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1. Presence of health threats, health deficits and foreseeable crisis or stress points in the family.

A. Health Threats
The familys home and environment are contributors that threat the health
of the family. In their house, the presence of exposed nails and steel wires may lead
to future accidents. The staircase to their main door is unstable and more so the first
two steps as they were not properly anchored to the ground. The cover of their front
bedroom window is a health threat because it may cause injury when people wont
notice it when climbing the stairs and bump their heads.
Inside their house, the corner where they hang their garbage bag may be a
breeding site for vectors of infection that may bring diseases to the family. Although
the front door is barricaded to keep Baby RM from going out, the wood used to
make the barricade is rough and has splinters that may harm, not just Baby RM, but
also those who go over it unaware and unprotected. On the other hand, the absence
of a barricade on the kitchen door and of a kitchen wall is a health threat. People,
especially young children, may go through the kitchen door unaware that the kitchen
has no walls, or complete flooring, and fall off to the ground.
Their method of cooking rice is a threat to their health because they use
fire wood to cook. Firewood produces thick smoke when it burns thus leading to eye
and respiratory irritations when not enough ventilation is provided. Also, the flames
from the wood might burn through the table and then eventually scatter to the house
that is made from wood. The family buys food from the neighboring store and this
may cause stomach upsets and food poisoning when not properly handled by the
ones they brought it from.

B. Health Deficits
Baby RM experiences seizures when having fever. Her last episode was
on August, 2014 and had had 3 other episodes since December, 2013. The family
does not know the exact cause of the seizures except that it accompanies Baby RMs
fever. They admitted her in the hospital during her first seizure and was given a
prescription of two suppository paracetamol then continued by paracetamol drops.

During the next episodes, the family did not, anymore, admitted her to the hospital
but self-medicated the child with the last drugs that were prescribed to her.

C. Stress Points/Foreseeable Crisis Situation

The family has just had a new member added to the family. They should
be able to cope with the responsibilities that are coupled with the arrival of the
newborn; financial sustainability, complete and proper immunizations, and proper
attention and care.