There�s never a bad time for a good breakup song.

If you�ve just broken up you can heal yourself via shared pain. If you are in between breakups then you can just reminisce about the ones you have already enjoyed/ponder those you�ll experience in the future. We were all ready to toss off a totally non-committal, almost random collection of top-ten breakup songs but then we couldn�t pick just ten, so here are � more than ten. Hey! At least we limited ourselves to one Dylan and one Stones selection, that obviously wasn�t easy. What would you add? Bob Dylan, �Don�t Think Twice, It�s All Right� Elvis Costello, �I Hope You�re Happy Now� Liz Phair, �Divorce Song� Husker Du, �Never Talking To You Again� Rolling Stones, �Angie� Ramones, �Glad To See You Go� Frank Sinatra, �One For My Baby� Greg Kihn, �The Breakup Song� Jeff Buckley, �Last Goodbye� Everly Brothers, �Bye Bye Love� Ronettes, �Best Part of Breaking Up� Joni Mitchell, �River� Kelly Clarkson, �Since U Been Gone� Neil Sedaka, �Breaking Up Is Hard to Do� Tom Waits, �The One That Got Away� Elizabeth Goodman Share * * * * * * * Email Stumble AIM DiggThis Fark It! Yahoo! Buzz

More Playlist of the Day, Rock Lists Previous Next Latest Comments Mike J. | 8/2/2006, 6:08 pm EST Liz Phair � �Divorce Song� absolutely KILLER tune! Great choice! Patrick | 8/2/2006, 6:12 pm EST Bob Dylan � Ballad in Plain D M | 8/2/2006, 6:46 pm EST Johnny Cash � Train of Love Bob Dylan � Idiot Wind Chris | 8/2/2006, 6:53 pm EST �Good F**king Bye� by Matt Skiba, a solo acoustic thing he did as a side project to Alkaline Trio. Equal parts pissed off and depressing as hell, perfectly accurate for a break-up (or the kinds i go through at least�.).

Tom Waits | 8/2/2006, 6:53 pm EST Tom Waits-Im Still Here Bob Dylan-Everything on BOTT The Playlist | 8/2/2006, 7:05 pm EST You are missing many, many key cuts. Most of the Time � Bob Dylan That�s No Way To Say Goodbye � Leonard Cohen No Distance Left To Run � Blur Damage � Yo La Tengo If You See Her Say Hello � Bob Dylan I Just Don�t Think I�ll Ever Get Over You � Colin Hay Have a Good Life, Baby � Dusty Springfield Say Goodbye Good � The Promise Ring Let it Die � Feist Long Knives Drawn � Rainer Maria You Are All I Have � Hayden Spit On A Stranger � Kathryn Williams (Pavement cover) Honey & the Moon � Joseph Arthur You Are All I Have � Hayden The Grand Canyon � Magnetic Fields Busby Berkely Dreams � Magnetic Fields about 5000 other ones in the vault to be posted tomorrow Brian | 8/2/2006, 7:40 pm EST Bob Dylan � Idiot Wind Ben Folds Five � Song for the Dumped mike | 8/2/2006, 7:40 pm EST Morphine, �Gone For Good� Daniel S | 8/2/2006, 8:04 pm EST Garbage �Cup of Coffee� PinkPick | 8/2/2006, 8:31 pm EST Alright, I�ll get it right this time and comment correctly. These are a couple of my favorites in no particular order. Fleetwood Mac �Go Your Own Way� (for some reason not part of the initial picks) The Jesus and Mary Chain �The Hardest Walk� The Byrds �I�ll Feel a Whole Lot Better� AFI �The Leaving Song, Pt.2? The Beatles �I�m Looking Through You� Queens of the Stone Age �Go With the Flow� Beck �The Golden Age� Jon R. | 8/2/2006, 8:55 pm EST Put Erykah Badu�s �Green Eyes� on the list. Now.

Also, at least one Fiona Apple song should be included (�Get Gone,� �Paper Bag� and �Love Ridden� are some examples). Paul L. | 8/2/2006, 9:17 pm EST Beck: Lost Cause Damien Rice: Blower�s Daughter Beck: Lost Cause Damien Rice: Blower�s Daughter Dave Matthews: Some Devil Fionna Apple: Red, Red, Red (but really picked arbitrarily from Extraordinary Machine) Phil | 8/2/2006, 10:28 pm EST Your Time is Gonna Come!! �this is all I got to say to ya woman.� Marty | 8/2/2006, 10:55 pm EST Ben Harper � Walk Away Franz Ferdinand � Walk away Poke | 8/3/2006, 12:11 am EST yeah, liz phair is a perfect choice. the words to that song are just heartbreaking. I would have stayed in your bed for the rest of my life Just to prove I was right That it�s harder to be friends than lovers And you shouldn�t try to mix the two �Cause if you do it and you�re still unhappy Then you know that the problem is you joe | 8/3/2006, 12:28 am EST ween � baby bitch & You f**ked Up A.J. | 8/3/2006, 12:28 am EST the most egregious ommision from this list is Yesterday by the Beatles some other thoughts Walk Away-Ben Harper All Things Must Pass-George Harrison Motorcycle Drive By-Third Eye Blind I Got the Blues-The Rolling Stones Everybodys Got to Learn Sometime-Beck The Drugs Dont Work-The Verve and of course� End of the Road-Boyz II Men Mr. Tim | 8/3/2006, 1:23 am EST You outta know � Alanis Morissette Mr. Tim | 8/3/2006, 1:34 am EST

Take me Back � Bryan Adams Heart of the Matter � Don Henley Losing my Mind � Liza Minnelli S-P | 8/3/2006, 3:09 am EST First of all, the fact that you didn�t include �Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)� by Green Day is a little shocking. Though it might seem a little cheery compared to your choices above, it�s still rather heartbreaking in its optimistic attitude, though the Good Riddance add on the title shows that Billy Joe isn�t all smiles. A classic. Also: �I Could Have Lied� by the Red Hot Chili Peppers �Love Of My Life� by Queen �She�s Out Of My Life� by Michael Jackson (he broke down and cried at the end of the take!) �Dreams� by Fleetwood Mac �Isolation� by John Lennon �Tea For One� by Led Zeppelin And good on you all for mentioning �Idiot Wind� by Bob Dylan. My last breakup I played that song for a whole day nonstop. Carrie | 8/3/2006, 3:16 am EST Green Day-Good Riddance(Time of Your Life) B.B.B. | 8/3/2006, 3:50 am EST James � Out To Get You Leonard Cohen � Chelsea Hotel #2 Elliott Smith � Everything Reminds Me Of Her Elliott Smith � Twilight The Cure � Pictures Of You David Bowie � Letter To Hermione Gin Blossoms � Hey Jealousy Joy Division � Love Will Tear Us Apart Patsy Cline � She�s Got You Placebo � Without You I�m Nothing The Smiths � I Know It�s Over me | 8/3/2006, 6:12 am EST C�MON�..

�Green Eyes� Chris T. | 8/3/2006, 6:54 am EST Ben Harper � Another Lonely Day Led Zep � Babe I�m Gonna Leave You Beck � The entire Sea Change Album bobo | 8/3/2006, 8:18 am EST im surprised there�s no fleetwood mac there, rumours is one big giant breakup machine. also ryan adams-call me on your way back home U2-with or without you LIPS | 8/3/2006, 8:33 am EST Song for the Dumped � Ben Folds Five Ben | 8/3/2006, 8:40 am EST Janis Joplin � Piece of My Heart Bill M. | 8/3/2006, 9:27 am EST Bob Dylan � It Ain�t Me, Babe Hernan | 8/3/2006, 9:39 am EST The Cure�s �Elise� Killer tune� Tokyo Matt | 8/3/2006, 9:46 am EST Song For the Dumped -Ben Folds Five Song for �R� -Chixdiggit! (The chorus is, �Now I met you, let me get on with my life.�) Go Your Own Way -Fleetwood Mac And My all time favourite, Hasn�t Hit Me Yet -Blue Rodeo �Well you say that you�re leaving/well that comes as no surprise�� Pasty Journalist | 8/3/2006, 9:56 am EST Dylan has a truckload of gold for this, but I think you made the right decision. Great job in including �Divorce Song.� A few other choices� �Kim� � Eminem (for the real psychotic) �Love Will Tear Us Apart� � Joy Division �Brilliant Disguise� � Bruce Springsteen (not a breakup, but it might as well be) �Go Your Own Way� � Fleetwood Mac (how could you not have something off of �Rumours�?!) �I Am Trying To Break Your Heart� � Wilco �Abandoned� � Lucinda Williams �Bullet Proof �I Wish I Was� � Radiohead �The Darker Days of Me & Him� � PJ Harvey

�4th of of July� � Aimee Mann �Could Have Been Anyone� � Aimee Mann �So Cruel� � u2 �One More Hour� � Sleater-Kinney �Postmortem� � Slayer (just for its pissed-off sound) Pasty Journalist | 8/3/2006, 9:58 am EST One more� �The One I Love� � R.E.M. Just because it was one of the most misunderstood songs at the time of its release. I heard so many unintended dedications on the radio during �dedication nights.� Cedric | 8/3/2006, 10:00 am EST Marillion�s �Kayleigh� and Sugar Mice� Heart breaking songs� barahona44 | 8/3/2006, 10:04 am EST �I don�t Care Anymore�- Phil Collins �My Life�- Billy Joel Matt | 8/3/2006, 10:05 am EST The entire Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac should be on there. Especially the Chain, Go Your Own Way and Dreams Mr. Punchy | 8/3/2006, 10:08 am EST �Salt in My Tears� � Martin Briley �Love You �til I Don�t� � Otis Ball �You�re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go� � Bob Dylan �River of Love� � T-Bone Burnett �Days� � The Kinks Transformersgeek | 8/3/2006, 10:10 am EST �Heart Shaped Box� � Nirvana Transformersgeek | 8/3/2006, 10:12 am EST Can�t have a breakup list without Fiona Apple: �Limp� Janie Jones | 8/3/2006, 10:33 am EST �Days� by the Kinks �Can�t Stand Me Now� by the Libertines (and my absolute favorite, �Don�t Think Twice,� is already on the list) Shaun | 8/3/2006, 11:02 am EST Queen- Somebody to Love Poison the Well- Parks and What You Meant to Me The Beatles- For No One Sinead O�Connor- Nothing Compares to You The Cure- Pictures of You

The Get-Up Kids- Michele with One L �and RS Editors� how on earth could you put a Dylan song not off of �Blood on the Tracks� as one of your best breakup songs??? It�s the quintessential breakup album. Jeremy | 8/3/2006, 11:08 am EST U2 � �So Cruel� Ben Folds Five � �Song for the Dumped� The Eagles � �Wasted Time� Bob Dylan � �Don�t think twice, it�s alright� Weezer � �O Girlfriend� Sarah Mclachlan � �Do what you have to do� Ann Coulter Is Irrelevant | 8/3/2006, 11:19 am EST Pick Up The Phone � The Notwist Still In Love Song � The Stills Break Me Gently � Doves Rebellion (Lies) � Arcade Fire Heart In A Cage � Strokes This Heart�s On Fire � Wolf Parade Insistor � Tapes �n Tapes and of course the entire Sea Change album whizkid79 | 8/3/2006, 11:20 am EST how about erykah badu�s song, �tyrone�? if u didn�t realize that song was about her breaking up w/ somebody, then ur name is probably tyrone. Rob | 8/3/2006, 11:22 am EST Pearl Jam �Black� how was this missed?? �I know someday you�ll have a beautiful life / I know you�ll be a star / in somebody else�s sky / so, why, why, why can�t it be, can�t it be mine?� Ben | 8/3/2006, 11:35 am EST Ball and Chain-Social Distortion Red Rain-The White Stripes Walk Away-Franz Ferdinand This Love-Maroon 5 If I Fell-The Beatles Hubie | 8/3/2006, 11:40 am EST �Walking on Sunshine� � Katrina and the Waves Jon B. | 8/3/2006, 11:41 am EST I think its really difficult to make such a short list out of a constantly varying style of writing. Theres the pissed off kind, the broken-hearted kind, the gladto-see-you-go kind. They all deserve their own list in their own right. But

anyways, WHERE IS BECK? al d | 8/3/2006, 11:44 am EST �Romeo and Juliet� � Dire Straits -�you promised me everything, you promised me thick and thin�now you just say, �oh romeo, yeah you know, i used to have a scene with him�� Jay | 8/3/2006, 11:46 am EST You Ain�t Worth The Salt In My Tears � Martin Briley The Choobs | 8/3/2006, 11:47 am EST The Waitresses �No Guilt�! (Which, come to think of it, I should have posted as a best 1st song on 1st album too!) Also, since �No Guilt� includes the line, �Did you know I own some valuable records I�ve learned a lot since you�ve been gone� � I�m feeling that an honorable mention is due to Sam Kinison for his �I want my f%!king records back� diatribe at the end of his first album. Now THAT�S a breakup sentiment! Brian Wallace | 8/3/2006, 11:50 am EST There are different kinds of breakup songs. The bitter, nasty ones (Dylan�s �Idiot Wind�, for example) or the sad, wistful ones (Dylan�s �If You See Her Say Hello�, for example.) Some, I�m not even sure about. Is Cohen�s �Hallelujah� a break-up song? I think it is but I�m not sure. How about �To Ramona� by Bob Dylan? I�d add: �The Wild Ones� by Suede �To The End� by Blur �So Like Candy� by Elvis Costello Also, I think Mike Ness�s version of �Don�t Think Twice�� is better than Dylan�s. Brian Phil C | 8/3/2006, 11:50 am EST Ben Folds � Landed Stroke | 8/3/2006, 12:07 pm EST If you�re going to use an Elvis Costello song on the list, it has to be �I Want You�; seven minutes of bitter rambling from an album (Blood and Chocolate) that Elvis himself describes as his �divorce album�. Ryan | 8/3/2006, 12:18 pm EST Great list�awesome including �Never Talking to You Again�. However! I have to agree w/ a lot of the folks�no Rumours? No �The Chain� or �Go Your Own Way�? These are some of the best out there, methinks.

How about �Nobody�s Fault But My Own� � Beck Sooo sad. or �Everything Hits at Once� � Spoon Heartbreaking. �Everything hits at once/what we needs is just what we wants/I go to sleep and think/that yr next to me� djmusicK | 8/3/2006, 12:23 pm EST Pearl Jam�s Black and Come Back, Tool�s Schism, Garbage�s Soldier Through This, and the entire Sea Change album from Beck. Max | 8/3/2006, 12:28 pm EST U2-Walk On�.I�m pretty sure it�s really about a breakup, but it can certainly be interpreted that way. Come to think about it, no one is ever really sure what the hell Bono is talking about. Nick D. | 8/3/2006, 12:36 pm EST Smashing Pumpkins � Bodies (Love is Suicide) tawfiq | 8/3/2006, 12:45 pm EST I am putting a song no one put which would be �Land locked blues� By Bright Eyes Leopold | 8/3/2006, 12:51 pm EST To Ramona, Boots of Spanish Leather, and Girl From the North Counrty � Bob Dylan Come Back � Pearl Jam Brian Wallace | 8/3/2006, 12:54 pm EST You know what�s a great, obscure one? �Roy Orbison Knows� by John Wesley Harding. He even alludes to the mother of all break-up songs, Dylan�s �Don�t Think Twice.�: But I no longer feel like crying, my nervous system�s dying. I love you I know but I�m anaesthetized. I was foolishly hopeful, now I�ve realized. It was time to think twice, You had to go. I hope that you blossom, I hope that you grow. Write me a postcard, make it some little thing. If you get married, I�ll carry the ring. If you get married, introduce me to him� Brian meehan | 8/3/2006, 12:56 pm EST

�the biggest lie�- Elliot Smith �pale blue eyes�- Lou Reed �Street Hassle�- Lou Reed �Idiot Wind�- Bob Dylan Adrian | 8/3/2006, 1:04 pm EST YOU�LL SEE by Madonna A SORTA FAIRYTALE by Tori Amos YOU OUGHTA KNOW by Alanis Morissette I WILL REMEMBER YOU by Sarah McLachlan WHY by Annie Lennox The Playlist | 8/3/2006, 1:06 pm EST �A Day� � Inara George �When U Were Mine� � Crooked Fingers (Prince cover) �Pitseleh� � Elliott Smith �A Little Lost� � Arthur Baker �Take It With Me� � Tom Waits �You You You You You� � The 6ths �Land Locked Blues� � Bright Eyes �The Golden Age� � Beck �Love Ridden� � Fiona Apple �Strings That Tie To You� � Jon Brion �Levitate� � Idaho �You Must Build A Fire� � Crooked Fingers �I Better Be Quiet Now� � Elliott Smith �The Scientist� � Coldplay �That�s the Way� � Led Zeppelin �Play Hurt� � American Analog Set �Fade Together� � Franz Ferdinand �Ringing In My Ear� � Adem �Ruin My Day� � Jon Brion �I Go To The Barn Because I Like The� � Band of Horses �Bird Stealing Bread� � Iron & Wine �Isn�t It A Pity� � George Harrison �Our Time Has Passed� � Pernice Brothers �Wake Up Exhausted� � Tegan & Sara �Got To Get You Off My Mind� � Solomon Burke �Go� � Sparklehorse & the Flaming Lips (covering Daniel Johnston) �Which Will� � Nick Drake �A Summer Long Since Passed� � Virgina Astley �Will You Please Be There for Me� � Reindeer Section �Your Ex-Lover Is Dead� � Stars �I Am Waiting� � The Rolling Stones �The Trial� � The French Kicks �I Found A Reason� � Cat Power �Counting Backwards� � Velvet Teen �All My Little Words� � The Magnetic Fields �As You Turn To Go� � The 6ths �Scared Straight� � Long Winters �It�s Only Time� � The Magnetic Fields hewson_p | 8/3/2006, 1:06 pm EST I can�t believe no one has any Police tunes on here (but kudos for some excellent U2, Erykah Badu choices, among others)

�Can�t Stand Losing You� �Bed�s Too Big Without You� (depending on how you read this song:) �Every Breath You Take� among others� Brian L. | 8/3/2006, 1:07 pm EST �I don�t practice Santeria, I ain�t got no crystal ball. Well I had a million dollars but I�d spend it all. If I could find that heyna, and that Sancho that she�s found. Well I�d pop a cap in Sancho and I�d SLAP her DOOOWWWWWNNNN� Tim S. | 8/3/2006, 1:09 pm EST Radio � Alkaline Trio Motorcycle Drive Bye � 3EB was a great call�as is Blinded R.C. | 8/3/2006, 1:25 pm EST �don�t speak� by no doubt �love takes time� mariah carey �u oughta know� by alanis morissette �let him fly� patty griffin �(F*** YOU)i don�t want u back� by Eamon �we belong together� by mariah carey �un-break ny heart� toni braxton �all cried out� by ??? allure? �from the bottom of my broken heart� britney spears rb | 8/3/2006, 1:26 pm EST A couple good ones that haven�t been mentioned: �It Makes No Difference� � The Band �Like The Way I Do� � Melissa Etheridge However, it�s clear from the responses so far that Bob Dylan deserves his very own top ten break-up songs list, so here�s one shot at it, with a mix of sweet and sour (though naturally more sour than sweet � this is a break-up list, after all). She�s Your Lover Now Sugar Baby Most Likely You�ll Go Your Way (and I�ll Go Mine) It�s All Over Now Baby Blue Sara You�re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go I Don�t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) It Ain�t Me Babe Idiot Wind Don�t Think Twice Nick | 8/3/2006, 1:33 pm EST Ten Years Gone � Led Zeppelin Not the typical angry breakup song and most likely something you wouldn�t listen to immediately after breaking up. But it is heavy on the nostalgia.

�Changes fill my time, baby, that�s alright with me In the midst I think of you, and how it used to be� Geoff | 8/3/2006, 1:35 pm EST How can you leave out �I�ll Feel a Whole Lot Better� by The Byrds. That�s a definitive breakup song. Also, another Beatles song to add is �You Won�t See Me.� Paul had a couple of good breakup songs on Rubber Soul. And also, I know there�s a Stones song on here, but how about the songs from Between the Buttons: �All Sold Out�, �Ruby Tuesday�, �Yesterday�s Papers�, �Who�s Been Sleeping Here.� That album is probably runner-up to Blood on the Tracks in terms of breakup albums. Tari Kapchinske | 8/3/2006, 1:38 pm EST I would definitley have to vote for Duran Duran�s �White Lines�. What an absolutley fantastic song. So true, and man, does it make me want to party. Kapping a Chinske in the Darding on a Taco Tuesday!!!! Migraine Boy | 8/3/2006, 1:39 pm EST There�s a lot of good breakup songs, but somehow the one that I like the most is Beck�s Lost Cause. Paul Walker | 8/3/2006, 1:44 pm EST Who is this Tari Kapchinske girl, I like where her heads at. �White lines� is one of the best songs to forget all your problems�We should meet some time Nick | 8/3/2006, 1:46 pm EST Bye Bye Baby � Janis Joplin I like all the ba-ba-ba-B�s Keith Urban | 8/3/2006, 1:47 pm EST I concur with Mr. Walker. This Tari Kapchinske girl is something else. Sign her up for Sr. Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine. Tari, where do you live? Wentworth Miller | 8/3/2006, 1:47 pm EST White Lines by Durand Durand? Tari Kapchinske you are out of your mind. What kind of drugs are being taken on your, �Taco Tuesdays� Jim | 8/3/2006, 1:48 pm EST Lost Cause by Beck, thats a good one i think Carl | 8/3/2006, 1:51 pm EST Del Shannon: Runaway, Hats Off to Larry Ray Charles: Hit the Road, Jack Crosby, Stills and Nash: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, 49 Bye Byes Dave Mason: We Just Disagree Creedence: Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Looking for a Reason (Actually these are about the band breaking up, but they�re great) Steam: Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye

David Bromberg: I Will Not Be Your Fool Eagles: Already Gone Flying Burrito Brothers: Red Hot Burrito #2 Buffalo Springfield: Expecting to Fly, Go and Say Goodbye Patsy Cline: I Fall to Pieces Peter and Gordon (written by Del Shannon): I Go to Pieces Carole King: It�s Too Late Bonnie Raitt: The Road�s My Home Muddy Waters (covered by Allman Bros.): Trouble No More Arthur Crudup/Elvis/Creedence/others: My Baby Left Me R.C. | 8/3/2006, 1:59 pm EST OH YEAH!! AND ALSO THIS BEAUTIFULLY HAUNTING HEART WRENCHING BALLAD CALLED �LOSING YOU� BY AN INDIE ARTIST BY THE NAME OF AM. MIGHT BE HARD TO FIND BUT DEFINITELY WORTH IT. YOU WON�T BE DISAPPOINTED. E | 8/3/2006, 2:02 pm EST New Order � �Let�s Go� The perfect mean breakup song. Brian | 8/3/2006, 2:03 pm EST I�d have to add U2�s �One,� which is a pretty powerful breakup song. Ironically enough, you�re more likely to hear it played at weddings. Go figure. Nick | 8/3/2006, 2:10 pm EST Tuesday�s Gone � Lynyrd Skynyrd I know everyone is picking good and less obvious ones, but I would have thought this would have been mentioned by now. Don�t get down on it just because it has had some movie apperences. It is still a good song. Brian Wallace | 8/3/2006, 2:11 pm EST Yes, Dylan has written quite a few of these. �Idiot Wind� is like battery acid. But there is the escape clause at the end (�WE�RE idiots, babe.�) Kind of like Gnarls Barkley�s �Crazy.� Same too with �She�s Your Lover, Now�: �Now you stand here expectin� me to remember somethin� you forgot to say?� Has he ever performed that live? Has it ever been released other than on the Bootleg Sessions? Has it ever been released with the fourth verse? And if you interpret it as directed at a lover, �Positively 4th Street� is absolutely corrosive. Does anyone think that some of these songs ring more true for one sex than the other? Do men understand the Dylan break-up songs more truly than say, women understand Phair�s �Divorce Song�? Discuss. Brian Larry H. | 8/3/2006, 2:12 pm EST Apparently not many lesbians are reading this. How can you not list any Melissa Etheridge? Bring Me Some Water, Like The Way I Do, Breakdown� Breakdown was the

total collapse of ME and Julie�s relationship. The woman knows heartbreak!! Doops | 8/3/2006, 2:17 pm EST Good to see Liz getting some love. I�ve never heard a more convincing liar; lyrically infallible, this song encapsulates generations of relationship problems in less time than it takes to eat a belgian waffle. David | 8/3/2006, 2:22 pm EST Personally, for me the only �break-up� song that has carried along the sting is: �The 2 of Us� by Suede sample heartbroken lyric: �Lying in my bed, I think of you That song goes through my head the one we both knew In each line lies another line full of sacred sound But you�re outside where the companies dream and the money goes round Lying in my bed. Watching my mistakes, I listen to the band they said that it could be the 2 of us� -Brett Anderson, 1994 cjones | 8/3/2006, 2:23 pm EST sebadoh�s �soul and fire� the 6ths �falling out of love (with you)� giant sand�s version of �i�m so lonesome i could cry� and so many more but i gotta eat. A-non | 8/3/2006, 2:23 pm EST �Let Me Go� by Marvelous 3 �Don�t Call Me Up� by Mick Jagger �I Wish I Didn�t Miss You Anymore� by Angie Stone �Most of the Time� by Bob Dylan (sad, hurt, and willing to accept reality. the worst kind of pain) �Sleep to Dream� by Fiona Apple �Heard It All Before� by Sunshie Anderson �Ex-Factor� by Lauryn Hill (If Clef did all that, he IS an a**hole) And as much as most guys hate to admit we�ve felt this way� F**k It by Eamon. David | 8/3/2006, 2:24 pm EST However in historical and culturally significant terms, it�s pretty hard to argue against �Love Will Tear Us Apart� by Joy Division. Zach | 8/3/2006, 2:28 pm EST

I�m think Radiohead�s �Thinking About You� is a pretty good one Zach | 8/3/2006, 2:32 pm EST Smells Like Teen Spirit has Vail. Kurt himself has said some of the original lyrics thinking about the break-up been argued to be about Kurt�s break-up with Tobi there is no real meaning to it but if you look into in his journals than it is aparent that he was when he wrote it.

austin | 8/3/2006, 2:35 pm EST beatles � hey jude moby � porcelain rolling stones � you can�t always get what you want john lennon � mind games jack johnson � wrong turn Kels | 8/3/2006, 2:36 pm EST pretty much any dylan song would help after break up. i think it�s his whiny voice. don�t get me wrong, I love it. Some tracks I play after break ups that aren�t on the list yet. Different tracks for different types of break ups: �I�ll Keep it with Mine�-Bob Dylan (for comfort) �Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic)�-Radiohead �The Thrill is Gone� B.B King �A Few Small Bruises�-Maria Mena (a little breathy, but�s a post-breakup song) �Build a Bridge�- The Redwalls �Cryin��- Aerosmith �Are you Happy now?�-Michelle Branch �I Feel Fine�-Riddlin Kids �Wild Horses�-Rolling Stones Carl | 8/3/2006, 2:37 pm EST Two more: Tracks of My Tears, and Society�s Child. dharma | 8/3/2006, 2:39 pm EST george harrison � all things must pass ashley | 8/3/2006, 2:41 pm EST cursive- making friends and acquaintances actually anything from domestica johnnygunit | 8/3/2006, 2:46 pm EST Dylan-�Don�t Think Twice, It�s Alright� Ween-�Baby, Bitch�

james b | 8/3/2006, 2:46 pm EST the streets �dry your eyes� Cam W | 8/3/2006, 2:58 pm EST Just for the record (pun fully intended) George Harrison�s �All Things Must Pass� is a song about death, not breakup. Andrew | 8/3/2006, 3:06 pm EST �Song for the Dumped� � Ben Folds Five �Don�t forget to give me back my black t-shirt!!� Roger Toonoot | 8/3/2006, 3:08 pm EST The Waitresses�No Guilt Definitely definitely definitely worth checking out. A classic. Carl | 8/3/2006, 3:08 pm EST Two of my favorite bombastic breakup songs: Righteous Brothers, You�ve Lost that Loving Feeling, and Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart. Cam, I believe All Things Must Pass uses death as a metaphor for a breakup, or maybe for consolation, but it�s about a breakup: �It seems my love is up and left you without warning.� We�re going to die anyway, so let�s move on. chadillac | 8/3/2006, 3:09 pm EST Does Willie Nelson�s �Ain�t Funny How Time Slips Away� qualify? Carl | 8/3/2006, 3:11 pm EST Chadillac, I think Funny How Time Slips Away absolutely qualifies. Bye Bye Love is on the RS list and it�s the same deal � obsessing about a lost love. �There goes my baby with someone new.� Lex Maestro | 8/3/2006, 3:12 pm EST Everyone seemed to get all the good ones, here are a few others that pop into mind Come Pick Me Up � Ryan Adams Still In Love Song � The Stills My Girlfriend�s Boyfriend � The Sun A Lack Of Color � Death Cab Maybe It�s Just Me � Butch Walker KingLeer | 8/3/2006, 3:12 pm EST You guys were right about the best breakup song belonging to Dylan, and �DTTIAR� is one of his great songs. But the �real� best breakup song is �Idiot Wind� from Blood on the Tracks, which happens to be the finest breakup album of all time as well.

BriGoldy | 8/3/2006, 3:18 pm EST Rich Hardesty � I Never Wanna F*ckin� See You Again RL | 8/3/2006, 3:20 pm EST The Beatles � I�m Looking Thru You RM | 8/3/2006, 3:20 pm EST Colin Hay � I Just Don�t Think I�ll Ever Get Over You Bob Dylan � You�re a Big Girl Now (Biograph Version) Jackson Browne � Fountain of Sorrow The Beatles � For No One Pearl Jam � Black Neil Young � Pardon My Heart Wilco � Reservations I�ve been listening to way too many of these lately. layla | 8/3/2006, 3:21 pm EST * TRENDY *ROCKS!! shayla | 8/3/2006, 3:23 pm EST LUKAS ROSSI� GREATEST DAY!!! I WOULD CALL IT SWWWEEET~!! Carl | 8/3/2006, 3:24 pm EST White Stripes, There�s No Home for You Here. Matt | 8/3/2006, 3:30 pm EST Liz Phair �Divorce Song Paul Simon � Train in the Distance And� how can everybody forget� Poison � Every Rose Has its Torn????? JAD | 8/3/2006, 3:36 pm EST bright eyes � lua say yes � elliot smith jeff buckley � lover, you should�ve come over wilco � at my window Carl | 8/3/2006, 3:37 pm EST Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, which is sort of a followup to Willie Dixon�s 29 Ways. A related song � John Hiatt�s The Way We Make a Broken Heart. SpideyMizzou | 8/3/2006, 3:42 pm EST Ben Folds Five � Evaporated Andy | 8/3/2006, 3:45 pm EST

For No One � The Beatles Try Your Eyes � The Streets Andy | 8/3/2006, 3:45 pm EST My bad, that should say �Dry� Your Eyes Pat | 8/3/2006, 3:47 pm EST 4th of July by Aimee Mann simply emotionally devastating skerr | 8/3/2006, 3:47 pm EST �Free Bird� seems to help me convince myself that I�m actually better off alone. �The KKK Took My Baby Away� is supposedly about how one Ramone took another�s (ex-)girlfriend. A sort-of break up song for punk rockers who still can�t take anything seriously � like me. SpideyMizzou | 8/3/2006, 3:48 pm EST I�d like to make a comment on all of these lists that RollingStone has been putting up lately. I find it INCREDIBLY interesting/comforting/reassur ing that a vast majority of the music mentioned here is from the past and not from the present. At least we all have good enough taste to realize that the really good Rock is from a time so long ago�thank god we still have that music to tide us over until the next great popular music revolution arrives. Long live Classic Rock! zem | 8/3/2006, 3:50 pm EST the fact that i�ve only seen Pearl Jam�s �black� mentioned three times is a travesty. Jimi | 8/3/2006, 3:51 pm EST Pearl Jam~Black Michelle Branch~Goodbye to you Jesse | 8/3/2006, 3:51 pm EST Tom Waits � Martha Marah � Walt Whitman Bridge Dylan � Tangled Up in Blue Ryan Adams � New York, New York Springsteen � Bobbie Jean Jared | 8/3/2006, 3:54 pm EST I would add: �You Oughta Know�- Alanis Morissette �The Golden Age�- Beck �Song for the Dumped�- Ben Folds Five �Parting Gift�- Fiona Apple �Black�- Pearl Jam �Anodyne�- Uncle Tupelo

chuck | 8/3/2006, 4:03 pm EST Elliott Smith � Somebody that I used to know Bob Dylan � Sara Flaming Lips � Fight test The Eagles � After the thrill is gone The Minus 5 � I�m not bitter Bruce Springsteen � One step up The Beatles � You�ve got to hide your love away Nathan | 8/3/2006, 4:03 pm EST What about �Heard it Through the Grapevine� by Marvin Gaye? Has everyone forgotten that song?? p.s. I love that somebody chose �4th of July� by Aimee Mann. To this day it�s the reason I hate that holiday� jhubb | 8/3/2006, 4:09 pm EST David Gray has break-up songs for grown-ups: �Say Hello, Wave Goodbye� and �The Other Side� (�Do I really have to mention, it was never my intention to hurt you your kid�). But Fiona Apple�s �Sleep to Dream� is still the greatest. Oh and �The T-shirt Song� by Ben Folds Five mn | 8/3/2006, 4:15 pm EST Surely, this list will never be complete. But I humbly submit: Prince: �When You Were Mine� The Artist presents an interesting take on post-relationships. �I love you more than I did when you were mine.� Priceless. RM | 8/3/2006, 4:19 pm EST Blur � No Distance Left To Run Chris | 8/3/2006, 4:21 pm EST Let me humbly submit: Dylan � Lonesome Day Blues Pearl Jam- Black Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone The Clash- Train in Vain- Yes, the Gods of Punk wrote a break-up song, and a great one. Ann Coulter Is Irrelevant | 8/3/2006, 4:25 pm EST Yo SpideyMizzou, I know music can be nostalgic, but don�t be so jaded. Radiohead. That�s all. Ben | 8/3/2006, 4:28 pm EST

Ryan Adams � �English Girls Approx� Ryan Adams � �Dear Chicago� Journey � �Lovin�, Touchin�, Squeezin�� Led Zeppelin � �Hey, Hey What can I do?� Radiohead � �Morning Bell� ERik | 8/3/2006, 4:29 pm EST You Didn�t Try To Call Me-The Mothers Of Invention Drank Like A River-Whiskeytown Chelsea Hotel #2-Leonard Cohen I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)-Jeff Buckley Waltz #2 (XO)-Elliott Smith Matthew | 8/3/2006, 4:30 pm EST �Guess I�m Doing Fine� by Beck ERik | 8/3/2006, 4:35 pm EST damn, I forgot Something About What Happens When We Talk-Lucinda Williams & Most Likely, You�ll Go Your Way And I�ll Go Mine-Dylan jack handy | 8/3/2006, 4:36 pm EST �See You Later� by Heatmiser Cento | 8/3/2006, 4:37 pm EST Metallica � �Let�s Try Therapy Instead� crankhead | 8/3/2006, 4:52 pm EST Beck �Lost Cause��tired of fightin�. KB | 8/3/2006, 5:03 pm EST Here�s some off the top of my head� Get Gone � Fiona Apple Can�t Feel The Pain � Brent Bourgeois Friends In Low Places-Garth Brooks Used To Know Her-Veruca Salt Your Ghost � Kristin Hersh Wish You Were Dead- Scheer If I Died Tonight You�d Have To Think Of Me- Danielle Brisebois Monkey Wrench � Foo Fighters Fight Song � Jucifer

Ain�t It A Shame � The B-52�s Disturbed � Ilya Losing You- Sophie Zelmani Kiss Off � Violent Femmes Your Dictionary � XTC Blues Before And After � The smithereens Writing Notes � Jen Trynin Gustavo | 8/3/2006, 5:19 pm EST I bet nobody here has heard this one Incubus � 11AM AB | 8/3/2006, 5:20 pm EST how about SONG FOR THE DUMPED�Ben Folds The Dude | 8/3/2006, 5:22 pm EST Down by the River � Neil Young and Crazy Horse�some what disturbing but i think it qualifies A.J. | 8/3/2006, 5:22 pm EST some more suggestions Derek and the Dominoes-Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad? The Allman Brothers-Stormy Monday (more for the mood) Run For Your Life-The Beatles Hey, Hey, What Can I Say?- Led Zeppelin Song For the Dumped- Bens Fold Dead Flowers- The Rolling Stones Black Caddilacs- Modest Mouse Isn�t it a Pity-George Harrison Ain�t No Sunshine When She�s Gone-Bill Withers 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover- Paul Simon Lost Cause-Beck I still think the best is Motorcycle Drive By- by Third Eye Blind, people forget this but thier first cd was pretty solid for mid 90�s top 40 It's a King Thing | 8/3/2006, 5:35 pm EST Lucinda Williams � Metal Firecracker Drakon_X | 8/3/2006, 5:40 pm EST Dude, my SoulSeek�s gonna be pretty busy for the next couple monhs or so going after all this stuff. Carl | 8/3/2006, 5:40 pm EST AJ, the Layla album has several great breakup/broken-up songs: I Looked Away, Bell Bottom Blues, It�s Too Late (She�s Gone), and Thorn Tree in the Garden. The Brothers had a few good ones: Whipping Post, You Don�t Love Me, Don�t Keep Me Wondering, Stand Back, Blackhearted Woman come to mind.

Bryan M | 8/3/2006, 5:55 pm EST Lots of great songs here. If I had to pick just one, I would say the live version of �Backstreets� off the bootlegs of the Bruce Springsteen Darkness On the Edge of Town tour. Live at Winterland 12/15/78 is particularly haunting. Darren | 8/3/2006, 5:59 pm EST I don�t think anyone�s mentioned these: �Heartbreak Hotel� Elvis Presley!!!!! �I Don�t Want to Spoil the Party� �The Beatles �Act Naturally� �Semisonic �Jettison� �Eric Hutchinson �Somebody That I Used to Know� �Elliot Smith �For No One� �The Beatles �Hit the Road Jack� �Ray Charles �If this is it� �Huey Lewis and the News �Let her Cry� �Hootie and the Blowfish �I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams� �Weezer �Pink Triangle� �Weezer �Long December� �Counting Crows �I Guess That�s Why They Call it the Blues� �Elton John �Up the Junction� �Squeeze �I�ll be Watching You� �The Police �Always Something There to Remind Me� �Naked Eyes �Too Many People� Paul Mccartney Ropes | 8/3/2006, 6:07 pm EST G Love � Steppin Stone Lauryn Hill � Ex-factor Fiona Apple � Limp bob | 8/3/2006, 6:10 pm EST dylans got a ton, but how bout �standing in the doorway� off time out of mind. thats got to be one of the saddest songs i�ve ever heard. CT | 8/3/2006, 6:15 pm EST I completely agree with those who say that pearl jam�s �black� is an awesome breakup song. you just feel the pain in eddie�s voice when he sings it. �All the love gone bad turned my world to black, Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I�ll be�� Michael Small | 8/3/2006, 6:24 pm EST When Lizzy sent an email around the RS office asking for suggested break-up songs, I told her that I was kinda embarrassed to be the one to mention the Indigo Girls. But �Fare Thee Well� is definitely the best breakup song OF ALL TIME. So she goes and ignores me and doesn�t even put it on the list. Sheesh! If you haven�t heard it, listen � and you�ll rise to support me. (After you wipe that sad stray tear from your eye, that is.)

Greg | 8/3/2006, 6:26 pm EST Everyone is forgetting Both Hands and You Had Time by Ani Difranco. And it�s absolutely outrageous that Kelly Clarkston made the list. No one will care about that song in twenty years. Tom L. | 8/3/2006, 6:27 pm EST Mariah Carey � Someday Ludusmaximus | 8/3/2006, 6:31 pm EST I scanned through this list and I can�t believe Lucinda Williams was only mentioned twice. So I�ll say Out of Touch from Essence. There are many others from Lucinda as well�that is just my favorite. Also, I don�t know what you guys think but I�ve always thought of Wilco�s Box Full of Letters as a good break-up song. Drayy | 8/3/2006, 6:50 pm EST Definately Dyaln�s Blood on the tracks album is a good breakup album�. Ween�s baby bitch and Piss up a Rope� check �m out you�ll love it soupedfox | 8/3/2006, 6:52 pm EST Don�t kill me if I repeat some that are already on here, but from a quick glance of the board these are the songs I think deserve to be mentioned: U2 � With or Without You (probubly on here by now, but didnt see it) U2 � Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Coldplay � The Scientist (probubly missed it) Coldplay � The Hardest Part Coldplay � One I Love Bob Dylan � I Don�t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) Bob Dylan � Girl from the North Country (hopefully already on here) Brendan Benson � Cold Hands (Warm Heart) The Beach Boys � Caroline No Death Cab � Transatlanticism Death Cab � Summer Skin AFI � This Time Imperfect (hidden song from Sing the Sorrow) The Raconteurs � Call it a Day The Rolling Stones � Dear Doctor The Rolling Stones � This Place is Empty

The White Stripes � Theres No Home for You Here The White Stripes � I Just Don�t Know What to Do With Myself The White Stripes � Forever for Her (Is Over for Me) There you are. rpaq | 8/3/2006, 7:04 pm EST this whole �list of the day� thing is a good idea. If you don�t consider the fact that doing list suck, and nobody care about those list, this is a good idea Strung Out | 8/3/2006, 7:06 pm EST Black Clint M. | 8/3/2006, 7:06 pm EST Old 97�s-Wish the Worst Carrie | 8/3/2006, 7:08 pm EST I can�t believe only like 2 people mentioned Green Day�s Good Riddance. Everyone know�s the song, come on, �It�s something unpredictable but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life.� It�s pretty tame compared to the others, but it�s still one of the best breakup songs. mindmelder | 8/3/2006, 7:10 pm EST Nothing Compares to You by Prince Bye Bye Bye NSYNC Sara Bob Dylan I Used To Love Her Guns and Roses Somebody | 8/3/2006, 7:17 pm EST �Untouchable Face� by Ani DiFranco Dwayne W. | 8/3/2006, 7:17 pm EST I�m particularly vitriolic towards that person insinusting that modern songs/music aren�t good! Newho, here�s my two centsLauryn Hill �Ex-Factor� Bob Dylan �Standing in the Doorway� Kelly Clarkson �Since You Been Gone� Justin Timberlake �Cry Me A River� Alanis Morisette �You Oughta Know� Janet Jackson feat Carly Simon �Son of a Gun� Aaliyah �The One I Gave My Heart To� Pink �long Way to Happy� Ne-Yo �So Sick� (yes, if I had any credibility, i�ve lost it all w/da inclusion of this song! But it�s undeniable how well-crafted&passionate this song is) and Keyshia Cole �Love�.

By no means am i saying that the above songs are the BEST of the best, i�m just saying that these are good too! Matty T | 8/3/2006, 7:20 pm EST Chili Peppers � No Chump Love Sucker Gepetto | 8/3/2006, 7:22 pm EST Jeopardy � Greg Kihn Band Darren | 8/3/2006, 7:35 pm EST Yeah, �Cry Me a River� is a great one, too. Also �To Love Somebody� by the Bee Gees. Dave | 8/3/2006, 7:39 pm EST First off, I�m stunned U2�s One only got one mention. Shameful. Other great U2 breakup songs� -With or Without You (mentioned a few times) -I Still Haven�t Found What I�m Looking For. (Not just a big themed song) -Kite (a song about saying goodbye when you don�t want to) -When I Look At The World (�so I try to be like you/Try to feel it like you do/Hold it up but it�s no use/I can�t see what you see/When I look at the world) -So Cruel (mention alot thankfully) -Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (ditto) -Crumbs From Your Table -Beautiful Day (�you thought you�d found a friend/To take you out of this place/Some one you could lend a hand/In return for grace/It�s a beautiful day�� One hell of a bounce back tune) Other mentions�REM�s Country Feedback and Binky the Doormat� -Radiohead�s Fake Plastic Trees (I think, anyways) - From the Beatles�.Let It Be. Brendan | 8/3/2006, 7:43 pm EST Ryan Adams � Meadowlake Street Ben Folds Five � Don�t Change Your Plans Matt Nathanson � Loud Fiona Apple � Parting Gift Audioslave � What You Are Thom Yorke � The Eraser Derek & the Dominoes � Bell Bottom Blues Dave Matthews Band � Grade is Gone Brendan | 8/3/2006, 7:43 pm EST er, graCe is gone

Brendan | 8/3/2006, 7:50 pm EST One more� and I�ll probably be killed with sticks for this, but� Avril Lavigne, �My Happy Ending� Oh come on, it�s a great song. Fortune | 8/3/2006, 7:55 pm EST Zep � You`re time is gonna come soupedfox | 8/3/2006, 7:57 pm EST ooops for got some The Who � The Song is Over The Who � I Can See for Miles The Chain � Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks � Beauty and the Beast Todd | 8/3/2006, 8:19 pm EST �Whatever Makes You Happy� by Paul Westerberg �Crying� by Roy Orbison �Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart� by Johnny Cash Acoran | 8/3/2006, 8:44 pm EST Any song in this materpiece called �Sea Change�. Lost Cause, Lonesome Tears. cb | 8/3/2006, 8:52 pm EST These Eyes � Guess Who Hurt � Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Ain�t No Use in Cryin� Rolling Stones Metal Firecracker � Lucinda Williams Streets of Baltimore � Gram Parsons Go Your Own Way � Fleetwood Mac Turn and Walk Away � The Baby�s Sabrina | 8/3/2006, 8:54 pm EST �with or without you� u2 and i don�t care if i get stoned to death�

�every rose has its thorn� poison �i won�t forget you� poison ishmael | 8/3/2006, 9:00 pm EST Here are some no one has mentioned yet: �Cry Baby� � Janis Joplin �the last day of our acquaintance� � Sinead O�Connor �La Ciegna Just Smiled� � Ryan Adams �You Got Lucky� � Tom Petty and possibly �Where Did You Sleep Last Night� � Nirvana (It may just be a cheatin� song, but if I read it correctly, as a pre-breakup confrontation, it would certainly lend ammo to the whole �Courtney killed Kurt� conspiracy). And in answer to rpaq�s post which read: �this whole �list of the day� thing is a good idea. If you don�t consider the fact that doing list suck (sic), and nobody care about those list (sic), this is a good idea� Here�s why this �list thing� is a good idea: Just from reading everyone�s posts today, I have found a good batch of songs that I�ve never heard, but would like to, some by bands I already knew (and liked), but songs I didn�t. So shake them haters off, and keep up the good work. Now I�ve gotta go, �cause I�ve got some listening to do. Sam | 8/3/2006, 9:01 pm EST �Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground�-The White Stripes �Funeral Song�-Sleater-Kinney �The Eraser�-Thom Yorke �Already Dead�-Beck �High and Dry�-Radiohead �One�-U2 Nick | 8/3/2006, 9:03 pm EST Empty Chairs � Don McLean Nick | 8/3/2006, 9:07 pm EST Smoke Gets in Your Eyes � Platters Runaway � Del Shannon Ain�t That a Shame � Fats Domino Since I Don�t Have You � The Skyliners It Doesn�t Matter Anymore � Buddy Holly & The Crickets Ross | 8/3/2006, 9:11 pm EST BNL � Break Your Heart Didn�t know if anyone had mentioned it yet. If not, shame on you.

Matt | 8/3/2006, 9:13 pm EST your all crazy the best break up song is No Doubt�s �Don�t Speak� hands down no others near it david darianto | 8/3/2006, 9:15 pm EST glad to see you go- ramones here today, gone tomorrow- ramones i don�t want yoy- ramones i don�t care -ramones bye bye bay � ramones Matt | 8/3/2006, 9:31 pm EST Used To Love Her-GNR November Rain-GNR Walking Away-Craig David Don�t look Back in Anger-Oasis Tiny Dancer-Elton John Lou D | 8/3/2006, 9:33 pm EST Neil Young- Birds Harry Nilsson- You�re Breaking My Heart Genesis- More Fool Me Nick | 8/3/2006, 9:34 pm EST Promises � Eric Clapton Aaron | 8/3/2006, 9:53 pm EST Alright, Cavalier Eternal � Against Me! Miss Misery � Elliot Smith I�m Wrong About Everything � John Wesley Harding Anything off Blood on the Tracks and definitely Most of the Time CT | 8/3/2006, 9:59 pm EST Audioslave�s �what you are� is also a good one. �and when you asked for light I, set..myself..on fire, and if i go far away I know, you�ll find another slave.� pretty badass Rich | 8/3/2006, 10:06 pm EST Rusted Root-Send Me On My Way. austin | 8/3/2006, 10:11 pm EST third eye blind � motorcycle drive by Cole M. | 8/3/2006, 10:13 pm EST

�Limp� by Fiona Apple is far and away the best break-up song ever! Anonymous | 8/3/2006, 10:26 pm EST Colin Hay � �I Just Don�t Think I�ll Get Over You� Jonny M | 8/3/2006, 11:04 pm EST Amos Lee � Seen It All Before Bud Man | 8/3/2006, 11:17 pm EST How about �Train in Vain� by the Clash? Bud Man | 8/3/2006, 11:23 pm EST or maybe �Stutter� by Elastica� JSuzart | 8/3/2006, 11:23 pm EST In hard times, I used to hear The Smiths� �Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me�. With this song, the break-ups are glorious!!! And hey before I didn�t want to believe that Beck�s Sea Change were a perfect break up album, and now I can�t choose a single track. Other songs: -�I�m so Tired�, The Beatles -�Go Your Own Way�, Fleetwood mac -�Ex Factor�, Lauryn Hill -�One�, U2 (strange break-up song) -�Love Will tear Us Apart�, Joy Division -�Nothing Compares 2 U�, Sinead O�Connor It seems my break ups are like many others� E | 8/3/2006, 11:27 pm EST �Black� is not a break up song. That�s a different kind of loss. But �Parting Ways� is simple, yet probably the BEST Pearl Jam song for this subject. Z | 8/3/2006, 11:27 pm EST Ben Folds Five � Song For The Dumped Blues Traveler � Alone The Cure � Pictures of You Death Cab For Cutie � Title and Registration R.E.M. � Nightswimming U2 � All I Want Is You Violent Femmes � Please Do Not Go Foo Fighters � I�m On Your Back Alex Mendoza | 8/3/2006, 11:38 pm EST �Crown of Love� by the Arcade Fire is an awesome break-up song. Deals with that whole situation of searching for a form of redemption, if not a plea, to what was originally there, even if they never felt it in the first place.

bob | 8/3/2006, 11:47 pm EST dylan, standing in the doorway��dont know if i saw you/ if i would kiss you or kill you/ probably wouldnt matter to you anyhow� =great lyric. i also like crawling back to you, by tom petty. lounge act, nirvana (not sure i�d call it a break up song, mostly a jealousy song, but kind of counts). bell bottom blues, clapton. Strung Out | 8/3/2006, 11:57 pm EST Should have put down earlier: If Sam is right about Radiohead�s �High and Dry� being a breakup song, then it�s on my list (though it�s a bit more than just a breakup). It�s A Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes � Black Heart Procession Good Woman � Cat Power. Amazed this isn�t there already, even if she�s not a huge artist. Hey Jealousy � Gin Blossoms (Can�t believe this is only on here once so far) Parting Ways � Pearl Jam (Beautiful, third person sketch) Landslide � Smashing Pumpkin�s Version (my preference at least) Interstate Love Song � Stone Temple Pilots. How has this not been mentioned? One of the defining songs of the 90s and very clearly a breakup song. Finally, �Black� by Pearl Jam�just to reemphasize it. Big E | 8/4/2006, 12:02 am EST black- pearl jam grown so ugly- black keys austin | 8/4/2006, 12:05 am EST beatles � norwegian wood (THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN) jeepthing321 | 8/4/2006, 12:07 am EST pearl jam- black the black keys- grown so ugly jimi hendrix- red house Todd | 8/4/2006, 12:17 am EST Regardless of the true meaning of the song, Pearl Jam�s �Black� is a great breakup song: �I know someday you�ll have a beautiful life; I know you�ll be a star in somebody

else�s sky, but why, why, why, can�t it be mine? David | 8/4/2006, 12:36 am EST Since a lot of people are stretching the meaning of a breakup song: �shine on you crazy diamond� would have to go on the list Marcus Rees | 8/4/2006, 12:59 am EST ALl the obvious Dylan is there but what about Dirge from Planet Waves? �I hate myself for lovin� you and the weakness that it showed� Bitterness and self loathing at its best! Also the 13th Floor Elevators � You�re Gonna Miss Me. mike b | 8/4/2006, 1:08 am EST radihead �morning bell� beck �lost cause� (�sea change�, on the whole, is just a great break up album) the cure �end of the world� Ashley | 8/4/2006, 1:16 am EST B L O N D I E � S HEART OF GLASS IS THE BEST BREAK UP SONG EVER. �ONCE HAD LOVE AND IT WAS A GAS, SOON TURNED OUT TO BE A PAIN IN THE ASS� �LOST INSIDE THIS ADORABLE ILLUSION, AND I CAN NOT HIDE, I�M THE ONE YOU�RE USING, PLEASE DON�T PUSH ME ASIDE, WE COULD HAVE MADE IT CRUISING�YEAH� BoB | 8/4/2006, 1:21 am EST ElMo RoX My WoRlD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BoB | 8/4/2006, 1:22 am EST I AM THE ONE AND ONLY BoB Matthew John Bailey | 8/4/2006, 1:53 am EST Last stanza from Dylan�s �Just Like a Woman�: �Ain�t it clear�that I just don�t fit / I beleive it�s time for us to quit / And when we meet again / Introduced as �friends� / please don�t let on that you knew me when / I was hungry�and it was your world�� Painful. His sneering disapproval of the condesending nature of being called �friend,� (and which of us hasn�t had that word flung in our face like a sh*t covered brick?), and the final admission that it was HER world that he was denied�sublime. Writing on any subject is simply never this pure. Robin K. | 8/4/2006, 1:54 am EST i got two, and they are from totally different ends of the spectrum. �I hate everything about you� by three days grace from the heavier alternative side of things. Then �promises, Promises� by naked eyes from the new wave side of things.

OzXchange | 8/4/2006, 2:16 am EST Here�s a few I used to listen to during break-ups: �Say Goodbye� � Theory of a Deadman �Me & My Girl� � Theory of a Deadman �Nothing Could Come between Us� � Theory of a Deadman Ok, well heck, anything on both of Theory�s albums. �Are You still having Fun� Eagle-Eye Cherry �Don�t Stay� � Linkin Park �Everything� � M2M �The Bitter End� � Placebo �No Regrets� � Saliva �Broken� � Seether feat. Amy Lee �Diseased� � Seether I�m sure I have a million more in my cd collection. But I�m too lazy to actually look through them all. Cheers. cjones | 8/4/2006, 2:20 am EST now, where�s the list for greatest break up movies? bob pridden | 8/4/2006, 2:23 am EST definitely alanis for �you oughta know� props to roger tootnoot for the waitresses �no guilt� nic | 8/4/2006, 2:39 am EST �Sluttering (May 4th)� Jawbreaker T-Train | 8/4/2006, 2:47 am EST 4th Time Around � Bob Dylan I�ll Be Back � The Beatles nurserock1 | 8/4/2006, 3:00 am EST The Warmth of the Sun-Brian Wilson Badge-Clapton with Harrison�s guitar� So Sad About Us-The WHO I�m Down-The Beatles 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover-Paul Simon Nothingman-Pearl Jam(she took the other side) Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam So Lonely-The Police Carrie | 8/4/2006, 3:14 am EST Bud Man | 8/3/2006, 11:17 pm EST

How about �Train in Vain� by the Clash? I agree. Bill | 8/4/2006, 3:25 am EST �River� � Joni Mitchell �Case of You� � Joni Mitchell (Constant in the darkness? Where�s that at? If you want me, I�ll be in the bar.) �Found Out About You� � Gin Blossoms (�The love I thought I�d won you give for free�) �One� � U2 (�I can�t be holding on to what you got, when all you got is hurt�) �Eden is Burning� � John Mellencamp (Jack and Diane didn�t make it) �Embers of Eden� � Bruce Cockburn (�And the great unwinding wall between us, copies, exactly, the lines of your face�) And just for fun, a great song: �Don�t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) � Motley Crue Bilo | 8/4/2006, 4:16 am EST There she goes � by The La�s �and I just can�t contain this feeling that remains� NB- Not the sixpence none the richer version! Also Stone Roses B Side � All accross the sands Is there a better opening line to a breakup song than: �Bones of an impressive romance- scattered all accross the sands� Alex | 8/4/2006, 4:28 am EST Don�t go away � Oasis pedro alves | 8/4/2006, 4:35 am EST The Cardigans � Communication best breakup song�just give it a listen�GReat Song from a Great Album � Long gone before daylight. pedro alves | 8/4/2006, 4:37 am EST The Cardigans � Communication I didn�t really know what to call you, you didn�t know me at all But I was happy to explain. I never really knew how to move you So I tried to intrude through the little holes in your veins

And I saw you But that�s not an invitation That�s all I get If this is communication I disconnect I�ve seen you, I know you But I don�t know How to connect, so I disconnect S-P | 8/4/2006, 5:04 am EST Some classics: Prince, �When Doves Cry� Blondie, �Just Go Away� Marvin Gaye, �You Can Leave, But It�s Gonna Cost You� and �When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You� (in fact, take a look at the entire Here, My Dear album) Stevie Wonder, �Tuesday Heartbreak� John Lennon, �I�m Losing You� and the sappiest of all: Nazareth, �Love Hurts� (come ON people!!) anand | 8/4/2006, 5:42 am EST bob dylan � if you see her, say hello u2 � so cruel u2 � whos gonna ride your wild horses HOW HARD IS IT??? Beadle | 8/4/2006, 6:07 am EST Can�t stand me now by The Libertines. It�s not your typical breakup song as it�s about a friendship but a breakup�s a breakup and this song captures the emotion of the situation perfectly and it�s such a great tune. dude | 8/4/2006, 6:08 am EST Don�t know if they already got picked. But anyway. Go Your Own Way � Fleetwood Mac. Nothing Compares 2U � Sinead O�Connor The two best break up songs ever. Mark | 8/4/2006, 6:23 am EST Days by The Kinks

Donna Jayne | 8/4/2006, 7:01 am EST �Parting Gift� by Fiona Apple. Truly gorgeous and bittersweet.Shes captured the exact feeling of a break up. PL | 8/4/2006, 7:52 am EST �Somebody That I Used to Know�-Eliot Smith �Lost Cause�-Beck �Is Your Love in Vain?�-Bob Dylan �Idiot Wind� (And most of Blood on the Tracks, for that matter)-Bob Dylan �And So It Goes�-Billy Joel �Square One�-Tom Petty Jim Shoe | 8/4/2006, 8:16 am EST Once again, in no particular order: Pearl Jam � Parting Ways Ben Folds Five � Song for the Dumped No Motiv � Broken and Burned Expo 86 � Death Cab for Cutie Blood on the Ground � Incubus Swallowed � Bush Happiness is all the Rage � Promise Ring Burn � Sense Field Hallelujah � Jeff Buckley (orignally by Leonard Cohen) Comeback � Foo Fighters Between the Bars � Elliot Smith Notes: following albums are clearly �breakup� albums: One by One � Foo Fighters Transatlanticism � DCFC Diagram for Healing � No Motiv Hank Snow | 8/4/2006, 8:25 am EST Ben Harper � Please Bleed Matthew | 8/4/2006, 8:49 am EST Bob Dylan � It�s All Over Now Baby Blue & It Ain�t Me Babe Blur � To The End & No Distance Left To Run Joy Division � Love Will Tear Us Apart The Smiths � I Know It�s Over Jeff Buckley � Last Goodbye These are all great break up songs Brett E B | 8/4/2006, 9:03 am EST Afghan Wigs � My Curse theThe � Kingdom of Rain sirpsycho | 8/4/2006, 9:09 am EST of the ones listed, dylans is miles ahead

jeffro | 8/4/2006, 9:11 am EST theres alot of songs posted which i dont believe are about break ups at all. theres even more songs by bands i�m not familiar with.But heres my three favorites which no one else seems to have mentioned: damn it by blink 182 someday by nickelback what it takes by aerosmith those, in my opinion are the best. all three are definately about breakups yolo | 8/4/2006, 9:28 am EST The albums �Bows + Arrows� by the Walkmen and �Ten Silver Drops� by the Secret Machines are awesome break-up albums, so you could choose any song. �Automatic Stop� by the Strokes is my personal favorite Marc L. | 8/4/2006, 9:30 am EST The Cure � Pictures of You Cornelius T. Pepperpot. | 8/4/2006, 9:31 am EST The One I Love: R.E.M. Well for bad break-ups anyway, I�ve never really felt the need to rain fire down on someone� Annie | 8/4/2006, 9:44 am EST I think that Bob Dylan has the market cornered on this one. Don�t Think Twice� is a great choice and A Simple Twist of Fate and Idiot Wind are the best regret/breakup songs. frank henderson | 8/4/2006, 9:50 am EST late career bob dylan often gets overlooked and often rightfully so, however �Most of the Time� absolutely must be mentioned here. Dan | 8/4/2006, 9:57 am EST �For No One� an underappreciated masterpiece by The Beatles kristiano | 8/4/2006, 10:00 am EST Bob Dylan- Tangled Up In Blue LIPS | 8/4/2006, 10:03 am EST NOVEMBER RAIN -GNR Raim | 8/4/2006, 10:07 am EST

I�ve Got Dreams To Remember-Ottis Redding. Jimi | 8/4/2006, 10:14 am EST Jim Shoe � Foo Fighters �One by One� is not a break up album!!!Their 3rd album �Nothing Left To Lose� was qa break up album! BobbyJ | 8/4/2006, 10:17 am EST �Kiss and Say Goodbye� The Manhattens �Its gonna hurt me I can�t lie�� Bimbo | 8/4/2006, 10:21 am EST No Regets � tom Ruch (Check it out on Circle Game � you won�t regret it) Gordon Lightfoot � That�s What You Get for Loving Me (Song of the Don Juan A** Hole) Ariane | 8/4/2006, 10:28 am EST Nice additions: Cocoon � Jack Johnson Break Your Heart � Barenaked Ladies Saty or Leave � Dave Matthews Say Hello, Wave Goodbye � David Gray Phil | 8/4/2006, 10:28 am EST Eat My Dust You Insensitive F*** � Catherine Wheel Not really a break-up song but has got me through some tough ones! Mix Tape � Brand New Love is Blindness � U2 (Song written about Edge�s divorce from his wife) Sluttering � Jawbreaker Vapour Trail � Ride Atomic Punk | 8/4/2006, 10:42 am EST I would say Zep II had some good ones Ramble on,Bring it on Home and Heartbreaker. Megadeath�In My Hour Of need� Anthrax �Finally� Q.O.T.S.A.�Broken Box�. Take that broken pussy else where. Save baby I don�t care�����.AHHH masterpice EA | 8/4/2006, 10:51 am EST Ben Folds Five, �Song for the Dumped�. How about Matthew Sweet, �I thought I knew you�.

Lauren Rose | 8/4/2006, 10:53 am EST free- alana davis doughnut song- tori amos Chrisis | 8/4/2006, 11:20 am EST Marvin Gaye � When did I stop loving you, when did you stop loving me (Or in fact the whole album �Here, My Dear�, one of the most bitter and best break-up albums of all time, how can you guys forget this one???) matt | 8/4/2006, 11:30 am EST Anything off Beck�s Sea Change Dwayne W. | 8/4/2006, 11:34 am EST Wow! I can�t believe how many ppl have posted their lists since I posted mine last nite! After rummaging thru ma cd collection, after reaching home last nite, i came up w/sum other songs. Sizzla �Just One Of Those Days� (I live in Jamaica, anyone knows this song by chance?) Fiona Apple �Parting Apple� Beck �Guess I�m Doing Fine� (and practically every other song on the morose �Sea Change�!) N Sync �Gone� Kelis �Caught Out There� (she captures the angst & emotions of a breakup PERFECTLY in 7 little words- I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!!) Whitney Houston �It�s Not Right, But It�s Ok� Beyonce �Me, Myself and I� Madonna �The Power of Goodbye� (How did ayobody NOT think of that?!) Joss Stone �You Had Me� TLC �Switch� and last, but certainly not least, Madonna �Take A Bow� which was staring in our dumb faces all along!! BTW, would anyone consider Loretta Lynn �Mrs Leroy Brown�, fr the �Van Lear Rose� opus, a breakup song? amy | 8/4/2006, 11:36 am EST cry, by the sundays falling out of love, aqualung Dwayne W. | 8/4/2006, 11:37 am EST I meant Fiona Apple �Parting Gift�! lol amy | 8/4/2006, 11:43 am EST linger, by the cranberries last goodbye, jeff buckley for no one, beatles pictures of you, the cure could�ve lied, red hot chili peppers

BReal | 8/4/2006, 12:01 pm EST 1. Idiot Wind � Bob Dylan 2. Abandon Love � Bob Dylan 3. She�s Your Lover Now � Bob Dylan Jim W. | 8/4/2006, 12:01 pm EST No �USED TO LOVE HER?!?!� GNR? WTF people? Evan | 8/4/2006, 12:02 pm EST Weezer- The World Has Turned and Left Me Her Nirvana- About A Girl BReal | 8/4/2006, 12:02 pm EST Say Hello Wave Goodbye � David Grey Crawling Back to You � Tom Petty Come Pick Me Up � Ryan Adams Carl | 8/4/2006, 12:11 pm EST Stones, It�s All Over Now Beatles, No Reply Boz Scaggs, It�s Over Beau Brummels, Laugh Laugh Leslie Gore, It�s My Party (and I�ll Cry If I Want To) Hall and Oates, She�s Gone David | 8/4/2006, 12:18 pm EST �I Keep Mine Hidden� � The Smiths, 1987 This is the very last Smiths song and final word from Morrissey on his failing relationship with guitarist/writing partner/alledged man-crush, Johnny Marr: �Ooh, I keep mine hidden The lies are so easy for you Because you let yours slide Into public view� Mitch Ess | 8/4/2006, 12:20 pm EST Dylan- If you see her, say hello Just Like a Woman Tangled up in Blue John Lennon- Bless You Gene McDaniels-Tower of Strength Cam W | 8/4/2006, 12:22 pm EST

Hey Carl, Buddy. Good to see you. Admonishment accepted for my faux pas of yesterday. I duly stand corrected. See, it is possible to exchange respectful and insightful feedback while all around us are going quite mad. John I. | 8/4/2006, 12:30 pm EST The Who � Legal Matter John R. | 8/4/2006, 12:38 pm EST Dylan � Idiot Wind (The slower, sadder version on the �Bootleg Series�) Richard and Linda Thompson � Shoot Out the Lights (Really anything on this album) Elvis Costello � I Want You The Police � Every Breath You Take U2 � With or Without You ..and I know it�s not a great song, but Don Henley � Not Enough Love in the World Zed | 8/4/2006, 12:39 pm EST Mr. Krinkle � Primus The Crab Song � Faith No More Elvis is dead � Living Colour Anything by Fishbone Mr. Recordman | 8/4/2006, 1:01 pm EST The Heart Of The Matter � Don Henley Every Rose Has Its Thorn � Poison I�ll Get Even � Megadeth D Cheddie | 8/4/2006, 1:09 pm EST Jackson Browne � Sky Blue & Black & Take this rain Counting Crows � Raining in Baltimore Robert A | 8/4/2006, 1:16 pm EST I know Dylan has been mentioned several times here, but �Positively 4th Street� stands out for me. �Tangled up in blue� great too, although a different mood. Elvis Costello � �Alison�. Surprised not to see THE �scumbag� song of all time � �You�re No Good� by Linda Ronstadt. Robert A. Ashley Blair | 8/4/2006, 1:23 pm EST Blondie Heart of Glass

Blondie Just go away Blondie sunday girl Blondie rocks Carl | 8/4/2006, 1:30 pm EST Cam, no admonishment intended. Different ways of interpreting a song. I had to go back and look at the lyrics to make sure I was interpreting it right. John R., good catch with Shoot out the Lights. How could I not think of Richard Thompson for this list? How about Mr. Rebound? Or a whole bunch of songs from You? Me? Us? Razor Dance, Dark Hand Over My Heart, Business on You, Am I Wasting My Love on You, The Ghost of You Walks. A whole heartbreak collection in one package. Ben | 8/4/2006, 1:42 pm EST Ben Harper � Walk Away, Another Lonely Day, Please Bleed Eels � It�s a Motherf****r Ray LaMontagne � Jolene Damien Rice � Cheers Darlin� Bebumbo | 8/4/2006, 1:45 pm EST The Shins- �New Slang� The Shins- �Gone for Good� (aka A Call to Apathy) The Jesus and Mary Chain- �The Hardest Walk� Beck- �Everybodys Got to Learn Sometime� Elliott Smith- �Miss Misery� Joy Division- �Love Will Tear Us Apart� Wilco- �I Am Trying To Break Your Heart� Bob Dylan- �Don�t Think Twice, It�s Alright� The Stooges- �Search and Destroy� (Ok, not a break up song, but it�s still pretty awesome) Justin | 8/4/2006, 1:47 pm EST �SEND IN THE CLOWNS� -SINATRA �GOOD RIDDANCE� GREEN DAY THESE ARE MUST HAVES! Brian S. | 8/4/2006, 1:53 pm EST King of the breakup songs Ryan Adams is not getting nearly enough love on here. How Do you Keep Love Alive A Hard Way to Fall Call Me on Your Way Back Home Why Do They Leave Harder Now That It�s Over Just to name a few

switters | 8/4/2006, 2:11 pm EST �Opehlia�, �Unfaithful Servant� The Band �Dead Flowers� Stones Brokedown Palce� The Dead *Kimberlee* | 8/4/2006, 2:13 pm EST Jimi Hendrix � The Wind Cries Mary The Doors � The End Ani Difranco � Gravel The Smiths � I Know It�s Over Ben Harper � Another Lonely Day Erykah Badu � Green Eyes The Misfits � Die, Die, Die My Darling Led Zeppelin � Tangerine The Cure � Elise *Kimberlee* | 8/4/2006, 2:14 pm EST Oh, and Bob Marley � One Cup of Coffee Pasty Journalist | 8/4/2006, 2:17 pm EST Some more additions (man, this list is getting long) �Train in Vain� � The Clash You Outta Know� � Alanis Morrissette (not a fan of the song, but I have to put it on for its impact on popular music) �Lost Cause� � Beck �You�re So Vain� � Carly Simon �Something I Can Never Have� � NIN �Black� � Pearl Jam �Chloe Dancer (Crown of Thorns)� � Mother Love Bone �Gone For Good� � Morphine and probably something from the queen of modern-day breakups: Mary J. Blige *Kimberlee* | 8/4/2006, 2:20 pm EST �And Dispatch � Out Loud switters | 8/4/2006, 2:21 pm EST Didn�t see John Prine in here. how about �Blue Umbrella� Carl | 8/4/2006, 2:23 pm EST How �bout the king of heartbreak, Hank Williams: Move It On Over (also George Thorogood) You�re Gonna Change or I�m Gonna Leave Why Don�t You Love Me Why Should We Try Anymore Cold Cold Heart Dear John I Can�t Help It if I�m Still In Love with You Your Cheatin� Heart

and my all-time favorite weeper sung by a male artist, My Son Calls Another Man Daddy Pasty Journalist | 8/4/2006, 2:23 pm EST Four more � �It Don�t Hurt� � Sheryl Crow �My Favorite Mistake� � Sheryl Crow �Ex-Factor� � Lauryn Hill �Space and Time� � The Verve (�we have existence and that�s all we share� � ouch) Ok, that�s it �promise. Keith | 8/4/2006, 2:29 pm EST Heartbreak Hotel � Elvis Presley Paul S | 8/4/2006, 2:41 pm EST Marvin Gaye � Just to keep you satisified ��But if you ever need me, I�ll be by your side Though the many happy times we had Can never really outweigh the bad� J | 8/4/2006, 3:18 pm EST The Band � �It Makes No Difference� These old love letters Well, I just can�t keep �Cause like the gambler says Read �em and weep Well, I love you so much It�s all I can do Just to keep myself from telling you That I never felt so alone before jaimelyn | 8/4/2006, 4:15 pm EST Black- Pearl Jam all time best breakup song, it give me goosebumps every single time. I know someday you�ll have a beautiful life, I know you�ll be a sun in somebody else�s sky, but why Why, why can�t it be, why can�t it be mine bob | 8/4/2006, 4:16 pm EST i dont know how you can call �fake plastic trees� a break up song. and i dont know how you can call dylan�s �she�s your lover now� one of the greatest songs, when he never even finished it (though it has potential. love the line �now we as me to pass the ash tray- cant you reach?� completely captures bitterness at its finest). others not yet mentioned i think are jealous guy by john lennon.

love in vain, the rollingstones (bonus points for the ode hunter s thompson gives it in fear and loathing). bob | 8/4/2006, 4:19 pm EST hmmm, that should read �you ask me�, not �we as me�. matt | 8/4/2006, 4:31 pm EST Water Wings � Superchunk �She said with you, there is no use, so why do you try?� Zander | 8/4/2006, 4:53 pm EST Can�t believe I read the whole frickin list. Maybe that meand I should get a life ? Nah. Props to the following folks who entertained me with some terrific choices: Carl for Hank Williams catalog, Justin for Send In The Clowns, Robert A for You�re No Good, Nurserock 1 for 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Nick for Since I Don�t Have You, Darren for Hit the Road Jack, Adrian for Why? (Annie Lennox), B.B.B. for She�s Got You. Two that I didn�t see that deserve inclusion: Jerry Butler (He Will Break Your Heart) and Bonnie Raitt (I Can�t Make You Love Me). Keep �em coming. beatlebum1 | 8/4/2006, 5:16 pm EST How about: I will Survive- Gloria Gaynor Don�t Speak- No Doubt Ex- Girlfriend- No Doubt I Don�t Care Anymore- Phil Collins Goodnight Goodnight- Hot Hot Heat K | 8/4/2006, 5:26 pm EST I wasn�t too sure about putting Fake Plastic Trees down either but I think I chose it mostly because of these lyrics� �She looks like the real thing She tastes like the real thing My Fake Plastic Love. But I can�t help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling If I just turn and run And It Wears Me Out, it wears me out It wears me out, it wears me out. And if I could be who you wanted If I could be who you wanted, All the time, all the time� Carl | 8/4/2006, 5:31 pm EST How did I not think of Love in Vain? My favorite verse of It Makes No Difference is: Since you�ve gone/It�s a losing battle/Stampeding cattle/They rattle the wall. A few I don�t think have been mentioned: Ray Charles, I Can�t Stop Loving You Joe Jackson, Is She Really Going Out with Him, which was clearly inspired by Van

Morrison, Here Comes the Night. Everly Brothers, Brand New Heartache. Also, while we at it, the original of Love Hurts was done by the Everlys, and Gram Parsons, backed by Emmylou Harris, did a classic remake. Joelemite | 8/4/2006, 6:06 pm EST Last two songs off of The Streets A Grand Don�t Come For Free, Dry Your Eyes and Empty Cans. Great concept album with these two closing songs about Mike losing his girl and then moving on (and finding his money) Phil Ken Sebben | 8/4/2006, 6:11 pm EST For some reason, no one�s mentioned much Bright Eyes. I saw Lua, but that�s more about cocaine addiction. The best Bright Eyes breakup song (in my ever-so-humble opinion): �Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh� �Take It Easy (Love Nothing)� is also quite good. Oh, and �Disintigration� by Jimmy Eat World. Sam | 8/4/2006, 7:19 pm EST Somehow i forgot� �Babe I�m Gonna Leave You�-Led Zeppelin �Hate�-Cat Power �Nobody�s Fault But My Own�-Beck (too many beck songs) �Blood On Our Hands�-Death From Above 1979 �Weapon�-Matthew Good �Runnin� Out Of Fools�-Neko Case �The Bleeding Heart Show�-The New Pornographers The Playlist | 8/5/2006, 2:15 am EST It�s interesting that so many people list u2�s �one,� meanwhile it�s a song about losing someone to aids. I�m just passing, casual fan and i know this. It�s also interesting to note that when many people here think �break-up� songs they equate it with angry and bitter songs. I usually think of something from Sea Change for example, before i think of something meanspirited. Maybe you people have had some bad luck. CM | 8/5/2006, 4:15 am EST �Ambition�- Doves CM | 8/5/2006, 4:34 am EST and �The District Sleeps Alone Tonight� � The Postal Service Brandon | 8/5/2006, 8:35 am EST Tony Rich Project � �Nobody Knows It But Me� Daniel | 8/5/2006, 10:04 am EST

The Cure-Pictures of You Blur-No Distance Left To Run U2-Kite (OK,its really about Michael Hutchence,but to me it can be read as a seperation/break-up song) Oasis-Where Did It All Go Wrong? The Cure-Love Song Primal Scream-I�m Gonna Cry Myself Blind Virtually every other song written by Ryan Adams Joakim | 8/5/2006, 3:24 pm EST Tuesday Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd! Sanna | 8/5/2006, 3:39 pm EST The Clash � Train in vain arcturus | 8/5/2006, 4:35 pm EST Jackson Browne: Love Needs A Heart �Maybe the hardest thing I�ve ever done was to walk away from you. Leaving behind the life that we�d begun, I split myself in two.� Craig | 8/5/2006, 5:00 pm EST the fact that butch walkers best thing you never had is not on here voids the entire thing. Siddharth. | 8/6/2006, 4:03 am EST That�s the Way � Led Zeppelin: Possibly the saddest kind of break-up there is. When you shift from the idyllic innocent love of childhood to the pain of being a grown-up in, and out of, love. Angie � The Rolling Stones: �� there ain�t no woman that comes close to you/ come on baby, dry your eyes�� Damn Mick & Keef. Black � Pearl Jam: Incredible to see where they�ve taken this live, where McCready just turns it into a haunting, incendiary 7-minute avalanche of emotion. Siddharth. | 8/6/2006, 4:05 am EST Drive � The Cars: Who�s gonna� drive you home, tonight? Who, indeed. Carrie M | 8/6/2006, 4:08 am EST Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)-Green Day Train in Vain-The Clash Black-Pearl Jam Tripp | 8/6/2006, 9:47 am EST Didn�t see Gold Mine Gutted � Bright Eyes, �We were a stroke of luck, we were a gold mine and they gutted us�

Jake Burns | 8/6/2006, 12:40 pm EST Kaiser Chiefs- Everyday I love you less and less Jake Burns | 8/6/2006, 7:25 pm EST I don�t like you by Stiff Little Fingers tim | 8/6/2006, 7:33 pm EST for my money if your picking a dylan song on this list it has to be �Girl From the North Country� off of Nashville Skyline. Anonymous | 8/6/2006, 8:12 pm EST yeah about costello�you should have listed �No Action�. as number one. Joey | 8/7/2006, 7:27 am EST Jackson Browne � �Late for the Sky� (Looking hard into your eyes, there was nobody I�d ever known) Elliott Smith � �Waltz #1? (I wish I�d never seen your face) Stina Nordenstam � �So This Is Goodbye� (It didn�t hurt you a lot now did it?) Jeff Buckley � �Forget Her� (Don�t fool yourself: she was heartache from the moment that you met her) Joey | 8/7/2006, 7:33 am EST Forgot to mention Eric Clapton � �Old Love� Tom Waits � �Ruby�s Arms� Sheryl Crow � �Crash and Burn� Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach � �God Give Me Strength� Chuck | 8/7/2006, 1:29 pm EST I�m not a huge Vertical Horizon fan, but �Best I Ever Had� came out as I went through a breakup and it brought me to tears. Good song. Sherry | 8/7/2006, 2:01 pm EST Dave Mason � We Just Disagree always makes me cry. Carl | 8/7/2006, 2:05 pm EST Meat Loaf � Two Out of Three Ain�t Bad. Also, the last part of Paradise by the Dashboard Light � the funniest dumpoff line: I swore that I would love you to the end of time/So now I�m praying for the end of time. kurt | 8/7/2006, 4:37 pm EST Ben Folds� �Give Me My Money Back (You Bitch)�

KB | 8/7/2006, 5:32 pm EST Holy crap�how did I forget this one? �Can We Still Be Friends� � Todd Rundgren Sam | 8/9/2006, 12:40 am EST Black- Pearl Jam Tuesdays Gone- Skynryd or Metallica With or Without you- U2 Ill be alright without you- Journey November Rain- Guns n Roses Anonymous | 8/9/2006, 3:53 am EST wait, �since u been gone� made the list? mother of god. CM | 8/9/2006, 10:03 pm EST �Pink Bullets�- The Shins ty | 8/10/2006, 12:40 am EST Toni Braxton � Breathe Again (how hasn�t this been listed already?) Lauryn Hill � Ex Factor (my favorite) geeky | 8/10/2006, 12:25 pm EST pin a rose on me � chuck prophet �you saw a light, isaw a freight train comin� geeky | 8/10/2006, 12:26 pm EST pin a rose on me � chuck prophet �you saw a light, i saw a freight train comin� � tchou | 8/11/2006, 10:57 am EST Placebo � Without you i�m nothing The Streets � Dry your Eyes Kings of Convenience � Leaning against the wall, The Girl From Back then, Losing a battle� Elbow � lucky with disease tchou | 8/11/2006, 10:58 am EST oh I forgot �Je suis venu te dire que je m�en vais� by French legend Serge Gainsbourg Nka | 8/16/2006, 12:47 pm EST Guns N� Roses � Back off bitch AC/DC � Ballbreaker Metallica � No Remorse RATM � Bullet in your head *Ellen* | 8/19/2006, 1:20 am EST

yeah�Here are a few good ones�make me cry� ben harper-walk away finch-letters to you dixie chicks-you were mine dixie chicks-a cold day in july the spill canvas-all hail the heartbreaker rascal flats-what hurts the most Garth Brooks-the dance �yeah they arent exactly rock�but i find them to be breakup song perfection�much love�and good luck with the breakup fernandogiunti | 8/25/2006, 8:55 am EST Oh Jim, The Kids, Sad Song, all from Lou Reed�s Berlim. KevinG | 9/8/2006, 3:34 pm EST Here�s another richard thompson offering: �Keep your distance�. (�Well I played and I got stung, now I�m biting back my tounge, and sweeping out the footprints where I strayed�) Sarah | 9/11/2006, 12:53 pm EST Ok, so here are a few of my favorites: 1. Eamon-I don�t want you back 2. Monica-So gone 3. Pearl Jam-Better Man 4. Theory of a DeadMan-Hello Lonely 5. Hinder- Better then Me 6. Tonic- You wanted more 7. Black Crowes-Seeing things 8. Uncle Sam-I don�t ever want to see you agian 9. Aerosmith-Cryin 10. Dixie Chicks-Fly 11. U2-With or without you 12. Bush-Glycerine 13. Garth Brooks-Learing to live again 14. Rascall Flatts- Moving on I got more but i wsanna make this list short Rodney | 9/11/2006, 8:28 pm EST Where is every single Supremes #1? For that matter, it looks like only 1 black artist on the list. Rachel | 9/13/2006, 6:12 pm EST Dionne Warwick�s Walk on by Stefano | 9/16/2006, 7:43 am EST Fabrizio De Andr� � La canzone dell�amor perduto. The Who � So sad about us. The Who � I can see for miles. Lucio Battisti � Prendila cos�. Lucio Battisti � Nessun dolore. Gilbert O�Sullivan � Alone again (naturally)

ishouldbedoingwork | 9/21/2006, 6:19 pm EST three days grace-gone forever my chemical romance- i�m not okay (i promise) linkin park- from the inside Nobody | 9/26/2006, 8:01 am EST Agree with choices: Girl from a north country (Bob Dylan) One (U 2) Babe I�m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) November rain (Guns N�Roses) Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits) want to add: Without you (Mariah Carey) In trance (Scorpions) Soldier of fortune (Deep Purple) Wish You Were Here (Blackmore�s Night) Nothing compares 2 U (Sinnead O�Connor) Like A Hurricane (Neil Young �.I want to love you but get so blown away�.) Nobody�s Fool (Cinderella) Yesterday (Beatles) AND ABOVE ALL, THE GREATEST LOVE LOSING, BREAKUP BALLAD EVER SUNG ON THIS EARTH: Can�t Stand The Night (Accept): �Fallin� tears, a broken heart Here I sit as time goes by �cause all I had has gone forever Can�t stand the night Oceans filled with tears And mountains made of pain And my eyes are sad each time The night, it comes back again� The vocal on that one is heartbreaking, mindtaking and nerveshaking � the man really feels the pain and send it to your ears�. Julius | 10/22/2006, 1:50 pm EST Madonna has some good breakup song but the best of them was never released as single: �Till death do us part� is honest and straight. I guess that�s what happens when your marriage is already broken. It hurts saying Madonna sing: �I think I interrupt your life/ when you laugh it cuts me just like a knife/ I�m not your frinde, I�m just your little wife� Nobody has chosen a well known song from ABBA. Maybe you think the group sucks but the lyrics from �The winner takes it all� show how their relationship were a disaster. Give it a chance! TxCheerCowgirl | 1/13/2007, 3:41 am EST

It�s Too Late � Carol King dan | 2/14/2007, 4:12 pm EST red rubber ball � cyrkle Space Pen | 2/14/2007, 6:37 pm EST ever heard of �with or without you� by that underground irish quartet�u2?! Siber | 3/10/2007, 6:47 am EST Oh nice! Very pretty page! Souljah | 3/17/2007, 7:44 am EST Okay here are some songs i thought of, not all of them are specific breaking up songs�but some are like �i�m gettin over it� Music :) Thats 4 u 2 decide ������� ����� Where�d you go?- fort minor Goodbye my lover- James blunt I�m not missing you- Stacie Orrico Tada- Lil Mo I Miss you- Aaliyah 4 Minutes- Avant Separate- Avant Feat. Beyonce Cry me a River- Justin Timberlake What goes around comes aroundJustin Timberlake This is the sound of breakin upPaul Mac I�m Good- Blaque Girl its over- Jagged Edge So Sick- NEYO How you Gonna Act like that?- Tyrese Stutter- Joe All I Have- JLO Thank You- Jamelia :)

God�I think that list just made me a closet RNB Fan Lol Rob | 3/17/2007, 12:39 pm EST The Ex � Billy Talent?? Carey | 11/5/2007, 1:18 am EST The Good Life � Heartbroke Mel | 12/8/2007, 10:11 pm EST Daughtry � over you Pink- just like a pill wannabe | 1/11/2008, 6:16 pm EST I am into pop songs so here�s my pick: I Will Love Again � Lara Fabian I Never Really Loved You Anyway- The Corrs wannabe | 1/11/2008, 6:24 pm EST and oh, Cher�s �If I Could Turn Back Time� Sing with me everybody: If I could reach the stars I�d give them all to you Then you�d LOVE me, LOVE ME,LOOOVE ME Like you used to do! SammyBlaze311 | 3/26/2008, 7:45 pm EST Fall to Pieces � Velvet Revolver Goodbye to you � The Used The Kill � 30 Seconds to Mars Take a Bow � The Muse No It Isn�t � (+44) Away From Me � Puddle of Mudd Preluse 12/21 � AFI Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants � Zebrahead Only � NIN Mad World � Gary Jules Moth � Audioslave ROCK break-up songs. B-MAN | 7/1/2008, 4:09 am EST This Love by Pantera 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians Don�t Want to miss a thing by Aerosmith

What it Takes by Aerosmith Crazy by Aerosmith Love Street by The Doors I can�t see your face in my mind by The Doors Been Down so long by The Doors Unhappy Girl by The Doors The Crystal Ship by The Doors Im so tired by The Beatles While my Guitar Gentley Weeps by The Beatles Still Loving you by The Scorpians Roxanne by The Police Burnin for you by Blue Oyster Cult Is this Love by Whitesnake I remember you by Skid Row I want you to Want me by Cheap Trick Tangerine by Led Zeppelin Love Bites by Def Leppard D�yer Mak�er by Led Zeppelin Can�t you see by Marshell Tucker Band Somebody to love by Queen Cry,Cry,Cry by Johnny Cash Cryin� by Aerosmith Dust in the Wind by Kansas When it�s love by Van Halen Bringin� on the Heartbreak by Def Leppard You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi Love Hurts by Nazereth Miss you by The Rolling Stones Yesterday by The Beatles

MCR_Freak_4Life | 8/17/2008, 5:57 pm EST Avenged Sevenfold � Almost Easy Avenged Sevenfold � Dear God My Chemical Romance � I Dont Love You My Chemical Romance � Homey This Mirror Aint Big Enough For The Two Of Us Bon Jovi � Always Saliva � Always Paramore � We Are Broken Seether � Broken Seether Ft. Amy Lee � I�m Broken Evanescene � Call Me When Your Sober Bullet For my Valentine � All These Things I Hate Bullet For My Valentine � Hearts Burst Into Fire Go Audio � She Left Me The Used � Goodbye To You Modern ROCK songs!!!! Broken | 8/31/2008, 7:03 am EST Guns n Roses � Estranged NIN � Piggy Derek and the Dominos � Bellbottom Blues Pearl Jam � black Led Zeppelin � Ten Years Gone Cars � Drive Lynyrd Skynard � Tuesdays gone El pescado | 9/15/2008, 3:44 am EST In fase one of your new love dissappointment, here are my top 12 sugestions: 12 � Unhappy birthday . the smiths 11 � Hit the road jack . ray charles 10 � hound dog . elvis presley 9- mr. pitiful . ottis redding 8- here comes the flood . peter gabriel 7- 19 th nervous breakdown . rolling stones 6- liar . the sex pistols 5- won�t get fooled again . the who 4- if i only had a brain . wizard of oz OST 3- what�s this shit called love? . pagans 2- you stupid jerk . angry samoans 1- i wanna destroy you . soft boys 1 � baby you�re so repulsive . crime

Scott | 11/16/2008, 1:21 pm EST Jawbreaker�s �Dear You.� The whole album. Forget �Blood On The Tracks� � for sheer, bitter vindictiveness, NOTHING is better than �Fireman� or �Sluttering.� Or the rest of it. Rolanda F. | 12/10/2008, 7:35 pm EST Led Zeppelin: �All Of My Love� Paolo Nutini: �Rewind� Sia: �Little Black Sandals� �Don�t Bring Me Down� The Girl You Lost To Cocaine� The Cure: �Boys Don�t Cry� �Pictures of You� �A Letter To Elise� Olivia Broadfield: �Lost In You� Rufus Wainwright: �Slideshow� fd do hz ld | 12/13/2008, 3:31 am EST drat bftc cadf pemn owme grew John | 1/20/2009, 5:21 am EST sad songs surprised some of these werent mentioned GnR-november rain poison- every rose has its thorn faith hill-like we never loved at all rascal flatts-my wish 98 degrees-the hardest thing miranda cosgrove-about you now nelly feat tom mcgraw-over and over again u2-one-with or without you boy 2 men-water runs dry evanescence- my immortal no doubt- dont speak phil collins-against all odds kid rock-picture sugar ray-when its over HERES MY MYSPACE LIST-this is the im better without you songs

keith urban-youll think of me~why isnt this one on here Hootie & the Blowfish-let her cry Pink- So What Audioslave-what you are Three Days Grace-I hate everything about you- Gone Forever Justin Timberlake-Cry me a River Blue October-Hate Me Eamon-Fck it(i dont want you back) Green Day-good riddance Apocalyptica-i dont care theres more i just cant think =) vxvgypsyvxv | 3/6/2009, 11:18 pm EST how come nobody has mentioned Melissa Ethridges�s �Stronger Than Me�? �I don�t know how you can take, invest your heart and then you break it. I don�t know how you can set me free, you must be stronger than me� the whole song just guts you. Wild World | 3/8/2009, 1:02 pm EST �Wild World� by Cat Stevens�a great break up song. L.A. Fay | 6/23/2009, 2:29 pm EST �Tainted Love� Soft Cell �Two Divided By Love� The Grass Roots �Tears On My Pillow� The Imperials �Breaking Up Is Hard to Do� Neil Sedaka �I Want You Back� The Jackson 5 �Cara Mia� Jay and the Americans �Crying� Roy Orbinson �Fire and Rain� John Denver �Perhaps Love� John Denver �Dreaming With a Broken Heart� John Mayer �Whatever It Takes� Life House �Two Faces Have I� Lou Christie �Dream� The Everly Brothers �No One�s Boy� Marcy Playground �Last Beautiful Girl� Matchbox Twenty �Love Is A Battlefield� Pat Benatar �Cecilia� and �I am a Rock� Simon & Garfunkel �Ain�t Too Proud to Beg� The Temptations �Gimme One Reason� Tracy Chapman �Hopelessly Devoted to You� Grease Soundtrack �Memory� Cats Soundtrack �I Will Always Love You� Whitney Houston CT | 7/26/2009, 4:31 pm EST EVERYBODY HURTS � R.E.M. Janesays | 7/27/2009, 2:17 am EST

Spiritualized � Broken Heart Amy Winehouse � Love is a Losing Game American Music Club � Goodbye Lenny Kravitz � Thinking of You Portishead � Glory Box Mazzy Star � Flowers in December Tracy Chapman � Baby Can I Hold You Tonight Jewel � You Were Meant for Me Andrew L. | 7/30/2009, 4:21 pm EST Puddle of Mud- She fucking hates me Offspring- Self Esteem bambam | 8/25/2009, 1:51 am EST ugh you people know nothing about rnb breakups -do you� neyo -4 minutes� avant -p.s.(i still not over you)� Rhianna -rehab.. Rhianna -broken hearted girl�beyonce -energy� Keri hilson -no air� jordin sparks -tattoo�jordin sparks -where i wanna be� Donnell Jones -wait for you� Elliott yamin -say goodbye� Chris brown -its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday� boy 2 men -lost without you� robin thicke -better in time� Leona Lewis -whatcha say� Jason derulo -we belong together� mariah Carey -don�t forget about us� mariah Carey -you are not alone� Michael Jackson -part of the list� Ne yo -My last Chance� Genuwine -we ride� Rhianna -Someday� Nickleback bambam | 8/25/2009, 2:31 am EST &&& i got more -through the pain� diddy -how could you� mario -break up� mario -scared of lonely� beyonce -how do i breathe� mario -heartless.. kanye -missing you� trey songz -t shirt� shantell -cant stop the rain� jennier hudson -right now� akon -if you leave� musiqsoulchild -be without you� mary j blidge -dilemma� nelly -missing you� aaliyah

bambam | 8/25/2009, 2:42 am EST had to go again -outta my system� bow wow -ice box� oarion -baby dont go� fabulous -apologize� one republic -burn� usher ugghh i have soo many -u got it bad� usher -moving mountains� usher -hate this part� pussy cat dolls -hating on the club� rhianna -pulling me back� chiny imma put more latterr im tired goodnight bean girl | 9/29/2009, 8:45 pm EST um hello� FREEBIRD �lynyrd skynyrd