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Hello everyone at Sant Bonaventura

Thank you for your letter. It was very interesting to find out about your
school’s celebrations, and about the work you’ve been doing, especially about
This has been a busy term as usual, and at the moment we are preparing for
Christmas. The children are practising the songs for their performances. The
younger children will be acting a story based on the Nativity, and the older
children are doing a play based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
We would like to tell you a bit about what we have been learning since
The younger children have been studying the history of World War 1. Our
country has been commemorating the 100th anniversary and thinking how to
remember those who died. Have you seen the poppies at the Tower of London?
They have been a wonderful art project and have been seen by millions of

In Shenstone we had a ceremony on the 11th of November, when we were silent
for 2 minutes.

Near to our school we have the National Memorial Arboretum, where trees are
planted to remember people who have died serving our country - from the Army,
Navy and Police Force for example. Our children visited the Arboretum, and the
war memorial in our village, and learnt about why we remember.


In science lessons the older children have been learning about the Solar System
and the

And they have also been learning about our bones and skeletons, and how our
heart and lungs work.

Look at our


The oldest children have been finding out about three topics in history. The
first is when the Romans first invaded Britain. Our village is very near one of
the oldest Roman roads, and there is an ancient Roman settlement here too.
The Year 4 children have been studying the Ancient Egyptians , which they have
really enjoyed.

Here are their pictures of the Ancient Egyptian canopic jars.

A few years ago a lot of treasure was found a few kilometres away from our
school. It was buried in a field and found by a metal detector. It is a collection
of coins, jewellery and weapons that are about 2000 years old. It has become
very famous, called The Staffordshire Hoard. Our oldest children are going to a
museum to study it.

Just imagine – all this treasure was in a field near here for 2000 years. Who do
you think left it there? And how did they make such beautiful jewellery?

The children have also been investigating abstract art. Look at some of their

Have you heard of a story called The Very Hungry Caterpillar? It is about a
caterpillar who eats fruit and vegetables every day until he turns into a
beautiful butterfly. It encourages the children to eat healthy food, and it helps
the youngest children to count the pieces of fruit.

The older children use the story to learn about life cycles. I will use it to teach
the names of fruit and vegetables in French!

Here are our youngest children performing their Nativity to the rest of the
school. Can you see the shepherds, angels and Kings?

Thank you for the beautiful cards. Have a very Happy Christmas everyone !

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