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Fall 2014

Mission Information Magazine

Churches of Christ
Editor: Wayne Barrier
Founding Editor: J.C. Choate
Associate Editor, Design, Lay-out:
Betty Burton Choate
World Evangelism Publications

Team Members and Contact Information:

Wayne and Janet Barrier: 3000 County Road 10, Florence, AL 35633; Email:; Phone:
Mrs. J.C. (Betty) Choate: 708 Burton Drive, Winona, MS
38967; Phone: 662-283-1192; Website: WorldEvangelism.
org; Email,

Byron and Gay Nichols: P.O. Box 11218, Springfield, MO

65808; Phone: 417-823-4918; Email:
Jerry and Paula Bates: P.O. Box 172, Winona, MS 38967;
Phone: 870-897-2373; Email:
Louis and Bonnie Rushmore: 705 Devine St., Winona,
MS 38967; Phone: 662-739-3035; Website: GospelGazette.
com; Email:
Allon Brumley:;; 931-588-2411; Waynesboro, MS, working in the Philippines.
Robin Dunaway: 1446 Davidson Loop, Oakman, AL 35579;
Phone: 205-717-9724; Email:
Rafael and Kattia Barrantes: 19 Standridge Cv., Jackson, TN
38305. Phone: 731-664-4812; Email:

What is the purpose of Global Harvest???

What else could it be but to say, throughout its pages, Lift

up your eyes and see that the fields are white unto harvest?
These are pivotal times. With technology and communication being what they are, we have such amazing and pow-


erful tools for reaching into any country with the

Gospel even those that seem closed
or antagonistic toward Christianity.
God has truly supplied!
On the other hand, it has
been many years since the world
has seemed so volatile. We could
be on the brink of major conflict,
engulfing humanity in the worst
of wars.
Since the work of the church
is the spreading of salvation
through the preaching of the Gospel, if we will do our part, God
will overrule to bless us with opportunity. Let us be praying for
each other!

Are you a part of our

support team yet???
SINGLY, we cant
do much;
we can
evangelize the

e invite submission of feature and report articles from biblically-sound brethren, along with
colored photographs, for inclusion in future issues of Global Harvest.

isclaimer: We believe that we must answer to God for what we teach and promote. It is our purpose
to be biblical in all that we do and, to the best of our knowledge, we will not promote in these pages
the work of unsound brethren. Because we cannot personally know all that anyone believes and teaches,
we ask your help in guarding against unknowingly publicizing those who are either liberal or fanatical.
If such material is inadvertantly printed, we ask your understanding and cooperation.

Global Harvest

Volume 10


Table of Contents

u France .................... Charles White ....................40

u Greetings
from AthensActivities
.... Dino Roussos ..........41
Romanias Needs
.... Harvey
................ 42

u Editorial: A Way Forward .... Wayne Barrier .....6

u Evangelism Is Editorials
the Answwer .... J.C. Choate ........7
u Editorial: A Mission Field Strategy
and Asia
Orr ..................44

for Maturing the Church ... Wayne Barrier......6 u Iglesia de Cristo ..............
u Transforming the World .... BBC ........................4 u Messages from the Heart
Why Are Christians Left ... J.C. Choate..............7 u Being a Candle ... ...... Alex
del Zotto................. 34
u Lifes Rumble Strips ... Louis Rushmore ............ 8 u Sellers and Orr in Malawi .....Prissy
Sellers ......47
In a Time of Persecution ... ...... Betty Choate... 62 u Distance Learning Program ...... Larry
... 35
u Into Gods World ..... Justin Hopkins .................. 9 u The Village of Hope .....Araba HammondLittle.
France ............... Charles White.......................... 35
u Treasure
in a Box ...Jerry
......................... 10 u
u Zimbabwe ..... Loy Mitchell ............................... 49
Changes in ... Romania ...... Harvey Starling..... 36
.................. 14 u
A World
u Eastern Cape Bible College ....Chris DuPreez ..50
Truth ...... Byron
Nichols .............. 15
and Growth..................
12 u Sweet Memories of Uganda ...... Ruth Orr......... 38
the Heart .. Richard Stephens...40
u Gospel Broadcasting Network ......................... 23 u Messages
u AMission
Brave New
Retreat ........................... 23
17 u
Must Grow
Up .. Loy
Press ...............................................
u Project Rescue ...... Ronnie Crocker................... 26 u Will You Pray for these Christians? ..Haddad...42
u Asghar
Ali in Hyderabad
Khokhar ...54
of the
.... Phil
24 u
China Mission
News ...... .....Shahid
Ron Brown................
...? ......
Burch....... 27
u Focus Press ......................................................... 29
u Hindi
u House to House ...................................................27 u
Korean Christian Univ. .... Malcolm Parsley.... 53
u What God Has Joined ...... Richard May........... 30
u Life
Is in the
Seed .... Joshua
Gootam ................ 54
u Polishing the Pulpit .............................................27 u
Colin McKee....................
u World Video Bible School ................................. 31 u JC
u Focus Press ... Brad Harrub .................................30 u
Thailand, Myanmar, Laos ...... Daniel Hamm... 55
u Mission Printing ...... Richard Renfro................ 37 u Summer
Camp .... S.
u World Video Bible School .................................32 u
Work inBible
the Philippines
Priscilla Sellers....
u On
u The GospelTeam
of ChristReports
.....Kevin Pendergrass .......34 u
Hello from New Zealand ...... Kent ODonnell.. 60
u Looking Back Looking ... Jerry Bates.............8
an OpenAbroad
Door ......WE
................. 46
Three Months
... LouisTeam
u Gleaning
The Voice of Truth
Demar Elam ... 65
from the Fields
Update on Shahid
.... S.
Khokhar.. ...44
u Robin Dunaway
the Team .......................14 u
u Discouragement
.... Khokhar
Gill DuPreez
in New
...... the
Davids.. 45
u China
.... Ron
... the Philippines
Church of ....Allon
Christ .....BBC
.................... 18 u
Life in the
the Gospel
Seed ......
u Taking
to Joshua
China ....
Simon Hui .......68
School Gootam
of Missions..
Do This? .....Ricky
....... 22 u
Maywood Missionary
Addicts ...........Ronnie
Crocker .... 25 u Seol, Korea ....... Malcolm Parsley .....................69
Bible Camp
...... S.
......... 48
u Nias,
...... Colin
Into Gods World.
18 u
in a Nursing
Home ... L. Holmes 31
New Bible
School ......
B. Arjunan......................
u Yangon,
.... Winsome
Vertannes ........ 49
Afraid to Share
... James
D. Suiter .....
29 u
... ......
Louis Rushmore.
.... 24
North India ...... Francis David .......... Back Cover
Gospel Gazette
...... Louis
America25 u
u A Dream to Reach ...... Reuben Emperado ........ 73
in Yunan
...... Joey
....... 50
..... Louis
u Philippines Mission Work ..... Michael Stock ... 74
u I believe the Bible... ..... Samuel A. Matthews 35
u More Tragedy in Japan .... Stephen Hasbrouck 76
u World
in Haiti ..........
Joe Holley[formerly
J.C. Choate
u Sonlight
in the Pacic .... Randy English .......... 77
u is
... J. Hernandez
a service,
a business.
Yes, we37print
books....Robert H. Martin .................... 78
u Paci
c Islands
u here
..... Alex
Del Zotto
. ..... 38 We print enough to
in the
by faithful
u Hello from New Zealand .... Kent ODonnell ... 79
u sell
in Montecarlo
Garcia ........39
to give away
each year.
We know this
u Happenings
in Auckland .... John Staiger ......... 80
part of our work will
all Truths .. Donnie Barnes, Th.D. . 81
u Charting
us haveon
our reward.
(Mrs. J.C.) Choate
u of
the to
.... K. Sisman
u How Much Do You Know? ....B. Choate ........... 82
u Progress in Syktyvkar .... Larry Little ............... 40 u Quotes from the Quran ....Keith Sisman ......... 84

A4 little quiz from the pages..

14. About what percentage of marriages

are strug-
Global Harvest
gling? How can the problem be remedied?
1. Why are Christians left in the world?
15. World Video Bible School is preparing a DVD
2. What did Jesus promise in Matthew 28:20?
on what subject?
3. Name three mass media tools that are used

16. We are challenging Christians to give $1.00

extensively in foreign work.
extra each week for mission work. If every Chris-
4. Who serves as Editor of The Voice of Truth

tian did that, about how much more money would
be available for evangelizing in a years time?
5. What is the Maywood Missionary Retreat?
[Lets see: 1.25 million times 52 equals 65 million
6. What is needed in foreign fields, in order to better
dollars!] Will you help us do it?
train preachers and Christians in the Scriptures?
17. Are believers in Christ being persecuted now?
7. Did dinosaurs really exist?
Are any being crucified?
8. What do you think it takes to be a missionary?
18. Is the Internet a good tool for evangelizing? Do
9. What is the Gospel Gazette?
many congregations have websites with audio/
10. What is Project Rescue?
video sermons and printed Bible lessons?
11. Do service projects help the church to grow?
19. How does Mission Printing involve young

12. What kind of open door is waiting in Winona?
people and volunteers in spreading the Gospel?
13. Can you read about the biblical flood in other
20. How many countries can you name that are cov-
ancient writings? How would those people have
ered in this issue of Global Harvest? Where do
known about the flood?
you think you would like to live and work?
He was born two thousand years
ago in a small village in the occupied
country of israel. His parents were
poor, with no political clout to help
make the way for their son. He attended
no university. His followers were ordinary people. After only three years of
teaching His particular message to the
crowds that followed Him, He was arrested, tried, convicted of claiming to be
the Son of God and He was crucified.
Three days later He appeared alive
to His disciples, and thus began the
historical and spiritual impact of Jesus
Christ on the entire world.

The Pagan World

Though the Law of Moses that

had been given by God to the descendants of Abraham was the prevailing
law of Israel, humanity as a whole was
dominated at that time by the practices
of paganism [How Christianity Changed the
World by Alvin J. Schmidt]. Into what kind
of world was Christ the only begotten Son of God born?


As has always been true, that world

was dominated by religion false religions, at that time. Greek, Roman,
Hindu, Mayan, Inca, and other pagan

A World Without Christ

Betty Burton Choate

religions were based on idolatry, with all

the accompanying superstitious beliefs.
Human sacrifice, religious prostitution,
and torture of victims to be offered
to the gods were common practices.
Mothers in India threw their babies into
the holy rivers in honor of the gods.
Mayan priests tore out the hearts of living humans in their sacrifices.


Daughters could be sold in marriage by their fathers. A man held life

and death power over his wife. He
could divorce her at will, but she could
not divorce him. Women in most cultures could not inherit property, could
not speak in public, and had no rights
beyond what was allowed by their father or their husband.


Abortion was freely practiced in

Greece, Rome, India, China, and in the
western hemisphere, as was the killing
of unwanted children: girls, weak babies, deformed or retarded infants. Fathers (or parents) could choose to expose babies so that they died from the

elements, wild animals, or starvation. A

study of records of six hundred families during one period in Roman history
showed that only one percent reared
more than one daughter. One soldier,
away in war at the time his child was
to be born, wrote to his wife that if the
baby was a boy she was to keep him; if it
was a girl, she was to kill her. Throughout the life of children, in many cultures
the father had the power of death.

Sanctity of Life

A large percent of the population

was made up of slaves or of conquered
people. Those in power could kill at
will. Rulers often murdered family
members or political figures if they suspected them of disloyalty. Thousands
of men fought and died as gladiators, at
the whim of enthusiastic crowds.

Sexual Immorality

Fornication and adultery were not

forbidden to men, while in a woman
the punishment could be death. Homosexuality, lesbianism, group sex, pedophilia, and bestiality were acceptable
practices. Many of these perversions
were graphically portrayed on artifacts
used in the home.
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Global Harvest

We Need Your Help!

In order to make Global Harvest the informative, useful, and inspiring magazine we envision, we
must have input from brethren, churches, and program projects throughout the brotherhood and all over the
world. We will try to make you aware of services available and of needs you might help to cover.

We need four things from our readers/participants:

(1) Your name, address, phone number, and email address.
(2) Submissions of articles (with accompanying high quality color photos; if sent over the internet, photos must be at least 200 dpi and 4x5 in size). Articles need to be story-form, rather than general report form;
they need to focus on a particular event, specific method of work, some turn of events, an exemplary person,
etc. Writing should be succinct, professionally done, without exaggerations or embellishment of truth to make
a more exciting story, allowing 750 to 1000 words for one page, preferably 11 pt., Times New Roman.

(3) Please understand that we cover services made available through brethren of printing, magazines,
and various programs of work. We do not solicit or accept paid advertisements.

(4) At this time it is our intention to print Global Harvest twice yearly, in the interest of helping bretren to be more aware of what is being done and of what needs to be done. Financial support will be greatly
appreciated from brethren who will make a personal donation to receive the magazine individually, and
from congregations that will pay for bundles to be supplied to their members.
Individual donation:
$5.00 per copy
Congregational donation: $75.00 per 25 copies;
$125.00 per 50 copies

Global Harvest

A Mission Field
Strategy for
Maturing the Church
Wayne Barrier

My most recent trip to Asia included a visit with brethren in Bangalore,

India to participate in a Bible seminar
on strategies for maturing the church
in India. About 180 preachers, teachers, and church leaders were gathered

for three days to discuss this important

subject. Brother P.R. Swamy and his
son Douglas had arranged the meeting
and my son Jeremy, myself, Kerry Barrier, and Robin Dunnaway were teachers along with Swamy and Douglas.

Wayne and Janet Barrier World Missions (Jeremy Barrier,

have been involved in mission work

for over 30 years and their work is
overseen by the Double Springs, Alabama congregation. Wayne serves
as the Double Springs missions minister and directs their World Evangelism Missions program with work in
Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
The Barriers coordinate integrated
evangelism efforts including mass
media teaching, follow-up campaigns, and training of brethren for
teaching and leadership. The program involves a team of 10-12 U.S.
workers and 30 foreign co-workers.
To accomplish training goals, World
Evangelism Missions funds and
directs the operation of 10 Bible
schools in Asia that provide training
to over 500 students yearly. Continuous campaign efforts to provide
follow-up to mass media programs
are coordinated and supported by
the Double Springs team.
In addition, the Barriers help with
radio, literature, and television programs directed by the Winona, Mississippi World Evangelism team.
They also closely cooperate with

Madison Church of Christ). Joey

Barrier, who serves as co-director
of World Evangelism Missions, and
Jamie Barrier also work under the
oversight of the Double Springs
Wayne and Janet have served as
adjunct faculty members of several
colleges over the past 40 years, including Heritage Christian University and Faulkner University. Wayne
presently serves on the board of directors for Heritage Christian University and Janet serves as a Heritage
faculty member. Wayne is Editor
of Global Harvest and a staff writer
for The Voice of Truth International.
Wayne, Joey and Jeremy direct the
Maywood Missionary Retreat, the
World Evangelism School of Missions, and the newly formed Heritage Christian University Center for
Mission Training and Information.
The Barriers are blessed to work
together with their children, Jenny,
Jamie, Joey, and Jeremy and their
families. They have seven grandchildren. The Barriers live in the
Florence, Alabama area.

Each day several hours were dedicated to lectures that covered various
topics relating to this subject. These
topics included emphasis on:
(1) following Scripture carefully
as people are initially taught to include
the three distinct steps described in the
great commission (teach the gospel,
baptize into Christ, teach to observe all
(2) developing strong local congregations by emphasizing in-depth study
of the Bible,
(3) encouraging every member to
develop a work of ministry,
(4) developing leadership,
(5) emphasizing fellowship and
Christian family development,
(6) participation in active prayer
(7) teaching to acquire comprehensive understanding of the Bible,
(8) strong involvement in benevolent activities, and
(9) acceptance of responsibility
through giving for local needs.
The lectures were well received,
and feedback sessions revealed an exceptional maturity level of the participants. They described efforts in their
respective local congregations that
indicated that many of those concepts
being discussed were being practiced.
Several congregations reported mature
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Global Harvest

Why Are Christians Left

in the World?
J.C.Choate [Deceased]

J.C. and Betty Choate

moved to Pakistan to begin the

Lords church in Karachi in 1962.
Following five years of work, with
six congregations established,
they moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka to plant the church in that city.
In 1968 they moved to New Delhi,
the capital of India.
In 1974 it became possible to begin airing the Gospel over Radio
Sri Lanka, the Giant of Asia, with
India as the target of programs in
five of her major languages. J.C.
did broadcasts in English, Sunny David spoke in Hindi, Joshua
Gootam was the Telugu speaker,
P.R. Swamy preached in Tamil,
and P.K. Varghese was the Malayalam speaker. The printing of literature monthly magazines, Bible
correspondence courses, study
books, and tracts put follow-up
tools in the hands of local preachers and Christians. The result has
been widespread teaching of the
Truth and a great harvest of souls.
Television has replaced much
of the radio coverage. Preacher
training schools have been established, as well as a program for
training local Christians to evangelize [JC School of Evangelism].
J.C. went to his eternal reward in
2008, but the work that he began
continues through the efforts of
the World Evangelism team.

Imagine this: a person hears and

understands the Gospel, he repents of his sins and is baptized
into Christ. Immediately, God
transforms his body into immortal substance, and he goes to his
eternal home. Wouldnt that be
wonderful?! No struggles. No
temptations. Not one soul ever
being lost! What a perfect plan!

Why didnt God think of that?

But, wait! If every Christian was

taken to be with God the moment he was
born into the Family, who would be left
in the world to bring that message of salvation to others? No one! So the saving
power of the Gospel would have ended
on the first day of the beginning of the
church, and the world would have been
lost in total darkness ever since then!
So, that is why we live in this alien
environment, in this world whose lord
is satan so that each one of us can
be the light of Christ, shining in all the
darkness of sin. Think back to your
own conversion: in most cases, was
it not the result of some caring Christian loving you enough to teach you
the Truth? That explains why you are
here, facing whatever trials and troubles Satan brings into your life. You
are here to bear fruit in the form of
souls saved from eternal damnation.
Jesus farewell words to His followers included the all-important
command, Go into all the world and
preach the gospel to every creature.
He who believes and is baptized will
be saved; but he who does not believe
will be condemned (Mark 16:15,16).
In time, as a result of their obedience
to that command, great persecution occurred, and ... those who were scat-

tered went everywhere preaching the

word (Acts 8:4). Through the dedication of those first Christians, in less
than one generation, the apostle Paul
could write by inspiration: ... the
word of the truth of the gospel, which
has come to you, as it has also in all the
world... (Colossians 1:5,6).
Even though almost 2,000 years have
passed since that time, neither the command to Christians nor the work we have
been left in the world to do has changed.
But the population has changed! How
can the relatively small number of Christians take the Gospel to more than seven
billion people? Is it humanly possible?
If the work was to be done solely
through the efforts of humans, it would
not be possible. But Jesus promised, ...
lo, I am with you always, even to the end
of the age (Matthew 28:20). In John
14:18, He promised, I will not leave
you orphans. What is the message?
That this work He has entrusted in our
hands is still His work, and that He will
be with us every step of the way.
In practical terms, what does that
mean? If we look back at history, we
can see: In every age, God has provided
the tools the church would have to have
to evangelize the world. God does His
part: He lays the tools on the table; then
it is the decision of Christians and the
church as to whether or not we will use
the equipment He has provided.
u Today, to evangelize such a large
population, a nucleus of Christians is
vital. We have just such a nucleus in
the U.S.
u In order to go into all the world,
the Christians must be able to travel
abroad. We have that freedom.
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Global Harvest

Looking Back Looking Ahead

Jerry and Paula Bates

We are now beginning our 8th year

with the World Evangelism team.
Our lives have changed since we began. We have met a multitude of good
Christian people both here and abroad,
and we have experienced the bond of
Christianity tying us all together. When
we began, J C and Betty Choate told
us that we would be working with the
cream of the crop, and they were right.
We feel blessed to be able to get to visit
with so many faithful servants of God.

We knew we would primarily be

working in India and, of course, that
has not changed. However, we are also
working in a number of other places
such as Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,
and Africa.
Just this spring, one of our Indian
brethren, Samuel Raju, remarked that
mission work is much different now
than it was 40 years ago. In those
years, missionaries were reaching the
first converts and primarily having
Gospel meetings in various villages
and towns in an effort to establish the
church in those areas. Travel was slow
and arduous, and the days were long,
but they were successful in establishing many congregations. Along with
those meetings much literature was
printed and radio programs began to
be sponsored. Our work is not nearly
as hard now as it was in those days, and
today we are standing on the shoulders
of those pioneer preachers.
While much has changed, yet much
has remained the same. We continue to
print literature, even to a much greater
extent than before. Today we have only

Jerry and Paula Bates: Jerry attended Freed-Hardeman University

and Mississippi State University. After beginning preaching, he earned
his MAR from Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, TN. He
has been preaching for 25 years, working with churches in Tennessee,
Arkansas, and Mississippi.
Since 2007 Jerry and Paula have been working with World Evangelism
in Winona, MS, associated with the late J.C. Choate and his wife, Betty. He
serves as Associate Editor of The Voice of Truth International, and Paula
also works daily in the office, serving as the bookkeeper. In addition to printing and distributing vast amounts of literature, World Evangelism sponsors
many TV/radio programs and Bible schools, primarily in India. Jerry and
Paula make 3-4 mission trips each year, working with the TV speakers, Bible
schools, and national coworkers.
Jerrys passion is teaching in Bible schools, and he also serves as instructor in some Bear Valley Bible Institutes extension schools. In 2014 he
has taught courses in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Nepal, Myanmar and India.

a few radio programs because with the

change in society, TV brings in far more
viewers, so now several TV programs
are sponsored weekly. Congregations
are growing and new ones are continually being established, except much of
it is now done by local brethren.
As our Indian brother commented,
churches are no longer a one-man show.
Younger brethren are stepping up and
providing some much needed labor and
leadership. Bible schools have been
established which have provided some
trained brethren to aid in the spiritual
growth of the churches.
Travel is now much easier and
faster. In earlier days, most travel was
done by train and it might take days to
go from one side of India to another.
While trains are still very popular, airplanes now make long distance travel
much easier. On our last trip, we covered in 13 hours what would have taken
3-4 days by train.
Communication is obviously much
better now as well. Formerly, one had
to go to a place where you could make
a phone call, and then maybe wait
for several hours until you finally got
through. Now we have instantaneous
access by cell phone and email.
Along with the change in technology have come great changes in the
church. No longer are we focusing on
simply having evangelistic campaigns
or meetings. Now the emphasis is more
on further teaching and grounding
the present preachers and Christians
through special seminars, schools, and
classroom situations. We are working
a great deal through schools, most of
which are not full time because many
men cannot leave their jobs for two
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Global Harvest

Three Months Abroad, Nine Months Stateside Annually

Louis Rushmore

Ideally, Bonnie and I spend up to
25% of our year (i.e., three months)
abroad and about 75% of our time
(i.e., nine months) stateside annually.
Counting overseas and USA travel,
we are away from home (at least on
weekends) up to 45 weeks per year
or approximately 86.5% of the time.
Whether home, on the road or on a distant foreign field (sometimes literally a
field!), we devote nearly every waking
moment to some aspect of serving Jesus Christ.

Meet the Rushmores

Bonnie and Louis Rushmore accepted the invitation to become World

Evangelism team members in 2007,
and they moved to Winona, MS to participate in the day-to-day operations.
Louis is Editor of Gospel Gazette
Online, a monthly Internet journal, and
an Associate Editor of The Voice of
Truth International, a quarterly Gospel magazine for which Bonnie does
most of the layout. She also does the
accounting for the Rushmore Evangelism Fund. Both Louis and Bonnie
are staff writers for Global Harvest
magazine, help proofread all literature
in production, assist with shipping and
receiving, travel extensively stateside

Our time is spent in teaching or We are heartily thankful for the

preaching and preparation thereto, Christians and for the congregations of
writing and otherwise preparing print- the churches of Christ that support and
ed materials for publishing, shipping encourage us as well as financially unliterature worldwide, teaching through derwrite our efforts.
the Internet, or traveling to or from Two months abroad are divided
some venue for teaching or preach- among any of four Asian countries:
ing. We would not have it any other Myanmar (formerly Burma), India,
way as we conscientiously serve Al- Sri Lanka and Singapore. Usually, we
mighty God, plus such a singular pur- make mission trips annually to both
pose has contemporary benefits, too: Myanmar and India, and Bonnie and I
(1) a little less opportunity to be distracted by
worldliness, hedonism,
the lust of the flesh,
and the lust of the eyes,
and the pride of life (1
John 2:16); (2) a little
less time to dwell on self
respecting ones frailty
and illnesses; and (3) a
little less likelihood of
being bored. We are neither perfect nor superlatively accomplished, but
we are trying to be useA fellowship meal among Christians
ful tools in the hands of
in Yangon, Myanmar.
the Living God.
travel less often to teach and preach in
and abroad to teach the Gospel and
Sri Lanka and Singapore.
report on mission work. They teach
For one month abroad each year we
Gods Word in Myanmar (Burma), India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Guyana.
go on a mission trip to Guyana, South
America. The primary focus of the type
2013 was a celebratory year for
of teaching and preaching that Bonnie
the Rushmores. July 14th they oband I do mirrors two New Testament
served their 40th wedding anniverpassages in particular. We major in what
sary. October 20th Louis noted that
he has been preaching now for 40
the apostle Paul ascribed to Apollos in
years. More significantly, in Novem1 Corinthians 3:6; whereas Paul planted
ber Bonnie completed chemotherapy
the seed of the kingdom, Apollos waand beat pancreatic cancer stage 3.
tered it, and the consequence was that
In 2014, she resumed foreign travel
God provided a spiritual harvest. Bonnie
with Louis. Together, they expect to
and I seek to exemplify Ephesians 4:12,
continue as components of World
laboring for the equipping of the saints
Evangelism alongside other team
for the work of ministry, for the edifying
members in Winona, other stateside
locations and throughout the world.

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Global Harvest

... Looking Ahead

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years to attend a Bible school. Nevertheless, they need and desire further
knowledge and training.
One of our Indian brethren, Arjunan, has recently started a part-time
school scattered over four different locations. He and three co-workers will
teach students in those places two days
each month. Before class the students
will work through a book and be ready
for the class. Arjunan will personally
visit each place every three months. Every six months, when we come to India,
all the students will come together in
one place for instruction from Jerry. The
advantages to this method are several:
there is no need for the students to quit
their jobs, the cost of the school is small,
and yet there is still teaching and fellowship to a greater extent than previously.
We continue to work with two fulltime schools in India, the North India
Bible College and the Visakha Valley
Bible College. Some excellent in-depth
instruction is provided at these schools,
and we also visit and teach classes at each
location. Paula teaches separate classes
for women and children.
On this trip we have received requests from our co-workers for three
additional schools in three different
states and languages. This illustrates
that many Indian brethren are realizing the great need for further training
so the church will remain sound doctrinally. They need our help to do this.
We continue to print much literature. As the church grows, the need is
even greater. We print many books,
basic study books, deeper study books,
sermon outlines, and tracts lots and
lots of tracts. On this trip we have supplied funds to print Why We Believe
What We Believe, Seekers Bible

bulk about 3,000 copies to each of the

countries, Ghana and Tanzania. From
there, the local brethren will distribute them as they have opportunity. We
hope this will greatly lower our costs to
those places where we send large quantities. We have also printed The Voice
of Truth in English in Nigeria for the
first time. The last two weeks in June
Jerry visited both Nigeria and Ghana,
checking to see how this trial run has
While there he also taught at a Bear
Valley School in each location. Then
the first of August, we traveled to Arusha (Tanzania), the receiving site of the
Voice of Truth from India. Once again
one can see how literature and schools
go together. Locations that have a
school can also serve as excellent distribution points for literature. Thus, as
we go for one reason we can also utilize our time and talents in the other
area as well.
As we visit we are often taken to
areas where new congregations are being established. This provides us with
teaching opportunities resulting from
the work of the television preachers
sponsored by World Evangelism. This

Course and Conversions in Acts. Usually 2,000 copies are printed at a time,
and they will be distributed to many
different preachers and congregations.
Of course, we continue to distribute The Voice of Truth International
in many countries besides India, and, in
addition, we are currently translating the
magazine into four Indian languages.
On a recent trip we gave a copy of The
Voice of Truth to one of the hotel staff
where we were staying. He claimed to
be a Christian but had little knowledge
of the Bible. We gave him a copy one
day, and the very next day he came to
us and asked some questions about the
article I had written in that book. In the
same week we had preachers telling us
that they use these books for sermons in
their churches.
In the last couple of years we have
experienced a tremendous increase in
overseas shipping costs which has virtually stopped us from shipping The
Voice of Truth as we had been doing.
We have been looking at other op- Continued on page 20
tions, and we may have
found at least a partial
solution. We have been
printing the magazine
in India in English for
the last two years. The
cost of printing is about
the same but we avoid
the overseas shipping
of those boxes. We
were privileged to visit
the printer in Madurai, India, and were
impressed at the very
modern equipment they
were operating.
For the first time
we have printed a larger
Brother and sister Thang Lien of Manipur.
He speaks on the new TV program.
quantity and shipped in

Global Harvest


Three Months Abroad, Nine Months Stateside Annually

Louis Rushmore
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of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12

NKJV). We train brethren to more effectively assume some of the responsibility
of evangelizing their own nations. From
1 Corinthians 3:6 we observe that outreach and edification are equally important to the harvest of souls.
By way of example, each year
Bonnie and I conduct a nationwide,
traveling seminar throughout Guyana.
We place this program within reach of
every Christian in that country where
they live, since the transportation infrastructure and severe poverty prevent
brethren from traveling to centralized
venues. Consequently, we work with
brethren from all three ethnicities (descendants of indentured servants from
India, descendants of freed African
slaves and Amerindians the indigenous people). We travel throughout
the Atlantic coastal area as well as to
interior destinations along the Brazilian
and Venezuelan borders and points in
between. We travel to about 15 different venues, spending 50 hours or more
in small airplanes skirting the jungle
canopy and mountain peaks, five or
more hours in boats and 30 or more
hours flying low in land vehicles.
We conduct seminars by day and/
or night for preachers, their wives
and other interested Christians, and
I preach evening Gospel meetings in
various locations. Sometimes we tape
television programs, and invariably we
teach or preach at a high school boarding house, in Bible classes and for worship. Bonnie teaches Ladies Days also;
as often is the case in America, too,
ladies in foreign countries frequently
outnumber male Christians, and they
desire specialized training from Christian women whereby they can grow

spiritually. Bonnie is in high demand to

teach women and to teach women how
to teach children.
It has been our good pleasure to
provide an abundance of literature (e.g.,
tracts and books) in numerous languages for the edification of our brethren
and to help them teach the Gospel to
their countrymen. Literature is the perfect missionary always ready when
the recipient is ready, cost effective and
an easy traveler to multiple and sometimes impossible destinations for missionaries.
For nine months stateside, Bonnie
and I try to worship with two different
congregations per Sunday within three
hours driving distance of each other
(driving up to 3,000 miles monthly).
Typically, our road trips (sometimes air
travel) take us to Mississippi, Alabama,
Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida
and Oklahoma. Back in our office at
the World Evangelism Building in Winona, MS, we unload tractor trailers of
incoming literature; load tractor trailers with outbound literature; ship via
the post office daily; write, layout, and
proof books, magazines, an Internet
journal and tracts; and keep brethren
abreast of our mission work through
other mail outs.
Bonnie and I
share this ministry of worldwide
evangelism with
other core team
members of World
Evangelism (Betty Choate, Jerry
and Paula Bates,
Wayne and Janet

Barrier, Byron and Gay Nichols), all

of whom voluntarily cooperate and are
amenable to our respective sponsoring congregations and elderships. In
addition, we cooperate with numerous
brethren stateside and abroad to provide a well-rounded, complete program
of world evangelism of radio, TV, Internet, massive literature distribution,
foreign Bible schools and follow up
with overseas campaigns.
Please pray for all of us. Bonnie and
I invite you to participate with us, sending the light or helping us take the light
of the Gospel throughout the world.
You may contact us directly by email at or and by phone
at Louis cell: 662.739.3035 or Bonnies
cell: 662.283.9946. The elders of the
Siwell Rd. Church of Christ, 4075 Siwell Road, Jackson, MS 39212 oversee
us, and they receive and deposit funds
for our labors into their bank account:
Rushmore Evangelism Fund.
Louis Rushmore: Email: rushmore@
Website: www.; Blog:; Visit us on


Global Harvest

Available NOW! Full-color, pocket-sized, tri-fold tracts on 109 topics, written in old-time Gospel clarity. Call 662-283-1192 for a list of the titles and to
place your order.

These conveniently-sized

tools will be helpful for outreach and for strengthening young Christians. We
are making an introductory
price of only ten cents each,
$5.00 for 50, plus postage.
J.C. Choate

J.C. Choate

We are thrilled with the increasing use of the

tracts we have printed, in English, and in a growing number of languages overseas. In addition to
the original 76, these new titles have been added:

five studies by Louis Rushmore:

u The Foreknowledge of God Explained

u What About Instrumental Music in

Christian Worship?
u The New Testament Church Is Divine in

u Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?
u To Drink or Not to Drink?
u The Nuts and Bolts of Pornography
u Foul Language

one tract by Ron Williams:

u When Families Deal with Grief and Loss

u Will a Man Rob God?

u How to Study Gods Word

u Training Children in Obedience

these new titles by Jerry Bates:

and these by Betty Burton Choate:

u Training Children in Disobedience

u Satan Do You Recognize Him?

u Fig Leaves Are Back in Style!
u How Do We Approach God?
u The Heavens Declare
u The Wrath of God
u The 21st Century Holocaust
u Doubts and Fears: Satans Challenge
u Womens Liberation or Exploitation of Women?
u Where Grace and Mercy End
u Why Did God Do This to Me?
u True Science? It Follows a Known Path!
u He Lifted Up His Eyes
u How Do I Wear Christ?
u What Does Prayer Accomplish?
u The Soul and Its God
u In a Time of Persecution, Can I Endure?
u To Whom and Through Whom?
It is our intention to continue to add to the titles
we offer. Many churches are ordering these handysized, succinct, and biblically-sound tracts.
We encourage you to order a set for $20, or bundles
of a single title at $2.50 for 25. Call 662-283-1192,
or order online at

Global Harvest

Byron Nichols

We are just days away from having

Volume 80 of The Voice of Truth
International in circulation. I dont
have an exact count of the total number
of copies of all of the 80 different
quarterly issues that have been printed
and distributed, but it is in the millions.
It is exciting and encouraging to know

Byron and Gay Nichols

Since 1991 Byron and Gay have
primarily given their mission and
evangelism efforts toward helping
start and maintain the major evangelistic publication, The Voice of
Truth International.
Byron served as the Managing
Editor of the magazine until the
passing of Founding Editor J. C.
Choate in 2008. At that time Byron became the Editor and continues in that role today. Gay assists
in several of the daily office tasks
involved with the magazine, including billing, typing of articles,
mailing of magazines, and maintaining various records.
Along with his work in selecting
and editing articles to be used,
Byron also engages in fundraising efforts, deals with a great deal
of correspondence, looks after
support and expense records, and
is in frequent contact with congregations and individuals across
the U. S. and in other countries.


that this publication is impacting so

many lives around the globe!
It is such a blessing to have
the support of many Christians and
congregations who have seen for
themselves some of the benefits that
this magazine provides for readers
across America and in many other
countries. Without such help, The
Voice of Truth International would
never have become a reality.
It hasnt been easy, but the Lord
has enabled us to have completed 21
years of publishing this very special
Gospel material. Over that period of
time the cost involved in keeping this
work going has increased significantly.
While the magazines costs have
increased, our support has decreased.
Let me emphasize that those
individuals and congregations that
have decreased or discontinued their
support have consistently made it plain
that they were making such a move
with great regret. They still love and
appreciate the work, but their economic
constraints have made it necessary for
them to make this change.
We put it off just as long as we
could, but we have finally been forced
to implement our FIRST increase in
subscription costs. After more than
20 years, our individual subscriptions
for 4 issues have increased from $12
to $15, and the cost for 8 issues has
gone from $20 to $25. The cost for the
various-sized bundles of each issue has
likewise increased.
It has been estimated in various
studies that 108 people die every
minute, thus meaning that each and

every day there are approximately

155,520 deaths. These numbers would
be much less troubling if we could be
assured that those who die each day
are faithful children of God, but we
know that this is not the case. What
we also know is just the opposite we
know that the great majority are dying
outside of the family of God. This
should help to reinforce in our minds
the seriousness of truly being the light
of the world. We should become more
and more like Jesus. Luke 19:41 tells
of His concern for a city lost in sin,
His beloved Jerusalemand He cried
because they were lost. Those who
wear Christs name must somehow
become more aware of and concerned
about our world. We must accept our
responsibility to get His message of
salvation out to the living so that death
will not be the tragic thing for them
that it will be without that message and
their obedience to it.

Messages of Truth
Byron Nichols


An excellent
book to share
with a friend
who is not a

Many of the articles for the monthly

magazines published in India are
drawn from the pages of The Voice
of Truth International.


Global Harvest

Robin Dunaway
Joins the Team

Robin and Alison Dunaway

Into Gods World, a World Evangelism project to develop sound Bible

class materials, is moving ahead. Two
quarters 12/1 and 5/3 of the curriculum were printed and made available for select test markets for this
years fall quarter of classes. Betty
Choate, of World Evangelism, has written a fifth grade packet on the warfare
with Satan, and Kevin Cauley, a minister from Hattiesburg Mississippi, has
written a high school packet designed
especially for seniors. Feedback sheets
were provided to teachers using the
lessons, asking for analysis and suggestions so we can adjust the material,
if needed, to be able to move forward
with the rest of the project. Other vol-

Robin Dunaway has recently

been entrusted with new responsibilities with the World Evangelism
team. In December of 2013 he accepted the role of Managing Editor
of the Bible class curriculum [Into
Gods World] that Betty Choate introduced as part of the World Evangelism program of work under the
oversight of the elders of the Liberty Church of Christ in Dennis, MS.
Robin has been preaching the
Gospel for over 25 years and has
worked in KY, AL, MS, FL, and in
Europe and Southeast Asia. He is

unteers are being given writing assignments so that work can begin when the
feedback sheets have been assessed.
To those who have volunteered to
do artwork, editing, proofing, and other
features of the overall project, we will
be calling on you in the near future for
your participation. For those who would
be willing to donate some time for this
effort, please contact us at the World
Evangelism office (662-283-1192) or
my cell phone which is (205) 717-9724.
Retired educators are encouraged to use
some of your skills for a good work,
helping us in the development of this
monumental task to educate our young
people in the Scriptures.
The target area for this project
spans the US and overseas. This is
a huge undertaking that will require
many resources. We are asking for
your help. If you cant find time for this
outreach, could you please search your
hearts and pocketbooks for a monetary
gift? We are totally funded by gifts
from people just like you, and a project
no stranger to World Evangelism
because he has partnered with the
team for 5 years, making evangelism trips to India and Asia with
Wayne Barrier and his sons.
Robin has been married to Alison Gibbons Dunaway for 31 years.
They have 5 children and currently
live in Oakman, AL.
The Dunaways are sponsored
by the North Highlands congregation in Russellville, AL. He is a
1996 graduate of Heritage Christian University (IBC).

of this enormity will require everyones

help in some way.
I have been in Southeast Asia and
the Philippines and saw first-hand the
need for good training in Bible there.
Children must be taught at a young age
if we expect to retain them for eternity.
Wont you please help today?
Robin Dunaway: (205) 717-9724;

Children in a Philippine Bible class

Global Harvest


New Efforts in the Philippines

Allon Brumley

In January of 2014, I moved to Cebu

City, Cebu, Philippines to work with the
Philippine Institute of Biblical Studies
& Resource Center (PIBS). PIBS is a
Preacher - Teacher training program.
The school was started by Wayne Barrier. It has approximately 40 students at
any given time, attending classes one
week a month and spending the other
three weeks out in the field. Much of my
work is out in the field with the students.
Missing Link Program
Childrens Tutorial Centers

I am also working with Prissy
Sellers and her group that come each

Allon Brumley After high

school, entered the U.S.A.F. and
served for 7 years.
For the next 5 years he was mostly in business for himself.
Attended and graduated from
Freed-Hardeman University.
Accepted a position as a Corp.
Safety Coordinator.
Served as a Comptroller/City Recorder.
Purchased a Printing, Sign, Publishing and Office Supply Company.
Remains in that line of business
along with becoming a full time
missionary in the Philippines.

year to the Philippines to establish preschool tutorials in the already existing

congregations, to offer first class education to the community children who
otherwise could not excel in basic academics. They also add a solid biblical
foundation to that excellence in secular
Because a good education is so desired by all Filipino parents for their
children, they are elated when the local congregation of the Lords people
reaches out to their children with love
and quality education. These parents
then are encouraged to attend weekly
Bible studies and regular worship services with the Christians in their area.
Before distributing the Missing
Link Kits, a seminar is given to train
the teachers/leaders how to use the kits
as an evangelistic tool while providing
a quality education for the children.
Establishing Childrens
Bible Classes
On a smaller scale than the Missing
Link program, Allon helps establish
Bible Classes for children with congregations that only offer worship service.
Many congregations do not have
classes for children. Some have not been
trained, some do not have material and
some simply cannot afford material that
is normally used in teaching children.
With the help of all of us here in the
U.S., we have much to offer. A list of
needed items can be found on the website
Balikbayan Box Program:
Care Boxes Sent From The U.S.
So that ALL churches, large AND
small, can become a partner in this
work, we have developed this program
so that even the smallest congregations

Allon with

can help in mission work. Its very effective its needed and the cost is
very low. Each box will be used as an
outreach program in the locations in
which we are working. Literature will
be handed out with each item, such as
tracts from World Evangelism.
Generally, it costs only $85 to $120
to ship a large box to the Philippines
(24 x 24 x 18) and weight is no
problem. If it fits - it ships. More
information is on the website.
Radio Ministry:
Present and Future
Bro. Reuben Emperado, Director of
PIBS, and students have an ongoing radio ministry in the Philippines using local radio stations. Churches have been
established and souls have been saved
through this effort. But more is needed
and we need your financial help.
We are wanting to establish the
FIRST brotherhood FM Radio Station in
the Philippines. We need to reach a goal
of $25,000 for this project. Over $5,000
has already been raised. The Gospel has
a potential of reaching at least 1.5 million listeners at least 12 hours daily.
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Global Harvest
Heritage Christian University recently formed a new
program that will provide training and information for individuals interested in mission work.
Wayne Barrier teaching one of the mission traning sessions
at Heritage Christian University.

World Evangelism School of Missions

The Center for Missions Training and Information
(CMTI) will be directed by Joey Barrier and is guided by a
faculty committee chaired by Dr. Ed Gallagher. Each year
the center will sponsor a mission forum and several mission
seminars to bring together workers and supporters to share
information and participate in training classes.
Last years fall session, conducted in September, was attended by over 60 individuals interested in mission work.
Gordon Hogan and Wayne Barrier were speakers for that
session. The spring 2014 session took place on February
13, and speakers were Loy Mitchell and Dr. Jeremy Barrier. Loy discussed lessons learned in his 50+ years of work
in African missions. Jeremy dealt with the New Testament
patterns and examples that can help determine principles for
21st century missions. Seminars in 2014 are planned for
August 26 and November 18. The theme of 2014 seminars
will be Zeal Without Knowledge and Where Should We
Go Today. The 2014 Mission Forum is scheduled for September 22-24, and the theme will be China Missions.
Seminars in 2015 are being planned with likely dates in
January and March. The final annual event for the year will
be the World Evangelism Maywood Missionary Retreat at
Maywood Camp held April 29-May 2, 2015.
This new program was designed to incorporate many of
the training objectives of the World Evangelism School of

Missions. The mission information component of the new

center is designed to be a tool for churches and individuals
seeking information about ongoing mission efforts throughout the world. The collection of information will be expanded continually and updated.

Contact us at or 256.766.2807 (Janet
Barrier) or contact (Dr. Ed Gallagher) for
more information.

Lest We Forget
Dr. Philip Slate has worked diligently to bring together the
mini-biographies of brave missionaries of the early Twentieth Century. These men and women 84 of them are
pictured in the collage shown on the front cover of his book.
Anyone, reading the book, will be
humbled by the courage and faith
of these Christians who blazed the
trail for those of us who would follow them.
Lest We Forget is affordably
priced at $8.00 per copy and can be
ordered from World Evangelism,
P.O. Box 72, Winona, MS 38967;
Phone: 662-283-1192.

Global Harvest


Missionary Retreat
Plan to Come Next Year!
Priscilla had an inspiring
lesson for the ladies on Friday afternoon.
Barry Smith
Since most attendees
are directly involved in mission work on the field, two days of focus entirely on the work
being done and plans in the making are a feast of good things.
We encourage prospective missionaries and elders interested in
doing foreign work to plan to attend the retreat next year.
The Double Springs, Alabama congregation sponsors the
event and the World Evangelism Team serves as hosts.
Make reservations for next year by contacting Janet
at 256-766-2807; Email:
Some of the participants in the Retreat, L to R: Mike Norwood, elder of the church in Palestine, TX; Betty Choate, Janet and Wayne Barrier; P.R. Swamy, evangelist
in Bangalore, India; Don Norwood, long-time co-worker
with brother Swamy; Jerry Bates,world evangelism partner who works closely with brethren in India.

The 8th annual Maywood Missionary Retreat took place

May 1-3, 2014. Maywood Christian Camp is located in
Hamilton, Alabama and has been the location of our missionary retreat for the past eight years. The average participation has been about 100 individuals each time. Feedback
from participants last year indicated that it was the best yet.
Every preacher is given an opportunity to report on his work
and 3-5 presentations are made each year to highlight current work, issues, and areas of special interest. Special sessions for the youth and for ladies are included. All meals are
provided on-site, and housing at the camp is air-conditioned
cabins. Local motels are near, if desired.
Speakers this year included: Gordon Hogan, Colin McKee, Don and Mike Norwood, P.R. Swamy and Joey Barrier.
Barry Smith, who works with the Madison, AL church was
the keynote speaker the last night of the retreat, and his lesson on Leadership in the Church was outstanding.
Ruth Orr and Priscilla Sellers, newly home from time
spent in the Philippines, were able to be present, and

Missionary Stories
Wayne and Janet Barrier
You wont want to miss this thrilling book!
Available now at special discounted price:
$8.00 for one copy; $6.00 each for five.
Stories of
Christians in
Myanmar, Sri
Lanka, India,
Pakistan, Viet
Nam, Peru,
China, and
other exciting
Order from:
World Evangelism Publications
P. O. Box 72
Winona, MS


Global Harvest
We hope you are eagerly
watching the development of
the proposed Bible class materials which we have named Into
Gods World. The undertaking
is huge and a heavy responsibility,
but we are convinced that these
studies can have a tremendous
impact for good on the Lords
church for many years to come.

Unlike many of the current study plans, ours will be two-fold:

1. Sunday Morning studies will be topical, based on the challenges
a particular age group is facing. We are not minimizing the need to
study the Scriptures these materials will show that Gods word is
the key and guidance for everything we face in life but it is obvious
that a first-graders needs are not the same as a twelfth-graders or as
those of young parents. It is also true that we can devote most of the
class time for two or three years to a historical coverage of the Old
Testament and miss the opportunity to teach on vital salvation subjects
during critical, formative years.
2. Studies for mid-week lessons will be time-lines geared for four
age levels. They will be chronological studies of the Bible, but with a
motivational message always in the forefront. Beginning from before
creation, and pointing to the death of Christ, the emphasis will be on
Gods use of a particular person or situation to move events forward
to the time when Christ would come. All that was done through those
many centuries was to ultimately provide salvation through Christ.
Then before the Lord returned to heaven, He placed His work of the
ages and the treasure of salvation in the hands of humans. The continual message will be that we are in this world for a purpose to
complete Gods work.
It is our intention to provide everything needed for a class so that
it will not be necessary for the teacher to spend hours trying to find
activities and copying sheets for the students. There will be teachers
manuals, student books, bulletin board materials, activity and takehome sheets, memory work cards, Book of Bible Knowledge and
other tools. There is literally no end to what can be done to provide
the very highest quality of materials for our classes. This is something
the church can and must do for itself, and we need to work with a sense
of urgency: weak, denominationally-based materials are resulting in
precious souls being lost eternally.
Of course, it will take time to develop everything but we will move
into high gear with writing assignments as we get feedback from the
materials that are being Beta tested during this years fall quarter. If
you have not yet volunteered to help with the writing, the activities, the graphics, the editing, the proofreading, or the layout for
the books, and would like to be a part of this historic work for
churches of Christ in the US as well as overseas, please contact us
at 662-283-1192.

Into Gods World


Bible Class Curriculum

Written by Christians, for Christians

Evangelizing Our Friends

Grade 12, Quarter 1, Student Book
Kevin Cauley

The first quarter for the 12th grade student

book has been written by brother Kevin Cauley.
The emphasis in the lessons is on our opportunities and responsibilities toward friends in bringing
them to Christ. Class Projects and Questions to
Discuss and Answer conclude each study.
The lessons are these:
1. God Speaks to Our Friends
2. There Is a Problem between God and
Our Friends
3. Jesus Is the Message to Our Friends
4. You Are Gods Bridge to Your Friends
5. Proper Preparation Helps Your Friends to
Know God
6. Commitment to Christ Anywhere You Are
Helps Your Friends
7. Being a Good Example Helps Your Friends
8. Love Must Be Practiced with Your Friends
9. Getting Involved with the Church
Helps Your Friends
10. Going on a Mission Trip Helps Your Friends
11. Remaining Spiritual Helps Your Friends
12. How Do You Talk to Your Friends about God?
13. Review and Questions and Answers

Global Harvest

Into Gods World

Bible Class Curriculum

Written by Christians, for Christians

Churches of Christ

The Kingdom and Its Enemies

Grade 5, Quarter 3, Student Book

Betty Burton Choate

The use of these books will be two-fold:
They form the basis of the Sunday morning
Bible study, but also at the end of the quarter
the books will be taken home. Why? So that
they can be used for family devotionals, thus
reinforcing the lessons in the minds of the students and also strengthening the practice of
family study of Gods word. The church in any
age is only as strong as its families. We must
better ground all of us the children, the parents and even the teachers so that we will
stand with conviction and knowledge, no matter what comes. These are the lesson titles:
1. A Little Man with Horns?
2. A World of Hurt
3. A Messed-Up World
4. I Did This for You
5. Am I Lost?
6. Gods Plan for the Church
7. Separate from the World
8. A Dangerous World
9. Providential Care
10. Division and Confusion
11. Many Kinds of gods
12. Do We Sometimes Make Idols?
13. Lets Look Back

I am very excited about our picturized memory work cards [the
student pack: 4 X 6, 12 cards;
bulletin board cards, 8 X 10],
one for each of the 12 lessons.
The time to memorize for life
retention is while children are
young, so memory verses will be
assigned for all lessons except
the review lesson at the end of
the quarter. If parents and teachers will work with the children,
helping them to develop the habit
of memorizing a new verse each
week, what a treasure they will
have stored in their brains for the
remainder of their lives!
And we know that all things work
together for good
to those who love God,
to those who are the called
according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

& we




who are the



Lets make this our theme song!

Hard Fighting Soldier
I am a hard fighting soldier
on the battlefield,
I am a hard fighting soldier
on the battlefield,
I am a hard fighting soldier
on the battlefield,
I keep on bringing souls to Jesus
by the service that I give.
Ive got a helmet on my head
and in my hand a sword and shield,
Ive got a helmet on my head
and in my hand a sword and shield,
Ive got a helmet on my head
and in my hand a sword and shield,
I keep on bringing souls to Jesus
by the service that I give.
Youve gotta walk right and talk right and sing right and pray right
on the battlefield,
Youve gotta walk right and talk right and sing right and pray right
on the battlefield,
Youve gotta walk right and talk right and sing right and pray right
on the battlefield,
We keep on bringing souls to Jesus
by the service that we give.
When I die let me die on the battlefield,
When I die let me die on the battlefield,
When I die let me die on the battlefield,
I keep on bringing souls to Jesus
by the service that I give.

Life Span

Grade 5, Quarter 3, Lesson 1

In movies and on television weve seen all kinds
of wars: barbarian wars, Indian wars, knights in armor
fighting with lances and swords, sea wars, air wars, the
Gulf War and even space wars! But did you know
that there was once a war in heaven?
Who fought in that war? The Bible tells us that a
power struggle broke out in Heaven. Satan and his angels fought with the archangel, Michael, and his angels.
Have you ever wondered what kind of weapons
they used? Or what kind of fighting really went on, since
angels are spirit beings who cant be wounded
or killed?
We dont know the answers to
some of these questions, but God has
told us who won that war and what
happened to Satan!
Read Revelation
12:7-12 with your parents.
When satan lost the
war in heaven, where
did he
What is
he doing
How can we
guard against
his deceit and

War in Heaven!

Life Span

Grade 5, Quarter 3, Lesson 2

In movies and on television weve seen more and
more violence. Without realizing it, we become accustomed
to the bad language, the fighting, the explosions, the skimpy
clothes, the immoral situations, and even the alternative
families that are now being promoted. These are Satans
tools to destroy us.
Before the flood of Noahs time, the Bible says that
Satan had so wrecked the world that everybody did only evil
things all the time only Noah and his family still loved God.
What were some of the terrible things people did? Like
today: fighting, killing, lying, stealing, cheating, cursing, immodesty and lust, immorality, idolatry...
Humans were created in a likeness of God. We can think
and act; we have consciences. [What is a conscience?] Within
ourselves, we know that some things are right and we feel good
about doing them. We know that some things are wrong, and we
feel guilty when we do those things. Our lives must be pure, and
we must learn to be passionate about living for Jesus.
It is important that Christians be with Christians, so that
we can help each other to
be strong against Satan.
Christians need to
marry Christians so
that they can have
good homes and
raise their children
to be Christians.
That way, we can be
ready when Jesus
comes back to take His
Family to Heaven.

LifeSpan is the weekly take-home

sheet for the middle-schoolers. The
front is a review of the lesson; review
questions and activities fill the inner
pages, and the back page has a message
from the teacher to the parents, and a
second message of encouragement to
parents. We want these materials to
provide spiritual growth for the entire
family as they share the studies together. All of us face eternity getting
ready for it is serious, full-time work
that will bring countless daily blessings
throughout this life. Lets do it!!!


Global Harvest

Why Are Christians Left in the World?

Continued from page 7

u Those Christians must have a

currency that can be used wherever
they go. We have that currency.
u English has become the worlds
primary language, and it is our mother tongue.
In these vital points, God has
blessed the church here in the US with
the necessary basic tools for going into
all the world with His message of salvation. But with so many souls in the
world today, He knows that first-century tools will not be enough, so what
equipment has He laid in our hands that
the early Christians did not have?
u The Bible is available in all major
languages of the world, and most of the
minor ones, at very little cost. Through
the circulation of the printed Word, the
message has gone before us and has
helped to make a highway in the desert.
u Radio and short-wave radio make it
possible for people everywhere to hear
the Gospel.
u Printing presses, computers, and
copiers mean that duplication of the
message can be done inexpensively,
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u Television has opened the world to

the visual preaching of the Gospel, via
u Cell phone service is available almost everywhere, and at very reasonable cost.
u The internet is increasingly available to even the most isolated people.
Churches have websites with archives
of thousands of lessons available to
those who can access them.
u CDs and DVDs are inexpensive
tools for recording volumes of materials: the Bible in different languages and
versions, commentaries, concordances,
and other reference materials, so that
even those who have no access to religious books and libraries can study
Gods word.
Every day the arsenal of tools increases. Yes, they may be used secularly, but in reality these are provisions
supplied by God to enable His church
to bring the Gospel to every creature
of all the world. Will we pick them up
and use them?
The story is told that after Jesus return to heaven, Michael the
archangel came to Him in tremendous excitement. Now we know

What will we, as individual Christians do today right now to complete His work??? We are His tools.
His Work rests in our hands.

We have also recently begun a new
TV program in the state of Manipur,
with brother Thang Lien. This is a local
station, but it reaches a target audience
of 250,000 people. The cost of these programs is considerably less than those on larger stations.
We are thankful to be able to work with so many good
brethren in India and other places. It is amazing that the
church has come so far in only 50 years or so, and we look
forward to what may happen in the next 50 years. Yes, we
can see problems on the horizon but, with Gods help, many
souls will be saved, and we are thankful to have a small part
in the future of the church. We remain deeply grateful also
to our faithful American brethren who make all of this work


... Looking Ahead

would include the new Hindi program in Delhi. We are noticing that
the main preachers on these programs
are starting to include the next generation, to give the viewers a chance to see younger preachers, and also giving the
men opportunity to develop in the work.
These television programs are not usually local channels,
but they cover the entire state and sometimes are viewed in
other areas like New York City! Can you imagine getting
a call from someone who lives 400 miles away, asking for
a Bible? This happened as a result of one TV program recently. The caller wanted a Bible that was both Telegu and
English and had no idea where to get one, yet there was a
bookstore in her large city!

what You have been doing since

before the creation of the world!
Let me summon the host of heaven so that we can go out and tell
everyone the glorious news of the
No, the Lord answered.
This is not your work.
Then whose is it? Michael
I have left it in the hands of
My disciples.

Youve left Your work of the
ages in the hands of men? But,
Lord, You know that men cant
be trusted. Adam brought sin
into the world. Peter denied You.
Judas betrayed You. Men cant
be trusted! What if they fail You
again? Surely You have another
plan, just in case they fail You
No, Michael, Jesus answered. I have no other plan.

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Global Harvest


A Mission Field Strategy for Maturing the Church

Another major theme that emerged was a need for
elderships and support of mission efforts. We were very en- help with methods and approaches to better retain the
children of church members as they enter adult life. The
couraged to hear these reports and discussions.
In addition to lecture sessions, the conference included retention rate seems to be about 40-50% and is getting lower
3 hours each day for group activities and interaction. About each year. They asked if we could help by conducting special
12 small groups were formed from the 180 participants and training on this subject.
each day these small groups met and discussed the overall A final theme that was discussed by the majority of the
topic of strategies for maturing India churches. Each group groups was the need for help with cooperation among Indian
was asked to determine the most important needs for matur- brethren and congregations. Large projects that require coopering the church. A spokesman presented one of their findings ation are almost impossible to accomplish due to lack of trust and
each day, allowing all three to be covered over the three day wiliness to work together. This occurs, according to their assessseminar. Following their presentations we were asked to de- ment, partly because of loyalty to U.S. missionary groups and
their lack of cooperation. They have little experience working
velop a summary of their assessments.
together. They asked
The most prominent need
expressed was for help with The most prominent need expressed was for help if we could facilitate
formation of schools that could with formation of schools that could provide higher some training in this
provide higher education education for evangelists, leaders, and teachers.

This seminar was
for evangelists, leaders, and
that I have been
teachers. Several preachers in the group have attended our
Christian colleges in the United States, and they desire to have
similar schools in India. This will prevent the need for Indian by the openness of the Indian brethren, by their maturity and
preachers to travel and live in the U.S. to acquire this level of depth of thought, and by their sincere desire to improve and
education. They expressed a desire for U.S. workers to help grow. I enjoyed watching them work together in the small
staff these schools in the initial phase before eventually start- groups. I was encouraged that there were no requests for
ing with Indian brethren when adequate academic qualifica- funds to undertake projects that were discussed. I believe
the groundwork was put in place to accomplish some of the
tions are acquired.
Most of the groups expressed a desire for reduced emphasis needs that we discussed. Pray for continued growth in India.
on India preacher training schools that produce workers with These same needs are prominent in many missionfields. We
limited levels of in-depth biblical knowledge and dependence learned much from these sincere brethren.
on foreign support. They stressed the need for many more local
preachers, teachers, and leaders that can provide spiritual food
How would you like to give away
in the meat category rather than a lifetime milk diet.
The next prominent need expressed was for U.S. worka million dollars?
ers to shift in emphasis on baptisms to an emphasis on comIts fake, of course (Uncle Sam hasnt started printing
prehensive development of local congregations that are selfmillion dollar bills YET) but Gods plan of salvation on
sustainable and evangelistic. Many expressed frustration with
the back is real. This is an eye-catching little tract.
annual missionary efforts lasting a few weeks that result in baptisms but provide almost no teaching on living the Christian life,
35 cents each;
$30 for 100.
worship, and personal responsibility. Local workers are unable to
Call 662-283-1192
conduct the follow-up teaching needed for these new brethren.
They either lack training and preparation to do this or are unable to
cover the number of people needing follow-up. The result is that
retention rates are low and large numbers of converts eventually
email: Choate@
move into more developed denominational groups. A considerWorldEvangelism.
able number of reports stressed the lack of teaching by missionarorg
ies on giving and local responsibility for financial needs.
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Global Harvest

Continued from page 4

The Rule of Law

Law was whatever was decreed

by the controlling power. There were
no recognized human rights that
must be honored.

The Influence of Christ

Slowly at first, but with ever-widening effect, the teachings of that crucified
Man in the first century began to impact
civilization. Moral standards, a strong
conviction of right and wrong, and
the truths of Gods law as revealed in
the Scriptures, have reshaped the laws
in countries dominated by Christian
beliefs. Even in nations that are still
predominantly idolatrous, the tempering effect of Christian principles has influenced the laws concerning the rights
and protections of their citizens. It is no
longer legal for a widow in India to be
burned on her husbands funeral pyre,
even though the country is still 85%
Hindu. Fathers cannot kill their children
at will. Slavery is a crime. Gods Word,
wherever it has gone, has had a leaven-

A World Without Christ

Betty Burton Choate

ing influence and life has been protected

and bettered as a result.
But What Is Happening . . .?
Increasingly, though, in the past
century, atheism, humanism, and other
forms of rejection of God have grown
in their influence. The practice of abortion was one of the early evil victories.
It became lawful to abort unwanted
babies, so that more than one-and-a-half
billion such murders have been committed throughout the world in the past forty years. Homosexuality and lesbianism
are now lauded as lifestyles on par with
the marriage of man and woman. Live
in situations are no longer shameful;
adultery, fornication, and divorce are accepted. Group sex, pedophilia, and even
bestiality are practiced with the attitude
of, Its no affair of mine what goes on
behind closed doors.
Do we realize what is happening?

Overseas Containers????

We folks in the office here in Winona would like

to partner with others in the church who are shipping
containers to points overseas. We have books, tracts,
and magazines (English, Spanish, French) that we
want to share with those brethren who so desperately
need literature. We would be willing to pay our percentage of the cost for shipping, believing that sharing the load will enable all of us to do more.
Please contact us at 662-283-1192.

As the guiding principles of Christ

are eroded in what we have known as
a civilized world, we are seeing humanity turn back to the atrocities of the
past. Is that the kind of world in which
we want to live? Is that the kind of world
we want to shape for our children?
We dont have to go down this road
in order to know what the end will be
like. We can see the drastic changes
that have already taken place as, one
by one, the biblical standards are being
abandoned. And we can look further
back down the road of civilization to
what the world was like before Christ
came on the scene. Without doubt, that
is the world we will be re-creating if we
allow this trend to continue.
In Him was life, and the life was
the light of men . . . (John 1:4). Do
we really want to go back to a world
of darkness, without Christ? Humanity
needs to be forewarned: He came once
to bring life and truth. When He comes
again, it will be to judge the world (2
Timothy 4:1).


...the Philippines

Continued from page 15

We need brethren who still believe in dreaming big

dreams and are willing to cast greater visions for the Lords
ministry. With YOUR HELP and the LORDS blessing, it
can be done.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Helping You - Helps Us

By allowing Allon to help you with professional printing, you can help him become
a semi self-supporting tentmaker like Paul,
in this mission work. From reports, business
cards, postcards to bulletin shells, he can provide some of the best quality printing with some
of the best prices available in the U.S.
Please go to the website for more information.

Global Harvest


How Shall They Hear?

Preach the Gospel to every creature is a charge current

in every generation until the end of time. Admittedly, reaching every soul with the message of salvation is challenging,
considering the worlds population of over six billion could
double by the year 2040! Coupled with the fact that about a
hundred precious souls are dying every minute, the problem
the Lords people face in reaching a world rapidly rushing
into eternity is obvious. However, since God desires that all
men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, we
must believe He has given His people the power and potential to solve the problem of reaching every soul with the
A large part of the solution to the problem is now in
satellite network, broadcasting the truth and nothing but the

truth, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In many places

brethren are threatened by false teaching. A saturation of
sound Bible teaching via GBN may help strengthen them to
withstand error and to stand for the truth. In areas where the
church is practically nonexistent and brethren are striving to
grow in the faith, GBNs programming may be viewed, possibly videotaped, to edify these Christians and assist them in
their evangelistic efforts.
Come to see us at the GBN facility located in Olive
Branch, Mississippi, south of Memphis at 8900 Germantown Road, Olive Branch, MS 38654. The new location of
8,000+ square feet is open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm
and we would love for you to organize a group from your
congregation to visit with us.
Phone: 662-874-5508;

Apologetics Press
Welcome to the
Apologetics Press
Bible Class Curriculum

For many years, members
of the Lords church have been
looking for an informative, engaging, biblically sound Bible
school curriculum that is flexible
and can be adapted to any size congregation. The Apologetics
Press curriculum, Exploring Gods Word, is just such a tool.
It has been developed over a series of many years by highly
qualified individuals who have invested countless hours in its
production. We think you will find this to be one of the most
unique, effective Bible school curricula available anywhere.
In addition, Exploring Gods Word is unique in that it
is an online curriculum. Since it is online, it can be viewed,

downloaded, and printed by anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. Also, the bulk of the curriculum
is absolutely free. All the material for two-year-olds through
fourth grade is completely free. The only part of the curriculum that needs to be purchased is the material for fifth
and sixth grades. Furthermore, Exploring Gods Word is an
open system curriculum (read more about the open system
concept by clicking the What Is Open System? link on our
website which is given below) and will be constantly improved as more congregations use it and offer their input.
Exploring Gods Word has already been used to influence thousands of children all over the world. Check it out.
See what it can do for your congregation. We think you will
discover that using this curriculum will be one of the best
decisions your congregation made for your children.


Global Harvest

World Evangelisms
Publications and Literature
Louis Rushmore

For decades, brother J.C. and sister

Betty Choate have made available to
the brotherhood in particular hundreds
of religious book titles on a wide variety
of subjects. Formerly offered under the
moniker of J.C. Choate Publications,
but now known as World Evangelism
Publications and Literature, book categories include evangelistic outreach,
foreign missions, evidences, ladies
class books, commentaries, sermon
books, hermeneutics, fundamentals of
the faith, and youth studies. Some titles
are available stateside in English, German, Spanish and French; overseas
editions are available in Hindi, Telegu,
Malayalam, Paite, Oriya, Tamil, Lisu,
Burmese, and Braille.
When Louis and Bonnie Rushmore
became World Evangelism team members, they brought with them several
titles that they had been writing and/
or publishing, to combine with World
Evangelism Publications.
There remain several unpublished
titles either in the hands of Betty Choate
or Louis Rushmore that await their turn
for publication, but there are not enough
funds available to do so. Sometimes a
congregation will take a special interest
in a particular book for publication in
English or perhaps in a foreign language.
Then, these Christians volunteer to fund
that title in which they are interested in
seeing in print. If this is an area in which
you may have some interest, contact Betty Choate at choate@worldevangelism.
org or Louis Rushmore at rushmore@; alternately, you
can call sister Betty at 662-283-1192 or
brother Louis at 662-739-3035.
(World Evangelism Publications refers to the availability of these books in

the USA to individual, book store and

congregational customers, while World
Evangelism Literature refers mostly
to some of the same publications plus
additional literature consumed by foreigners abroad without cost to them.)
One of our most popular items is
our Million Dollar Bill tract. I can
give these away all day long to cashiers
in stores and restaurants, telling them,
Just keep it if you dont have change
for it! The real value, of course, is the
plan of salvation on the back.
Another popular tract is The
One True Church
of the Bible; it
presents the identity of the church
in contrast to denominationalism in
a bulleted format,
requiring less intensive reading than typical. We have
a hard time keeping it in stock! A new
and upcoming tract is entitled, Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?
These 106 titles are full-color trifolds, and shirt-pocket sized. They cover a wide variety of topics and are being well received. You will surely want
to revitalize the local church tract rack
with these handsome and colorful tools
that anyone can use in his or her own
community. They are also inexpensive,
costing only 10 each in quantities of
25 or more. Call 662.283.1192 to order
a sample pack.
Contact us for a print catalog of our
titles, or go online to our shopping cart
on the Internet. Access the shopping
cart from either or

Have You Ever Thought

about What It Takes
to Do Mission Work or
to Be A Missionary?
Martha Noland
It is not just getting on an airplane
and flying overseas. There is also a lot
of mission work to be done in the US.
There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that we as Christians
are not involved with and do not know,
see, or understand.
I do know a little something of this
behind the scenes work from watching, helping, and spending time with
Louis and Bonnie Rushmore, Jerry and
Paula Bates, and Betty Choate at the
World Evangelism work in Winona, MS.
They take a lot of orders and pack and
ship books and tracts all over the world.
They do the bill paying and a lot of office work. The men have to continue to
study as they prepare for preaching on
Sunday and Wednesday appointments,
on lectures, group meetings in different
areas of the US to build up the work and
win souls to Christ and His church.
There are also many articles written
and proofed by at least 5 different people.
These articles are for Gospel Gazette Online, The Voice of Truth International,
Continued on page 28

Global Harvest


Fifteen Years Completed

Louis Rushmore

With the publication on the Internet of the 2013 December edition of

Gospel Gazette Online, we have completed 15 years of publishing. Each
issue of GGO usually provides two
articles on most of the 16 pages. In addition, typically, each month three to six
religious questions are addressed with
biblical answers. Besides the monthly
magazine publication, thousands of articles published over the last decade and a
half populate the Archive; readers can
access them variously, including with an
onsite search engine.
We are thankful for the Christian
men and women whose articles have
graced GGO all these years. Readers
from around the world continue to access
the contribution of their biblical studies
without any cost or obligation to them.
In fact, we have received feedback from
readers from every continentincluding
Antarctica! Our
reward is twofold.

Studies! Call
to order these
for your

First, we at Gospel Gazette Online take this ministry very seriously

and are humbled that we have been
permitted to come into the lives of so
many thousands of people with messages from the Holy, Inspired Word of
God. Any blessings realized by readers
is its own reward to us.
Secondly, friends of GGO from
across the globe cease not to encourage
and embolden us to continue to make
this monthly journal available freely
to a world audience. Readers who are
homebound or in areas of the world
openly hostile to Christianity use Gospel Gazette Online for spiritual edification, especially for Sunday worship.
Articles from GGO regularly appear in
weekly church bulletins, and become
the basis of Bible class instruction and
adjuncts to personal Bible studies.
Through these past 15 years, we
have endeavored to acquaint readers
more fully with the church about which
one reads on the pages of the New Testament. We have taught about the one
true church of the Bible, the one for
which Jesus Christ died to establish, over
which He is the Head and for which He
will return someday to take back with
Him to heaven. Hence, all of the writers
(nearly 260 of them!) are members of the
churches of Christ (Romans 16:16; cf.
church of God 1 Corinthians 1:2).
Louis and Bonnie Rushmore began Gospel Gazette Online in 1999.
Louis remains the Editor, and Rodney
Nulph has been the Associate Editor for
a number of years now. Bonnie continues to write articles often for Priscillas
Page, written primarily with a female

audience in mind. In 2007 when the

Rushmores became a part of the World
Evangelism Team in Winona, MS, they
added Gospel Gazette Online to the
worldwide distribution of literature for
which World Evangelism and J.C. and
Betty Choate had been known for the
past five decades. For instance, GGO is
similar in content and approach to The
Voice of Truth International, a Gospel
journal resembling the Readers Digest.
A quarterly magazine, TVOTI goes into
numerous nations around the globe in
several languages. (World Evangelism
also has hundreds of religious books and
over 100 tracts in print.)
Please visit Gospel Gazette Online at and begin enjoying the fruits of biblical studies just waiting for you there. Share this
wonderful resource with family and
friends. Acquaint your email contacts
with it, and add the URL address to
your church, organization or personal
webpage. This treasure is too good to
hide, and souls who need the edification that it can offer them are too precious to overlook. Do it now before
you forget or allow some worldly distraction to intervene!
Noble Ladies:
Class Studies in
Ruth and Esther
by Louis Rushmore, with
Special Applications by Bonnie


Global Harvest

Ronnie Crocker
At Project Rescue, we seek assistance from mental
health professionals and rely on prescription medicines
to help the men who have emotional issues beyond their
addictions. However, I want to make it clear that we do
not believe secular psychiatry, the medical community, the
pharmaceutical industry, or the criminal justice system will
ever solve Americas addiction problem. Our prisons and
jails would not be so full of repeat offenders if these secular
professionals had the answer.
All of us at Project Rescue believe the Bible is the solution and the church is the spiritual hospital for those sick
with sin. Our program in a nutshell is pray, read, study,
do, and teach. We have morning and evening Bible classes
Monday through Friday. Several Gospel preachers and
Christian ministers conduct 25 to 30 one-on-one Bible sessions each week. And of course, we all attend church services 3 times a week. This is why our ministrys success
rate is two times better than the best secular programs.
The typical member of Project Rescue suffers from
more than just being an abuser of alcohol and drugs. His
brain (decision making) is damaged. It takes months for
him to regain control of his mental faculties. About half of
our program members have co-occuring emotional issues
that cause depression, anxiety and mood swings. These
disorders can hinder their recovery and provoke them to
self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. This is why we enlist
the help of doctors and counselors. This is also why the
program member voluntarily turns over control of his life
(financial, social, travel) to Project Rescue upon arrival.
We use technology to allow a man to safely live and
work in the community before he is stabilized: The first
thing we do is separate him from his phone and his phone
number. We have a plan with T-Mobile that allows me to
restrict calls and view online who he is talking to, when and
how long. Through T-Mobile we also use GPS technology
to track his motor vehicle. I can watch where he is going, and get alerts if he drives after hours, enters a bad area
of town, or leaves work early. Through a program called
WebWatcher, I can watch what he does online on both his
cell phone and his computer. When he gets paid, he turns
over his check and we deposit it into his Project Rescue
account. We do our shopping at Walmart after Bible study
on Wednesday nights (imagine 15 guys in the checkout line

as I swipe the charge card for each of them). All of this

monitoring takes place in the first 3 to 6 months.
Twelve of the twenty men presently participating in our
program have been prescribed mental health medications.
We use a local family physician who knows the games drug
addicts play. He prescribes very mild medications that do
not produce a euphoric high. Our daughter Kim Johnson,
who is a Registered Nurse, dispenses the medicine. We
have seen some wonderful results when a man honestly
works with his doctor. On the other hand, we have seen
some terrible results when a man tries to play the doctor
and abuse the medicine or not take it as its prescribed.
We outsource our mental health counseling needs.
Lonnie Jones is a licensed counselor in Huntsville, and Jerry Martin is a licensed counselor in Montgomery. Both of
these men are also faithful Gospel preachers. Jerry counsels 2 to 3 men a week on WebX, and a few of the men visit
Lonnies office. We are very blessed to have the help of
these Christian professional counselors.
In our experience we are able to witness firsthand the
powerful healing that occurs in a mans life when he prays,
reads, studies, and does Gods Word! We thank God for the
modern technology that helps us to operate Project Rescue.
We are also grateful for the doctors and medicines that help
heal harmed brains. We thank God for the increase He gives.
Continued on page 32

Activities during a busy recent fund raiser

for Project Rescue.

Global Harvest


Would This Work in Your Neighborhood?

Charles E. Burch
The Bellingrath Road Church of
Christ in Theodore, Alabama recently
conducted a campaign for Christ. Our
goal was to take the Gospel to those
within a five mile radius of our building, but special efforts were also to be
made to reach those living in a housing
development across the street from us.
A little over two years ago the
church was contacted by Robert Warren
who lived a few blocks from our building. He requested permission to use the
building as a monthly meeting place for
the Community Action Group of which
he was president. Permission was granted and many in the community who had
never been inside our building started
attending the community meetings. Our
minister, Larry Burch, encouraged all
the members of the church to also attend
the meetings even if they didnt live in
the community. This resulted in developing a closer relationship between the
members and community.
Soon Robert and Renee Warren
started attending our services, and after
a few weeks they both obeyed the Gospel. A few months later another couple
from this community became Christians.
Larry Burch made arrangements
for the Sojourners to work with us for
a special effort for two weeks. This
included putting in six camp sites on
the church property. The Sojourners
and members were to go door-to-door
for four days each week. On Saturday
before this was to start, Robert Warren
scheduled a neighborhood clean-up.
All from the neighborhood who could
help were to meet the members at our
building. They all received the instructions and were joined by a detective
from the Mobile Police Department,

a representative from the DAs office,

several Sojourners and several members of the congregation. Another one
who got right into the work was Betty
Choate, who was visiting my wife and
me. After the clean-up, all were invited
to our building to enjoy lunch. Many
of our neighbors came and a wonderful
time was enjoyed, it seemed, by all.
Paul Hutcherson, was the campaign
leader of the Sojourners. On Monday
after the devotion Paul assigned teams
to go out. Over the two-week period
3,178 packages of Bible materials were
given out or hung on the door knobs in
the neigborhood. On Sunday of the second week we started a Gospel meeting.
Carl Sims of Clarksville, TN was invited to do the preaching. We had a number from the community attend. During
the meeting three precious souls were
baptized into Christ for the remission
of sins. Five Bible Studies were conducted and seventeen special home visits were made by the Sojourners. At the
time of this writing we have received
ten of the Bible question sheets re-

turned for grading. We are still enrolling people in the Bible Correspondence
We continue to meet with the community at their monthly meetings. We
believe that more souls will obey the
Gospel in the future. We have another
campaign scheduled with the Sojourners in the fall of 2014.
Charles E. Burch:

Vada and Charles Burch


Global Harvest

What Does It Take to Do Mission

Work or to Be a Missionary?
Continued from page 24
Global Harvest, Gospel tracts, books, newsletters, and personalized thank you cards for all contributions for personal
and work use and whatever else they need.
The ladies are also busy with writing articles for different Ladies Christian magazines, Gospel Gazette Online,
The Voice of Truth International, books and many other
routine office duties. They are also busy writing and planning for ladies classes here and overseas, for ladies retreats,
ladies days and wherever else they are needed. Sometimes,
they also teach at local congregations where they attend on
Wednesday evenings.
There are groups who come in and help with work such
as stuffing envelopes with newsletters or financial statements. The Rushmores, Bates and Betty Choate send out
over 1,800 of these letters every two months. They also sort
and divide tracts into groups of 25 each; the tracts come in
bundles of 100, and each box has 2,400 tracts in it, and there
are over 100 different tracts.
The warehouse space is stacked with many rows of books
and tracts that are sent out all over the world. They come in

on trucks and have to be unloaded and sorted into the places

where they belong. They also have to be sorted and repacked
for shipments for overseas and stateside into different boxes
because they go to different preachers in different areas.
When these missionary Christians are not in the office,
they take laptop computers with them and work on the go.
When traveling, they get phone calls for books, articles
and many other items. When and if they take a few days
for themselves (a vacation), they still are on call. These fine
Christians have the Lord and His church first and foremost
in their lives.
We as Christians in local congregations should and need
to take lessons from our missionaries. Teach, teach and
teach! U
[Note: Sister Martha Noland is a dear friend and preachers wife. Bonnie and I stay in her and her husband Bobs
home when we are in Ohio. They stay with us in Winona. In
addition, Martha stayed with Bonnie as she recovered from
cancer treatments while I was abroad doing mission work.
From time to time while visiting us, Martha helped us out at
the warehouse/office of the World Evangelism Building. She
jotted down her observations in the foregoing article. All of
us appreciate her help and encouragement.
~ Louis Rushmore]

Hey! Theres an open door for you....!

What is it?
The World Evangelism team here in Winona is in
need of YOU! We need more help with computer/
layout work in the office ... help with writing and
proofing ... help with reporting to churches about
the work ... help with cleaning and maintenance
of the buildings and the grounds ... and other such
things. We have an available house, but no salary
but if you are retired, with retirement income,
and would like to spend your years in Gods work,
please call us at 662-283-1192. Lets partner!

Global Harvest

Brad Harrub, Focus Press, Inc.


Listen Live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 CST;



Contact Us: Address: 625 Bakers Bridge Ave, Suite 105

Franklin, TN 37067; Phone: 615-324-5870;; 866-313-6474

Floods like earthquakes, lightning, and tornadoes are compelled to admit large-scale revision, alteration, and reinterone of many great natural disasters that have plagued man from pretation in a fashion that cannot be substantiated for any other
the beginning. The first flood in human history is recorded in composition from the ancient Near East or in any other Hebrew
the book of Genesis. But it is much more than a simple natural writing. Millard makes his case quite plain: if the biblical audisaster. It is truly an act of God. It is humanitys enjoyment thor borrowed from another source, he did so in a way that goes
of depravity that forces Gods hand of judgment.
against everything we know about ancient writing.
The flood story of the Bible is not unique. In fact, there are In studying the stories of the ancient world, two things bemany versions of such stories ranging from the Middle East to come clear. First, the Bible does appear to be similar to other
America, from Greece to Hawaii. With the notable exception stories. But we also have to recognize that similarity does not
of Egypt, virtually every ancient civilization had a story of a mean dependency. Just because the story of Noahs flood is simcataclysmic flood that destroyed most of humanity.
ilar to other flood stories does not mean that the biblical author
One of the finds
plagiarized other matethat sparked a great
rial. In modern terms, it
deal of excitement in
would be like accusing
the late 1800s was the
the scriptwriters of the
Dewayne Bryant
discovery of the Epic
television show Law
of Gilgamesh. When the flood story was first published in and Order of ripping off Perry Mason. Just because each of the
1872 in Europe, it caused quite a sensation. Some claimed that two dramas feature lawyers arguing their cases before judge
it proved that a great flood actually occurred, and that Noah and jury and putting bad guys in prison does not mean that one
wasnt a mythical figure after all. Others argued the opposite; depended upon the other for its material.
that it proved the Bible was not unique and was nothing more There are numerous examples throughout the Old Testathan a reworked copy of other ancient stories. If one were to ment that the biblical authors wrote against the pagan beliefs
poll scholars today, most would say that the flood of Noah is of surrounding cultures. The story of Noahs flood is just such
borrowed from other accounts. The average critic would agree. a case. Gods authors were not guilty of stealing intellectual
But is the Bible dependent upon other stories? Many schol- property, nor is the Bible a second rate knockoff. As we conars are concluding that this option is highly unlikely. While the tinue to uncover more information about the ancient world, it is
vocal critics of Scripture emphasize the similarities between the becoming increasingly more difficult to deny the truthfulness of
biblical flood and other flood stories to suggest that the biblical Gods Word. From studies in language and history to archaeolwriters borrowed from the others, they are also equally guilty ogy, the academic arena is increasingly confirming the Bibles
of sweeping the dissimilarities under the rug. The differences reliability. Although borrowing is a charge often leveled against
include: the reason for the flood, the nature of the gods, the par- the Bible, Christians everywhere may be confident that Gods
ticulars of the boat, and the theological significance of the flood. Word is exactly what it claims to be.

With everything put in proper perspective, the two stories could
not be more unalike.
If the ancient Hebrews adopted Mesopotamian flood stories
for their use in Genesis, then they did something completely
unique in the history of writing. The story of Noahs flood
would have required a complete rewrite. The biblical authors
would have been forced to remove polytheism, change the reaDEATH EXPERIENCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE
son for the flood, and completely alter the theological purpose
FOR PURCHASE AS AN ELECTRONIC DOWNof the story. Acclaimed Near Easter scholar Alan Millard says
that All who suspect or suggest borrowing by the Hebrews are

When The Rains Came Down


Global Harvest

What God Has

Joined Ministries
Richard and JeannaLynn May

u Are you inspired to become the right person?

What would that even look like?
u Are you motivated to do more than hang on?
u Would you like to experience a marriage and
ministry revival?
u Feeling stuck? Are you driven to get out of
lifes rut?
u Surprised at how difficult marriage can be?
u Excited about moving from surviving to thriving?
u Fed up with chaos? Determined to de-clutter
your life?
u Are you letting life happen to you? Ready to
pursue the abundant life?
We are a couple, coaching couples to develop proactive,
holy marriages! Through life coaching (different from marriage counseling), we can help you overcome your struggles,
achieve your goals, and unite as a team. We are not just
about divorce prevention, but if what you need right now is
a way to save your marriage, we want to help you. Within
our unique approach that focuses on spiritual formation and life
coaching, we address the difficult topics including cohabitation,
sexuality, divorce prevention, finances, and more.
If you are a company or church interested in faith and
family based programs, we would love to work with your
marriage ministry needs. We can assist you through our
Marriage Roadshows (on campus or off campus multi-day
events), premarital programs, dynamic classes, and small
groups. What would work best in your setting?

way), we would devote staff, funds, and programs to that

fight. But we dont have marriage ministries in our churches.
A seminar every two years is not a marriage ministry. A
class once a year is not a marriage ministry. A small group of
married people is not a marriage ministry. Premarital counseling with no follow-up is not a marriage ministry. Occasionally recommending marriage counseling is not a marriage
ministry. Those are all good things, but they are not enough
to bring about the strength we need in our homes. A church
is only as strong as the homes that make it up. A home is only
as strong as the marriage upon which it is founded.
Lets take those difficult topics head on, including how
to save a failing marriage, sexuality, marriage enrichment,
premarital cohabitation, divorce prevention, and much more.
Dont wait any longer to move your marriage from bad
to good, good to great, or great to service! Contact us today.
WGHJ Ministries is based in the Oklahoma City area, but we
provide marriage and relationship enrichment for couples
across the country.


Richard and JeannaLynn May; Richard@WGHJministries.


Scan the websites of your favorite congregations. To which

ministries do they devote staff, funds, programs, and website
space? Most likely marriage ministry is not one of them.
We believe that has to change. Here are some simple,
completely undocumented statistics. Lets say that 70% of
the members of your congregation are married. We can practically guarantee that 60% of those marriages are struggling.
That means that 42% of the people are dealing with marital
pain that is impacting them negatively in their spiritual walk.
If 42% of our members were students, a church would
have a youth ministry. If 42% of our members were singles,
we would have a singles ministry. If 42% of our members
were struggling with pornography (and its close by the

Global Harvest



Global Harvest

Will You Take the

1. Will you determine today to
give just $1.00 extra each Lords
day for missions?
2. Will you encourage others in the congregation
to do the same, working toward 100% participation
among the membership, to reach the goal?
Please write us: World Evangelism Team, P.O.
Box 72, Winona, MS 38967; or call: 662-283-1192;
or email:

Project Rescue
Continued from page 26

We believe in the healing powers of

the Bible:
Your word I have hidden in my
heart, that I might not sin against You!
Psalm 119:11
Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and
receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your
Souls. James 1:21
That you put off, concerning your
former conduct, the old man which
grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit
of your mind, and that you put on the
new man which was created according
to God, in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:22-24

Here are our Stats:

123 men have entered Project Rescue since January of 2011. Twenty men
are presently living in our apartments,
and participating in the PRI Program.
Jeanie and I are very grateful for our
graduates who have decided to remain
with us and help with the ministry!!
Graduates, Jason Cagle (night-manager), B.J. Minick (minister), Glenn Tate
(maintenance), and Paul Martin (min-

ister) are also living in our apartments.

Roger Jackson (minister) and Josh Barnett (licensed counselor) live off-site.
Forty-nine of the 123 souls who
entered our care, are continuing in the
faith (39.83% success rate). Regarding our members who recieved 6-month
certificates, 19 out of 22 are continuing
(86.36% success rate). Regarding our
members who recieved 1-year certificates, 8 out of 9 are continuing (88.88%
success rate). Twenty-eight out of 31 of
all of our certificate receivers are continuing (88.46% success rate).
Of the 74 men who left without recieving a certificate, 15 are continuing
to live sober lives. This would raise our
success rate to 64 out of 123 (52.03%
success rate). Since January of 2011,
we have baptized 26 men into Christ!
We still need help to spread the
word about Project Rescue. If you
know of a congregation where I could
speak at a Sunday or Wednesday service, please call me at 256-616-1522.
Please tell brethren about our web page, As always,
we appreciate your encouragement and
support of this work.

Pauls life and work in

Scripture, and how we can
profit by his example in our
mission efforts today.
$7.00, plus postage
Order from:
World Evangelism
P.O. Box 72
Winona, MS 38967
Store at

Do You know what

your salvation cost?
Call 622-283-1192 to order
this new full-color and enlarged edition of a book that
has seen seven printings in
and has
translated and
in India.

Global Harvest

This is Helmut Garcia reporting

about what we do around here in this
South American nation. I am now back
home after I have been visiting congregations in the Andes mountain and northern
Peruvian city areas these past weeks.
We want to let you know that on
August 10th, 2013 we launched the
preachers training school and missions with 12 students for a two-year
program to be held only every Saturday afternoon at the Montecarlo church
building`s facility from 3 to 7 pm. This
is to be taught to those who are not able
to attend any full time Bible institute or
school of preaching at other locations
around this nation or in some Latin
American countries. We are very glad
to train those future workers to spread
the Gospel of Christ in this country as
they become good soul winners for the
Lord. We will be grateful for you to
help us out in any possible way, both
with the teaching and with funding.
Our efforts in these eight last years
involved visiting and helping some of
the neediest congregations around this
nation. Our congregation does a mission


trip to the Andes and Amazon

areas twice a year to teach
God`s Word. Funding is not
enough to go there very often, but our desire is to do all
we can. My brother-in-law, Luis, and I
make these trips. Several people have
obeyed the Gospel of Christ and those
church members are always happy for
us to visit and spend time with them,
both in teaching and preaching while
we go there. The needs are too much,
and God will always find a way for us to
help those new Peruvian congregations
We wish let you to know our request for planning an English outreach
program at the local congregation in
Montecarlo area, and we need your
help either coming down to this place
or sending any Christian focused people
who wish to teach to the non-christians
using the Bible as a guide. There are two
church-based ministries in the states that
we made contact with, and they ask for
any volunteers or Christian families to
spend time with us in Peru. We want to
get the program started either this year
or the coming one. You may choose to

help take advantage of this opportunity

to teach others about Jesus. You may
contact these ministries both in TN with
brother Tom Langley at 865-983-0945
and in TX with sister Sherry-Lee Jarboe
at 800-794-2175 and also by clicking
on the web sites:
Take the opportunity to help us
out in whatever ways you can, either
by buying some Spanish church supplies for the neediest Peruvian congregations, doing a mission evangelistic
work, or coming over to teach and set
up an English group class to spend
about a week or a month working together as Christ`s body, so we can be
able to more effectively share God`s
Word all around this nation.

Helmut Garcia: Phone: 01151 - 99516098

Spanish Materials Available for Evangelism and Grounding in the Faith

The Voice of Truth International magazine

Class and study books.

Call 662-283-1192


Global Harvest

Being a Candle in a Dark World

Alex Del Zotto

Today, it is a sad day for me and my family. Yesterday,

my father passed away. The last six years I comforted him
in many problems. A sickness, call it by polar, took him
unaware. After a few months in a special hospital, he recovered his mind. Soon a divorce and a sad, sad situation for
him took most of his time. He found himself alone. Loneliness was his new partner. I talked to him about Jesus and
the peace He offered. All my conversations were about supporting him. Finally, he found a congregation where at least
he could hear Gods Word not the church of the Lord, it
is not present yet in his area of Argentina. There are a few
churches in the country, less than ten in 42 million inhabitants. I didnt have the proximity I needed to baptize my dad.
It had been seven years since I had seen him.
Before this tragic event happened, a year before, we lost
a friend in our neighborhood across the street where we used
to live in Argentina. A fast cancer took her to the end of the
route without meeting our Savior. Two weeks before today,
my wifes uncle died too, in a complication of heart surgery.
How many souls do we lose every day? The number is impossible for our minds to process.
The Gospel has the power to bring true happiness to a
human life in a way a person will never be thirsty again.
My dad, like many others, died worrying about his financial
security. Money never was enough for him. Work was never
enough for him either. Nothing can bring the security God
offers to us through the Gospel.
It is unreal and a sort of ugly strange feeling for me and
my wife, Pat, to be witnesses of this tragic end of life with
no chance of bringing hope. My reflection is, as a soldier,
we may lose a battle today, maybe more than one in a row,
but we have to do our best. We fight an unending battle from
day-to-day trying to take souls from the evil forces of darkness, of which many are not even aware! The Holy Spirit
through the prophet Jeremiah, in the book of Lamentations,
reveals to us the hope we have set in our Maker. This is written in Lamentations 3:20-25, My soul hath them still in
remembrance, and is bowed down within me. This I recall
to my mind; therefore have I hope. It is of Jehovahs loving kindnesses that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Thy
faithfulness. Jehovah is my portion, saith my soul; therefore
will I hope in Him. Jehovah is good unto them that wait for
Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. Every day our strength
is renewed and our hope to a new day begins with new chal-

lenges. We are told to go and make disciples! This is our goal

and our role in Gods Kingdom.
As Joshua heard from God Himself (Joshua 1:9): Have
not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be
not affrighted, neither be thou dismayed: for Jehovah thy
God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
Alex Del Zotto: 662-650-0055; a ministry with the only purpose of
proclaiming Gods Word through internet media.
e-mail: Visit us www. We are on Facebook too.

Coverage of Alexs lessons via the Internet.

Global Harvest


Distance Learning Program

Larry Little

The Distance Learning Program

continues to be center stage in our emphasis. Recently, I received an update
from brother Gennady. I always appreciate his open and honest reports, relating the negatives along with the positives. Here are excerpts from his report:
More than 120 students began to
study DL courses [September, 2013] in
20 cities in Russia and Ukraine. However,
Chernivtsi (Ukraine) decided not to continue in the 3rd year and also the center in
Perm ceased meeting for various reasons.
Now we have 98 students in 18 cities.
Nikolay Carsanov is a good example [of a DL student]. He is from
the Tver church of Christ. He receives
excellent marks on his tests and goes
according to the schedule. Due to the
departure of their preacher, Nikolay
took upon himself to conduct worship,
edify Christians, and organize every-

thing. For now, there is no one to help

him. Glory be to God!
Nadezhda Pakhomova is another
good example. She is a freshman from
the Sosnogorsk church and a good example for the church itself, how a Christian
is supposed to study the Word of God.
Thanks, Larry, for the timely
preparation of courses and high-quality
contents thereof. Each year we are more
and more convinced of the importance
of this program. In 2014 we plan 3 trips
to the existing learning centers and to
new cities in order to establish learning centers there: the cities in Ukraine:
Donetsk, Gorlovka Kramatorsk, Kremenchug, Kharkiv, maybe others. Then
in Russian cities: Kotlas, Moscow, St.
Petersburg, possibly Vyborg and Tver,
Kazan, Samara, Saratov, perhaps Kamyshin, Volgograd, and Ivanovo.
The fulfillment of these plans is in

the hands of God. We need your prayer

support. We thank all the brothers and
sisters of churches of Christ in America
who support us in our ministry to the
Lord [This includes you!], especially
the West Main church of Christ, its
elders, and all Christians, and all who
are interested in spreading the Gospel
among the Russian-speaking population in Russia and Ukraine.
Are you tired yet? Quite an ambitious schedule! All the more amazing
when you consider that Gennady will
turn 77 in April. We are thankful to God
for blessing him with continued health,
strength and zeal and for Paul who now
accompanies him on all travels. Paul is
being mentored to eventually assume
Gennadys duties with the school, and
he is developing nicely.
Larry Little: (Cell) 256 460 7068; email:

Charles White

As I write, I am sitting in front

of my computer watching the French
news. There is much about many dayto-day subjects, not that these subjects
are not important, each in its own way.
Its just that the world continues to turn
in its narcissistic way, watching itself in
the mirror, nor realizing that it is being
watched, so to speak, from the outside.
And when this all-seeing eye rises up
to judge, what will we say about our
petty everyday concerns?
An item of great concern is the
situation in the Ukraine. We have many
brothers and sisters there, and we need to
pray for them, as I know you are doing.
I have begun some translation work
that should make some excellent Bible

study materials available in French in the

near future. I have also begun translating
the magazine House to House Heart
to Heart for use in French Europe. I am
grateful to God to be able (at least for the
moment) to continue a certain level of
participation in the work that is so close
to Pams and my heart. Please also pray
for these projects, along with a couple of
other translation and writing efforts in
which I am involved.
The reason we moved to the States
was because of my health and the fatigue and pain that it created. So, even
though I am involved in several projects, I am trying to take them at a more
relaxed rhythm, pacing myself so as to
avoid straining the machine any more

than necessary. Pain and lack of energy remain common problems. At the
same time, we are trying to get hooked
up with a family doctor and some specialists here, but were finding that this
is a slow process. So many doctors
have frozen their patient lists, and
those who are taking new patients have
a heavy schedule that requires waiting
quite a while to get in.
The brethren in Lyon have just
done a seminar with Max Dauner from
Marseille, and the meeting was full, I
am told. Max taught on understanding
Charles White, 257 E. Rio Colinas Drive,
Meridian, ID 83646


Global Harvest

Changes in the Work in Romania

Harvey Starling
The challenges to make known the word of Gods
grace are always before every local church and before each
Christian. Sometimes some of us grow weary and discouraged in our efforts to serve the Lord but He can and will use
each Christian to His glory as long as we walk by faith in
Romania is a former Communist nation and has only
about 23,000,000 people. We work in three districts where
2,000,000 live. We first went to Pitesti, a city of 250,000
people in June 1994. The church began meeting in September of that year. The church will give thanks and rejoice on
the 20th anniversary, September 21. Some years later the
church began in Craiova (400,000), Cioroiasi (5,000) Schitu
Golesti (4,000), Corbeni (4,000) Valea Stanciului (4,000)
and the last one of the seven congregations planted was Valcea (140,000).
Many U.S. churches and a host of individual Christians
have had a great part in this near 20 years of sowing the seed
in the three districts and seeing hundreds born again during
this time. This Romania work is not the work of one or two but
a great number working together with God. The interest of
U.S. Christians in the work in the three districts has not waned
during these years but grown stronger. I say that because the
number of phone calls, notes, cards, letters, emails to us, as
well as the financial contributions have been the greatest ever
this year! You are continuing to help us plant and water, and
God continues to give the increase.

These ladies were present for a Ladies Day in Craiova.

Sixty-seven women came to hear Cindy Rieck and Ann
Newton. Another Ladies Day was conducted in Pitesti.

The Romania Evangelism program is under the oversight
of the Midway Church of Christ in Madison, AL, and they are
assisted by other congregations and individuals. I will not always be here to help plan, direct, report and help do the work
but Midway will be. So many sacrifice for the work now. We
have been coworkers in the Lords work for years and I pray
for a few more years. Many U.S. Christians have helped from
the beginning. Several U.S. Gospel preachers go often to teach
and exhort the Romanian Christians. The men are diligent and
capable and plan to continue to go regularly. All of this is to
say that funds to evangelize in Romania will be needed for
years to come. If you wish to include the work in your will,
please get in touch with one of the elders at Midway or with
me. Any gift will be designated to be used specifically for the
work in Romania.
As in all of our lives, in time, events must change. We
continue the work with the seven churches under the direction of the Midway church in Jasper but in a different way.
Pat is now in the Huntsville Hospital after May 7 brain
surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. She began to
improve but there have been some complications after the
surgery and some rehab. The difficulty is not only with the
surgery but the doctors are working to identify and treat a
rare bacteria. We do expect her to be well again, but it will
require time and much work and patience.
My work for Romania is yet needed and required. Your
personal commitment to sacrifice for Romania evangelism is
also very urgent. However, my travel schedule is drastically
reduced, but several good U.S. men are going regularly to
teach in the seven churches and the Romanian congregations
are led by good mature Romanian men. I am not capable
physically of doing what I did for years. I will not pretend.
Pats recovery is of great importance. I must say that
literally thousands of Christians around the world have let
us know they are praying for her. Simple words cannot tell
our thanks for your love, concern, and prayers. Machelle,
our daughter, has been here to truly nurse her day after
day. All of you are dear to us and we will try to update you
as possible.
Harvey Starling:; Visit our website:


Global Harvest


Richard Renfro
Mission Printing Ships
Free Tracts by Ocean Container
God has blessed Mission Printing
with dedicated volunteers and generous
donors for 35 years, enabling World
Evangelism by the Printed Page. A
variety of sound religious tracts are
printed and distributed around the
world by Christians who want the Gospel given to every person. Although we
distribute 95% of our 2,000,000 tracts
annually by ocean containers, individual boxes are also mailed in response
to requests that come by phone, letter,
or email. Seventeen different congregations help us collate and staple most
of the tracts by picking up material and
returning the thousands of completed
tracts on a monthly basis.
Cameroon Bible Institute in
Wotutu (CBIW) received 1,131 boxes
of free tracts for distribution to thousands of souls throughout Cameroon.
Mission Printing has shipped 13 containers (482,532 pounds of material) to
Africa in the past six years at $0.30 per
pound. U.S. Mail charges more than
$5.00 per pound.
Mission Printing utilizes many
preachers and directors of preaching
schools in destination countries who
volunteer to distribute the large shipments of tracts to numerous contacts
throughout their areas. I have the responsibility of planning and coordinating the ocean container shipments for
Mission Printing. I have made trips to
Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon,
South Africa, and Haiti in efforts to
present the Mission Printing story, to
assure that our materials are succeeding in helping bringing lost souls to

Young volunteers of the Cedar Hill Church of Christ

The youth of
Cedar Hill church of Christ
Mission Printing has many youth
groups to visit and volunteer their services each year. They help spread the
Gospel through the collating of tracts,
and they are an encouragement to
strengthening of the brotherhood. They
are not only the future of the church,
but many are an active part of it now.

God continues to bless Mission

Printing to be one of the most efficient
and economical volunteer organizations
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Global Harvest


Prissy Sellers and I once again adventured on an unfor- never have dreamed of sleeping, but we can say one thing,
gettable trip and this time to Uganda, Africa. After almost They gave their best to us in every situation.
20 hours on the plane, we were very happy when we finally In one village, we slept in a room on the floor that did not
landed, only to be told that we
even have a door to it, and the aniwere in Rwanda, which was not Please pray fervently for sister mals big and small roamed
on our itinerary, but there we were
outside our room all night. Duncan
Ruth Orr. She has been diagnosed and two preachers slept on a mat in
anyway. This was nothing new to
us since last time we tried to go with Stage 4 colon cancer that has a room next to ours for protection
to Kenya we found ourselves in spread to her liver and pancreas.
they said. We never did know what
the Congo. They explained why
we were being protected from!
we had landed in Rwanda, and we were soon on our way to In the next village, on a Saturday night, we bedded down
Uganda. We were elated when we finally landed and saw a on our mats on the floor and saw a dress covering Prissys mat
man holding a sign that said Duncan Ojiambo, the brother and a beautiful cloth covering mine. Still we did not have a
we were to meet up with.
door to our room but did have a cloth over the opening. In the
Duncan Ojiambo, in October 2012, had just graduated next room the man of the house and two preachers slept on
from African Christian College when he wrote me that he one mat on the floor to make sure we were safe. The next
needed 75 World Bible School lessons sent to him at his home morning at worship, the lady of the house had that same dress
in Jenja, Uganda. Duncan had himself started the WBS les- on that was covering our mat and the cloth around her. She
sons while in high school but then lost contact with his teacher. surely gave her best for our comfort and, with tears streaming
He was terribly discouraged, but several years later he asked down her face, she told the congregation that never had there
for the lessons again and a new teacher. Can you imagine his been a white woman in their village before and how grateful
excitement when he not only got a new teacher, but one who she was to have us spend the night in her house, or hut,
was deeply interested in him and his salvation?
as we called it. Oh, God is so good, and to meet people we
Upon completion of all the WBS lessons, his teacher helped never in our lives expected to meet, in the poorest of places,
him to find someone to baptize him into Christ, the first in his did bring joy into our hearts that we were leaving them with
family to become a Christian. The first 75 lessons we sent soon Hope of a better home some day.
grew to over 400 wishing to study with him through WBS! Our next village was right on Victoria Island which is beauDuncan and some preachers graded all these lessons and taught tiful and the largest island in the world. There were children by
the students themselves, something different than we had ever the hundreds roaming everywhere, with no schools for these
done with WBS lessons before, but we became excited about Continued on page 39
it. After one year, 82 baptisms and hundreds more wishing to
study, Prissy and I felt like God was calling us to make a trip to
Uganda and to see for ourselves the work going on there. My
elders were behind us, and now we found ourselves in Uganda,
Africa, which is called, The Pearl of Africa.
We began our work in five far out villages where Duncan
and others had started the church a few months prior to our
getting there. Those who know me have always heard me
say that I love to work in the villages, but nothing I had ever
done would compare to these places. The distance made it
impossible to go and to come in one day, so we had to spend
the night and work the next day. In each, we did an awful
lot of praying but we also taught many ladies classes, WBS
Three young preachers and Duncan Ojiambo.
students and childrens classes while Duncan taught the men
who gathered. At night Prissy and I slept in places we would

Global Harvest



Continued from page 38

children to attend and such a sad way

to grow up. There were also more animals of every size, roaming everywhere
and you for sure had to watch where
you stepped. We had great classes with
the women and even some children and
taught many WBS students. That night
we had our mats on the floor, and Duncan
and some men slept in the next room.
When we woke the next morning,
I went to get the banana I was going
to eat for breakfast, and my bag and
banana were covered with black ants.
Thankfully, nothing else was in the
bag except for some crackers because
the ants could have almost carried that
bag off. Then we looked on the floor
and it was covered with big piles of
ants!Duncan was so happy the next
morning to tell us that they had slept
in the room with the ants because our
room had been sprayed! It took only
one look in our room at my cloth bag
and banana to make us laugh so hard
we could hardly breathe. They truly
had given their best to us but I left the
bag and banana with the ants.
From there we journeyed to our
fourth adventure which was even further
out, but what a greeting we got from so

many there. Even the town drunk by

the name of Batuli greeted us. They said
everyone there was afraid of him when
he was drunk. When Duncan and others went to hold a Gospel meeting in his
area, he gave them permission to put up
a tent on his property, but he just laughed
at them. He was a worshipper of shrines
but they did persuade him to come to the
meeting, which he did, carrying his bottle
with him. Now since we were coming, he
again allowed a tent to be erected on his
property for worship. Batuli attended the
three-day meeting, and on Sunday morning he came forward with tears streaming down his face, requesting baptism.
He said he was so sorry for his sins and
wanted to be right with God. As he came
up out of the water he said, I am now
ready to start my journey with Christ.
Forty-five others were also baptized for
the remission of their sins that day.
Afterwards I sat with Batuli to hear
him tell of his sinful life and what he
wished to do now. He wanted to give
his property to the church to build a
building, and he wanted to give his two
ant hills to make 30,000 bricks for the
church building. These ant hills are big
as a room and some 14 feet tall. For
some reason these ants must not bite be-

cause we never got a bite and they were

everywhere. Batuli had given us a room
in his place to sleep which was nothing
but a mat on the floor, but it was his best
and he gladly gave it as he and Duncan
slept on the outside on the ground.
During these three weeks we
made memories for a lifetime, with
the poorest yet most loving and giving of people we had ever met. During each village work, we too gave
our best, and God gave the increase of
210 souls baptized for the remission
of their sins. The church in each village has now more than doubled and
each has a preacher who goes there to
teach each Sunday. Prissy and I have
started schools for some of the children in these villages where there are
no schools so they can learn to read,
write and do math because so many
of the parents cannot. One school has
already started and is doing a great
job with several children attending.
We have sent over teaching materials,
Bible story books, pencils and other
things to help in each one, and we pray
soon to have many children learning
not only to read and write but learning
about God and His love for them.
Continued on page 61

Duncan with 24 teachers who were baptized into Christ.


Global Harvest

Richard Stephens
The Malawi Project was created in
the year 2000 after two of its founders,
Richard (Dick) and Diana (Suzi) Stephens of Indianapolis, Indiana had been
serving in Malawi, Africa since 1993.
During those years they experienced
the intense need of its people. A vision
was formed to create a conduit through
which humanitarian aid could be funneled to a number of associate programs.
This would not be a project that
would imitate aid program endeavors
of the past. It would be based on a different set of principles. In a practical
sense the Malawi Project would be an
incubator where new programs could
be birthed, established programs could
be nourished, then both given independence to grow and prosper. Today the
Malawi Project serves the people of
Malawi in every region of the nation.
We have a history of implementing programs that work and are turned
over to Malawians. These associated
programs do not have a profit-making
goal, but are designed to be benevolent
groups serving the physical and spiritual needs of the nation. They may be
without sufficient capital, or in need of
equipment or expertise to accomplish
the lofty goals they have set for themselves. The Malawi Project comes in as
a partner and provides the needed resources to help them get on their feet.
After this is done the organization is
expected to be self-sufficient.
The Malawi Project owns no prop-

erty or vehicles in Malawi and works

at the discretion of the Malawians who
desire its presence. As aid programs exist around the world, the Malawi Project is unique. Members of the Project
are sensitive not to create an unhealthy
dependency that will lead to American
oversight and management of the programs that should be carried out by the
local people themselves. Three overriding principles help to govern the work
of the project.
1. It is not about the plan, the program, or the project. It is about the
people. This principle helps keep the
Project members focused on what is
important. It is the people.
2. Do not give a man a fish, but teach
him to fish so he will survive when you
are gone. This principle keeps the
Project focused on creating incentive
programs, not programs of dependency.
Do not do for us what we can
do for ourselves. This principle keeps
the Project members focused on having Malawians as equal partners, and
doing equal work.
The Malawi Project functions
in the areas of medicine, education,
widow/orphan care, assistance for the
handicapped and aged, agriculture,
famine assistance, and the spiritual development of responsible citizens who
will make a contribution to their home,
village, community, church and nation.
There is great excitement when a
major new project begins. This hap-

pened when Brielle Read, the rest of

the Read family, and members of the
Western Hills Church of Christ of Austin, Texas started gathering textbooks
for Malawi. By the time the excitement
began to settle they had reached an unimaginable number of 33,000 school
Then it came time to ship them. It
took 2 forty-foot semi trailers to carry them all to the shipping port. They
crossed the ocean, traveled up through
southern Africa to Malawi. Then the
excitement of unloading and beginning
the distribution caused the excitement
to rise to a high crescendo again. The
Reads and others in the congregation
made a trip to Malawi in August to see
books reaching their final destinations.
Now everyone is home.
The books have gone to over 1,000
schools and everything is quiet. Well,
that is not the case in the schools where
the books found a new African home.
Here they bring joy and happiness to
new children every day. They are a new
experience, new knowledge, and new
and exciting frontiers to be crossed.
Thanks to the Reads, the Western Hills congregation, and to all who
worked so hard to make these books
Richard Stephens: For more information about the nation of Malawi and the
projects being carried out by the Malawi
Project, visit our website:

Global Harvest


Mission Work Must Grow Up

Loy Mitchell
He gave some to be apostles, and some prophets, and
some evangelists, and some shepherds and teachers, to equip
the saints for a work of service, for the building up of the
Christs body, until we all reach the unity of the faith, and of
the knowledge of Gods Son, to a mature man, to the measure
of the stature of Christs fullness, that we may be children no
longer, tossed here and there by the waves, and carried about
by every wind of doctrine, by mens craftiness, and by trickery with cunning deception (Ephesians 4:11-14).
When does a church become mature? When does a mission field become a force that carries on Gods work by
spreading the Gospel to others? When are children of God
mature? When does the body of Christ, the church, become
full grown? Surely this is the will of God that His church becomes full grown. Too many mission points or churches are
still children tossed to and fro by the waves of Satan.
When a child is born into your family, you do everything
for that baby. That is good and correct. Do you expect that
child to grow and become mature? Yes, of course. When a
child does not grow into adulthood, whose fault is it? Do we
expect our children to care for themselves, make their own
living, and help others? Yes, we do. When the children do not
grow to maturity, maybe the fault is with the parents.
Fifty-six years ago we started a school in Zimbabwe to
train nationals to preach and teach. This three-year program
was staffed by USA preachers and supported by USA funds.
Over 500 men have completed this course of study and have
gone forth with the message of Jesus and Him crucified.
Some have gone to Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique, and the USA. Most have preached in Zimbabwe and
have done a good work.
Today all the teaching at Mutare School of Preaching is
done by Zimbabwe preachers. Ninety percent of the funds
still come from the USA . The time has come for the church
in Zimbabwe to step forward and take over not only the
teaching, but the funding of the school. A six year plan has
been set forth by American brethren to reduce the funding
of this school. Will the Zimbabwe brethren do this? Only
God knows, but we believe they can. Will it require sacrifice?
YES! Will it require due diligence. YES!
A good number of the preachers in Zimbabwe have been
receiving USA funds. It is not a sin to support a foreign
preacher. However, there are dangers as too many preachers cease being evangelists and become pastors of a few

people. In some cases, little or no teaching has been done by

example and word. Why not get all we can from the USA
brethren. What is the result? You have baby churches that do
not mature.
A few of the congregations in the cities do support their
own preachers, but most do not. To help preachers become
self-supporting like Paul who made tents and received supplementary funds from some brethren, we have established a
plan to help with projects. A sum is given to the preacher for
a project, after approval of mature saints in Zimbabwe. Then
over a period of 18 months, USA funds are reduced to zero.
What sort of projects are being funded? Raising chickens,
layers, pigs, and cattle; buying carpentry tools for those who
know carpentry; buying a grinding mill for the grinding of
maize (corn); helping the preachers or their wives to complete
a teacher training course so they can teach school and be supported by the Zimbabwe government in its education system.
Not all have been successful, but some are now making a
living while preaching the Gospel and helping others. Wherever we go with the Gospel we must teach, baptize, and help
the church to grow to maturity. Perhaps we have done too
much for the works in mission fields and have done too little to
help the brethren grow to spiritual maturity.
Loy Mitchell:; Phone: 731-287-8823;

Box 2551, Big Spring, TX 79721

Loy Mitchell with some of the African preachers at

Chigadora, Zimbabwe.


Global Harvest


We cannot know what lies ahead for any of us. During this
turbulent period when there is violence and death in many countries of the world, fomented particularly by Muslims who are in
the process of establishing a Muslim Caliphate and restoring the
power of Islam of ages past, we would do well to learn more about
this religion. Many of our politicians have called this a religion
of peace that has been hijacked by radicals and terrorists. This
is a politically correct statement that can be made only if one is
deliberately blind to history.
Today we see these dedicated people beheading infidels,
kidnapping minors and selling them as slaves, and crucifying
those under their power who refuse to convert. They are a rising power, willing to die for what they espouse, and they are convinced that their victories are proof that Allah is with them. BBC
[........] is in ----- and was baptized
three years ago. She married a Muslim
a year ago and converted him. They
discovered an indigenous congregation
soon after their marriage when they
found out her husbands brother had
been a secret Christian for some time
already. These are some conversations
she and I have had recently:
[........] : In our country everyone should write his religion on
his identification card and now
our leader at church asked us to
change our religion from Islam to
Christian that was a good trouble
for us may be we lose our work if
we did it. I need your advice...
ME: You must tell the truth. Early Christians were persecuted for telling the truth, but they told the truth
anyway. Satan is called the Father of
Liars. Do you remember that from
one of your lessons? Even if you are
fired from your job, hold your head
up and be proud of being a Christian.
Other people will see your courage
and wonder what is so special about
Christianity. Your pain from telling
the truth could save the souls of many
who learn you were willing to tell the

truth and go to heaven, rather than

lie, keep your job, and miss heaven.
Be courageous, [-------]. Yes, you will
be frightened, but you can be courageous at the same time. You can do
this! I continue to pray for you.
[........] : In my country you
are not your self. people determine how to live, to wear, to eat,
to speak and every thing. Do you
know my husband lose his job because of Christianity? His salary
was 2500$ and my salary is 750$
monthly but now we just have
my salary and we rent a house
for 500$ monthly and we must to
pay monthly fees for electric, water, and mobile charge 250$ how
could we pay them? how could
we live? mom, you dont know
how we suffer pains.. and we
couldnt visit church any more
else because they threaten us if
we go I lose my job too.
ME: My sweet, [........]. I do
know what it is like for you, and my
heart aches for you. I have a student in ------- who was threatened
with prison if he didnt pay a bribe
of $50,000. His wife and children

escaped to another province, and he

went to yet another province. They
stayed in hiding for a long time. Of
course he couldnt pay the bribe but
I think he is paying a smaller weekly
bribe. This has been going on for
three years.
I have a student in another part
of your country whose wife left him
because he left Islam.
I have a student in ------- who became a Christian and he is terrified of
being caught and crucified. Yes, they
crucify people on telephone poles
You asked my advice, and I gave
it to you. It is the same advice your
preacher gave you. Now, you must do
what you can. God will understand.
Do the best you can. Write and tell
me more of what happened to your
husband that he lost his job. I want
to know as much as you can tell me
so Christians elsewhere can pray for
his specific need. Tell me about the
threats to you. I wish you would get
back into WEI so our messages would
be private. My heart and soul are with
you. Katheryn

Global Harvest


New Building in Lahore, Pakistan

Asghar Ali

Our Dream Comes True: As most of you know we stayed

and worked at 59 Abu Bakar Block from 19751990 and
then from 19982007. From 2007 to February 2014 we worshipped in rented places as we did not have any place of
our own. How we suffered during that time, only we know
or God knows. The only comfort was that our congregation
stayed faithful all these years.
A couple of years back I dreamed of having our own
place of worship. I put our appeal in our newsletter for having our own church building. Sister Choate of Winona, MS
took up the responsibility of raising funds for our need for
which we are thankful to her. There had been many ups and
downs during this period of raising money for our own building. All these ups and downs we had to suffer. Through the
contributions raised through Sister Choate and through the
personal physical efforts of our son-in-law, Obed, our dream
came true on the 2nd February, 2014. We had our first worship at the new church building.
On the 2nd of February our attendance was 78, on the 9th
we had 49 in presence, on the 16th we had 50 in attendance
and on the 23rd our attendance was 71. We wish all of you,
our well-wishers and contributors, had been with us on the
2nd of February and could share our joy.
Brother Gordon Hogan raised funds for the property at
59 Abu Bakar Block Church property and, therefore, he can
know how I felt all these years during fund-raising. Please
pray we can maintain this good attendance, rather improve it.
We thank our gracious God who has helped us see our
Two views inside the new building and the
Christians worshiping on that opening Sunday.
Please pray for these brothers and sisters who
live in a dangerous world.

dream come true. We thank Sister Choate who raised money

on our behalf and those who responded favorably to Sister
Choates appeal on our behalf and thanks to all those who
send us encouraging emails and remarks during all these
The fact that encouraged me to try to have our own place
of worship was the faithfulness of the congregation we are
part of. They have stayed faithful through all these years of
our trial. We are glad that we have been able to provide a
place of their own for worship.
We also thank brother Obed who has been helping us in
preaching. Not only that but he did his best to get the church
building constructed. He got this work done cheaper than
anybody could do. He even took 15 days leave from his job
to get the work started and then supervised it during lunch
hours and before his office and after his office. For the help
in preaching and for the construction of the building he got
no financial help from anyone.
There are still a few necessary works to be done. We will
accomplish them from our local contributions or whatever
comes over and above regular support. We have already given more than $2000.00 from our contribution to the building
fund. We are thankful to the congregation for their contributions. We also are thankful to our fourth daughter Dilnawaz
for sending pictures from time to time to our supporters.
At the close we would like to thank you all for your continued support, for your encouraging emails and your prayers
for the work and for us.


Global Harvest

Update on Shahid and Jennifer Khokhar

in Pakistan
Most of you know that J.C. and I began our mission
lives in Pakistan, so the country is still of great concern to
me. I wanted to pass on to you a letter from our brother there,
Shahid Khokhar. He was converted through Mary McKinney
and World Bible School lessons. In Global Harvest we carried
an article about him for the first time in the fall of 2011. The
school where he and Jennifer were working was Islamic and
the ones in charge began making demands that, as Christians,
they couldnt follow, so they have left that place and moved
back to Toba Tek Singh, their home area.
Shahid wants to use his life in teaching the Gospel to
others, rather than teaching secular subjects in a school.
I want you to understand how precious these people are
in Gods kingdom. To become a Christian in Pakistan, with
the surging strength of radical Islam, requires a lot of commitment and courage. On top of that, it is not possible for
foreigners to work there, so the few Christians who are there
are the only hope of a country of almost 200 million people.
Can you imagine how you would feel in such lonely and
dangerous circumstances? Besides the strength they can
gain from the Scriptures and from Gods providential care,
their brothers and sisters on the opposite side of the world
are the only ones they can depend on. BBC

Shahids most recent letter:

We are right now in Toba Tek Singh, a place close

to Sahiwal, Lahore and Faisalabad. With Lords grace,
people are happy to receive us here and we are comfortable in preaching the Gods word openly as it is my own
city and my own family. They are open heartedly welcoming us, though they are very poor and come below
the line of poverty but they are rich in their hearts. Soon
there will be a good number of people in the Church of
Christ in Toba Tek Singh.
The pictures you have seen on FB of baptism of two
more souls are taken in Burewala where I went a week
ago. In Burewla, Waqas and others are working for the
Lords Church. I am working with missionary spirit and
know it very well that no one likes to visit Pakistan as it
is not a safe place for foreigners, even not for us who are
in Pakistan; persecution is for us we know it discrimination is for us. Now the time has come to put on the
armor of God and start harvesting the crops.
To become a full time preacher I would like to con-

Shahid, reading the Scriptures before the two baptisms.

tinue my learning from any type of means, no matter if

it is in the form of books from you or the things sent by
WBS like DVDs etc. All such material will help me to
grow more in faith and will be able to reach the minds
of people who believe in their so-called denominational
doctrines.... Our activities and work in Christ will never
stop as you have witnessed in these past months that we
suffered but did not give up the Truth we love and will
never stray, no matter how many hardships and difficulties we have to go through. In all these months we have
experienced and learned a lot which has made us strongly believe to walk sincerely with God.
We are in Punjab to spread the Lords word and no matter what it takes, I am a committed person in the His service
and only follow the Gospel. So for your kind concern regarding my support, let me update you that there is no such support to me from anyone. I am not among those people who
look for support from Americans and then agree to work for
God. I believe in Christ and only work for Him.
People are calling me in different places because they
want to listen and follow the truth and very soon I will
be visiting south Punjab for preaching and will let you
know who are fervently and obediently serving the cause
of our Lord in many ways. In spite of all these hurdles,
the Father in Heaven will bless us as He did in the past,
this is what we believe. We need your prayers in the walk
with our Lord. Shahid


Global Harvest


Activities in New Delhi, India

Sunny, Francis, and Vinay David

On June 2, 3 a seminar
was conducted at the church
building at C.R. Park, New
Delhi. 35-40 attended each day.
We had mailed around 200 invitations to all in the general
area who have been watching
our T.V. Telecasts and receiving The Bible Teacher magazine in Delhi. In fact, more would
have attended if the seminar had been conducted during another
time of the year, as May and June are the hottest months in
Delhi when the temperature stays around 44-46 degrees Centigrade [110-115 degrees Fahrenheit].
It was a good experience though to study with some new
people. The meetings were held for two days from 10 A.M.
to 4 P.M. Lessons were taught on various subjects from the
Bible, in addition to an hour of questions and answers, and
a Bible quiz each day. Joey Barrier and Stephen Gill from
the States taught each day. Francis, Vinay and I took classes.
Brother Farrell Osborn, Ajits father, took the Bible quiz and
Ajit directed the classes.
A Hindu girl was baptized on June 7th. She has been
attending worship services for some time and also attended
the Bible Seminar. She made up her mind to obey Christ and
called that she wanted to come and be baptized. It was a very
hard decision on her part as all her family are Hindu, and she
understands that if they come to know about her baptism she
will be beaten and thrown out of the house. She requested us
to be careful in this regard. She is still in college but attends
services each Sunday. In fact she is the first one to arrive at
the church building! Please remember her in your prayers
that she continues to be faithful to Christ and grows to be a
strong and dedicated Christian.
The TV programs are running well. A couple of weeks back
Francis was preaching and he had a record number of responses.
His phone kept ringing and ringing one after another as about
15-20 people called him just after his lesson was finished. This
outreach is very exciting and thrilling. We are thankful that we
are able to give our services for the Hindi TV program. At the
same time, our thanks to you in America for all your help and
support for the programs. We appreciate it very much.
I [Vinay] do the follow up for the Hindi TV program. I
have been sending Hindi Bible courses and other literature to
all the contacts. Apart from this, I also send literature to people

who write letters, emails,

and SMS messages on our
phones. As a result, we are
running short of Seekers
Bible Course. We need
help in getting this course
printed again, and I am
thankful that you are willing
to help me in this matter.
Sunny has written: I
wanted to give you the sad
news of Josephs [the oldest David brother] passing
Ajit David translating for
away on Sunday. He came
Joey Barrier.
for worship with his wife,
and after worship they came to our house and had lunch
together. They left at 5 in the evening. He drove back and
reached their house, parked his car and as soon as he came
close to the door to enter the house he collapsed right there
and was declared dead at the hospital. She called me and told
me of that. It was sudden and very sad.
Vinay David:; vinay_david26@

Vinay David translating for Stephen Gill.

Attendees at one of the meetings.


Global Harvest

Life in the Seed

Joshua Gootam

Joshua Gootam

February 9, 2014 Sunday marked

my 50th year of becoming a New Testament Christian. As far as I know, I was
the first member of the church in South
India in the 20th century. Not a single
congregation of the Lords Church existed here then!
On that day, Bro. J.C.Bailey, a pioneer Gospel preacher from Canada,
baptised me in the Bay of Bengal in
Madras city and commissioned me into
the work of the Lord right away.
I learned to preach on the job, so to
say, as I worked as an interpreter for him,
translating his sermons into Telugu. We
made up a good team like Paul and Timothy. He was 60 and I was 20 then.
The 50 years have seen many hundreds of thousands of souls obey the
Lord, and that number increases day by
day in India.There are now congregations in almost all the states.
Also, through the help of brother
J.C. Choate and his supporters, the last
50 years have seen me preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on short wave radio
for 38 years non-stop, and 11 more

years now on satellite TV. Programs

are probably being watched by 10 million people on each of the four days of
our telecasts.
Also the last 50 years have seen me
running the worlds biggest Bible correspondence course program in a regional language. About 4 million have
been enrolled so far. And we are sending at least 1000 copies of the Bible
in the Telugu or Oriya language per
month to that many homes who dont
own it. This is remarkable and is being
highly appreciated by one and all.
I was able to preach the Gospel in
many of the Indian states besides Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines,
USA, and Canada. I am tremendously

Devashayam, preacher in a village in

Kadapa District, holding a picture of
J.C. and Myrtle Bailey.

blessed by a very good wife, three sons

(one grandson) and two daughters-inlaw, all members of the church, and all
have a keen interest in the Lords work.
Ricky and Ronnie have already made
their mark preaching on TV, and Robin anchors all my TV programs. In all
this, to God be the glory.
How did I manage to do this? By
faith in the Lord and by your valuable
support. We are only instruments in
His hand to accomplish His will while
here on earth.
Our most recent expansion of the
work is in the new state that has been
formed out of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. Kabita and I are leaving for further work there tomorrow night. We
are holding Bible classes for 3 days at
Toopran town. I do not know how wise
it is for me to go into villages there at
the moment, however we feel it is safe.
The interest among the newly converted brethren is very high. We will see
what we can do for them.
Because of tightening money for
our radio/TV programs, supported
through World Evangelism funds, we
are discontinuing a program on one
channel, which will save about $900
per month. However one cable channel
from the temple town of Tirupathi offered us time at $30 per week which is
exclusively for the Hindus around Tirupathi. I think it is worth trying at least
for one quarter, to see what kind a response we get, and then we will decide
whether to continue or not. One quarter
will cost $360.
Joshua Gootam is the Telugu TV speaker in AP, India. His son, Ricky, shares in
the work responsibilities. E-mail:

Global Harvest


J.C. School of Evangelism & Bible Camp

Philemon and Kingsly Rajah
At present, in our evangelism training program through
J.C. School of Evangelism, we are training people in Orissa State (Berhampur) and Coonor in Tamilnadu. The results
we got from 2 batches in Madurai city and Kumarapalayam
J.C. Schools are also expected in these two places because of
the interest and dedication shown by the students for evangelism. They are not only motivated for evangelism work and
giving the Christian hand bills daily, but also are practicing the
Christian attitudes by giving liberally to the Lord and helping
the poor and destitute widows in the society. We have nothing
to boast but humbly praise God for stimulating these honorable Christians through the word of God.

In the year 2013 alone the Evangelism school students

distributed more than 80,000 Christian hand bills and got ad-
dresses for Bible correspondence courses from nearly 3,000
people through personal visitation. The students have now
made us busy by taking us to their contacts houses also for
advanced personal Bible studies. In the year end alone, within a week the Evangelism school students (past and present
batches) have distributed special booklets to some 3,000 denominational houses during the Christmas season by identifying the houses through the stars they hanged in front of
their houses. Thank God they have new ideas to locate the
people for Bible courses and studies! The only disadvantage
the Evangelism school students have is the shortage of literature (tracts and Bible correspondence courses).
We have reports from the churches where we have already finished evangelism training through our J.C. School
that the weekly offering percentage has increased by more
than 30 percent, and also the Christians have learned to give
personally to the needs of the preacher. We take this moment to thank humbly and remember our dear brother J.C.
through whom we got this kind of zeal towards evangelism
work, and also our heartfelt appreciation to the Bates and
sister Betty Choate for encouraging us in this endeavour.

Family Bible Camp

We would like to share with you the joy experienced after the 18th Family Bible Camp at Aluva, Kerala state. The
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Global Harvest

Annual Bible Camp

S. Rajanayagam
This is from the desk of S. Rajanayagam, a Gospel preacher for about 30
years and one of the partners of World
Evangelism which was envisioned by
our late brother J C Choate to take the
Gospel across the globe. I wanted to
tell you about our Annual Bible Camp
that was scheduled for May 5-7, 2014.
The church where I serve and the
site where we have been conducting
our camp is at the distance of about 300
km [186 miles]. We prefer this place
as it is ideal for all the participants that
come from different parts of Tamil
Nadu and neighbouring states. There is
train and bus access around the clock,
and the ones who are interested can
come without much challenge.
We had 474 Christians and nonChristians from almost all the districts
of Tamil Nadu and two nearby states,
representing 44 churches from 35 different cities and towns! Although the
camp site has the facility to hold only
140 people, we managed to accommo-

date all, and many had to sleep on the

floor where the climate condition was
not favouring to sleep on the floor. As
I said earlier, it was a hill station and
we had rain during the camp. However,

since the participants showed much

interest to enjoy the spiritual feast, we
had no problem in the arrangement.
We are so happy to share with you
that we had about 30 TV contacts and

The children and non-Christians who came to the Bible camp.

We were happy to see 11 souls baptized into Christ.

monthly magazine readers. We had

special sessions for them that resulted
in 11 conversions. By this, six congregations were benefitted numerically.
Our program starts by 7 in the
morning with devotion, usually in an
open area under the trees. This place is
very natural, having small rocks scattered across and people will sit on them
and there is a big rock in front that
we use as a pulpit. It almost gives the
glimpse of our Lords SERMON ON
THE MOUNT! This is how the people
would have been seated in front of our
Lord to hear the sermon of sermons.
We always enjoy this spot. When I
went to this hill station the first time,
this was the spot that attracted me and
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Global Harvest


New Bible Training School in Tamil Nadu

B. Arjunan
This visit of brother Jerry and sister Paula was very nice.
God had been using us for two days in Chennai very well. One
lady obeyed the gospel and took baptism there. Brother Jerrys
Simple Sermons that Teach book was translated into Tamil
and published by the Kilpaulk Church of Christ. Brother Jerry
has also helped us start a new Bible training school that meets
in three different areas, in two-and three-day sessions. Other
brothers share the teaching responsibilities with me.
Our magazine work is going well. A man who is one of
the readers of our magazine named Sebastin heard the word
of God through our co-workers, brother Rajamani. He came
to our place to take baptism. I gave him a one-day Bible
Study. He obeyed the word of God and was baptized in the
river as he liked. Brother Sebastin shared that before taking
baptism he decided to commit suicide due to some problems
in his life, but now he is very happy in Christ and helping in
Gods ministries with his local preacher. He used to talk to
me on the phone often.

Arjunans TV programa are also on his website.

Every day we get many contacts through our TV, radio

and magazine ministries. Some speak to me on the phone and
ask about the doctrine; some send me their addresses through
SMS and mails to get all our publications. But at the same
time some like me to pray for them. Their prayer requests
would be to fulfill their financial need only. We wonder and
pray for their ignorance. One denominational man came to
meet me, and he wanted our books and tracts to distribute to
people in the bus stands, schools, and hospitals.
We got a good family through our World Evangelism
ministries. The head of that family is brother Jeevadurai,
and his wifes name is sister Jeevajothi. Both are retired
army workers. He worked as a mechanical engineer and she

Arjunan (center) with students in Namakkal.

worked as a staff nurse in the army. Now they live in their

native village, which is near Kumuli in Kerala. He has built
a beautiful new house in his place and gave a veranda to
worship God. Not only has he built a house he also has built
a baptism tub. We have gone there many times and preached
Gods word. He arranged a special meeting and invited us on
the 18th of June. At that time 8 souls obeyed the Lords word
and took baptism. Now they gather in this brothers house
and worship God. They all belonged to a denominational
church but we plan to go there regularly to preach them the
word of God for their spiritual growth. Sister Jeevajothi is a
diabetes patient. Please pray for her.
I had my 50th birthday on the 5th of June, 2014. On the
same day the Batlagundu Church of Christ members published the new CDs and DVDs of our Radio and TV programs. Please pray for me to be able to do more works in the
years to come than in my previous days.
B.Arjunan & Glory:

We are trying to start a new congregation here.


Global Harvest

Work in Yunnan Province, China

Joey Barrier
The work in Yunnan Province, China and in the surrounding areas has been at a steady climb over the last decade. It all started with a Burmese medical doctor (Ahki)
who spoke the local mountain language (Lisu) of Northern
Burma, Yunnan, North Vietnam, Laos, and Tibet. He made
three trips into China, planting around 30 congregations before he died in 2007. On his last mission, he trained Luke
and Isaac to continue this work. Isaac focused on the Kachin
State of Northern Burma working out of the city of Myitkyina, while Luke focused on the Yunnan State.
Luke moved to Weeshi City and started to work as we
made plans to meet him in Kunming to conduct a training
seminar. In the fall of 2009, L.T. Gurganus, Jay Ahti (a Burmese brother) and I flew to Kunming China. We met in a
hotel room with four Chinese men. We helped them make
a plan for reaching the Yunnan Province. We were already
producing literature in Chinese and Lisu (Church of the Bible, The Gospel of Christ, and New Testament Worship
by J.C.Choate and several very useful tracts by Louis Rushmore), but they needed to be distributed, along with further
teaching. They told us it was illegal for Americans to go, but
they could do it. Just train us, they said. And so we made
plans to return.
We have now had 4 sessions of the Yunnan Bible College; each session is in a new location, (sometimes a new city)
to avoid the government. Each session grows in number and
maturity. We had 12 students last session and 3 of them requested that they be baptized. There
was no bathtub in the hotel room and
the water coming off of the Himalayas
was ice cold, so we went to a local hot
spring just outside of Dali City. When
we arrived we saw a huge swimming
pool that the springs were flowing in
to. They would not allow the women,
or Luke (who was baptizing them) to
get into the pool without a swim suit.
So we bought one for Luke and one
for the three women. The women each
took turns wearing the swim suit as we
all stood at the opposite end of the pool
trying not to draw any more attention
to them. Luke would speak to them
quietly and baptize them, hoping that
no one would notice what they were

doing. As people swam all around, laughing, playing, and

splashing in the water, these three women wept for joy as their
sins were washed away.
Each student comes from a different place, so we
prayed for them as they returned to their homes. They
cannot wait to come back. The most recent session of the
school was held near the border between China and Myanmar in March/April, 2014.
We (Americans) are not the only people going in to Yunnan Province and teaching. Our Burmese co-workers make
several trips each year to these lands. They are allowed to
preach and teach in the denominational buildings that are located throughout this entire region. As they go on these campaigns, they visit with the students from the school, often
times at their homes. They hold Bible studies with the families and friends. They distribute literature and they move on
to the next village. It is so important that we train and equip
local brethren to do this job, as we cannot do what they do.
Luke has since moved back to Myitkyina, Myanmar but
continues to make regular trips to Yunnan. While in Myitkyina, he assists Isaac as he reaches out to the Kachin State.
The same literature is being distributed in this state as in
Yunnan. We hold several training seminars each year and the
church continues to grow.
I remember meeting with Isaac in his home in 2008. I
worshipped with his family. Now there is a large congregation there. Each session, he invites leaders from all over
the state to come hear the Gospel proclaimed. Please pray that the Word will
convict, as it has done in his hometown.
The next book that has been translated and is waiting to be printed is entitled I AM (edited by Jeremy Barrier and Charles Webb). Isaac and Luke
specifically requested that we teach lessons concerning who God is, because
so many in Yunnan and Kachin are either atheist, Buddhist, or are involved
in forms of ancestor worship. This book
will help them as they go into these areas, and they can leave it behind for
students to study. Please pray for this
work as we try to reach these 300 million souls.

Joey Barrier:

Global Harvest



Ron Brown, Director

Life in Rural China

The countryside has a rural beauty

to it and as you travel by train and see
the people working in the fields, it is a
beautiful sight. But the reality to this
beautiful sight is that people rise early
and begin the back-breaking work at
dawn and go home when the sun sets.
It is not the life the young people want
to live during this modern time. They
want to be able to get jobs and take care
of their old relatives so they can have
easier days in their old age.
Many of the rural schools in the villages cannot provide a good foundation
for the children. They lack funding and
have crude facilities in crowded classrooms with uneducated teachers trying
to educate the children with few books
or supplies. They are poorly taught in
the early years and do not get a good
foundation. The teachers still use the
method of having the class repeat everything they say instead of copying
anything down because there are not
enough supplies for the students (paper
and pencils). They are decades behind
the schools in the big cities.
When we bring the children to the

care centers and offer them a better education, all the way through university,
they struggle to make the grades and
keep up in the more advanced schools.
They want to succeed and they try hard
but they often get discouraged because
the work is hard. Each school ranks every student and, for those having poor
grades, it is humiliating and discouraging. They return home to visit relatives
on holidays who tell them that they are
needed on the farm more than they need
an education.

Many of the children have emotional

problems. They have been deserted by
parents, seen their parents die or go to
prison. They are sometimes abused and
treated as little slaves. They have no toys
or any kind of a childhood. When they
come to the care center, they are shy and
backward for a short time but quickly
learn that they are loved and accepted
and that all other children there share the
same type of difficult backgrounds that
they have. They make friendships that
become almost as important to them as
family. They begin to smile and enjoy
life. Then, they begin to struggle in school
and realize that their chances of continuing are dim. They
get discouraged
and decide they
will never have
the discipline it
takes for the three
years of difficult
high school in
Any Chinese
with an education
will tell you that
the three years of
high school are
A crowded classroom
the hardest part

of a persons life. They have no life or

free time. They have classes from early
morning until nighttime and then loads
of homework that keeps them up until
midnight, only to repeat the same routine day after day for three years. Some
children are naturally smart, but others
struggle continually to keep up. Is it any
wonder that only 25% of the rural children succeed?

Sponsoring Orphans
by Michael Gifford

One of the benefits of being a sponsor for a child in one of our care centers
is the opportunity to correspond with
the child. Its been a great experience
for me to see new sponsors when they
first hear from the orphans they support. One sponsor came up to me waving a letter in his hand and saying, I
just got a letter from my grandson!
He was very excited. The letters that
have been shared with me, both from
the sponsor to the child and from the
child to the sponsor, are so sweet. Its
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Global Harvest

Taking the Gospel to China

Simon Hui
In Zhuhai City, there are two church
family groups. One is in downtown;
the other is near the university campus.
We have three young male members involved in teaching the Gospel. So far,
they can manage their time very well
when it is their turn to share a lesson
among each other. Recently, several
denominational visitors attended our
Sunday service. They were introduced
to us through one of my former college
students. We hope that these visitors
can continue to join us for study and
In Sunday services, I recently
shared several lessons dealing with the
famous characters from the Bible such
as Noah, Abraham, Ruth, Naomi, Elijah, and so on. Through their stories,
we can learn how to serve the Lord.
Additionally, in our Sunday Bible
class we had studied the parables of
After the lessons, we often encourage each other how to approach new
friends. Some Filipino sisters suggested that we could go outside and
pass the church booklets in the streets.
In this way, we can invite new friends
to visit us during our Sunday services.
On the other hand, we could invite
them to have a friendship meal at the
church building. People love to eat.
Probably it may attract some visitors
to come. Anyway, we are trying different ways to approach the unbelievers in Hong Kong.
In Monday Bible classes, we had
around 12 housewives attend two different classes. In the morning class,
five of them came to study the Bible.
Recently, An Qi asked me how to become a child of God. Actually, her
husband from Canada told her that she
needed to become a Christian, but she

was not sure whether she was ready or

not. I explained to her several steps
she needs to do before she becomes a
Christian. She said that she will consider my suggestions. Hopefully, she
will obey the Truth soon. Please remember An Qi in your daily prayers.
Recently, we launched a WeChat
group (like Facebook). The members
from Zhuhai City can use this platform
to share the Scriptures with each other.
We asked each member to read one or
two Scriptures from the Bible daily
and to share its meaning with us. Every member is assigned a certain date
to post the Scripture, and we hope that
through this activity we can encourage
the church as a whole to
Gods Word on a regular basis.
Concerning our Wednesday Internet class, three of my students were
quite busy recently. Sarah just gave
birth in March so she was taking care
of her new baby. Victor and Angela
were busy with their works. Only the
other two students could continue to
study the Bible so I suggested taking
two months break. Once the others are
ready, we can resume the study together on our Wednesday Internet class.


On the sixth of April, a college student, Leah from Beijing Normal University, obeyed the commandment of
God. She intended to take this action in
February but the Chinese New Year was
near at that time. She needed to return to
her hometown after her school began the
Spring festival holiday, so she delayed
her schedule to be baptized. Thanks for
the Lords blessing, Leah finally obeyed
the Word of God and was baptized into
Christ in April. In the coming summer,
Leah will study Hotel Management
in Montreux, Switzerland. If some of

you know the church of Christ there,

please contact me so I can pass the information on to Leah.
In May, Terry obeyed the Truth and
was baptized into Christ. We were so
happy that he made this wonderful decision. Terry and his wife live above
the church building in Hong Kong. Our
meeting place is on the third floor. Terry and his family live on the fifth floor.
In fact, they have lived in the present
apartment for only a short time. Terry
told us that he and his wife formerly
attended a church in downtown Hong
Kong. In the past, Terry did not know
the difference between denominational
churches and the non-denominational
church. He thought that they were the
same. As long as they teach the Bible,
they must be the true church. Terry
and his wife have been attending our
Sunday service for two months. Brother Don and his wife often encouraged
Terry and his wife to be baptized. At
this moment, Terrys wife has not taken
any action to obey the Lord yet. Please
pray for her. We believe that sooner or
later she will do exactly as her husband


We had two U.S. visitors recently:

Walker and Liz who teach English in
Hubei province, China visited us in
Zhuhai City and Hong Kong. Both of
them graduated at Faulkner University,
as we did in the past. It was the first
time for them to meet with our family
group in Zhuhai City and Hong Kong.
We were so happy to meet them.
May the Heavenly Father guide
you to do what He wants His children
to do.

Love, Simon, Shirley, and our boys
Simon Hui;

Global Harvest


Korean Christian University

Fi f t y - S i x Ye a r s i n G o d s S e r v i c e
Malcolm Parsley

In 1954 the first missionary came to Korea with our

Lords Gospel. Four years later under the visionary missionary L. Haskell Chesshir, a preacher school was started and in
a short time it became an institute, then an accredited college
and now a full-fledged university serving some 2,000 individuals. It is fully independent, with four departments and
two fields of study in the graduate school and is operating in
the capitol city of Seoul, South Korea.
There are many factors responsible for the existence of Korean Christian University. First, there was a great team of united
missionaries who each had his part to do and fulfilled his and
her responsibility very well. Then there were many who graciously gave to make it possible, many who volunteered their
talents and services as well, as they each stayed long enough in
the field to see that it was fairly stable before they left. We, individually, also had dedicated elderships behind each missionary
of whom several sacrificed time and effort to do their part in
seeing that it all came about as a success for the Father.
Our visionary was brother L. Haskell Chesshir who took
six students who wanted to study and added four and then
four more and from there it grew and grew to the Glory of
God. Seventeen years later, for one reason or another, nearly all of the missionaries had returned to the States. After
gradually working the Korean brethren into appropriate positions, the school was fully transferred to their oversight.
As often happens in mission fields, still in the first generation of the church without the sufficient influence of
well-grounded missionaries, and with the rapid increase of
semi-converted denominational preachers coming in without proper teaching and even many with sincere hearts but
still bringing in their yet unchanged denominational-doctrinal
baggage divisions began to crop up, each wanting to be
like those around them and have a king like everyone else.
So drifting began. It went so far that most did not realize they had gotten onto the proverbial slippery-slope, with
only full spiritual destruction waiting at the bottom. Some,
however, could readily see, and from this the prophets of
doom arose. Conversely, the inevitable end which so many
feared developed within the faithful and ever increasing determination that regardless of where the University ended
up, they were going to be true to the Master even if it meant
having to start over from scratch.
This resulted in the realization of the great need for
prayer and therefore a great increase in prayer on the part

of the many. The Father, evidently hearing their prayers, began to turn back the inevitable tide of destruction and in one
way and then another little reformers began to appear. This
brought the faithful Koreans and the present missionaries together as never before. They had a common foe and a common goal for Christ to face and accomplish.
Fairly recently a number of the problem-makers were
removed from the University staff and better saints were
placed in their positions. This is still gradually being done.
The fire of purification is still burning and we are not out of
the woods yet. However, the love of God is working through
His children and there is greater hope and faith than in the
past, spurring us to work harder than ever.
We have a new Chairman of the Board who has publicly promised that the drift away from the church is going to
stop and that he is going to work with the remaining faithful
saints to see the full return to the doctrine as the brotherhood
understands. There seems to be an increase of the silent ones
who have been hidden in the woodwork that are coming out
and want to be a part of the return from Babylon. New ones
are promising to come from afar to help part-time and fulltime, and all are looking forward to the time when those who
are determined to stay self-separated will cut themselves off
even further and leave the brethren united and free from having to put out doctrinal brushfires.
The question comes up as to how all of this affects you,
the reader. Well, we each claim to be brothers in Christ and,
therefore, we all admit to being our brothers keepers. Please
pray for our Fathers work here to bring only glory to His
most holy and worthy Name. But also, we need to take this
to heart for this scenario is a repeat of what has happened in
the past mission fields around the world. We all need a visionary in every mission team, and the rest need to be united
in their unbiased opinion and carefulness to follow him to
greater growth. We need to dedicate ourselves to stay until
the church reaches a level of maturity, for we have listings of
mission works where churches sent and missionaries stayed
for years but still not long enough for sufficient stability.
When the missionary left, the decline began, and in some
cases there is nothing left of the once-faithful church.
To the surprise of many who like to believe that the
desired self-sufficiency can happen within a handful of
years, evidence proves otherwise. I estimate it takes at least
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Global Harvest

Colin McKee

Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands of which

more than 14,000 are inhabited. Java is one of the most
densely populated places on earth, and the five-city area
called Jabodetabek has a population now of 28 million in a
land size probably less than Dallas/Ft. Worth.
Mount Sinabung in the Karo Highlands has been rumbling
and spewing out smoke and ash for several months. In a major
eruption in February it blew out toxic gas and ash that killed
16 people. Residents in the area had been evacuated, but there
was a lull in activity and some mistakenly thought it was safe
to return. Evacuees were housed in temporary shelters, and
their crops and livestock were decimated by the smoke and
ash. Steve Cate, Majek Surbakti, and I, first took the Gospel
to that area in the late 60s and early 70s.
My study on Proverbs has
been printed in both Indonesian
and English in the same book and
also contains lessons for the various themes. I have also done a
lesson book on Discipleship in
Indonesian and have translated
the Early Reader Series from
Apologetics Press to be used for
outreach in Indonesia. Ellen continus to work on Sunday school
lessons for kids classes.

NIAS, North Sumatra

During our last trip we conducted the usual training

seminar for church leaders on Nias. We had 18 participants
for the sessions and a lot of interaction during the classes. I
taught the series I had written on Wisdom From Above
from the book of Proverbs. The students had a lot of questions such as : What is Pentecost? Why do we say the
church started on Pentecost? May a man who has two
wives serve as worship leader in the congregation? If a
man leaves his wife, and then goes away and takes another
as his wife, and then wants to be baptized with the second
woman, may we baptize them? If a man cannot read and
write, but his wife can, why can she not lead the worship
instead of him? Where is heaven and where is hell?
That is a sampling of the kinds of questions we deal
with each time we conduct these seminars. These questions
came up as we studied various topics from Proverbs, such
as the system of Jewish sacrifices, family relationships, and
sheol. I explained that a man who has two wives is living

in adultery, and must give up the

second wife, and remain with his
first wife. If he is not willing to do
that, not only can he not serve in
leading worship, he must be withdrawn from if he is not willing to
repent. As to the man who left his
wife and then took another, I explained that Jesus taught there is
only one reason for divorce and
remarriage. If a man leaves his wife, and she has not been
guilty of adultery, and he then takes another, he is committing adultery and should not be baptized unless he is willing
to repent by separating from the second woman. If children
are involved, then certainly he has an obligation to support
them and their mother, but he cannot continue to be a husband to her. Then concerning the husband who cannot read
or write, but his wife can, I explained that it is not a matter of who is better educated, or smarter, but it is a matter
of what Gods word says. The wife could help the husband
with preparation at home with lessons and sermons, and then
he can deliver those in the worship assembly. That way she
would not be in violation of the subjection enjoined by Paul.
Farmers and palm oil plantations were illegally burning
old growth on Sumatra in the province of Riau, and the thick
smoke enveloped Nias and other parts of the country. There
had been no rain for two months before we got there, but they
had rains during our stay. For two days before the Sunday we
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Global Harvest


Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos

Daniel Hamm

Greetings to all of you who are
precious to the Hamms, around the
world! We have both improved with
our health issues and are busy about our
Fathers businness here in Southeast

On this journey, I have preached
twice in Thailand, twice in Burma and
conducted 5 days of instruction in our
Bible School in North Thailand with
adult students coming from Burma into
Thailand. Twenty lived together for
five nights and six days in a four-room
house and two baths. Eleven were not
members of the Church of Christ when
the school began. Four were baptized
into Christ during the school.

Following that school session we
returned to Burma where I will preach
twice this coming Sunday. We will then
drive a thousand miles across Thailand
into the Communist country of Laos to
begin a weeks Bible School. Later,
we will drive to two different Thai
provinces to conduct Gospel meetings.
We will then return to the Thai/Burma
border and conduct another weeks
Bible school with the Burmese and will
preach in Burma and North Thailand

In each of these schools, I am using
the Bible along with the outstanding
booklet of brother J.C. Choate on
The Church of the Bible, which I
taught for two weeks to the Burmese
at the Mai Sai, Thailand/Tachileik,
Myanmar border. We had 18 students
each week. Eight precious souls were
baptized into Christ. Thanks to brother
George Achard for translating this into
Burmese and to brother Miles Mayo of
Chiang Mai, Thailand for translating it
into the Thai language. I can use this
same translation to teach people in Laos
as my translator, brother Priwan can
speak both Thai and the Lao language.

Six precious souls were baptized
into Christ from our ministry in Chiang
Mai, Thailand under the direction and

teaching of our translator, brother

Priwan and missionary, Michael Mayo.
Priwan traveled with Kathy and me for
two months in Thailand, Myanmar and
Laos, conducting four Bible schools.

Today, our translator and evangelist
in Tachileik, Myanmar reports two men
being baptized into Christ.

Between two services at Chiang
Mai where I preached both services
today, Kathy and I went to the local
hospital for tests, to see doctors and
receive medications. Kathys blood
pressure was 183/91. She started on
two new medicines.
Daniel had a chest x-ray and
CBC. Blood work was normal with
platelets being the best ever during the
last 18 years. As far as we know, the
Leukemia is still in remission. Having
near-pneumonia, the doctor placed
Daniel on several new medications.
His bronchitus that he has been fighting
for several months is still very active.

We have put off our 4-hour drive
to the Burma/Thai border to begin a
Bible school next Monday to allow
more healing.

Dear Brother Daniel Hamm,

Today two young men decided to
follow Jesus and took water baptism
after they heard the Truth. Their names
1. A Hlo ( 21 years old )
2. Sa Hi ( 16 years old )
A Hlo has stayed with me for
two months now. He has no father and
mother and both his legs are too small
so he cannot walk like we do. He was
begging on the road side in Tachileik.
When we met he told me that he slept
on the roadside in the night. Most of
times he got nothing from people for
food and he ate nothing for one day to
two days.When the rain comes this is
the most difficult for him, he said. He
cannot write but can speak well.

I invited him into our mission home
and started to teach him how to write
and how to read the Bible. Now he is
starting to write and to read the Bible,
and he understands how to be saved.
After he heard the five steps of salvation
he obeyed the Truth today.

Five Bible Schools have been conducted in the above three Southeast
Asian countries since the middle of
January of this year. Twenty to thirty
hours of Bible instruction were shared
by missionary, Daniel Hamm, assisted by translators, at each of the five
schools. There were responses to the
Gospel at each Bible school.
Daniel & Kathy returned to Asia
in June to conduct three more Bible
schools. Thanks to all brethren and
congregations of Churches of Christ
who make these mission works possible! All glory goes to God to whom
it belongs!

The Church of the Bible

In Summary

Daniel & Kathy Hamm:

Daniel Kapa salai kaplian:

by J.C. Choate

A 13-lesson classbook that has

been translated into many languages, with more than 100,000
copies printed in numerous countries. Many have been converted
these lessons.
Only $4.00
a copy,
but worth
so much
more to the

Call 662283-1192.


Global Harvest

Work in the Philippines

Prissy Sellers
Together with Remy Kingsley from
Wichita, KS, on this trip we had a group
of 18 to come for 2-3 weeks, depending on their individual schedules. So the
whole month was spent shuffling everyone around to their perspective places of
involvement. Of course, with new people in the Philippines for the first time,
we had lots to do to indoctrinate them
all to new foods, new culture, new transportation, new smells, new language,
new cold showers, new expectations,
new shopping experiences, etc.
With that many people..everything
took longer. I told them when they arrived that the key word for the whole trip
would be flexible. Andthat proved
to be true. So many times we would just
look at each other and say this is one of
those times that we need to pull that word
out of our back pockets.
Remy had lined up several acts
of ministry for us during the month.
We helped the city mayors office with
a small medical mission. We provided
for a feeding program in one of the
depressed areas in Manila. We hosted
and taught a Ladies Retreat. I spoke
on In Times Like These and, believe me, that took on a whole new
meaning to me!! I also spoke on El
Shaddi: Meaning God, the ALL sufficient ONE. These earthly experiences bring much more weight to my
spiritual awareness.
Hopefully each member of this
years TEAM returned home with a
new world view.a new appreciation
for their spot in life, a new drive to
serve God in whatever He brings their
way, a new understanding of what service truly is, a glimpse of how God uses
ones life and talents for His glory and
to benefit others. And of course, we all

rejoice with those that were obedient to

the Gospel by having their sins removed
in the midst of all of these activities.
There is one story that I am compelled to share with you: We were
scheduled to go to Leyte to help in
distributing some charitable items to
those who were hard hit by typhoon
Yolanda. Remy had spent several days
while she was here prior to the arrival of the group gathering food items,
school supplies, clothes, etc. She was
having trouble finding a way to get
these items (many tons of goods) to
the island of Leyte. She met up with
the vice mayor of Marikina (an area of
Metro Manila where we have worked
for many years). She found out that
different cities in the Philippines had
adopted certain areas that were affected by Yolanda and that Marikina
was involved with Leyte. So he was
willing for us to link up with them and
he would see to it that large trucks from
Marikina would be loaded with our

goods, and then his people would drive

the trucks down to that island. It was
planned that we would then fly to Leyte
and help to distribute the goods to the
people there. Great plan!!!
When our tickets were purchased,
all of us could not go at the same time
since we were so many, so my group
left Manila, flew to Cebu, stayed all
night in the airport there, then flew out
to Leyte the next morning. We froze
to death in the airport that night while
sleeping on metal chairs!
When we arrived in Leyte we could
not believe what was before our eyes. We
knew it would be bad , but our concept
of bad ended up being far better that
this reality of bad. There were tents
everywhere. The Red Coss was represented in full force. Buildings down
vehicles turned upside downhouses to
the groundbusinesses nonexistent
palm trees stripped of their branches
people aimlessly walking around.
Continued on page 57

Global Harvest


... the Philippines

Continued from page 56

After driving around for about a

hour, we were taken to the home of the
vice mayor. In our group was also a
doctor and the vice mayor of Marikina.
We ate our lunch that had been prepared
for us, and then we found our way to
the school where the truck was parked.
About of the goods were unloaded
in one of the small classrooms that was
still standing. The vice mayors office of Marikina had prepared a puppet
show for the children and hosted a few
games for them as well. The children
were smashed into another small room,
while the parents were all outside with
umbrellas standing in the rain. After the childrens activities, they then
walked one by one by the door where
we were, and we passed out the food,
clothes, and school supplies.
As we came back to our vehicle to

go to the next distribution area, the

parents would look at us smile..
and keep saying, Thank you for coming!! Through interaction with the
local people, we began to listen to stories of their experience with the storm.
Unbelievable!! One family told how
they lost 21 members of their family!!
A man told of how he held on so tight
to the hands of two of his childrenhe
held on as long as he thought he possible couldand just when he thought
they would slip away and be washed
awaythe storm subsided. He kept
giving thanks and praise to God!!
Many are still unaccounted for. We
did a distribution at a school near the
seashore, and the principle said that she
had 750 students and now there were
only 420!! Her school was completely
leveled. They are presently using large
tents for their classes.


Continued from page 51

funny how we sponsors are trying our

best to support and encourage the children, and yet it seems that we end up
being the ones who get the encouragement when we receive their letters!
The young man I sponsor, Wu Min
Si, has shared with me details about
his hobbies, his home, his school and
more personal information. On top of
that, he has shared with me some of
his dreams. When I read the letters in
which he tells me of his dreams, I cant
help but stop and think about how all
of you who support China Mission are
responsible for helping these precious
children be able to have any dreams in
the first place. Without you, they might
still be in the streets or in the care of

elderly relatives who cannot afford to

provide for them. Not only are you
building a relationship when you sponsor a child, you are building a young
man or a young lady. Your support
DOES make a difference!

Amazon Smile!

If you frequently order from Amazon, would you please consider doing
it through this link to help give back
.5% of your purchase to Chinese Agape
Foundation? Your purchase prices will
be the same as usual and the process
should be similar. Thank you.
Amazon Smile for Chinese Agape
Foundation; China Mission, c/o Lewis-

ville Church of Christ, 901College Parkway, Lewisville, TX 75077-2900

We went for a walk on the beach at

ground zero where the storm came in.
Broken concrete everywherePilipino
flags lined the seashore to welcome the
ships that had come and continue to
come from many different countries to
offer aid and help to the victims. As
we walked, I mentioned to some in our
group that probably we were walking
on many of the bodies of those that had
perished in the 30 ft. wall of water that
surged the shores at that place.
No electricity in most of the villages, lack of good water, make-shift
tents every where. And then I was heart
broken Because the island was already so water logged.and now this
tropical depressionwater was everywhere. Oh my, what these poor people
were facing!!

Prissy Sellers:


Global Harvest

Annual Bible Camp

Continued from page 48
In closing, I humbly request you to pray for the church
this brought the scene of the Sermon on the Mount and that in Kangayam, where I preach, to continue to hold such big
motivated me to select this site.
meetings every year. They love to do this and accept the
We had 4 speakers every day before lunch and we split challenge. But, still they need prayers to do more to propathe gathering into groups of children, young men, young girls, gate the Gospel to the entire Tamil speaking world. Also, I
men and women. They all have special sessions to their level covet your prayers on my behalf.
by selected teachers in various locations. Then, we have evening meetings by 6:30 pm, shared by two preachers. So, we S. Rajanayagam - Email address:
are fully occupied and engaged throughout the camp session.
During break time, there is good fellowship among congregations and individual Christians. It really gives spiritual uplift.
We usually carry the provisions for about 500 people for
three days from our place as we have no big stores in the camp
area and also the cost is high. No doubt, it is a challenge, but
it is worth it and much needed. Besides the food items, we
carried 300 Bibles, 300 songbooks, 800 books written by our
brother J.C. Choate, Betty Choate, V.P. Black etc, which are
printed and published by the help of World Evangelism and,
of course, tracts on different topics. We had a full truckload.
Although we thought that we had enough literature to share,
we faced a fresh challenge that we never had before. Yes, we
had 6 Telugu preachers this time [working in the Chennai area],
attending the camp with their Telugu Christians. They talk in Rajanayagam with the ones who were baptized in the session.
Tamil and preach in Telugu! They expected Telugu Bibles and
we couldnt fulfil their desire, but encouraged them to pray for
their need be met in the future. We may have to buy some Telugu Bibles because they probably will attend our Annual Bible
Lectures in October 2014. Please pray for this challenge.
Not less than 70 kids attended the camp. We had different
programs for them and they enjoyed every bit. We held Bible
quizzes, memory verse and song competitions and distributed
prizes of English New Testaments, Bible verse boards, songbooks, etc. It is a joy to have so many kids, and it gives us
confidence for the future as they will be the church in India in
the next generation.
Here, we are eagerly waiting
for the class materials that our
dear sister Betty is preparing for
the kids and the young ones in
the US, with the help and support
of many saints. Good literature
is much needed, and we want to
have it here in India to prevent
the loss of young souls. Whatever
we spend in time and in money is
A separate class for the men and another one for the women.
worth the investment.

Global Harvest


Continued from page 54

were scheduled to leave, no flights took

place on Nias. We were advised to go on
to the airport and just wait. As it turned
out, we were able to leave on the day
scheduled, but three hours late. There
were several mud slides in various places also because the forests have been denuded, and when heavy rains come there
is nothing to impede the gushing water
from ripping hillsides out of place. All


Seminar in Bekasi

of this is because those who control the

natural resources are more concerned
about personal profit than the long range
good of the country and the preservation
of the environment.
Brother Basaruddin who oversaw
the orphanage in Gunung Sitoli, Nias,
died in his sleep two days after we left.
He was only 31, and they assume he had
some congenital heart defect.

Medan, North Sumatra

We worshipped with the
Pokok Mangga brethren on our
Sunday in Medan. It is the oldest
congregation, but very small as
many of the members have died,
and others have moved away
without a corresponding influx
of new members. Unfortunately,
the children of those members did
not remain faithful. One thing I
strongly emphasize in my lessons
is the importance of teaching and
training our children.

We helped raise the funds for the

building when we lived there in the 70s
and worked with that congregation. We
pray that new members can be attracted
to build them back up. We held night
classes at the Selayang congregation,
and I again taught from Proverbs. The
attendance there averages about 75, and
they are conducting several studies with
prospects. There have been several baptisms at Selayang lately.
From Medan we flew to Jogjakarta
to visit with the Martin Johnson family.
They had previously worked in Papua
and Bekasi, and after returning to the
states for further education at Freed
Hardeman, and three years of labor in
Moab, Utah, they moved to Jogja in
Central Java. Duane Morgan is also
now living in Jogja and helping Martin
with classes.
I conducted daily classes for students who are studying English using the Bible as the text. I taught the
material from Proverbs and switched
between English and Indonesian as
needed. Most of the students are Moslems but, since they are eager to learn
English, they are willing to participate
in language studies using the Bible.
Seven of the students joined the class

Classes with students in Jogjakarta, with

Martin Johnson.

because of an unusual event. Martin

was jogging one morning and found a
flash drive on the road. He checked it
after he got home, and it contained the
manuscript of a thesis of a student in a
masters program at a local university.
It had his name and hand phone number
on it, so Martin called him. They met
and talked and, as a result, he and 6 of
his friends joined the class. They have a
denominational background and come
from Kupang on the Island of Timor.
Please pray for the people of Indonesia.
Colin and Ellen McKee:;
205) 590-1376

Continued from page 53

three generations before maturity is

solid, and in some locations as many
as five. Supporting churches need to
learn the signs of full-sufficiency,
not just the ability to take care of the
congregations immediate on-goings.
Of equal importance is the unity of
the brotherhood and full cooperation
without competitiveness and feelings
of superiority/inferiority on the part
of any congregation, regardless of size
in number, or financial status, and apparent value of property. Always plan,
build, and work for the future. Only
those who plan for great glory being
brought for the Father will accomplish
that goal. May the Father be with us all
as we love and serve Him with our utmost being!
Malcolm Parsley:


Global Harvest

Hello from
New Zealand
Kent ODonnell

It was good to help the Horowhenua congregation in Foxton with

LETTER-BOXING. We gave the kids a
day off so we could join in the labours
as a family (one of the many benefits of
Stephen & Hannah Higley had organised to do some community work
at Manawatu College (a high school in
Foxton). The school wanted to put up a
new fence behind some classrooms, so
our mission was to remove the old fence
and clear away any branches or greenery that was in the way. Despite the
heat, everyone worked diligently, especially the boys who revelled in using all
manner of tools of destruction. Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm my nephew

Titus got his finger

wedged between a
shovel and a concrete
post, thus learning
the hard way that service sometimes hurts
(cf. Galatians.6:17;
Colossians1:24-25). I
believe our labours were well-received.
I helped deliver cards offering the
Searching for Truth workbook. From
this outreach 20 contacts were made
and, from these, 7 Bible studies were
set. We also received a couple of contacts living here in Palmerston North.
In the coming months we intend to
SEMINAR to which we will invite the
community. To promote the event, students from Freed-Hardeman University
will be coming our way for a few days
to distribute flyers to households of the
city. If we can have similar community
attendance to that which came to the
Rags to Riches talk Willie Franklin
shared, it will be very pleasing.
Something we have needed to do for
a long time is to have some kind of active presence within the local university,
from Texas, has been worshiping with
us for several months and is a visiting
professor there. We were hoping that he
could give us a foot in the door. As
it happens, though, we have come up
against some roadblocks. Those who
oversee religious activities on campus
are reluctant to allow us to do anything
because we choose not to be part of the
Palmerston North Christian Leaders Association [an ecumenical group of denominational leaders who pat each other
on the back proclaiming their unity,

all the while ignoring (or at least not being judgemental over), their doctrinal
differences]. As we consider what action
to take, or what other avenues we might
pursue to achieve the desired result,
please be prayingthat God may open
up to us a door for the word, so that we
may speak forth the mystery of Christ
(Colossians 4:3, NASB).
weekend, bringing together brethren from
all over the country and some from other
countries. Rob Whitacre, from the Willette
Church of Christ in Tennessee, was the
keynote speaker and presented lessons on
the Christian disciplines. They were very
challenging and encouraged us to up our
game in the quest for spiritual excellence.
The following Tuesday Rob came and
spoke for our midweek Bible class. He
taught an overview of the Old Testament
which was designed to simplify what for
many people is daunting to put together in
their minds.
In our Sunday classes the adults are
studying the book of Joshua. The youth
are covering evidence related topics
from Brad Harrubs book Convicted.
For the kids Sunday school they are
learning about major Bible characters.
On Tuesday evenings we are doing a
study on the Principles of Old Testament Prophecy based on the book by
Wayne Jackson.
Kent ODonnell: Phone: 011-64-6-3544944.
Sponsored by Central Church of Christ,
200, 25th St. N.W., Cleveland TN 37311.
Phone: 423-476-8941; Contact: Scott Medlin, email:

Global Harvest

... School of Evangelism

Continued from page 47

campers attended from Tamilnadu, were from the 3 churches

in Madurai district and from the districts of Dindigul, Karur,
Nilgris, Tirupur, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and
Puducherry(Union Territory), totaling 9 districts.
States that represented the 18th Bible camp are Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Andhra, Kerala and Orissa, that is from 5
states of India.
Some 20 preachers from Tamilnadu and other states participated and encouraged the gathering with their presence
and messages.
Nearly 200 adults and children participated in the Bible
camp and enjoyed the Christian fellowship and beautiful
places in the city called Queen of Arabian Sea (Kochi).
Church members from Madurai travelled in 2 buses, and
the church members from Puducherry came in a small bus
and similarly the J.C. School of Evangelism students from
Coonor came in a small bus. The 6 students from Orissa and
Mirayalaguda J.C. School of Evangelism travelled more
than a day by train in public compartment (crowded) and
sacrificially came and enjoyed the fellowship with us. Their
presence was a great motivation to all of us.
The happiest moment of this 18th Family Bible camp
(for the church members, TV viewers, magazine readers)
was the baptism of 5 young men and women in the sea near
the Cochin harbor.

The Voice of Truth International

Since the printing of The Voice of Truth International

is done in India, the request for this wonderful literature has
doubled. Due to the short messages and simple and strong
truth, some of the educated denominational people also have
a craze towards our magazine. Yesterday when brother Philemon and I visited a famous doctor in Madurai, he and his
wife told us that they are very happy to receive our Voice
of Truth in English and the Gracious Word monthly Tamil
magazine because of the strong truth in them compared to
religious magazines published by denominations. Thank
God and the World Evangelism team for such a wonderful
historic work being done.
Three Volunteers helping regularly in The Voice ofTruth
International shipment, in and outside India (Single and
bulk copies). Three of them are our Evangelism school students, and one among them is a crippled, handicapped, dedicated young man.
Philemon Rajah works in Madurai, India. Email:


Continued from page 39

Harding College students in Jenja.

We are sending thousands of courses to be given to students in four colleges and high schools, and are already seeing
many baptisms coming from them. Just recently 24 teachers
were baptized from one school we worked with, and 48 were
recently baptized at the Harding college where we have hundreds of students. Duncan and the preachers do all the teaching of these students and handing out of the material and
certificates and grading of lessons themselves. We believe
this to be a wonderful work and way of future teaching in
Uganda. These preachers who sacrifice so much to do this
work never once complained or asked for anything but we
did hear Thank You probably a 1,000 times.
We did go into Kenya for two days to teach Duncans
family. A whole new article could be written about that trip
but we are thankful that his father, who is the head of the
village, along with a cousin were baptized while we were
there. His uncle who became a Christian some time back
lets the church meet in his home each Sunday, and the attendance now runs about 12 to 15. Duncans brother also
has been baptized, and we are thankful for that. Have you
ever noticed how one World Bible School lesson can lead to
so many becoming Christians? Duncan, thank you for not
giving up and for continuing those lessons years later.
Prissy and I feel we are better people from having been
and worked with Gods people in these places. It was as if
God was saying to us, Be willing to go out on a limb with
me. If that is where I am leading you, it is the safest place
to be. As long as you stay close to me, I can protect you
wherever you go (Simple English Ephesians 3:2).
Ruth Orr has worked with WBS for many years. wbsteacher@


Global Harvest

In a Time
Betty Burton Choate
Its a question that should haunt
every serious Christian: If my life
were threatened, or if the lives of my
children or loved ones were threatened if I did not renounce Christianity, how would I stand? Probably
none of us know the answer until we
are faced with the reality, and we pray
we would then have the courage of first
century Christians.
We live in a time of relative ease: financially, physically, spiritually. Were
not hungry. We dont keep a constant
watch behind us because of fear of attack. We can worship as we choose,
when we choose, without challenge. We
have access to Gods word in multiple
translations, with any additional aids we
desire concordances, commentaries,
word studies, Internet tools, etc.
Looking at the blessings listed in
the previous paragraph we should conclude that we, of this age and in this
country, are basking in the sunlight of
Gods love. As a Father our perfect
and heavenly Father He would want
to shower those good things on His
children. And as faithful children, we
are grateful for the outpouring of our
Fathers love.

In the midst of our ease and abundance, though, we would do well to remember Gods warning to the Israelites
as they were about to enter the land that
was flowing with milk and honey: Beware that you do not forget the Lord
your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His
statutes which I command you today,
lest when you have eaten and are
full, and have built beautiful houses
and dwell in them; and when your
herds and your flocks multiply, and
your silver and your gold are multiplied, and all that you have is multiplied; when your heart is lifted up,
and you forget the Lord your God...
(Deuteronomy 8:10-14).
Sadly, in the past few decades,
Gods warning to the Israelites also describes many Christians. Preachers and
church leaders have grown increasingly desirous of ignoring doctrinal messages while concentrating on teaching
the Bible only as history and as guidance in lifes morals and values. On the
part of some, the silence concerning the
oneness of the church, the doctrine of
salvation, the New Testament pattern
of worship, marriage and divorce, and

other divisive matters is an attempt to

avoid offending their religious neighbors. For others, the silence becomes
compromise and ultimate blending
with the denominational world, seeing
all believers as part of the true body
of Christ.
The result of decades of silence is
that many Christians have such shallow knowledge of Gods word that they
have no foundation on which to stand.
In addition to the silence from the pulpit
and elders, the attention of many Christians has been focused on the world:
getting ahead financially, having all
the niceties of life, enjoying entertainment: sports, TV, video games, timeconsuming nothings that eat up their
days. For many, with both husband and
wife working five days a week in order
to get ahead in the material world,
then taking part in their childrens extracurricular school activities, preparing
meals, taking care of the house and yard,
etc., etc., there is no time for carefully
training up their children or for grounding the family in a strong spiritual life.
...and they have no root in themselves, and so endure only for a time.
Continued on page 63

Global Harvest


Afterward, when tribulation or persecution arises for the words sake, immediately they stumble (Mark 4:17).
Without strong foundational knowledge of Gods word and without deep
conviction that we must hold fast to our
faith in order to obtain the promise of
eternal life with God, many Christians
are totally defenceless before the growing onslaughts we are facing.
The world grows more menacing
to us every day. Judicial decisions are
being made that threaten our right to
stand for biblical principles: protection
for the unborn, proper discipline and
parenting of our children, the condemnation of the practice of homosexuality,
the sanctity of marriage shielding it
from no fault divorce, from same-sex
unions, from polygamy, and from the
live in practice that has become accepted by many today.
Legally, businesses are being required to do the bidding of homosexuals; there is a growing political move
to declare that sermons condemn-

ing homosexuality as a sin in Gods

eyes should be labeled hate crimes
and prosecuted accordingly. Must a
preacher perform the ceremony for
homosexuals or risk imprisonment
because of his refusal? When our justice system has been overturned to the
point that we cannot follow particular
laws without transgressing Gods clear
word, will we stand for truth in the
face of persecution? Will we go to
prison rather than compromise?
Atheism and humanism have been in
league for many decades to destroy our
biblically-based culture. Now another
threat is taking hold in many areas of the
world: radical Islam. Their stated goal is
to destroy the western culture that has
already been largely corrupted by these
atheistic assaults on our civilization.
In parts of the world where Islam holds full power, they are brutally
slaughtering believers in Christ, strongly convinced that they are doing Allahs will. Muslims are proving every

Hitler knew that if Germany was to change; the church would have to change first.
He didnt remove the church; he disemboweled it, made it what he wanted it to be
(an agent of the state) and called it Christian. And just like in Germanys hitler era
christian churches; some of todays main stream, American Christian Church
doesnt even resemble true Christianity or the Christian way of life.
k While prayer in school had been obligatory the people allowed hitler to make it
optional. Prayer was removed from Americas public schools in 1962.
k Festivals that had previously been identified as Christian holidays were reclassified with secular names. This has been accomplished all over America.
k They took very aggressive steps to control and intimidate Pastors to incorporate and encourage various seemingly harmless pagan worship while discouraging
churches from preaching the true Gospel message. Most American churches have
already voluntarily surrendered many of their rights by unnecessarily embracing
501 C3 registration and some churches in America today incorporate Christian yoga, chrislam and other pagan religious activities into their programs.
k They took control of public radio not allowing views contrary to theirs to be
broadcasted. In America there is movement to restrict Biblical views as hate
speech as they now do in Canada and some have tried to do in America.
k They supported and promoted Darwinian Evolution to justify the purging of the
species. In many schools and universities in America Creation is not even allowed
to be introduced as an option.
k In some cases the Christian cross symbol was outlawed and replaced with the
German swastika (the swastika didnt originate with hitler; it had previously been
used as a religious symbol for thousands of years). Today many of the largest
main stream churches that call themselves Christian are practicing and promoting the removal of the cross symbol so as not to offend anyone.

From Christian Persecution in America

In more than 40 nations around the

world today Christians are being persecuted for their faith. In some of these
nations it is illegal to own a Bible, to
share your faith in Christ, to change
your faith or to teach your children
about Jesus. Those who boldly follow Christ in spite of government
edict or radical opposition can face
harassment, arrest, torture and even
death. Yet Christians continue to meet
for worship and to witness for Christ,
and the church in restricted nations is

day that they are willing to die for Islam.

Often, Christians in those nations are accused of blasphemy and are hauled off
to prison. Before there can be a trial,
a mob may stone them to death or hang
them publicly for their crime against
Islam. The jihadis may not incorporate all Muslims but they serve as the
military for the developing caliphate,
which all will accept.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I beg
of all of us that we ask ourselves this vital question NOW: In a time of persecution, can I endure? NOW, we
still have time to immerse ourselves in
Gods word and commitment to Him so
that we CAN stand. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall
tribulation, or distress, or persecution,
or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or
sword? (Romans 8:35).

Preaching the Gospel in North India

Francis David
Let me tell you about a recent
trip to Amritsar in the State of Punjab. Its about 10 hours train journey
from Delhi. Myself and Elsy have
been going there for few years now,
and we always have good Gospel
meetings. Alongside the meetings,
Elsy teaches a ladies class. We
work with a local man there who
is a factory worker, and economically very weak. He has 5 children
to support. However, he is a very
dedicated and honest preacher of
the Gospel. He conducts Sunday
worship service at his home, and
conducts home Bible studies on a
regular basis. This man, Mangal, is
not on any foreign support but he
likes to share the Gospel with the
people living in his area.
Initially, the work was started
there by brother Charles Scott.
Brother Robin Masih and some of
his family members worshiped in
this place for some time. However,
after the death of brother Masih,
who was very old, the whole family
left the church. The other members
also got scattered, and there was
no New Testament church in Amritsar for a very long time.
However, this man Mangal with
whom we are personally working
and involved now, came forward,
and took the initiative to revive the
church in Amritsar. Now, it is growing because of his sincere efforts
and hard work. A few weeks back
when we were there for a meeting,
4 people obeyed the Lord and, prior to that, 5 were baptized last fall.
We made another trip recently to the Central part of India. My
family and I were invited as guests
of honor for the opening ceremony
of a prayer shed as well as to
conduct 2 days Gospel meeting.
Since 2011, Vinay (our son) and I
have been working hard to get this

place of worship completed and, to

the joy of everybody, it is finally accomplished.
Initially, when Vinay and I first
went to this place, only a few people were assembling for worship in
a small rented room with a muddy
floor. Vinays father-in-law used to
handle the Sunday worship. People would scramble for a place to
sit on the floor. In fact, the room
was so congested that, during the
worship, members had to stand
outside, sometimes in rain, and
sometimes in hot sun. They had
only a fan and a tube light, and no
facilities for any kind of restroom.
If anybody wanted to use the restroom, they had to knock on somebodys house in the neighborhood,
and ask their permission to use
their restroom.
However, our 3 years of hard
work have really paid off. A man
converted from Hinduism, about 4
years back, freely donated a piece
of land for the prayer shed. Then,
together with the funds generated
by the local brethren, this humble
prayer shed was constructed. We
thank God that now they have this
permanent worship place. Moreover, we feel very encouraged that
together with the joint evangelistic efforts of the local people, the
church here has grown to 80 New
Testament Christians. Its a fully
independent congregation with no
outside/foreign support. I am glad
and thankful to God that He used
us for this good work.
We had wonderful Gospel
meetings. Vinay and I shared the
preaching, and every day we had
about 250 people listening to us.
We were impressed to see that the
local people collected money to
feed the visitors who came for the
meeting that lasted from morning

till evening. Four people obeyed

the Lord. It is all so exciting and
encouraging that we want to go
there again and again. The church
is very much growing here.
Vinays father-in-law recently
retired, and he has been working
tirelessly to preach the Gospel in
this particular part of Central India.
I am impressed that he conducts
home Bible studies, and cottage
meetings. There are some others
who have been members for a long
time and are taking an active part
in leadership. One such brother is
Dr. F. R. Sahu. He used to be a very
strong leader of Hinduism and, in
fact, he had a temple on his property. He has destroyed that completely now! He is now preaching
the pure New Testament Gospel!

Front Cover:
Francis David teaching
young men.
Vinay david preaching in the
worship service.
Reshma David teaching a
childrens class.
The assembly.
A new brother in Christ.