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‘THE PERFECT FILMIC APPOSTTENESS. (OF MARIA MONTEZ, “In Pos I can do vo wrong, they love me ther.” 0 few yer ote: Ele ne desr pas le nom acre.” ‘Atleast in America a Maria Montex could belive she was the Cobra woman, the Siren of Alani, Scheherazade, etc. She bleed and there by made the people who went to her movies bali, Those who could balleve, did Those who sw the Worlds Worst Aciss jst couldnt and they mised the magic. Too bad - ther oss. Tele mage comes frm the rot inevitable erection ofthe conventional pattem of acting, What they can appreciate is what mast people agree upon = GOOD PERF. Tecefore you cn have GOOD PERFS & no real Belief. GOOD PERFS that jive you no magi - oh I guess 2 sort of magi, 9 magic of sustained ficient operation (tke the wonder that the car mato eld out so ell sera long tip) But Tel you Maria Montes Moly Movie Queer Shoulder pad, gold plat- form wedgie Sier, Determined, dreambound, Spanish, Ish, Nero, Indian git who went to Hollywood from the Dominican Rep. Wretch acres - pathetic as acts, wy ist upon her beng an actress ~ why lint er? Dont slander her Beautiful womainess that tak joy in her cn Beauty and al beauty ~ or whatever inher that tured plaster corn- ball sets to beauty He eye saw not just Beauty but incredible, detous, drug hallucinatory beauty, The vast machinery of a movie company worked ovetine to make her vision into sets. They achieved only inept approximations Bt one of hee atocous acting sighs suffused a thousand tons of dead plaster with imaginative life and uth 26 | nn Woman and yet imapinatr/ bebever / cid / simple pathetically belev- Ing with no defenses ~ a eautfl woman who could fantasy ~ do you row of 2 woman ike that? There aren any. Never before, never sace— this was an extraordinary unique person. Women ~ people ~ dont come in combinations that can/cn' happen again: fantasy -besuty child sen creature - staight et. becouse each all these pls its opposite ~ and to ig one woman f to mysteriously evoke all others and not fom watching actresses give PERFS does one fet anything real about woman, aout fl, about the word, various as its for all of us, about men. But to se one person ~ OK if nly by some weird acidnt~ exposing herself having fun, balievng in moldiess (si moldy, but ican be tue for her and produces eight - the deght of technicolor movies ~ then i would be wonderful it could be tue for us) ‘od ina cary way iis all tue For us becouse she is one of us. Is i invalid of har tobe the way she is? TF so, one of ws ae valid ~ a pst tion each one of ut fel # violation of onecl if akan by another per sn (whatever our private thoughts may be). IF you think you are invalid you may be the person who ridicules Monter movies. To adnit of Maria Hosezvaidies woud be totum on to meldines, Glamorous Raptr, Schizophrenic delight, hopeless naivete, and glittering techrcolored vast "Goof me tot Coproh chew!” "eef me tat Coprohchewe!” lin ofologve fom Cobra Woman, possibly the gece lin of oogue in any American fe ath." “rene. veil does not equal shameful and ash isthe material of creators. It ‘exits whether one approves or not. You may not approve af the Orient {ts half ofthe world and its where spaghetti came from. Tash is true ara Monte Alix bu soar Jewel, Cabra Jewels and so is wondous efinemeat — ight ~ tevin / igh ret enters the becom of theo queer (geo) and stabs be in her ed. Seen the 0 coned screen in bigynd ~ ot thet moment ~ the sacred econo erupts (ornge ligt flshes) Old quen stores olefily (yt something?) and ces. Now the cobra priestess (the evil sitet) ond the high priest con sie don Hall btothed to / ond the good sister (gh rae) and inpson them wth no opposition. Resection of (obra Island ~ Cushing ofecings demanded for King Cobra ~ {Chunk of servo syopsced) F ahere ba (unsophisticated, certainly) valty there ~ also theatrical rama (the best Kind) ~ alo interesting symbolism, deliious hokey ‘glamour ~ unattainable (Because once possessed) and juvenile at its snot passionate If you scon Montertand (now gone anyway 50 you are safe rom its con- tamination) you av safely out of something you wee lavlve in once and you resent (ia direct ratio to your scorn, evento rage) not bing sable to 90 back ~ resent the cose, rainbow colored gates, resent not bing wanted there, being a dag on the indus. Well ifs gone with the war yas (when you know that you ici going to make maney you indulge in hokey - at these times when investments rust be certain you must sel fellow banker-oge), Universal probably demolished the permanent Monte and sets. Vera West commited sui- cite inher blackmail swimming pool? Morter dead in her bait fom | ‘tao much reducing salts. The colors are faded, Reet Co. sol all her fict0 1% ontessand (created of one womans bet = not an acres’) wat made maifest on this earth, changed the wold ~ 15 to 20 Mi they made a ound her ~ OX ~ vehicles (the Kea of eis shold be condemned ruse ft hat been abused), veils tat were mam for her belie thorefore necessary, 2 justice, 2 need fl ~ Real ~as investment, 2 os of wok for extras, ila to serious persons, beloved to Pueto-Rians, rot forme, beauty for may, 2 camp to homes, Feee American uncon sciousness to Europeans ete Can't happen again. Fantasies nw feature weight ers who think now tow lucky and clever they were to get nto the moles & the fabulous sy vethvk someting the that on caer is contagious & you sare ‘hose thous (which i a magical fantasy to But another ati on The Tadostn?), Aare now safe from Maria Montez outrages! suppose the Calor rts are destroyed now Stil up anti abou 5-0 (when ey sree bought up by TA), Montez reissues cropped up at tiny nabes — very wesk one or another of them payed somewhere in WG At that fhe they wee 3240 17 years old Whan they ae sown now om TV hey re badly chapped up with lage chunks missing, The pattern being fepeated tt resist resting in ther beng cut & stad & fpurshed, All ae now safe om Montez embarassment ~ the tiny abes tre torn down, dit even make supermarkets ~ the big naes hove to At back investments 50 ca be asked (wo asl) to show them. The ee hours are committed to seriousness and importance, essays on cl oid (one twas sermons on celluloid), fod fr thought imported frm “THE CONTINENT No mae clings fom ets. ‘x this moment in movie history there is» feling of movies being Tpproved of There i an ewveoping cod of rial happiness ~ #3 OX erooe movies now. General approval (nobody knowing who starts i = tuts OX for you and everybody els). 1 a prety difse and general thing. Maia Morter Rix were pater ~ you went fr your parila tensa = hd specie Fein from them 8 about them 1 was & ah tniy idiosyncratic experince and hearty despised by critics. Cites ae sarters They tke wing ~ and written characters, Maria Monte’ appeal vies ona purely intuitive level She was the bane af tis ~ thet person hose effect cama be known by words, described in words, flaunts Wat or He at he atom of the Fol words (her image spo), Flim crits ae writers and they ae hostile and uneasy inthe presence of 2 visual phenomeran. They ae most delighted by bare images that trough visual bareness cll thought iat pay to fil the visual gap. Their bare delights are “purty and evocative.” Aspe: tacular, faming nage ~ since it threatens ther echoed need to be able to write ~ i bad and they attack i towing in moral extensions and hinting at ioc in whoever i capable of visually appreciating a visual mecium. Monterand is tly tor down and contemporary spot Caras oy oan to fies os cog, 8m he ‘sal approbation. “ ee aria Montez was a partir person: Of sreon she wes: Alorge, forge boned woman so oy ‘Skin dork | gov impression of being iy Wore Shalino perfume Risa reminder of ones own indiviuaity to value a particular sreen Personality I is also a mutiness (because gratuitous). But you wil have ruttness without Maia Morter ~ want more ~ need all you can get ~ need what ever you don't have - & need it badly - Need what you dont reed - need what you hate ~ need what you have stood against all, ‘hough the yeas. Having a favorite star has ery huran raifation = ft star-the enti. Stars ave no stars, they 2e peopl, 2nd what they nto wit nti ed (prope fh cme) vig 3 favorit star is considered luis but it is nothing bt non vba com- munication the daring ofthe vey person who doesnt bative anything veal can exist between a star anda real person. Being a star was an Baa beet he ee ed star has not been gratuitous (to i was in 1948) since 1 has left a reside of notions, intresting to me at a filmmaker and general fim