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Spring 2005

INSTRUCTOR: Greg Ozbirn (

OFFICE: ES 3.608, phone 972-883-4725, hours see website

COURSE NUMBER: CS 3345 (Same as SE 3345)

COURSE TITLE: Data Structures


PREREQUISITE: Prerequisites: CS 2315 (Computer Science II) and one of CS 3305 (Discrete Mathematics
for Computing II) or SE 2370 (Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering).

Metrics for performance evaluation of algorithms. Formal treatment of basic data structures such as arrays, stacks,
queues, lists, trees. Various sorting and searching techniques. Fundamental graph algorithms.

Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in Java, by Mark Allen Weiss, ISBN 0-201-35754-2. Copyright 1999 by
Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.

Assignments must be turned in on time. Due dates will have one extra late day for half credit. This includes any
problems encountered uploading to WebCT, so you must upload early and double-check your submission to
avoid a late penalty. Once the late day passes, assignments will be recorded as a zero.

Exams must be taken on time. Exceptions require advance approval by the instructor. It is up to the instructor to
determine whether an exception will be made, and will depend largely on proof of extraordinary circumstances.
Otherwise, missed exams will be recorded as a zero.
Class lectures will cover the material for each week as listed in the schedule. PowerPoint slides will be used in
the lecture and will be available on the instructor’s website for download and printing if desired. Selected sample
programs and assignments may also be discussed in class.

The grade will be determined as described below. No bonus work, make-up work, dropped scores, or other
means of raising your grade should be expected. At the end of the semester, it is possible that grades may be
curved, but a curve should not be expected.

Exam I 10%
Exam II 10%
Final Exam 15%
Semester Project 20%
Assignments 45%

Students are expected to attend all class lectures. If absent, the student is still responsible for any material
covered or anything said which the student missed, including changes to assignments or due dates. Missed
exams must be cleared in advance.

You are expected to do your own assignments and take tests without outside assistance. All work must be your
own. If help is required, it should be obtained from the instructor or teaching assistant. Programs will be
checked with software to detect copied work. If cheating is detected, all parties involved may be denied points
for that project or exam, which may result in a zero being assigned to all parties. The work will be sent to the
Dean of Students and the Head of the Department may also be informed.
CS 3345 Data Structures / Greg Ozbirn
Section 501: 7:00PM-8:15PM, Room ECSS 2.412

Class Date (28 classes) Material Covered

1,2 Jan 10, 12 Introduction, Chapter 1

3 Jan 17, 19 Holiday, Chapter 1
4,5 Jan 24, 26 Chapter 2

6,7 Jan 31, Feb 2 Chapter 3

8,9 Feb 7, 9 Chapter 4
10,11 Feb 14, 16 Review, Exam I (ch. 1-4)
12,13 Feb 21, 23 Semester Project

14,15 Feb 28, Mar 2 Chapter 5

Mar 7, 9 No Classes (Spring Break)
16,17 Mar 14, 16 Chapter 6
18,19 Mar 21, 23 Chapter 7
20,21 Mar 28, 30 Chapter 8

22,23 Apr 4, 6 Review, Exam II (ch. 5-8)

24,25 Apr 11, 13 Chapter 9
26,27 Apr 18, 20 Chapter 9
28 Apr 25 Review

May 2 Final Exam (Comprehensive)

7:00 pm Monday