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Answer the following Questions:

Q.1. Why was it a tough time for Hannah Chaplin and her two sons? What did she do for her
sons? What did she decide to earn money?
A.1. It was a tough time for Hannah Chaplin and her two sons. There wasnt enough money
in their house even for their basic needs. She sang and danced for her sons and told them
wonderful stories. She sewed clothes for people. Her son Sydney sometimes did odd jobs.
The children sometimes had to go to work house. Whenever she had money, she took them to
the beach and treated them to cakes and ice-creams. To earn money, Hannah decided to sing
songs on the stage at the music halls of London as she had a very good voice.
Q.2. Why was she afraid of singing at the music halls? What terrified her?
A.2. Hannah was afraid of singing at the music halls of London because unruly crowds
always gathered there. Artists were often chased from the stage. For the sake of her children
she gathered enough courage and went on the stage one evening. When Hannah went on the
stage to sing and faced the crowd, her worst fear came true. Her voice failed when she faced
the crowd. There were catcalls, boos and whistling. These things terrified Hannah.
Q.3. Write few lines on Charlie Chaplins first appearance on the stage.
A.3. Charlie lived with his mother and brother Sydney in a small shabby room. When Charlie
was nine years old, he joined William Jacksons Lancashire dance troop. He had inherited his
mothers singing talent, acting skills and her ability to bring magic into other peoples world.
Once when his mother got terrified on the stage, Charlie was forced to perform on the stage.
He sang, danced and did several imitations including that of his mothers. There was
laughter, cheers and applause for his performance. People started throwing money on the
stage. This proved to be his first appearance on the stage and his mothers last.
Q.4. How did Sherlock Holmes find out the name of the newcomer and where did he come
Ans.4 John Watsons mattress name tag said J. Watson. Sherlock Holmes selected the most
common name beginning with J. This is how he found out the name of the newcomer.
Watsons particular style of the shoes was not made in the city. Holmes had only noticed it in
the North of England. From this, he could make out where the boy came from.
Q.5. How did Sherlock Holmes find out what the boys father was?
Ans.5 Watson was carrying The Hunter Encyclopedia of Diseases which is a book only
available to physicians. Since Watson was too young to have gone to a medical school,

Holmes assumed it must have been given to Watson by an older person who was close to
him. From this, he could make out that his father was a doctor.
Q.6. How did Sherlock Holmes find out what the boy did in his leisure time and that he was
fond of custard tarts?
Ans6. The middle finger of Watsons left hand had a callus which is common sign of a
writer. From this, he could make out that he spent much of his leisure time writing. There
was a stain of yellow custard on Watsons collar. That particular colour was used in making
custard tarts. So, he could make out that he was fond of custard tarts.
Q.7. Who was Leroy? Why didnt he ever speak of the help he gave his father?
Ans7. Leroy was a young boy who lived in Idaville, U.S.A. He never spoke of the help he
gave his father because he did not want to seem different from other children.
Q.8. Why was Leroy nicknamed Encyclopedia? Do you think it was a suitable name?
Ans8. Leroy was nicknamed Encyclopedia because, just like Encyclopedia contains facts
about everything, his head was full of facts from large number of books that he read. He
would share his knowledge with his friends whenever they asked him to. They thought he
was a library and a computer rolled into one. Yes, it was a suitable name.
Q.9. Why was Chief Brown suspicious about the sheet from the desk calendar that was
attached to Nolans will?
Ans9. Chief Brown was suspicious about the sheet because it had an address and four words
that did not make sense. He assumed it was a secret message for Davenport who had known
Nolan well to decode his message.
Q.10. Was Leroys guess right about the whereabouts of the stolen jewellery? How did he
arrive at the correct solution?
Ans10. Yes, he was right about the whereabouts of the stolen jewellery. He realized that the
four code words stood for the four days of the week and the unwritten fifth word fir
indicated the place where the jewellery had been hidden by Nolan.
1. Hannah was afraid to sing at the music halls of London because
A] She did not have a good voice.
B] Unruly crowd gathered there.

C] The audience threw stones at her.

2. Charlie was lead on the stage by
A] His mother
B] His brother
C] The stage manager
3. When money poured on to the stage halfway through, Charlie decided to
A] To stop singing and entertaining the people.
B] To collect money first and then sing afterwards
C] To collect the money and give to his mother.
4. When Charlie was nine years old. He joined
A] William Jacksons Lancashire group
B] William Jacks Texas group
C] William Tells Mexican group
5. Catcalls means
A] Food, shelter and clothing
B] The area at either side of the stage that cannot be seen by the audience
C] Unpleasant noises of shouts to show disapproval of somebody who is performing in
6. Charlies mother sang
A] An Indian March song
B] An Irish March song
C] An American March song
7. Whenever Hannah had money, Hannah would
A] Take them to see film and treat them to cakes and ice cream
B] Take them to the beach and treat them to cakes and ice cream
C] Take them to a park and treat them to cakes and ice cream

8. Holmes was throwing away the violin because he couldnt master it in three days. This
suggests that he was
A) Angry
B) Eager
C) Impatient
9. Callus means
A) An area of thick hard skin
B) A swollen area
C) An area of delicate soft skin
10. The boy was carrying a handbook named ______.
A) Encyclopedia of wild animals
B) The Hunter Encyclopedia of Diseases
C) Encyclopedia of diseases
11. Holmes guessed Watsons first name ____.
A) John
B) Johnny
C) James
12. The writer had a callus in the _____
A) Middle finger of left hand
B) First finger of the left hand
C) Middle finger of left hand
13. A stain of yellow custard was on Johns ___
A) Shirt
B) Face
C) Collar
14. Holmes guessed Johns father a ____

A) Engineer
B) Doctor
C) Writer
15. Leroys father never told anyone that his son was the real detective because ____.
A) He did not want to give away the secret.
B) He thought no one would believe him.
C) His son had requested him to keep the secret.
16. Encyclopedias father was ____
A) A superintendent of police
B) A commissioner of police
C) A chief of police
17. An Encyclopedia is a book or a set of books
A) Filled with facts from A to Z
B) Filled with details of a subject
C) Filled with vocabulary
18. Hunch means ______.
A) ill feeling about something
B) A strong feeling about something
C) A weak feeling about something
19. The real name of Encyclopedia was
a) Harry
b) Leroy
c) Edison
20. Fifth grader means
A) A student of class seven

B) A student of class five

C) A student of class six
21. Sweden is a country in _______ Europe.
A) Northern
C) Southern
22. Utes are an ________ Indian tribe.
A) European
B) American
C) African

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