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School of Arts and Humanities

LANG 4348.501 Advanced Vietnamese II
Spring Semester 2006
Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-:6:45 PM

Lily Dam, Lecturer

Voice mail: 214-966-9612

This course enables students to acquire general knowledge of the history of Vietnam, its
culture and its literature. Students will have opportunities to read/discuss different
samples of Vietnamese literature through times. They will also practice writing literary
critiques and participate in oral presentations. Regular attendance, language fluency and
literacy skills are required for classroom activities.

Vietnamese Literature: An Anthology by Nguyen Dinh Hoa, San Diego State University,


Group Project: Maximum score: 25 points (Students will work in groups on projects)
Mid-term exam: Maximum score: 30 points
Final exam: Maximum 30 points
Attendance: Perfect attendance: 15 points, 3 points deducted for each absence. Students
who submit make-up work will have 1 instead of 3 points deducted for each absence.
90-92: A- 93-97:A 98-100 : A+
80-82: B- 83-87: B 88-89: B+
70-72: C- 73-77: C 78-79: C+
60-69: D below 60: F

Students are to follow the university policies regarding academic honesty. Any act of
academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, collusion and falsifying academic records)
will be dealt with accordingly.

Students who arrive 1/2 hour late or leave the class 1/2 early will be marked absent unless
advanced notice is given to instructor.

The university policies require that a student must have completed 70% of the
coursework and a reasonable expectation of completing the course in a specified time
period to receive an incomplete.
Jan. 10 Syllabus-Introduction to course content.

Jan. 12 History: Review Vietnamese history to the Le Dynasty.

Literature: Ho Xuan Huong’s Poems

Jan. 17 History: Le Dynasty

Literature: Tale of Kieu

Jan. 19 History: Trinh Nguyen Civil War

Literature: Tale of Kieu

Jan. 24 History: The Trinh Dynasty in the North and the Nguyen Dynasty in the
Literature: Tale of Kieu

Jan. 26 Vietnamese customs and traditions for major life events

History: European Presence in Vietnam
Literature: Lady Thanh Quan

Jan 31 History: Downfall of the Trinh and Le

Literature: Lady Thanh Quan
Poetry: Duong Luat

Feb. 2 History: The Tay Son Dynasty

Literature: Nguyen Cong Tru

Feb. 7 History: The Nguyen Dynasty and the unification of the North and South
Literature: Cao Ba Quat

Feb. 9 History: The Nguyen Dynasty (continued)

Literature: Tran Te Xuong

Feb. 14 History: Vietnam near the end of the Nguyen Dynasty

Literature: Nguyen Dinh Chieu

Feb. 16 History: The French invasion of South Vietnam

Literature: Huynh Tinh Cua

Feb 21 History: The French first invasion of North Vietnam

Literature: Truong Vinh Ky
Feb. 23 History: Vietnam after the Giap Tuat Agreement with the French
Literature: Pham Quynh

Feb. 28 Review for midterm exam

March 2 Midterm Exam

Literature: Nguyen Ba Hoc

March 6-11 Spring Break

March 14 History: The French second invasion of North Vietnam

Literature: Nguyen Van Vinh

March 16 History: The French colonization of Vietnam

Literature: Tu Luc Literary Group

March 21 History: War with China

Literature: Tu Luc Literary Group

March 23 History: The war against the French in North and Central Vietnam:
differerent anti-French movements
Literature: Tu Luc Literary Group

March 28 History: the French influence in Vietnam

Literature: Han Mac Tu

March 30 History: The division of Vietnam by the Geneva Agreement

Literature: Dinh Hung

April 4 History: North and South Vietnam after 1954

Literature: Vo Phien

April 6 History: The war between North and South Vietnam

Literature: Nguyen Sa

April 11 Project presentation

April 13 Project presentation

April 18 Project presentation

April 20 Review for final exam

April 25 TBA