAW

I am writing to you about the proposed Baker Dairy in section 36 of Bake Township in Stevens Township. My
two biggest concerns are 1)ground water and 2)roads. my concerns with the ground water is two fold. First,
will there be enough water to support an additional feedlot of this size located within approx. 6 miles from
another large dairy, 3 nursery to finisher hog sites, a 3000 plus sow unit, and a farrow to finish hog unit. This is
a large number of animals to add to an existing area. Also, the permit calls for 60 millions gallon of water to
come from West River Dairy, but I understand that the water will come from another location. My
interpretation is that would make this application invalid due to inaccurate information. If they can change
this information mid stream, who's to say they will also to true the fact that they do not plan to expand this
feedlot. As for the roads, when they chop silage for the other dairies in the area the roads become
impassable. When they chop silage, the tucks cause the base of the roads to push up through the gravel. The
roads in this area will not be able to handle the additional truck traffic that this dairy will bring. It is a safety
concern from both the condition of the roads and from the drivers failing to follow traffic laws. Thank you for
listening to my concerns.
Jake Marty
Stevens Twp
Stevens Co


From: Jon Hallman []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 7:05 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy EAW comments

Mr. Peterson - As a resident and Township Supervisor of Baker Township, Stevens County, I have
several concerns regarding the proposed "Baker Dairy."
In viewing a copy of the EAW, I saw that Baker Dairy has applied for a groundwater appropriations
permit (#2014-0560) to remove 75,000,000 gallons of water per year from Baker Township. In 2013,
I needed a new well dug at my residence in Baker Township. The well driller found only two narrow
veins of water in 160 feet before contacting what he felt was bedrock. The potential water use is a
great concern to myself, as well as numerous residents of not only Baker Township, but also Scott,
Stevens and Synnes Townships as all three townships are within a mile of the proposed "Baker
Dairy." My concerns are that we don't know how much water is truly under Baker Dairy and how
removing that much water from the environment will affect the water table and surrounding
habitat. Looking at the MN DNR website, it appears to me that there is no DNR Observation Well in
Baker Township or even close enough to Baker Dairy to realistically address the concerns of current
water levels or, more importantly, volumes close to Baker Dairy. To myself and other residents of
Baker Township, these concerns seem to signal the potential for significant environmental effects and
so I feel there is a need for an EIS.
Attachment F in the EAW (area wells within two miles of proposed dairy) appears to have two or three
omissions within the two mile radius. I believe the residents Keith Anderson, Dean Erickson and Les
DeBuhr have their own wells. If this is the case, why are they not on Attachment F?
If Baker Dairy is built, it will be the third large dairy within a 12 mile distance, putting multiple tens of
thousands of cattle in this area. I realize Riverview LLP has built and operated according to existing
regulations yet is there a cumulative potential environmental effect of having this many animals and
the resultant animal waste concentrated in this area? I have been told that after three years of
operation, Baker Dairy could expand in a limited way without revisiting the permitting process. If this
is true for Baker Dairy as well as their existing dairies, the animal and animal waste numbers are only
going to increase in this area.
For all given concerns and reasons, I feel there is great need for an EIS.
Jon Hallman


From: lorna decamp []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 7:08 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Environmental Assessment Impact Statement

Request for an Environmental Impact Statement:

I am concerned about my well. I live about 2.5 miles from the proposed site and get my water from
the same aquafier as the well for the proposed dairy.
All of the additional truck traffic on county roads 8 and 13 will result in future road problems and road
work. They are out only black top road we have to access. Hyway 28,75, and 59 will also be traveled
more. The additional trucks will amount to about 75 a week. That is not including the trucks that haul
hay and corn silage, adding up to 100s of loads. Roads will be wore out in about 2 years and they are
not projected to be resurfaces until 2022.
I am also directly southwest of the site. Northeast winds will make it nearly impossible for outdoor
activities due to the odor. As far as employment opportunities go, there are none. They are hiring
people for other parts of the country to do their work, resulting in very few job openings for local
citizens. The tax burden on local residents for their Hisspanic employees is tremendous because of
food stamps and medical care. They don't send their students to our schools, their children are mostly
home schooled, which isn't helping the school districts in the area anyways.
If at all, this group of people are trying to drive eeryone else out of the count, please reconsider this
decision to let them build. Doing this will make four in Stevens County. When will it be enough? There
is already enough cows in the county so another county could be considered. They do not have
enough land for the manure it will generate.
Again, please reconsider,
Clark DeCamp

From: Beth Burmeister []
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 8:29 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Proposed Dairy in Baker Township
Importance: High

Dear Mr. Peterson,

RE: Proposed Dairy in Baker Township
As the chairman of Baker Township, several concerns have come to the Baker Township Boards attention
regarding the proposed dairy in Baker Township.

Adequate water supply - We understand that the water at the proposed site is not adequate (volume and
quality). One concern is that the dairys water use will potentially exhaust the water supply for
adjoining land owners. We understand the dairy will be responsible for repairing neighbors wells in the
event that the aquifer is over used. What are the long-term effects on the wells for the adjoining
property owners? Is there a time limit for repair? We have no test wells in Baker Township. We do not
know how the water is recharged or if there is adequate water available for all landowners.

Routing of clean water We understand that the clean water from the dairy will be routed in a tile down
the county ditch. Will the county ditch system be adequate to handle the rain runoff from the buildings
and paved area?

Quality of life Once the dairy is built, we anticipate that this will negatively affect property values for
adjoining agricultural property.

Increased traffic The township roads were not designed to handle the proposed traffic volume for
larger and heavier vehicles. We anticipate that the tax revenue will not offset the maintenance needed.
Thus, the tax levy will need to be increased. This will impact all landowners in Baker Township.

Population decline - Several families indicated that they would leave the township if the proposed dairy
is built. If the families leave the community, this will impact the Chokio school district and community.

We respectfully request that an Environmental Impact Statement be conducted. Thank you for considering this

Nathan Burmeister
Chairman, Baker Township
61804 State Hwy. 28
Chokio, MN 56221




From: Heidi Brethorst []
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 11:25 AM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy

June 25, 2014

Brethorst Farms
29172 600th Ave
Chokio, MN 56221
Dear Mr. Peterson,
I am writing you today to help stop the building of the Baker Dairy. I am writing this letter not only as a
daughter in law and a wife of Brethorst Farms, but as a mother to a nine month old baby girl and how the Baker
Dairy will not only impact our lives but how it will affect my daughter and our future unborn children.
Baker Dairys potential location is only around two miles from our home and farm. This is not far for the
environmental impact it will have on our family. This dairy barn has many factors that will affect not only our
family but many families surrounding the dairy barns location.
These factors include the foul smell that come with running a dairy barn. With living in the country I am not
only able go outside into a safe and quiet environment , I am able to take my baby girl out into the fresh air and
play and teach the new world surrounding her. If this dairy barn goes up the foul smell that will be in that fresh
air will impede my babys ability to go outside and enjoy all of these things.
Another concern we have are the flies that dairy barns bring with them. Flies will be another contributing factor
that will affect not only my baby and family but several other families ability to enjoy our time outside. These
flies can also be a danger to our health as flies can carry many potential diseases.
An added concern we have is truck traffic and road conditions that will affect our county. We already have
numerous dairy trucks going by our house twenty four hours a day, and just had to have road construction
completed to rebuild the roads as these trucks tear up the highways. I was not able to drive my vehicle out of
our garage for days as the highway is right at the end of our drive way.
The last concern we share with you today is land competition and land values. It is hard and will be harder for
our family farm to expand our acreage and other young family farmers like ours to do the same. We have
attended multiple land auctions and were out bid by local dairies. We feel it is our right to provide employment
and opportunities for our children and grandchildren and to pursue agriculture in our area.
Thank you for your time,
Brethorst Farms/ John & Ardyce Brethorst and JJ, Heidi and Gracie Brethorst


-----Original Message----From: Kyle Anderson []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 1:17 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy
Dear Charles,
We are writing in regards to the proposed Baker Dairy in section 36 Baker Township, Stevens county. The dairy proposed
to be built is only
4.5 miles away from my farm. I am totally against the building of it for many reasons.
1. Water, will we run out of water? According to page 72 and 73 of the EAW it does not sound good.
2. Why are the closest wells not mentioned in the EAW those of Keith Anderson and Dean Erickson? This seems kind of
strange doesn't it?
3. What happens when the water is gone? This seems pretty serious does it not?
4. I live 2 miles west of the west river site and i have been concerned of running out of water since it was built, now put
one up
4.5 west of me i am really concerned.
5. How are they going to contain the smell? I already get it from the east, now the west. Do you think this ok?
6. Roads are another concern of mine, being a supervisor on the Synnes Township I have had to deal with many phone
calls in regards to how they leave the roads when they are done harvesting there silage and haylage. These roads are not
built to last the constant abuse.Who is going to be responsible for the repair of them?
7.Manure where is all the manure going ? Do they have the acres to spread it on? Don't sound like it.
8. Being a young farmer I can not compete with the outrageous land prices they are paying. They leave nothing for the
younger generation, so they have to move out of the area.
9. Why should our quality of life depend on this proposed dairy?
10.When is enough enough?
I am asking that you do a Environmental Impact Statement on this proposed dairy to further understand what we are
dealing with.
Kyle, Angela, Mackenzie and Alex Anderson
28815 County Road 9
Alberta,MN 56207
Phone 320-324-2557
Cell Phone 320-760-7719


From: Les and Kathy, John and Mitchell []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 1:31 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy, Stevens County

Mr. Peterson,
I am writing in response to the proposed dairy feedlot that is going to be built in Baker Township, Section
___________ near the cities of Chokio and Alberta Minnesota. My husbands family farm homestead is in
Syness and Stevens Townships just 1 mile south of the proposed dairy. We are strongly opposing the
construction of another dairy in our neighborhood for a number of reasons:
1. Water usage: The large amount of water to be used by this dairy is being drawn from an aquifer that is at
300 feet below surface. The well we have has been working very well since 1982 when we replaced it. I feel
that the extreme amounts of water used by the dairy proposed and the dairies that are already operating
within 5 miles of our home jeopardize our water supply. As the level of use of water from that lower aquifer
increases, the water from our aquifer will likely have to fill the lower one and then the dairies will use that as
well, leaving us without a water supply. As you already know, water is becoming an increasingly important
commodity in this country and the world. In this land of 10,000 + lakes, it would be unacceptable that I do not
have the water that I need and have a right to use. I feel that the people behind this dairy have no regard for
the rights and needs of the local residents in the areas surrounding this and their other dairies. I know that
the DNR has observation wells in the county and I request the data from these wells, going back to before the
West River Dairy began operation. I submit that there should be an observation well next to each dairy or
other large water consumer to monitor the effects of such large draws of water. The DNR is supported by my
taxes and I want to be assured that the water I need is available to me, my family, my animals and my sons,
who would also like to farm in the future. I have questions about how much water this organization already
uses in the operation of their dairies. On the DNR Water Appropriations Permits table, Page 213, the usage of
5 wells for West River Dairy for the years of 2010 and 2011 are exactly the same for the wells used by this
dairy, 15.4 in 2010 and 13.3 in 2011. That is highly unlikely and I request that actual usage and specific
locations of these wells be disclosed by the organization, so that adequate monitoring and supervision of the
amounts of water actually used be available to the public. In addition, there have been several expansions to
the dairy in the past few years and I would like the figures for 2012 and 2013 be made public during this
application process, so that the compliance history of this organization can be taken into account when
considering any permits to build.
2. Water quality: Subjectively, I feel the quality of our well water has dropped significantly in the last 10
years, since the dairy 5 miles from us started operations. Twice a year, coinciding with manure application
and in the spring, our water has a strong odor of sulfur, enough that it is uncomfortable to use for bathing and
offensive while drinking from the faucet. If a dairy with millions of gallons of draw is allowed within 1.4 miles
of my home, I can only imagine that the problem will be more pronounced. I feel I have a right to clean, pure,
odor-free water just the same as anyone else in this area.
3. Notification: I have questions about whether the proper notifications were made in this Baker Dairy
application. I want to know what the radius of affected wells limit is and where the measurements are
taken. Our home is 1/2 mile east and 1 mile south of the proposed Baker Dairys southeastern boundary. As

the crow flies, 1.4 miles from the sites nearest boundary. If that measurement may be used, my farm well is
within 1 1/2 miles of the site, yet our well was not included in the application.
4. Odor management: My farm is 1.4 miles southeast of the feedlot site and 1 mile south of land that will
have manure placed in it. I already drive past the existing dairies and am repulsed by the odors emanating
from the dairies, and frequently it make me nauseous. I do not want to live with that odor at my home. As
our state and area has prevailing northwesterly winds, our farmsite and home are directly in the path of odor
movements from the site and the manure application areas. According to the National Weather Forecast
Service out of Watertown, SD, in the past year from July 1, 2013 to June 25, 2014, the wind direction has been
in the north/northwest (300 to 360 degrees) 142 days out of 360. What steps are going to be taken to
prevent our farmsite from smelling like a dairy and limiting the enjoyment of our home and yard 40% of the
year? The West River Dairy, owned and run by the same people, puts manure into the ground at questionable
times according to the existing permits and the odor during the application and the spillage that occurs near
the road is horrendous. The expected enjoyment I may experience at my own home, where I have lived for 35
years and where my husband has lived for 58 years, will be severely and negatively impacted by the odor. My
experience with the existing dairies makes me believe that we will have many days of unpleasant odors if this
dairy is permitted. What will be the steps taken to prevent odor migration to my home for the days when the
manure is being injected into the ground?
5. Compliance: Has the organization that is applying for the Baker Dairy met all the requirements of their
permits for their other dairy enterprises? I believe a history of how these dairies are operated and whether
they are completely compliant with the regulations and the laws that apply to their operation are legitimate
concerns. Do the dairies distribute the manure as prescribed in their permits? Are the odor management
steps effective in protecting the equal enjoyment of their own property by the neighboring people? In the
application, there is a significant gap in the amount of acres that are required to be committed to Baker Dairy
for manure placement. Do the acres need to be formally committed? And who follows up to be sure that the
manure will be distributed to the full number of acres per year?
6. Traffic and Road Damage: I have had the existing dairy silage trucks driving past my house, on township
roads where I have been also driving trucks and farm machinery, driving along the county highway while I am
putting up hay in the county road ditch and been appalled at the speed and recklessness with which the
drivers operate. The area around my farm is far more dangerous for myself, my family and neighbors, my pets
and wildlife in the area. We farmed right across the road from the silage and haylage operations of the
existing dairies and the township gravel roads are left rutted and with huge holes in them due to the operation
of trucks that are going at 60+ mph on them. There is no compensation or repair of those roads by the dairies
and the rest of the township residents are left to pay a huge share of the road repair. And the danger of
meeting one of those trucks on a small township road is very real. I have had to drive with my right sided
wheels on a pickup in the grassy road ditch to avoid a semi truck with haylage on it coming straight at me. I
have had to stop on my county highway on the way to work in the early a.m. when a semi truck hauling silage
pulled out right in front of me. I barely got stopped in time. I have been frightened to death on my way to
work when the dairy workers are walking or riding bicycles on the county highway at 4:00 a.m. in the
dark. Calls to our County Sheriff have helped that situation. The mail in my mailbox is covered with a fine
dust that filters into it as the trucks go through our homestead at 60+ mph. Our home and outbuilding and
barns are on both sides of a township road. It is dangerous for my pets to be near the road when the trucks
are driving by. The road ditches grass is covered with dust, making it impossible to use for my animals, due to
the dusty content of the hay. Is there a plan to provide dust control on these roads so that I may continue to

use my small little area on this earth? Or is it just country for enormous corporate farms? My concerns about
the deterioration of my quality of life may seem small to you, but I suggest you come to my house and explain
to my children that our dog was run over by a dairy truck and that there is nothing that can be done to
prevent it. The deterioration of our County Highway, the route I take to get to my job in Morris, get groceries,
visit friends, or go to church impacts my quality of life. Two of our county commissioners have said that our
County Highway #8 will need to be resurfaced much sooner than planned because of the increase in the heavy
traffic on it. Who is to pay for that? Again, the lions share is left to the rest of the taxpayers. My quality of
life drops with each new dairy that is permitted, due to safety, esthetics, finances and decreased enjoyment of
my neighborhood. Employees of the dairy have vandalized local lake accesses, parking cars under picnic
shelters, breaking up wooden structures for campfires, left beer bottles littered all over, terrorized the local
youth who wanted to swim at the lake and cost the local wildlife groups and 4-H clubs financial resources to
repair the lake accesses. Is there a way to recoup these losses for these non-profit, civic-minded groups? The
reactions of the 4-Hers who maintain the public access was memorable in its sadness and loss of faith in doing
charitable activities.
7. Water Handling: Where will the runoff for the blacktop go? A holding pond can take a certain amount and
then the excess must go into the local County Ditch system. Is that system large enough to handle this water
and what are the effects downstream of the added amounts that this water will create? An Environmental
Impact Statement should be done to assess that issue prior to any permitting.
8. Water supply: At the time of this writing, the plan by the Baker Dairy organization is to apply for permits
for a large water pipe to bring water from about 10 miles away from the Baker Dairy into Baker Township via
the county road ditch system. Who will be responsible for any breaks in the water pipe and the resultant road
and surface damage of such a leak? Will every person who wants to bury a pipe or tile in the county road
ditch be allowed to do so, or just the large corporate farms? Will the DNR give permission for the water
supply pipe to be buried on its property in Scott Township along County Road #8 near County Road 9, or even
in the road ditch near that property? Will our County Commissioners have the courage to support the long
time residents that reside in the immediate area of the proposed Baker Dairy? That remains to be seen.
In conclusion, my family and I oppose the Baker Dairy permit. If the safety, financial, esthetic and quality of
life issues are of no importance, then approve this permit. If the rights of the local folks, taxpayers and voters
matter, please do not give a permit for any further expansions by this large, uncaring, unfeeling, greedy
corporate farm.
Kathy DeBuhr
28976 580th Avenue
Chokio, MN 56221


From: Anderson, Debra, R []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:56 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy

Please see the attached letter of concern regarding the proposed Baker dairy.
Thank you!
Keith & Debbie Anderson
27092 600th Ave
Chokio, MN 56221
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From: Anderson, Debra, R []

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To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy

Please see the attached letter of concern regarding the proposed Baker Dairy.
Madison Anderson
Daughter of Keith and Debbie Anderson
27092 600th Ave.
Chokio, MN 56221
NOTICE-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION - The information in this communication is proprietary and
strictly confidential. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this
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From: Ruth E Anderson []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 4:20 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Baker Dairy

From: David C & Ruth E Anderson

Charles Peterson


Baker Dairy

Our farm and farm home is located 1 mile west and 5 miles south of the proposed Baker Dairy. We have
some concerns regarding the proposed Dairy. Perhaps further study is needed such as an Environmental Impact
Our community is like many smaller, rural areas throughout the state. We are concerned for our
neighbors and friends, especially those living closer to the proposed Baker Dairy. Concerns such as:
WATER Where will the water for the operation and the cattle come from? The suggested aquifer
seems inadequate; longevity is minimal. What then? How will the farm families in the areas obtain the water
necessary for their needs? If the water source is changed, does that not necessitate a new EIS?
WASTE MANAGEMENT Does the operation have the necessary acres required for spreading the
waste generated by the animals? Does the entity have to name all the acres, owned by them and also by others,
which they plan to use? Shouldn't this be secured prior to permits given, rather than a broad statement that
adequate acres are available for spreading of manure?
Another concern with waste management: Are there certain months, days of the year when spreading of
manure is allowed? Why is hay land counted as cultivated land? When manure is spread over fields from
which the hay crop has just been harvested, what is going to keep that waste from washing into the drainage
ODOR The EAW notes the amount of various gases in the air, adding that these amounts will be at or
below hazardous levels. That is all well and good. What isn't measurable is how the nose detects the odor from
the dairy itself, and the manure as it's spread. People with certain medical issues know that small fluctuations in
the quality, content of the air they breathe affects the condition. As a chronic migraine sufferer, I know this to
be true.
ROADS The routes in the EAW are just proposed, or suggested, routes. We live on Co. Rd. #13. That
is not one of the proposed routes. I never saw the EAW for the West River Dairy. It may or may not been a
proposed route for that dairy. What we have noticed is that many, many milk trucks have been using the road
past us, both going to and coming from the Riverview Dairies. It's interesting that, in the past few weeks, there
have been very few milk trucks on Co. Rd. #13...
Gravel County and Township roads are severely damaged by the trucks hauling forage to feed the
animals. This is another major concern for the landowners in the townships. They are the ones who have to
pay for repairing the townships roads.


QUALITY OF LIFE The quality of life will be diminished for those living with a large radius of the
Baker dairy, due to the above concerns. This will also affect the value of farm sites with livable homes and
quality buildings should a family choose to relocate in retirement.
In summary, we believe more study, such and an Environmental Impact Statement, is needed before permitting
the Baker Dairy project.

David C & Ruth E Anderson


-----Original Message----From: kurt staples []

Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 4:21 PM
To: Peterson, Charles V (MPCA)
Subject: Riverview, LLP - Baker Dairy EAW Comments
The two attached documents are separate comments to the Riverview LLP- Baker Dairy EAW.
Thank you,
Clay Staples


Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)

Riverview LLP, Baker Dairy
I have the following concerns with the Baker Dairy EAW.
Water- The Baker Dairy plans on using 75 MGY from the building site, along with an additional 60 MGY from
the West River Dairy in Synnes Township. The DNR has its concerns that with the current decline to the aquifer
by the 2030s the aquifer will be at 50%. If the additional 75 MGY are pulled from 2 new wells the 50% will
come much sooner than 2030.
Manure- The Baker Dairy currently has 3060 acres of tillable land, the operation will need a total of 6300 acres
to spread all generated manure. My question is does the dairy need a contract with local farmers and landowners
to spread the additional 3240 acres of manure?
Roads- With the Baker Dairy using County Road 8 that is paved and many additional county and township
roads. County Road 8 takes a beating from the local traffic, along with West River Dairies milk trucks, and
occasional feed semis. With an additional 84 semis traveling the road every week the road would be ruined.
Along with the other the county and township roads that are used very heavily during harvest.
These are just some of the reasons why I believe the Baker Dairy needs an Environmental Impact Statement
Kurt Staples
Clerk for Synnes Township
Clay Staples
30857 530th Ave
Morris, MN 56267


Riverview, LLP Baker Dairy EAW

Concerns of the Baker Dairy EAW.
Water- The Baker Dairy is currently being permitted for the water used to come from West River Dairy in
Synnes Township and Baker Township. This is no longer the case and it is now coming from a private well in
Horton Township.
Manure- In the permit the dairy has stated they have 3060 acres to apply manure on. But the amount of manure
produced every year would take 6300 acres to apply the volume produced. Where is the other 3500 acres
coming from? Does the dairy need to have signed contracts with the other landowners?
Roads- The dairy will be very hard on township roads when they are harvesting silage and hay. Also the truck
drivers are dangerous to other people on the road, due to not obeying the rules.
With the following concerns I believe an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is in order.
Stanley Staples
Treasurer of Synnes Township
53697 300th St.
Morris, MN 56267