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How did Rock n Roll Change

Start: Background about rock n roll

Mid Body: Development The change, how why and where
ending: The outcome, the result. Effects on other Genres, effects on you.
Today rock n roll called alternative
Before the change:
Rock and roll was different because it used to be spirit of freedom, expression in
lyrics of songs demanded that we take responsibility for our actions, keeping the
peace and love. Positive messages was delivered through rock n roll. The
inspiration is rock n roll comes from the old rock n roll. It died at 50s-60. Today
they glorify the use of drugs, sex. There is a particular sound and every instrument
and performer has their role in the genre and combining together with a rhythm
it creates a unique style, Rock n roll. The king of rock n roll was referred to Elvis
Presley, Love me tendered was sang by him and was considered rock n roll. It was
not considered as rock n roll and was looked at Jazz. Rock n roll was a lot of sound
and noise and didnt have to be lyrics and with a hook line. Rock n roll started
basic and then had its own classification. Then the Beatles made it more
progressive, harder with same types of hook lines but more of a beat more of a
Considered it died in 60s 70s by old rock n roll musicians.
The beginning of

Rock n Roll
What is Rock n Roll?
The technical definition of rock and roll music isnt important. For true fans, rock and roll music cannot be
defined. It is in the musicians and it comes out before the music even begins. It isnt in the way the
musician plays but in the way the musician lives and breathes

Instruments: Piano and Saxophone used to be the lead instruments but got replaced by the
electric guitar when Rock n Roll acquired its own name and classification.
Rock n Roll is often played with one or two electric guitars (Lead Guitarist) Plays the solo and
(Chord Guitarist) plays the rhythm, String bass or electric Bass guitar and drums. Every
performer has their own role
Rhythm: The beat is essentially blues rhythm from its African-American roots. The difference is
made by the addition of an accented backbeat. This backbeat is one of the essential elements of rock
and roll music

Combination of African American Genres

A combination of African American Genres: The genre was a combination of African American Genres such as
blues, jazz, gospel and mixed with Country music were white male singers such as Elvis Presley (Love me tendered)
Considered as rock n Roll but was kiddy rock n roll and Johnny Cash got very famous.
Types of Rock n Roll
Rockabilly - One of the earliest Rock n Roll styles, its a mix of Western Musical Styles and Rock n Roll
Hard Rock (Heavy Rock) Heavy use of aggressive vocals

Alternative Rock Is the modern type of Rock and became dominating in the 90s

The influence on Rock n Roll: Other genres and artists influenced rock n roll

Example would be The Devil Went Down to Georgia Instruments such as violin was introduced to rock.
And it was not until the 1950s Rock n Roll acquired its own name and classification
Example Rock around the Clock It can be recognized by its particular sound and the blues rhythm along with a
hook line

The changing of Rock n Roll

The beginning of Rock n Roll: Rock music started as a music style with a spirit of freedom. It
made expressions through lyrics that demanded people to take responsibility of their own
actions by protecting the earth and keeping the peace.
Early Peaceful Rock song

The late 70s Early 80s: Jonathon is a classic rock n roll musician that considers rock n Roll
Died and lost its values in the 50s and the 60s. The reason why classic rock musicians believes
Rock n Roll Died is due to the extreme alternation in Lyrics, Rhythm, Beat, Message and even
the instruments.

Rock n Roll Today: Rock n Roll has no such message today in fact it is very determinately to
society with lyrics that talk about glorify use of drugs and illicit. Moreover it has a powerful
impact on our daily life, Fashion, attitude and language
Picture of Bad lyrics Couple of Animals

The Message Sprit of freedom and expression in lyrics of songs positive

messages was delivered peace and love.

Performance: The way it is performed there is more aggression and beats.

How Rock is presented today

Message - Sprit of freedom and expression in lyrics of songs positive messages
was delivered peace and love.
Performance - The way it is performed there is more aggression and beats.
Style Fashion attitude and language
Cover Songs - Covering classic rock music means that you can cross this music over to any
genre you want. This can be seen with the Stevie Nicks song Landslide. This song was taken
by the Dixie Chics and transitioned well into their country/pop genre.
Dwight Yoakam was also successful in converting classic rock music into country. In 1999 he
did this with the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This song was originally performed by
Queen in 1979. Both versions are popular and hold their own followings.
Phil Collins has had many hits both on his own and with the group Genesis. In 1981 he had a hit
song with In the Air Tonight. Now, the song is a hit again. This time it is being performed by
Nonpoint who revamped the song in 2004. With a new hard core feel, the song is being
performed for a younger crowd.