Vatican Assassins gives a new perspective on major events in contemporary history.

The subtext is Wounded in the House of My Friends; alluding to the perpetrators of JFK's betrayal and murder. Moreover, WW1,11 can be better understood in terms of motives - events such as Dunkirk have baffled many historians until now, as all is revealed. I liked learning about why and how The Titanic was sunk - it's all linked to the formation of the Federal Reserve. Most of all, Vatican Assassins is unique as it shines a bright and steady light of focus upon all that is covert through the manipulations and power play of The Vatican, evidenced through catastrophic events to the detriment of the progress of mankind. May we be aware that the Inquisitions were not only some regrettable feature of the Dark Ages, for they are thriving in our world today, as history surely repeats through our ignorance of these forces.