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Lord Vighmswara p.

The Ucchishta Ganapati Sahasra-fcamani, also known as *4 Guhyanama
Sahasrakam " is part and parcel of one of the ' 64 Tantra Sastras viz., Uttamare
sa' Tantram. Normally
this is learnt by traditional .method. Many have developed a false view or opini
on, either on account
of fear or light-heartedaess, regarding
the UccMshta Ganapati Upasana cult. This Is thoroughly wrong. On the contrary, t
he Swarupa of
Ueohishta Ganapati depicts tbe epitome of Advaila cult. For an ordinary man, the
concept of understanding the Swarupa of Ucchishta Ganapati with His consort God
dess Nila Saras-waii alias Nila Vani in naked form cannot be comprehensible, unl
ess perceived in depth with detachment so that the Tattva of Sivoham or Ahani Br
ahmasmi will ' become understandable.
Above:] Sri G. Kumaraswami Reddy is seen with Sri P. S. Rajagopala Raju.
Endowments Commissioner,
Be/ow: Executive Officer is speaking at a function arranged by TTD Employees. Bo
ttom: The outgoing Executive Officer Sri P.V.R.K. Prasad receiving a memento.
The connotation of interpreting Ucchishta as * remnant' is apparently wrong as t
he Paramporul is nothing but'S/s/tfom.
In Manduka Upanishad, the Tattva is explicitly described through the seventh man
tra. Similarly, in Atharva Veda, in all the three Suktas-27 Rikhs,
the concept is well defined.
One who takes to the Ganapati Upasana should know definitely the efficacy of the
propitiation of Ucchishta Ganapati. There have been
many savants in the'past, who'.were adept in this cult not only for the purpose
of contributing towards society's welfare, but also .for- self-realisation It ma
Ucchishta- Mahagana
y not'-be' out of place that the' truth of mastery, over this
pati cult was possessed by the late-His Holiness Sri Narasimha Bharati., cf Srin
geri Pitam.
There may be a misgiving that the cult of worship of Uchchisbta Ganapati descend
ed to our country from China/ Tibet, but it is refuted from the evidence availab
le in Atharva Veda and this cult has a hoary past in our own country. It is not
possible to deal with the subject in a limited way but attempt is made to put it
in a nutshell in this endeavour. Almost all the great -Mahapurushas must have b
een initiated into this Upasana, which not only enlivened them with Atma Vichara
leading to Cosmic Consciousness or Self-realisation, but also a powerful medium
to do away with evi? deeds by practising absolute Slshta-cham. Among the few wh
o may be located in this country, who are still found to be an authority in the
cult and Upasaka is one Sri Matakavi Sundara Sarma of Tarjore, a Sanskrit and Ta
mil ..cbolar and author of many books on religious treatises, who has been fortu
nate enough to bz blessed and given the title * Rama Pranan' by His Holiness San
karar charya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and 'Mahakavi' by BLH. Sankara-charya of
Govardhana Peetam, Puri, and 'Kavi Chakravarti *' by Kasi Pandita ;. Sabha, Vara