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KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I, Mr.

S/o Mr.
resident of
aged about years,
(hereinafter called the Executant) am hereby and held firmly bound to M/s Kumar Share Brokers having its
registered office at G-55,3rd floor Royal Palace, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110092 (hereinafter
referred to as the Company) which expression shall unless repugnant to the context and meaing thereof
include its successor and assigns, in the sum equivalent to Rs 100000.00-(Rs. One Lac Only) to be paid to
the Company or their successors and assigns for which payment is to be truly and faithfully made bind
myself and also my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives.

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WHEREAS the above Company has agreed to take me into service as

on the terms and conditions
contained in the letter of appointment dated
and upon my entering into a bond in favour of the
Company for an amount and on the terms and conditions herein under contained.
WHEREAS the above company has agreed to appoint me on probation period for the period of 6 months
which may be extended upto 12 months on absolute discretion of the management. After the end of
probation period confirmation of job will be intimated by the management. Management shall have full
right to terminate me from the service by giving a notice of one week during probation period and a notice
of one month after the confirmation of the job.
WHEREAS I am fully conscious and understand that the nature of my job in the Company requires sound
professional competence. To develop and enhance the desired level of competence and sharpening of the
skills the Company has to deploy organizational resources both monetary and others. Hence I feel morally,
contractually and otherwise obliged to serve the Company for a reasonable period with a sense of undying
commitment. Accordingly I undertake to serve the Company for a period of at least 2 Yrs & 6 months
which includes a probation period of six months wherever applicable from the date of execution of this
bond. This bond is applicable from day one of my joining services with the Company.
I undertake that during the entire period of my service with Kumar Share Brokers Ltd. I shall not indulge
myself in any kind of malpractice and I shall not create or cause to create any circumstances by any means
or modes which will be detrimental to the interests of the company and if it happens the company shall have
full right to terminate my service.

However, in case I wish to leave the service of the Company before the expiry of the period mentioned
above then I bind myself to the following obligation on my part:

I shall serve a notice in writing to this effect to the company at least 3 months in advance and
I shall pay a sum of Rs. 100000/- to the Company as compensation.

I further undertake that during my tenure at the Company or thereafter I shall not misuse the trade secrets
acquired during my stay or other significant / vital information relating to the company to its detriment.
The above written bond is unconditional and its legal consequences and liabilities have been fully
understood by me, and the same has been signed and executed by me out of my own free will and without
any undue influence, coercion, mistake, fraud or misrepresentation and after forming a rational judgment as
to its effect upon my interest.
Whereas at any stage of time the employer company so intends to invoke the present bond of indemnity for
any reason, the employer company shall serve and / or cause to be served to me a notice at my address
mentioned in the Employment Agreement duly served on me giving at least one weeks time to explain my
stand in the matter and in case I do not respond to such a notice the company shall be at liberty to proceed
further in the matter.

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In witness whereof I the above named Executant, have scribed my hands to this bond at Delhi on the day,
month and the year mentioned hereinabove in presence of the witnesses, who have also signed and scribed
their respective hands in presence of each other and in present of the executant.

Signed and executed by me at New Delhi on

Witnesses 1:

Witnesses 2:

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