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CITY IS a substitute sheet with an

amendment that will leave the

HAMPERED BY Pryor street money intact.

LACK OF FUNDS The Kelley amendment proposes

taking $5,125 from asphalt
June Budget Shows repairs, $1,000 from streets
That Either Schools ordinary of the second ward,
$950 from Georgia Avenue
or Streets Must paving fund,. $472.77 from
Suffer, While Much Georgia Avenue re-grading fund,
Needed Sewer Work $250 from West Mitchell, $300
from stockade clothing fund,
Will Have to Go Over. $250 from the "penny lunch”
fund of schools, $501.84 from
The Atlanta Constitution,
payroll at Oakland cemetery,
June 14, 1914
$1,000 from insurance und, and
$12,165 from bridges, paint and
With appropriations, which are repair funds.
meager and insufficient to meet
the growing demands of the Where Money Would Go.
city, the June budget, carrying
$5,022.723 18, part of which The amendment proposes
represents items carried over adding the money taken from
from last year, will be presented the above funds to the
to council this afternoon. following: Cherokee avenue
paving $5,000, Normal School,
Two budgets will be offered. $1,599; fire extinguishers in
Chairman W. H Humphrey will schools, $701.50, Ira Street
offer one and Alderman C H improvements, $250, salary of
Kelley will offer the other. The primary school supervisor six
issue which will be advanced months, $720, principal of
when the sheets are offered will Normal School, $871, assistant
be whether Atlanta schools are $580, and twelve teachers,
to be given preference over $2,2730. The items apportioned
street improvements. for the teachers represents
salary for four and six months.
Chairman Humphreys’ sheet
proposes taking $10,000, at Regardless of the issue raised
least, from the South Pryor by the finance committee,
Street .re-grading fund and members of council who have
applying the money to the been struggling for years and
appropriation for schools to months for more sewer and
launch the re-organization plans construction work are going to
recently adopted by the school have an inning. The Butler and
board. Alderman Kelley will offer
Highland Avenue sewer proposed putting back into the
agitation will be aired in council. treasury the $25,000 from the
sewer fund, and $27,000 from
Alderman Albert Thompson and the engineers contingent fund
Councilman Claude L. Ashley, as which amounts to $52,000. By
whose instances Mayor this method of transferring the
Woodward called a special funds the fourth ward members
meeting of the finance hoped the $25,000 they would
committee, sewer committee put back could be made
and bond committee available for departmental
Wednesday afternoon, are going purposes, and would also
to the heard from. They want restore the $7,000 taken from
Council to take $52,000 from the street ordinary
the unexpended sewer bond
balance and use it on the Chairman Fletcher Quillian did
extension of the Butler and not approve the fourth ward
Highland sewers. proposition. He took the
position that the transferral of
City Losing Money the funds as proposed by the
fourth ward delegation would
In January the finance not be legal. He also stated that
committee gave the fourth ward he was opposed to the
$25,000 for Butler and Highland expenditure of any part of the
Avenue sewers. To complete bond money except for the
Butler Street sewer the city specific projects set forth in the
needs $14,000 and about bond ordinance.
$60,000 is needed on Highland
Avenue. The $60,000 is more No Sewer Relief In Sight
than the ward has for the
project. Hence the fourth ward
representative, after thoroughly
Out of the total $1,359,498.08 going into the proposition, will
of the bond money voted for have nothing more than $2,500
sewers, there is a balance to complete the sewer up to a
unexpended amounting to point on Ponce de Leon Avenue,
$219,910.51. and means that residents of the
fourth, ninth, sixth and eighth
The balance is in the bank wards, instead of getting the
drawing or earning a meager 2 immediate relief they have been
per cent, whereas the city is hoping and praying for, will be
paying the bondholders 4 1/3 exposed to nauseous odors
per cent. which percolate through the
sewer openings and the disease
The scheme of the fourth ward which may result.
members is to put the banked
bond money to work. They
It is doubtful whether the
general council will pass the
sheet Thursday afternoon.
Some members of the finance
committee have a scheme
where they hope to get the
consent of council to dispose of
some invaluable property
estimated to be worth about
$30,000. if the property can be
sold for $25,000 the money will
greatly relieve the strained
condition of the treasury. But
there is considerable opposition
in the present council against
the sale of any city property,
particularly in view of the fact
that the city will be needing
property to meet the growing
demands for new schools, fire
engine houses and other

Graham West, chief clerk in the

comptroller’s office, has been
instructed to draw up a
resolution authorizing the mayor
to appoint a committee of three
to investigate the property
listed as being of no immediate
use to the city, and to take
steps in the direction of
advertising it for sale by the city

The resolution will be presented

to the council along with the two
finance sheets.