NEMAT SAHAK Construction and Road Constructional Company

Address. Tel. Email. Koti Sangi Saba Market next to Police Station 5 0700294958_0774474805

Company profile
We the NEMAT SAHAK Construction Company provides/supplies and implements everything related to construction we have over 5years of experience in construction and road construction materials. Our time and quality works to implement short term and long term. We provides unshakeable base to our company. For being competitive in the concerned rather price sensitive case all our purchases are carried out directly from the main sources. All in order to keep the price level lowest possible. Our policy is to construct and supply materials from well known and established companies when and where applicable especially products are delivered to supply certain conditions such as construction material, steel bars, etc Each and every order is carefully processed to ensure complete and time construction and delivery of material to their final destinations last but not leas we believe in personal and quick service. Our aim is to have lasting and satisfied customers.

The fields in which we have engaged ourselves are
Construction all the kind of roads Construction of multiple stair building Re_ construction of school and damage building Graveling, leveling and repairing of roads Supply of all type of construction materials such as sand, stones, Cement, wood, steel bar, and etc

We do the following in construction
• • • • • • Construction all kinds of roads Constructions of one stair and multiple stair building Re _construction of school Graveling leveling and repairing of roads Painting of offices , houses etc Anything related to construction

We are the reliable supplier of all type of construction materials with comprehensive guarantee coverage our guarantee is unmatched which provides unshakable base to our Company.

We provide or supply
• • • All types of wood, wooden pallets, wooden beam etc. All type of construction materials such as cement steel bar etc. All type of stone gravel sends soil etc.

Machinery and equipment
Nemat Sahak constructional and road construction company has following machinery and equipment at the stock or at the project side.
• • • • • • • • Mixer machine Left Vibrator Dumper trucks Stone crashing machine Excavator Loader Lifting machine three pec three pec three pec eight trucks four pec three pec three pec three pec

Services and support
We not only provide/supply but also extent full backup support to our client. Our highly skilled technical staff will be present at your door step if needed. We normally give long term employment contracts to our best technical staff called (bash) they are among the best one available in Kabul.

Project in hand
• • Ministry of interior Ministry of interior farah second regiment of police police station of highway from hirat to

Project completed
• • • • • • • • • • • • ACTED KEP ADA UNDP CARE CARE sides MEDAIR MEDAIR ACTED district 9 Camp Egger Ministry of interior Ministry of defense supply of construction materials for 500 latrines renewing of guesthouse construction of school in lagar for 500 students supply of construction materials for road repairing road repairing/graveling in karti_now supply of construction materials for shah re now supply of construction materials for gulbagh gabin supply of construction materials for dam supply of construction materials for latrines in Commando HQ Renovation Building police station No 5 of Kabul regiment of 88 arterially

All products supplied and constructional and road construction made by is backed by 1 year guarantee (more detail will be provide in contracts)


Director of Nemat Sahak CON CO Ltd