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Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research

2013 Annual Report
Together, we make a difference, one bird at a time.

Our 2013 intern program was funded by
generous gifts from:
Bank of America

Vera Lee & Malli Rao

The Dansko Foundation

Maryanne Yingst
& Dick Ho

The Deupree Family
LabWare, Inc.

Thanks to the generous support of the Welfare Foundation, we obtained a digital x-ray system,
which allows us to take multiple images quickly, enlarge and manipulate images to better
evaluate an injury, and electronically store images for future use.

2 | Annual Report 2013

Walter & Cecelia

Wild Bird Clinic
In 2013, Tri-State’s Wild Bird Clinic admitted 2,902 patients
for care. Species in the caseload ranged from almost 20 tiny
ruby-throated hummingbirds to nearly 40 majestic bald
eagles, and many species in between!
The majority of our patients have been injured, often
inadvertently or indirectly, as the result of human activity.
They are victims of cat attacks, window strikes, collisions with
cars, lead or pesticide poisoning, and improperly discarded
fishing line. Being brought to Tri-State is often their best, if
not only, chance to survive in an increasingly urbanized world.

Interns: Bridge to Tri-State’s Future

>> This year marked the 30th anniversary of our
internship program. Each summer, we invite about a halfdozen students who are studying biology or wildlife
conservation to gain valuable hands-on experience at
Tri-State and help out with the surge in our caseload from
May through September. These students, who come to us from
many colleges and universities across the country, help raise
baby birds, administer medication, assist with examinations,
and work with the public. They also attend lectures given
by our wildlife veterinarians and other experts that provide
valuable lessons to supplement the hands-on component of
the internship. Costs of this program are met by generous
individual, foundation, and corporate supporters.

>> 2013 was Tri-State’s 17th year presenting an Introduction

>> As usual, baby birds began as a trickle in April and soon
turned into a flood of hundreds and hundreds in May, June,
July, and August.

to Wildlife Medicine course to first-year veterinary students at
the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.
Over 100 students were enrolled each semester.

>> Tri-State has reached over 4,000 members of the public
through educational presentations and participation at
community events.

>> The Wild Bird Clinic returned nearly 35 young birds of
prey to the care of their parents this summer. Species included
owls, falcons, hawks, and osprey.

>> For the third consecutive year, we safely installed a
>> In 2013, we admitted 306 birds of prey, including 17
barred owls, 31 screech owls, 70 red-tailed hawks, 44 osprey,
38 Cooper’s hawks, and nearly 40 black and turkey vultures!
>> During July and August, we admitted more than a dozen
young laughing gulls found at multiple roadside locations.
Many were underweight, with inadequate muscle mass to
avoid capture. The larger-than-usual number and concern
about possible botulism toxicosis prompted the Delaware
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental
Control (DNREC) to submit two birds for diagnostic testing,
and found that these birds were infected with salmonellosis.
As with outbreaks at bird feeders, it is not uncommon for
young birds living in crowded conditions to test positive for
this pathogen.

camera in a black vulture nesting area in Delaware. We offered
a peek into the fascinating world of these birds through a
live-streaming video online.

>> We also partnered with Delaware Nature Society for their
Bird Experience Camp.

Annual Report 2013 | 3

Oil Spill News
Response Ready 24/7/ 365
Tri-State’s Oil Spill Response Team remained very busy in
2013, responding to five incidents in five states. When not
actively responding to spills, our team of experts led
workshops, attended meetings, and worked closely with
agency partners to ensure everyone remains prepared to give
oiled wildlife the best chance of survival in the event of a spill.


>> In 2013, the team responded to incidents in Pennsylvania,

Arkansas, New Jersey, Indiana, and New York that included
two pipeline leaks, an overturned truck transporting diesel
fuel, inappropriate disposal of used oil, and a discharge of
home heating oil. Team members sprang into action to
capture, stabilize, and wash affected wildlife, including
waterfowl, songbirds, and even a few mammals and reptiles!


>> Tri-State taught ten oil spill response workshops for

nearly 250 industry colleagues, agency personnel, and animal
care professionals in 2013. Workshops were held in
Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,
South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada.


>> The team continued to network and remained up to date
on the latest best practices for oil spill response by
participating in conferences and meetings throughout the
world. We presented at the National Wildlife Rehabilitators
Association Symposium in Oregon, attended the National
Alliance of State and Agricultural Emergency Programs in
Oklahoma, networked at several Regional Response Team
meetings, and exhibited at the Clean Gulf Expo in Florida.

Global Reach

>> Tri-State continues to have global reach. This past year,
the team traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and led training
exercises to instruct local responders on current protocols and
techniques. Team members also participated in five drills in
North America, including a three-day joint exercise between
the United States and Canada. Tri-State was also very
involved in the Global Oiled Wildlife Response System
meeting in Belgium, which brought together experts from
around the globe to plan collaboratively to ensure oiled
wildlife receives prompt and professional care.
4 | Annual Report 2013

Gulf Spill Update
In 2013, we received information about many birds that
Tri-State rehabilitated during the Deepwater Horizon oil
spill in 2010.
A total of 149 individual banded birds have been
encountered since their return to the wild:
• 135 brown pelicans (eight of them in Georgia!)
• 2 great blue herons
• 8 laughing gulls (one was recaptured [and then
released] 1,160 days after release!)
• 1 clapper rail
• 3 Northern gannets
Tri-State rehabilitated more than 1,200 birds and
returned them to their natural environment after this oil
spill. Many Tri-State patients are fitted with a permanent
metal U.S. Fish & Wildlife leg band upon release. If a bird
is recovered or recaptured, we gain important information
about how far it has traveled from the release site and
how long it was able to survive in the wild.

Wildlife Response Annex





In 2008, Tri-State launched the Spreading Our Wings capital
campaign to build a Wildlife Response Annex and increase
our endowment. The state-of-the-art facility will provide a
dedicated space to effectively treat wildlife following oil spills
and other large-scale incidents. The Annex will offer a space
for training responders, veterinarians, agency and industry
colleagues, and other wildlife partners. We are pleased to
announce that construction on the Annex began in September











Construction Has Begun!

>> Features of the Annex include commercial hot water
heaters to ensure we never run out of hot water for washing
oiled animals, a gray-water system to re-use water and lessen
the demand on our well, and the capability to install a solar
panel array on the roof (proposals being reviewed).
>> We are very grateful to

the 435 donors who have
contributed over $3.4
million to help us reach our
goal. There is a limited time
left to support this
important project. Visit to
learn more about how you
can become a part of Tri-State's history!

Special Events
This year we held three major events to raise money and
awareness to help save birds’ lives.

>> Beautiful weather; a large crowd estimated between 550

and 600; plenty of fun activities; a tent in the upper parking
lot for our sponsors, exhibitors, sales, and kids’ activities; and
baby birds! It added up to another fantastic Open House, our
once-a-year opportunity for the community to take a peek into
the Frink Center for Wildlife and learn more about our work!

>> Throughout the summer, our generous members and

volunteers donated housewares, artwork, sporting equipment,
and other items for us to sell at our annual Giant Yard Sale.
Shoppers flooded the Aetna Fire Hall searching for the
unbeatable prices that have made our yard sale famous. Thanks
to our dedicated volunteers and generous donors, the event
raised over $6,000 to help save birds’ lives.

>> Nearly 200 friends, volunteers, members, and corporate

supporters of Tri-State gathered for the Benefit for the Birds
in November. Guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres, an
elegant buffet, and toe-tapping music as well as opportunities
to try their luck in the Dessert Auction, 250 Raffle, Big Card
Draw, and Silent HAWKtion. This event raised nearly $110,000
to support our important work on behalf of wildlife.

Annual Report 2013 | 5

Board of Directors
Executive Committee


Advisory Board

Charles Robertson, PhD, President

Barbara Druding

Henry Bryndza, PhD

Lucinda Peterson, CPA, 1 Vice President

Toby Erlichman, VMD

John Frink

Robert Bryant, 2nd Vice President

Rosemary Francis

David Mooberry

Barbara Schumacher, Secretary

Keith Hall

Gary Patterson

Connie S. Linhart, Treasurer

Arlene Reppa

William Francis, CFA


William Tansey
Patricia McGee, Esq.



Oil Programs

Lisa Smith
Executive Director

Sallie Welte, VMD
Clinic Director

Sarah Tegtmeier
Oil Programs Manager

Julie Bartley
Volunteer & Office Manager

Andrea Howey-Newcomb
Clinic Manager

Samantha Christie

Greg Keegan
Maintenance Supervisor

Aimee Federer
Clinic Supervisor Level II

Laura Lariviere

Duke Doblick
Director of Development

Emily Brunner
Clinic Supervisor Level I

Leah Dodd
Database & Marketing Manager

Brie Brigham
Clinic Supervisor Level I

Kim Righi
Accounting Manager

In 2013, more than 300 active
volunteers donated over 24,000
hours to help save birds’ lives.

6 | Annual Report 2013

2013 Financial Report
Audited financial statements for the period
October 1, 2012, through September 30, 2013

Operating Revenue
Contributions, Grants, Bequests



Government Grants






Program Income



Special Events



Merchandise Sales



Endowment Distribution Income



Investment Income and Gains



Total Revenue

$ 1,371,025

Operating Expenses
Program Services
Bird Care



Oil Programs






Total Program Services









Total Supporting Services



Total Expenses

$ 1,139,701

Net Operating Surplus



Capital and Endowment
Campaign Contributions



Endowment Investment Income
and Gains, After Distributions



Net Non-Operating Surplus



Change in Net Assets



Net Assets at
September 30, 2013

$ 6,331,110

Supporting Services

Non-Operating Activities

* The estimated value of volunteer services
(not included above) was $517,950.

Annual Report 2013 | 7



Tri-State Bird Rescue is very grateful for the many members and donors who make it possible for us
to continue our work in wild bird rehabilitation and oiled wildlife response. The following individuals,
corporations, foundations, organizations, and businesses contributed $250 or more of financial and
in-kind support to Tri-State in Fiscal Year 2013 (October 1, 2012, through September 30, 2013).


$1,000–4,999 (continued)

Colonial Pipeline Company
Delaware Bay & River Cooperative✳
An Anonymous Donor
Phillips 66
State of Delaware✳
Welfare Foundation

The Allerton Foundation✳
American Petroleum Institute✳
Citgo Petroleum Corporation✳
Barbara & James Druding✳
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company✳
Elinor Patterson Baker Trust
Elite Island Resorts
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund✳
Marmot Foundation
The Marshall-Reynolds Foundation✳
Shell Oil Company
Sunoco Foundation✳
Water Quality Insurance Syndicate✳

Bernice Barbour Foundation✳
Henry & Mary Bryndza✳
Crestlea Foundation, Inc.
Elaine Conroy Moore
Charitable Foundation
Margaret E. Filman✳
Gannett Foundation
Matching Gifts Center✳
Joyce and Ray Goldbacher✳
Marathon Oil Corporation✳
O’Brien’s Response Management
PBF Energy
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Daphne C. Reese
Charles & Patricia Robertson✳
Rosalind Schwebel†✳
Harold & Kirsten Snyder
Deborah S. Welch†

8 | Annual Report 2013

Animal Hospital of Chester County, LLC✳
Hugh Atkins & Michele Schiavoni✳
Bank of America✳
L. Leon & Alice P. Campbell✳
Capital One Services, LLC
The Dansko Foundation
Paulette & Stephan de la Veaux✳
The Deupree Family Foundation
Don DeWees, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Doblick
Joan & Ron Gardner✳
Dr. & Mrs. Keith Hamilton✳
Bill & Melinda Hardie✳
Ralph Hauck
I. Heap
Lynne Kielhorn
Gerry & Clara Kluis✳
LabWare, Inc.
Phung T. Luu
Patricia & Fred Mann
Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.
Joseph W. Mitchell✳
David D. Mooberry & FM Mooberry✳
NuStar Asphalt, LLC
OSG Ship Management, Inc.
The Owen Family Foundation
Paoli Malvern Berwyn Rotary Club
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
Marian E. Quinn
Vera Lee & Malli Rao✳
Bob & Lorraine Reeder✳
Doug & Arlene Reppa✳
T. Garrett & Mary Robinson✳
Lisa Smith✳
Richard & Carol Tasca✳

Thomson Reuters
UncommonGoods, LLC
US Airways
The Vane Brothers Company✳
W. L. Gore & Associates✳
Elizabeth & Clayton Warrington✳
Nancy Wells
Karen Wenner-Pedersen &
Christian Pedersen✳
White Flicker Wild Bird Rehab
Clinic, Inc.
Robert & Nina Wood✳
Maryanne Yingst & Dick Ho✳
Walter & Cecelia Zettlemoyer✳

Lynn Abell, PhD✳
Richard & Dolores Baxter✳
Katherine & Barry Beck✳
Philip & Sharon Birk✳
Boulden, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bowersox
John Brennan
Tom & Bobbie Breske✳
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation✳
Anthony & Deborah Cerini
Loretta Clements & Joan Duswalt
Dorothy & Robert Colburn✳
Concord Pet Foods & Supplies✳
Country Thyme Gardeners✳
Harold Deveraux†✳
Joseph Edevane
Frontier Airlines
Carol Gungui
Susan Harris

$500–999 (continued)

$250–499 (continued)

Dave Irwin & Jacki Russell✳
Dave & Mary Koechert✳
Kristina Kreutzer✳
Lisa A. Laffend
Claudia Lamp✳
Longwood Gardens✳
Sharron & George A. Lulli✳
Jane C. MacElree✳
John & Valerie Mayfield✳
Michael & Sharon McCormick
Jim & Sue McVoy✳
C. Hans Miller✳
New Castle County Council
Kenneth Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Reinholz, Sr.
Catherine & John Renzetti✳
Royal Pest Management
Elaine M. Sams✳
Jeffrey D. Sinclair✳
Stanley Skarbowski
David & Susan Stratton✳
Jo Ann Townsend
Brice Vallett, Jr.✳
Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware✳
Harry & Elizabeth S. Walton, Jr.✳
Wild Birds Unlimited (Hockessin)✳
Joan Wilson
WSFS Bank✳

Dr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Blazejewski, III✳
Susan Burr
Norma Buzby
Cecil Vault & Memorial Co., Inc.✳
Chase Community Giving
Carolyn Cobb
Jeanette S. Collins✳
Deborah E. Crane
Mary Jane & Jack Dalton✳
Stacy Dedinas
Charles X. Dellinger
David & Christine Dolloff✳
Susan Weil Dreyfuss
Eagle Optics✳
Anne & John Fields✳
William & Rosemary Francis✳
John Frink & Erica Miller✳
Denise Geran
Gayle Gibson
Sharon Goodman
Harry’s Savoy Grill & Ballroom✳
Haven Lake Animal Hospital✳
Gail Heath
Herr Foods, Inc.✳
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Delaware
Ellie & Jack Hileman✳
Hockessin Athletic Club
Hockessin Business Association
Harry & Jeanne Hughes✳
Regina Iorii & John McDaniel
Kathryn M. Jernberg
Philip D. Johnson
Patty Kirschner
Florence Kvalnes✳
Frank & Cheryl Lord
Mainline Men’s
Pete & Kathy Marcolina
Maryland Wildlife
Rehabilitators Association

3M Foundation
Thomas W. Adams, PhD✳
James & Linda Amundsen
An Anonymous Donor
Artesian Water Company
Azerty, A Division of United Stationers
Jay Baumgardner✳
Judith P. Bladen

$250–499 (continued)
Marie C. McKee✳
George Miller, III✳
MultiDesigns Unlimited
John North
Robin Nuskind
Andrew Orr
John Passarotti
Juliet C. Patrick
Richard & Erin Frey Pearson✳
Stephen Penrose
Ralph & Gwen Polifroni
Patricia Post
Thomas M. Przybylski✳
PSEG Nuclear, LLC
Debra K. Quillen
Richardson’s Floral Center
Louisa & Joel Romaine✳
Adrian & Mary Rotondi✳
SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy
Virginia Schiavelli✳
Rose Scordino
Mr. & Mrs. H. Rodney Scott✳
Phyllis B. & William E. Shone, Jr.✳
Southeastern Chester County
Refuse Authority
Norman Tegtmeier & Jo Ann McKee✳
Gus & Anne Teipelke✳
Jeanette Timberman-Fung
The Vanguard Group Inc.✳
Vanguard ID Systems

Annual Report 2013 | 9

$250–499 (continued)
VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital
Katheryn M. Warren, MD
Washington Crossing Audubon Society
Jordan Watts Mikesell
Sallie C. Welte, VMD✳
Windcrest Animal Hospital✳
Gail & Genarro Zippilli✳


10 years or more supporting Tri-State

Giving totals do not include event tickets,
raffle tickets, or other purchases.

Tri-State is grateful to all of the companies and individuals who provided
support through contributions of services throughout fiscal year 2013.
We would like to extend a special thank you to the following companies:
Animal Behavior and
Conservation Connections

Moore Brothers Wine Company

Brandywine Zoo

Real Charitable Housewives
of Delaware


Richardson’s Floral Center

Consolidated Drake Press

Royal Pest Management

Crowl Advertising Design

RR Donnelley

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Schneider Trailer & Container Rental

Growth, Inc.

Speedpro Imaging Wilmington

Kenny Family ShopRites of Delaware
& the Kenny Family Foundation

UPENN New Bolton Center
Laboratory of Avian Medicine
& Pathology

LabWare, Inc.
Lindenmeyr Munroe
Loretta Schumacher Carlson,
B2B Copywriter

Professional Duplicating

UPENN New Bolton Center
Toxicology Laboratory
Velocity Worldwide
Walton Corporation

Benefactor ($500,000+)
Charles & Patricia Robertson

Builder ($100,000-249,999)
Longwood Foundation
The FM & Dave Mooberry Fund
Pattern Energy Group LP
Welfare Foundation

Sponsor ($25,000-99,999)
The 24th Fund
Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc.
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Joan & Ron Gardner
Vera Lee & Malli Rao
Bob & Lorraine Reeder
Water Quality Insurance Syndicate

Contributor ($5,000-24,999)

Friend ($1,500-4,999)

3M Foundation
The Allerton Foundation
Animal Hospital of Chester County, LLC
Richard & Dolores Baxter
Delaware Community Foundation
Barbara & James Druding
Ellice & Rosa McDonald Foundation, Inc.
Margaret E. Filman
Freehill Hogan & Mahar, LLP
John Frink & Erica Miller
Gannett Foundation Matching
Gifts Center
Joyce & Ray Goldbacher
Susan Harris
Lynne Kielhorn
Laffey-McHugh Foundation
Julie MacRae & Dave Wiesler
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Lisa Smith
Norman Tegtmeier & Jo Ann McKee
Jo Ann Townsend
The Vanguard Group Inc.
Webbed Foot Wildlife
Robert & Nina Wood

Thomas & Christy Andersen
Hugh Atkins & Michele Schiavoni
Carmine & Laura Balascio
Blue Point Brewing Company
Tom & Bobbie Breske
Robert & Patty Bryant
Cosmetic Dermatology Center
Catherine C. Creswell
Denise Dee
Amy Evans
Elizabeth & John Gontarz
Amanda Konyk
Frank C. Lordi
John R. Matlusky
George Miller, III
C. Hans Miller
Mary & John Milroy
Alan Palmer
George & Lucinda Peterson
Catherine & John Renzetti
Elaine C. & Clifford C. Simpson, Jr.
Suzanne G. Smith
Sharon J. Speck
Glenn & Marion Stelzer
David & Susan Stratton
William & Ann Tansey

Thank you to the many additional donors who have contributed to this campaign!
10 | Annual Report 2013

Together, we make a difference,
one bird at a time!

Thanks to your support, ....
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Annual Report 2013 | 11

Tri-State is grateful to these photographers for donating their beautiful images for this report:
Page 3

Page 4

Great Horned Owl by Suzi Feldhuhn
Educational Exhibit by Bob Bryant
DNS Campers by Derek Stoner
Brown Pelican by Shelly Fisher

Page 5 Special Events by Russ Carlson
Page 7 Red-Tailed Hawk Release by Gail Heath
Back Great Blue Heron Release by Kim Cook
Photos not credited are by Tri-State staff members.