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It takes families to make a community; it takes the community to raise our children;

it takes all of us working together for the good of our community.

February 2013

Six new houses for homeownership will be finished soon

at 8th Ave. and Hamlet St., replacing formerly vacant
buildings. Additional housing projects include
Wagenbrenner Developments consideration of building
118 fee-simple, owner-occupied townhomes, 52 singlefamily houses, and an undetermined number of apartments on the Columbus Coated Fabrics site along Grant
Ave. between E. Fifth & E. 11th Aves.
In addition, Wagenbrenner has taken ownership of the
vacant buildings along E. 11th Ave. between N. Fourth
St. and Grant Ave. and will seek city permits by March
15 to begin renovating the buildings into market-rate
rental housing. This will involve restoring their porches
and making numerous other repairs, but will not
increase the number of bedrooms.
Feb. 11
Feb. 12


Feb. 13
Feb. 17
Feb. 19
Feb. 20
Feb. 21
Feb. 27


Volume VIII

Issue 2

The Association of College & University Housing Officers

-International has recently confirmed that they will buy
and renovate the historic Orton Laboratory building at
1445 Summit St. for their new offices. The nonprofit
organization plans to invest over $1 million. Space on
the lower floor may be available for community use.
Renovations for the building are to begin this spring.

The city is planning to rebuild the street, sidewalks, and

streetlights along E. Fifth Ave. from High St. to I-71
during 2013. The city has committed to the same kinds
of improvements for E. 11th Ave., as well as for the
alleys north and south of it, from the railroad underpass
to South Campus Gateway in 2014.

Communications Committee
Housing Committee
Community Dialogue Kick-Off
Neighborhood Network
Land Use & Business Committee
Food & Wellness Committee
University Area Commission Meeting
Safety & Mobility Committee
Civic Association Monthly Meeting

6 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
68 p.m.
68 p.m.
6 p.m.
6 p.m.
6:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
6:30 p.m.

Godman Guild
Godman Guild
Weinland Park Elementary
Godman Guild
Godman Guild
Godman Guild
Northwood & High Building
Northside Pride Center
Schoenbaum Family Center

February 2013

Volume VIII

Issue 2

New Exhibitions
The Wex's brand-new showsChristian Marclay's The
Clock, Josiah McElheny's Towards a Light Club, and
More American Photographsare up. You can see
these exhibits FREE on Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m.!
Open All Night
Christian Marclay's The Clock compiles thousands of
film clips into a 24-hour video that literally tells the
time, showing clock after watch after timepiece synced
to the local time. The Wex will stay open all night on
Feb. 9 so you can experience this world sensation.
For Teens Only
Wex Lab: Experimental Video Shorts
Sunday, Feb. 10 | 11 a.m.4 p.m.
Spend the day working on a 5-minute video with
Rashana Smith, a dancer/choreographer who just
completed her MFA in dance and tech and is also a
freelance videographer working on documentaries.
Come with a short storyboard sketch or idea in mind
and leave with a finished product! Lunch is included,
and laptops and cameras are provided. For more info
and to ask about scholarships, call Jean Pitman at
292-4614 or email
The Wexner Center is on OSU's campus near 15th Ave.
& High St. |292-6493||

Joyce Hughes, President

Diane Dixon, Vice President
Lydia Yoder, Secretary
Omar Qureshi, Treasurer

WPCCA Meetings 4th Wednesday of the month

6:30-8:00p.m. | Schoenbaum Family Center
175 E. 7th Ave. (next to Weinland Park Elementary)

Have you seen it yet? Check out the new sign and community board at 4th Street Farms, located on the west
side of N. Fourth St. between 7th & 8th Aves. Visit the
website at or follow them on
Twitter for frequent updates.

Be a part of democracy in action!

Weinland Park is proud to be the first Columbus neighborhood to use Dialogue Circles for positive change.
This highly-effective model of civic participation was
first introduced in Lima, Ohio, when deep-rooted race
divisions came to a head during the Rodney King riots.
From the collective power of 1,200 residents sharing
both their aspirations and their reservations, dozens of
grass-roots efforts emergedfrom youth mentoring programs to a multi-racial unity choir.
You are absolutely crucial in building the trust, unity,
and vision necessary to realize a more livable Weinland
Park. Our voice is only as loud and powerful as you
make it. To be us, we need you.
A dinner and sample dialogue will be held on Tuesday,
Feb. 12, from 68 p.m. in the gym of WP Elementary,
211 E. 7th Ave. Childcare will be provided. Please call
294-5476, ext. 126, to let us know youll be there.
We are organizing an international potluck for the
event and really need lots of contributions. Please let
Julie Orban know if you can bring a dish by calling (937)
572-2751. Mark your calendars for the event!

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