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ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.


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Why your child should go to a Playschool?


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1, 2012

W hy your child should go to a Playschool?

Playschools provides the "training" ground for children 3-4 yrs old before
they embark on a formal learning journey in a kindergarten.


ALIMKids Playschool is managed by ALIM

Consultancy & Resources

Programme Philosophy
Playschools are typically shorter time periods (3x a week, 2.5 hrs per day at

ALIMKids Playschool is a fun-filled, Islamic

and activity-based programme designed to
optimize early childhood development
targeted for children from 3-5 years old.

ALIMKids) compared to five days a week, 4 hrs per day at a kindergarten.

Children who doesn't go to a playschool may have a bigger challenge to
focus in kindergarten class as they are not used to sit and focus for a longer

Through the thematic modules and

interactive sessions, children will have an
enjoyable learning experience!

Playschools also give them the experience of being away from their parents
or primary care giver for a period of time, but not as long as being in a
kindergarten. This gradual separation helps increase their confidence and

Playschool Programme
Find out more about what the playschool is
all about here:

teaches them to be more independent.

ALIMKids Playschool :
Themes and Focus
At our Playschool we have four main
themes. Find out the details here:
ALIMKids Playschool Themes and Focus

Get Islamic Books for

your Children here!

Playschools are a great transition from being in a toddlers playgroup (where

mothers usually participate in as well) to a formal kindergarten.
We still hv places available at ALIMKids Playschool USJ, Wangsa Maju, Kota



ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.

Damansara & JB. Pls contact us at for details or call
us at 03 8024 8664.

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My son won't sit still!

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30, 2012

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24, 2012

ALIMKids Playgroup (2-4

yrs old)

Click the image for a larger view

Seor a n g ibu ber t a n y a : "A n a k sa y a 3 t a h u n , n a k per g i sek ola h . Ok k e k a la u sa y a
h a n t a r dia k e t a dik a ?".
Ka n a k -k a n a k 3 t a h u n m en g en a l "sek ola h " seba g a i t em pa t y g ba r u y g a da r a ka n
seba y a da n su a sa n a y g cer i a . Seben a r n y a , m er eka bel u m ber sedi a u n t u k
su a sa n a pem bel a ja r a n for m a l seper t i di t a di ka y g m em er l u ka n kon sen t r a si

Get info on our ALIMKids Playgroup here

da n kem a h i r a n a sa s seper t i m en u l i s.

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Su a sa n a "Pla y sch ool" y g lebih sa n t a i da n ber a sa sk a n "bela ja r sa m bil ber m a in " a da la h

lebih sesu a i u n t u k u sia in i. Di Pla y sch ool ju g a , m er ek a bela ja r a sa s m en u l i s (pr ewr i t i n g ski l l s) da n ju ga a sa s m a t em a t i k (pr e-m a t h s ski l l s).
T et a pi y g lebih pen t in g , di A LIMKids Pla y sch ool, m er ek a dididik u n t u k m en gen a l &
m en ci n t a i A l l a h & Ra su l .

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Pen da ft a r a n di bu k a u n t u k A LIMKids Pla y sch ool di USJ Su ba n g Ja y a , W a n g sa Ma ju ,

Kot a Da m a n sa r a & JB. Un t u k u sia 3 -4 t a h u n sa h a ja .

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Happy faces at ALIMKids Playschool Kota Damansara!

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17, 2012

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ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.

Bitdefender Total Security 2013

Photos of the first day of playschool at ALIMKids Bookshop, Kota Damansara.

They may be simple tasks but children learn through play and hands-on
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Parents Preview: 7th & 28th Jan 2012


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4, 2012



ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.

(Click the image for a larger view)

For parents who would like to know more about ALIMKids PLAYSCHOOL, you are
invited to our PARENTS PREVIEW session.
For ALIMKids USJ, the preview will be on
Saturday, 7th & 28th Jan 2012 (choose either one)
11:45am - 12:30pm.
ALIMKids Bookshop, 34-2 USJ 9/5Q, Subang Business Centre, 47620 UEP Subang
Please call 03 8024 8664 or email for info or to register.
at 6 :2 2 A M

Themes & Components of the Playschool

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Our Playschool contains four main themes. Each themes has eight topics which will
be covered every week. Below are the theme and weekly topics covered.
Thematic Units
Volume 1 : Little Muslims & Muslimahs



We Go To School

Asma ul Husna

We Know Islam

We Love Al-Quran

We Are Good Khalifahs

Allah Al-Khaliq

Thank You, Allah!

Volume 2 : People Around Us



First Man on Earth

Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam








ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.



Volume 3 : Land, Air and Water



Land, Air and water

Allah Makes Mountains

Allah Makes Trees

Allah Makes Flowers

Allah Makes Birds

Allah Makes Insects and Creepy Crawlies

Allah Makes Fish

Allah Makes Sea Creatures

Volume 4 : Time and the Weather



Allah Makes Day

Allah Makes Night

Water Cycle

Water from the Sllky

Allah Makes Beautiful Rainbow

Water for Us

Animals Love Water

Water for My Garden

Components of the Playgroup

ALIMKids Playschool offers the following components to meet the desired outcomes.
Islamic Beliefs & Practices
Memorization of short surahs and daily duas
Practical Wudhu and Solah
Quranic Literacy
Practical Life Skills and Character Building
Pre-reading and Pre-writing practices
Early Numeral Concepts and Numbers
Phonetic Awareness
Arts and Craft
Show and Tell
Active Play
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Program Overview
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ALIMKids Playschool for Muslim Children to learn about Islam.

In the name of Allah, the Most Caring and the Most Kind. All praises to Him from
whom we have received clarity to foresee, through His intelligence we are able to
understand, and through His strength we are able to perform the responsibilities
endowed upon us.
We are delighted to welcome you as learning partners as we strive to nurture the
genius in your child. ALIMkids Playschool is a one-stop learning destination for
Islamic and academic early childhood education.
ALIMkids Playschool is committed to work closely with parents to inculcate Islamic
thoughts, habits and values in your childrens minds and behaviour to produce
successful Khalifah of ALLAH.
Our unique holistic approach centralizes to Oneness of Allah. The program
provides children the opportunities to interact positively to instill a deep and firm
belief in Allah
ALIMkids Playschool programme is a holistic and integrated programme promoting
Islamic living that offers the little ones an insightful and exciting way to learn about
Islam. They are taught to understand and practice Islamic values and morals in their
daily routines.
Teaching Approach
A multi-sensory approach inculcates the habits to inquire, try, see, share,
reflect and act.
Play is the central approach to learning.
Thematic learning of Islamic values and practices.
Developmentally and age-appropriate lessons on Islam.
A learning environment that is safe, fun, attractive, and motivating.
Small teacher to children ratio
Desired Outcome
Towards the completion of the academic year, your child will:
Develop the love for Allah and Rasullulah s.a.w
Refer to the Sahabahs and Prophets as examples
Develop the habits to perform wudhu and solah
Be able to recite and understand the general meaning of basic surahs and duas.
Know what is right (Maruf) and what is wrong (Mungkar)
Be able to recognize Arabic letters
Be able to recognize and write a-z
Be able to count, write and say numbers 1-10
Love their families, friends, teachers and school

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