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Kendra M.

8550 Knox Road
Clarkston, MI 48348
(248) 625 – 5477

Certification: Michigan Provisional Elementary Certification

Endorsements: Elementary Education, Language Arts, Integrated Science

Education: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor April 2008

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Cumulative GPA: 3.634/4.0 – Education GPA: 4.0/4.0

Teaching Second Grade Student Teacher Winter 2008

Experience: Second Grade Pre-Student Teacher Fall 2007
Flossie B. Tonda Elementary, Canton, Michigan
 differentiated instruction to accommodate students with autism, learning-disabilities,
ADHD, and various learning styles, as well as those who are ESL and ELL
 used multiple formative and summative assessments, both formal and informal, to
inform instruction and to discover students’ strengths and areas of need
 created and taught a five-week reading and writing realistic fiction unit
 collaborated with fellow teachers and student teachers to plan weekly
 participated in parent conferences, Instructional Support Team meetings, and an IEP
 implemented daily reading and writing workshops and word study as part of a balanced
literacy program
 implemented engaging, hands-on math activities and inquiry-based science lessons
which utilized cooperative learning and manipulatives

Substitute Teacher Spring 2007

Clarkston Schools, Clarkston, Michigan

Kindergarten Field Placement Fall 2006

Clifford E. Bryant Elementary, Ann Arbor, Michigan

 designed and executed a comprehension strategy literacy lesson based upon the gradual
release of responsibility model and assessed students’ understanding
 conducted a read aloud about diversity followed by a class discussion
 performed both formal and informal assessments on an ESL student and designed and
implemented individualized lessons based on her areas of need
 wrote a grant for classroom materials which reflected the students’ diversity and
multiculturalism and taught problem-solving skills
 worked with a student with severe special needs in her first inclusive setting

Fourth Grade Field Placement Winter 2007

Hardy Elementary School, South Lyon, Michigan
 planned and conducted social studies read alouds, lessons, and discussions and
assessed students’ learning
 tutored struggling math students individually during their lunch and recess period
 led reading and writing conferences with individual students
 administered the Qualitative Reading Assessment IV and interpreted results
 utilized district, state, and national standards and benchmarks to create and teach social
studies lessons from scratch
Second Grade Cadet Teacher 2003 - 2004

Clarkston Elementary, Clarkston, Michigan

 designed and executed a science unit on space
 created bulletin boards in the classroom and hallway to display academic content and
student work
 read aloud to the class frequently
 led small leveled math groups
 observed and enforced classroom management and discipline practices

Teaching-Related Special Needs Camp Leader Spring 2007

Experience Camp Daggett, Petoskey, Michigan
 planned activities for a group of 70 children of varying needs, ages, and abilities
 led activities and adapted them to meet each child’s special needs

Day Camp Counselor, Grades 1–5 Summer 2006,

Independence Township Parks and Recreation, Clarkston, Michigan
 interacted with a group of 90 children, ages 4-11
 adapted activities to include children of various abilities and special needs
 created a positive environment and peer relationships through various cognitive,
social and physical activities

Sunday School Teacher 2002 - 2004

Clarkston United Methodist Church, Clarkston, Michigan
 designed and executed lessons and age-appropriate activities based upon a curriculum
 created an environment which fostered constructive peer relationships

Tutor 2002 – 2004

Clarkston, Michigan
 planned and implemented lessons for struggling elementary, middle school, and high
school students, especially in the area of mathematics
 utilized multiple forms of representation to explain difficult concepts
 worked with students and parents to set reasonable expectations and goals
 designed appropriate instruction based upon each individual’s strengths and weaknesses
Professional  Attention Challenges and Tools for Handling Them, March 2008
Development:  Second Grade Science GLCEs Review Committee Meeting, March 2008
 Differentiating Instruction: Designing Lessons and Units, March 2008
 Word Work and Vocabulary with Amanda Arens, Jan. 2008
 Teaching and Linguistic Diversity: A Functional Linguistic Approach to Fostering
Academic English Workshop, April 2007
 Technology and Knowledge: Professional Development Workshop, Nov. 2007
 In-service Training on Everyday Mathematics, 3rd Edition, Aug. 2007
 Opening New Doors to Resources and Creativity: Professional Workshop, Nov. 2006
 CPR and First Aid certified for children and adults, 2006, 2007

Leadership: Chairperson of a literacy-related event for underprivileged students, Literacy Alive!

Kappa Delta Pi – Education Honor Society Leadership Committee

Technology: Proficient in E-mail, Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher

Honors and Kappa Delta Pi – Education Honor Society Distinguished Member, Oct. 2006 - present
Achievements: University Honors, University of Michigan, Dec. 2005 – Dec. 2007