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MIS 6204 Syllabus

Information Technologies and MIS Fundamentals (MIS 6204 – 555)

Spring 2005

January 10 through February 28, 2005

Instructor: Prof. Hans-Joachim Adler, Ph.D.

Office: SM 3.227
Phone: 972 883-4695

Course: MIS 6204 Section 555

Class Hours: Section 555 Monday 6:00-10:00pm Room SM 2.717

Office Hours: By Appointment

TA: Zhanwei Cao

Office: SOM 3.228
Phone: 972-883-4428

Textbook: Introduction To Information Systems, 12th Edition, by James A. O’Brien,

Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2005
e-book version (save 50% of the bookstore price):

Resources: We will be using WebCT in this class. Functions included on WebCT are described
in the WebCT introduction. Various readings will be included in support of the class. All changes
to the course will appear on WebCT.

Course Objective: The principal objective is to understand (1) the efficient/effective use of
information technologies in organizations and (2) their impacts on the modern society from the
end-user perspective. This course provides the necessary background to understand the role of
information technology and Management Information Systems in today's business environment.

Topics include: strategic role of information, organization of information, information decision

making requirements, telecommunications and networking, managing information resources,
distributed processing, and current information systems/technology issues.

HJA 1 1/25/2005
MIS 6204 Syllabus

Grading: We will use WebCT to help with the course and grading.

The student with the highest grade in class will be normalized to a 100%. The rest of the
students will be normalized accordingly.

Exam 1 30% 36 points

Exam 2 30% 36 points
Assignment 40% 48 points
120 points

Grades will be posted on WebCT after each exam or the assignment is graded. Access to your
grades will be through WebCT.


• All exams are close-book in-class tests.

• Answers to all exam questions are taken from class discussions, class notes, and the
• Students must bring a Scantron Sheet (Number 882-E – green form), available from the
campus bookstore, and a no. 2 pencil for each exam.
• There will be no make up exam, except for the following situations: medical emergency and
business trip (written documentation may be required for both).


The primary purpose of the case assignment is to allow you to apply principles learned in
class to a real world problem. The case is due the week before the Exam 2. Case format
and analysis will be discussed in detail in class.

Working Together:

You are encouraged to work together in how to use computers and applications. Each
student, however, is expected to do his or her own work for the assignment. Copying
another student's work (computer files) is scholastic dishonesty (see below) and will
be dealt with accordingly.

Scholastic Dishonesty:

The faculty expects from its students a high level of responsibility with respect to academic
honesty. Because the value of an academic degree depends upon the absolute integrity of
the work done by the student for that degree, it is imperative that a student maintains a high
standard of individual honor in his or her scholastic work. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but
is not limited to, statements, acts or omissions related to applications for enrollment or the
award of a degree, and/or the submission as one's own work of material that is not one's
own. As a general rule, scholastic dishonesty involves one of the following acts: cheating,
plagiarism, collusion, and/or falsifying academic records. Students suspected of academic
dishonesty are subject to disciplinary proceedings. Specifically, copying another student's
computer files or buying assignments from a 3rd party could result in a grade of F and/or
expulsion from the University.

HJA 2 1/25/2005
MIS 6204 Syllabus


Jan 10 Syllabus Course Introduction, Assignment, Group set-up

Chapter 1 Foundations of Information Systems in Business
Chapter 2 Competing with Information Technology

Jan 17 MLK Jr. Day No class

Jan 24 Chapter 3 Computer Hardware

Chapter 4 Computer Software
Assignment Discussion

Jan 31 Chapter 5 Data Resource Management

Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks
Assignment Discussion

Feb 07 Exam 1 Chapter 1-6

Chapter 7 Electronic Business Systems
Chapter 8 Electronic Commerce Systems
Assignment Discussion

Feb 14 Chapter 9 Decision Support Systems

Chapter 10 Developing Business / IT Solutions
Assignment Discussion

Feb 21 Chapter 11 Security and Ethical Challenges

Chapter 12 Enterprise and Global Management
of Information Technology
Assignment Presentations (opt.)

Feb 28 Evaluation
Exam 2 Chapter 7-12
Assignment Presentations
(Assignment Due)

HJA 3 1/25/2005