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General information

ultrafiltration advantages


Aquaflex 55 ultrafiltration (UF) membranes

are an excellent filtration technology for the
treatment of surface and ground water to
potable or process water standards and for
effective effluent polishing. The hollow fiber
membranes on the inside provide superior
separation performance and effectively
reject bacteria and viruses. Each module
with a membrane surface area of 55 m is
installed vertically and connected directly to
feed and filtrate headers.

Compared with traditional sand filtration,

ultrafiltration membranes offer the
following advantages:

Dead End Filtration

- Simple layout
- Low energy consumption

Delivers a high filtrate quality

Chemically Enhanced Backwash

- Low operating pressure
- Fully automated, no operator
- Uses low cost chemicals

Pentair X-Flows ultrafiltration membranes

know an inside-out flow configuration with
two modes of operation: dead end flow
or recirculation flow. Recirculation flow
is applied to increase the turbulence on
the membrane surface. Both modes of
operation are discontinuous with alternating
filtration (production) and backwash
(cleaning) steps. In the filtration step feed
water is forced through the fibers, and in the
backwash step some of the filtrate is forced
back through the membranes to remove any
solids. The inside-out configuration offers a
high performance (flux/tmp) at a low energy
and chemical consumption.

Yields substantial savings in space, cost

and energy
Suited to build scalable systems
Easy to integrate with other processes
Provides a reliable single barrier for
bacteria and viruses
Protects public health, operators & the

Fully automatic operation

- Logging of operating parameters
- Minimal maintenance expenses
- Integrity testing
Pressurized System
- Fully enclosed
- No operator exposure to fumes or
- Small footprint
Direct coagulation with inorganic
- Short retention times
- High removal of organics
- Phosphate removal

Selection of References

Potable water, Russia

Please ask your contact for a detailed reference list.

Potable water, USA

Effluent polishing, Thailand


Membrane area [m/ft]

55 [590]

Membrane Diameter

0.8 [31]



Bacteria Retention
Virus Retention
Silt Density Index

< 0.1 NTU

Aquaflex Skids
Although great alone, the best performance
is achieved when the Aquaflex 55 module is
used with the Aquaflex skid design. With
its excellent modular characteristics, the
Aquaflex skid offers a nominal capacity of
up to 800 m/h by featuring up to 6,600 m of
membrane surface.
The skid layout offers an optimum
physical footprint and provides convenient
accessibility to all modules for fast
construction and maintenance.



potable water

process water

effluent polishing

Worldwide, governments, municipalities

and industries face the challenge of safeguarding current and future drinking water
requirements. Not only the allowable levels
for turbidity and microbiology are being
lowered for potable water, but also new
limits are being established for viruses
and chlorine resistant organisms, such as
Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Because of rising costs and growing supply

challenges, more and more industrial and
agricultural customers are using surface
water instead of potable water.

Polished effluent from wastewater

treatment plants can be re-used for low
grade non-potable applications. For this,
Aquaflex 55 offers a reliable solution as the
hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane meets
the highest standards for turbidity and

With Aquaflex 55, Pentair X-Flow offers

a solution to produce potable water that
meets the highest standards for turbidity
and microbiology.

Pentair X-Flows hollow fiber ultrafiltration

(UF) membranes produce process water
that can either be used directly, if salinity
and dissolved substances are within limits,
or be fed to a reverse osmosis system, to
remove salinity and dissolved substances.

The membranes can either be installed

as a single treatment step, if salinity and
dissolved substances are within limits, or
as pre-treatment for a reverse osmosis
system , to remove salinity and dissolved

X-Flow Module Overview




Aquaflex 55




Seaguard 55

Seaflex 55

Compact 32V

Compact 33V
(airlift mbr)

Compact 33
(Crossflow MBR)

HFS 60 Silica


Compact 27




pioneers in
membrane filtration
About Pentair X-Flow
Pentair X-Flow has broad know-how and
a proud history in the development and
application of innovative membrane filtration
technologies. The company develops
and supplies membrane technology to
global municipal and industrial markets.
The product portfolio contains numerous
standard membranes, modules and units
for filtration and purification processes.

Throughout the years, Pentair X-Flow

has especially gained expertise and
experience in water purification, ranging
from producing potable water to treating
wastewater and the pre-treatment of
seawater, but also in the food, beverage
and pharmaceutical industries.

Worldwide, Pentair X-Flow has an extensive

network of professional sales offices, service
centers, agents and distributors that work
together to make Pentair X-Flow the partner
of choice for world-class water purification

Full circle Membrane Technology Partner

The success of any project, no matter how
big or small, starts with the selection of the
right membrane product, continues during
the design and commissioning phase and is
finally guaranteed by the right maintenance
and timely service.

With research, production, engineering,

automation, project management and
service in-house, Pentair X-Flow focuses
on the development of durable and reliable
products that can be tailored to the specific
needs of our customers.

As all of these aspects are equally

important to us, Pentair X-Flow is able to
support its customers from A-Z and achieve
unique results together. The benefits of
this full circle partnering approach are
demonstrated by the many worldwide
projects where Pentair X-Flows innovative
membrane products are applied.

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