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GAIL (lndia) Limited

( A Corrnmenr ol lndia UndnakmgA Mahsrama Comp v)

Dated: 07'" January, 2014

Ref No. : GAIULAKWA/N,1SE/20 14


All luicro and Small Enterprises (l4SEs) already quoting/interested to quote in

tuaure to GAIL (India) Limited -Lakwa
Subject Publ:c Procurement Policy on prccurement of Goods &
Services l'!icro and Small Enterprises (MSES)
Dear sir,
Pleas note and complv the followino:

Government of India, vide Gazette of India No. 503 dated 26.03.2012 has
proclaimed the Public Pmcurement Policy on procurement of Goods and Services
from Micro and Small Enterprises (MSES) by all Central N4inistries/ Depadments/
PSUS for promouon and development of Micro and Small Enterprises.
Accordlngly, following pmvisions are incorporated in all tenders issued by GAIL
(lndia) Umited -l-akwa:


Issue of Tender Documents to MSES of cost.

Exemption to IvlSEs from Payment of EMD/Bid Security.
In Tender, participating Micro and Small Enterprises quoting price within price
band of L1+150/o shall also be allowed to supply a portion of requirement by
bringing down their prices to Ll price in a situation where L1 price is from
someone other than a Micro and Small Enteaprises and such Micro and S.nall
Enterprises shall be allowed to supply up to 20% of the total tendered value. In
case of more than one such Micro and Small Enterprises, the supply shall be
shared proportionately (to tendered quantity). Further, out of above 20olo, 4olo
e1qa al Z0o/,) shall be from tutsEs owned by SC/ST entrepreneurs. This quota is
to be transferred to other MSES in case of non-availability of MSES owned by
SC/ST entrepreneurs.
The quoted prices against various items shall remain val:d in case of splitting of
quantitles of the items as above.
In case bidder is a Micro or Small Enteerise under the llicm, Smal! and lYedium
Enterprises Development Act, 2006, the bidder shall submit the follow:ng:




a) Documentary eviderce that the bidder is a l4icro or Sm3ll Enterprises

registered with District lndustries Centers o. Khadi and Village IndiJstries
Commission or Khadi and Village Industries Board or Coir Board or National
Small Industries Corporaton or Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom or
any other body specified by Ministry of l4icro, Small and Medium Enterpr:ses.
the MSE is owned by SC/ST Entrep.eneuB, the bidder shall furnlsh
appropriate documentary evidence in this



Frdrc qdr - ('fi.o.*.

Local Address-L .P.G.


6rdr-dr.r -16,




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dt 3I}. 6'4r-785688fudr
Recovel ptanl, P O La\*a_785688. DBI

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Cama Phca, R.K. Plram, liw Oelhi- 110066, Pho.B i 26'17258ry Fa*011-26185941

qr{?,n i!r! - &.715at Ffrn flat

l]atLrr.,i Gas

Ctean Eneryy, Green Enetgy

Ref No. : GATULAKWA,/MSE/2014



In case of tendered item is non-spiitable or non-dividable, MSE quoUng price

within price band Ll (other than MSE) + !5o/o, may be awaded for fulu
comple value of supplies/ contract subject to makhing of L1 pr:ce.
The MSES owned by SC/ST enkepreneirs shall mean :
a) In case Proprietary N45E, Proprieto(s) slall be SC/SI
b) In case of partnership MSE, the SC/ST partners shall be holding at least
51o/o share in the unit.
c) In case of Pivate Umited Companies, at least 51% share is held by
SCIST. If the MSE is owned by SC/ST entrepreneurs, the bidder shall
furnish appropriate documentary evidence in this regard.

The above documents submitted by the MSES shall be du:y certified by

the Statutory Auditor of the l{SEs or a practicing Chaird Accountant
(not being an employee or a Director or not having any interest in the
MSE'S company/firm) where audited aacounts ane not mandatory as
per law, If the MSE quoting as a bldder does not provide the above
confirmation or appn priate document or any evidence, then it will be
presumed that they do not qua:ify for any preference admissible in the
Public Procurement Policy (PPP), 2012.


against an order placed by GAIL, successful bidde(s) (other than lYicro/Small

Enterprise) is procuring material/services from their sub-vendor who ls a Mic.o or
Small Enterprise registered with Disbict Industries Centre or Khadi and Village
Industries Commission or Khadi and Villaqe Industries Eoard or Coir Board or
Handicaafls and
National Smal' Industies Corporation or Directorate
and Medium
Handloom or any other body
authority/ Engineer-inEnterprises with prior consent in writing of the
Charge, the details like name, Registration No., Address, Contact No., details of
material & value of procurement made, etc. of such Enterprises shall be
furnished by the successful bidder at the time of submission of Invoice/Bill.


accordance with the provisions oF the said Pol,cy, for GAIL -Lakwa, HOD
(C&P) shall by the Nodal Officer for implementation of the policy and for
redressing grievances as notified vide Gazette of lndia No. 503 dated
26.03.2012, You can submit your offer stictly as per GAIL Tender conditions
with above certified documents. Unde.signed will be pleased to meet you to
resolve any issue across the table 06 days a week (except Sundays and second
can correspond
Saturdays of a month) from 09.00 am to 12.00 noon and/or
at e-mail id / di.ect phone: 03772-2


(c&PyHoD (c&P)