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Panacea for all Our Ailments

Introduction: Panacea means medicine a cure for

Disease. We are living in the global world and every
society is known by their culture and tradition .In that
topic we are discuss about Panacea for all our social
Ailments. As we discuss in our previous drafts about
some bottomline problems and their solutions but we
discuss it briefly now at that part of report we define
some main ailments that our society is the victim for
and find it panacea in a vast manner.
The matter of thinking is that what is the root
cause of these social ailments? Why these ailments are
grownup in our society and how we can overcome on all
social problems.
The bottom lines of all these ailments are when
peoples of society are forget their culture and tradition and
trying to adopt western culture and walk away on the
footsteps of western nations and forget their religion and
education of Islam they have no fear about God thats why
they are involve in different kinds of social ailments like
corruption, violation of rules and many more which well
describe later.
Now we are move towards the explanation of our
Ailments that our society is the victim for and how we can
secure from it.


Now I am going to write about some most common
ailments of our society, which are listed below.
ncompetent leadership.
iolation of rules.
iolation of rights.
ake of harmony.
Difference b/w have and have-nots.


In my opinion these are the most common ailments of our

society now I am presenting you some description about all
these ailments.

1.Incompetent leadership: The main root cause

for all these ailments is incompetent leadership.
Leadership means a person who brings their nation at
The peak of mountain .he always ready to face any
problem by standing at front not to sit in their palace.

Thats encourage the nation motivate them and think

they are one nation and ready for any sacrifice even they
are ready to give away their life under the shade of that
But in our society the whole scenario are
Reversed. Our leader is sit in their bulletproof cars and
Carry bulletproof jackets for their safety they dont care
About their safety they always think about theirselfes
thats why our nation is not faith on our leadership they
Are become hopeless.
How these kinds of leadership are produced?
The reason for production of like this kind of leadership is
Feudalism the leader whos belonging with background
Of feudalism they have no idea about the lifestyle of poor
Man. how the poor people are spend their lifes because
they have no experience for the life like the poor peoples
are live .the poor man work day and night for their
children food some time he come with empty hand
And their children are sleep starving.
Most of the leaders that our country is produced
Is selfish and corrupt except few ones. When they came
in power they make money and not thinking about the
poor man even the vote bank of these leaders are depend
on the poor peoples. Because of poverty activist are
produced you know that all suicide bombers are belong to
poor Family .if the rate of poverty is increasing day by
day than time is come when Pakistan is called the land
of hungers thats become the cause of embracement to
ourselves and for our country.

So the summery for all these discussion is that

the Incompetent leadership is the backbone of the social

orruption: -

The second and most devastating

ailments of our society is corruption .In every walks of
Our life we are the victims of corruption .In every
department of our society the corruption is become
common and it is held freely in each & every department
Of our society. Even our education system is the big
victim of it .The example which explain the corruption
In education system is in front of you but nobody take
action against it .if you want to get admission in
university specially in govt university but if you are not
Appear on their merit basis but if you have money or any
Source you get the admission in university. They
introduce self finance scheme in my opinion it is a
corrupt scheme which allow those person to got
admission who have money but the students who have
no money they didnt get admission so that is the
violation of rights of deserving students thats why we
are not able to produce true university scholars.
The corruption is being held in different
departments like police department we see again and
again that police are deeply involves in corruption cases
Like robbery, bribe, bribe is the most common type of
corruption which held in each and every department of
our society. Simply u can see this thing in our police staff

if some body caught by commit any violation of rule he

can easily release by giving some bribe or using any kind
of source, this is the condition of our defense staff and
every body known about it but nobody cares.
Similarly in the field of job, education or any
other department you could be select even you have no
ability but you have any source or money that is the
violation of right deserving and talented employee thats
why we are so backward in I.T and many source of

iolation of Rules: -

Rules mean any thing, which

happened according to proper discipline and is
compulsory to follow by every body. But in our country
the whole scenario is different the people are involve in
broking the rules in regular manner. The resent example
is passed when in the assembly of NWFP the votes are
cast for presidential election but these is the violation of
rules occurs when member of NWFP assembly cast their
vote by showing there vote to the person who is sit in the
assembly and belong to the party so the violation of rule
Occur in assembly so how we can expect that our society
Is living their life according to the proper rule or
The very common example of violation of rule
Is all of us are aware of it which is held at traffic signals

. There is violation of rule in that manner when the red

light (means stand still at your place) most of the
people broke the rule and passed the signals even they
Are not wait for green light (means ready to drive) and
cross the signal. Most of the time it becomes the cause of
Accident and people loose their precious life .so it means
That rules are for our safety .if we live our according to
proper rule then our life is become safe and peaceful.

4.Violation of rights: There are two types of rights,

which are organized by the God for there people. There
Names are rights of Allah and other is rights
of people. The question is that what is a right of
There are lots of rights of Allah on us. Because the Allah
Give us lots of wealth in shape of world, fruits,
vegetables and many more things, which we used in our
daily life
So accordance of these things there are lots of rights of
Allah on us.
The violation of rights of Allah: There are lots of rights of Allah on us like offer pray,
fast, pilgrimage, and
Do all those things, which is according to Islam and
according to the education of our holy prophet(P.B.U.H).
But now a day the violation of rights of Allah is become

Common. All things what we are doing in our

Daily life is destroyer of the rights of Allah now a day
The Muslims are walk away on the footsteps of nonMuslims. In our society dance, songs are become
common our society are become barefaced and the main
source of barefacedness is media and it is continuously
playing his roll to introduce western culture because of
media the barefacedness is common in our society.
The violation of rights of people: There
are lot of rights of people is organized by ALLAH. And
it is our responsibility to follow them to make a peaceful
society and create harmony in our society like to help the
poor people and protect the life of people those who live
in our surroundings but the whole things are different in
fact the people in our society are the enemy of each
other. Now a days life become priceless and the people
are become selfish and the they relate with each other
just for there own benefit no body cares about no body
even they are brother to each other.

of harmony: -


Harmony means accord. Lack

of harmony is one of the most important factor due to
which different type of ailments are grown up in our
society. When there is no harmony in the society the
level of the graph for development of the country is goes
on decreasing day by day, which has very harmful effect

on society. In our society there is differences at bases of

race, religion, languages, provinces, and political parties.
Thats why we are not reach on the level of developing
countries even we also known that our country came into
being on the map of the world on the base of one
nation theory. according to which all Muslims are
brother and now it is our responsibility to take care of
our society members because we are one nation and we
are all Pakistani. If every body between of us starts
thinking like that then our nation will reach at the peak
of mountain.
The Quaid-e-Azam said when he became the first
governor journal of Pakistan.
You are free to go to your
You are free to go to your
temple or
Any other place of
worship we are one
Nation and one nation of

Difference between have and

have-nots: In our society the have ones higher preference then havenots. It is the general perception in each and every
department of our society that all things are for have
ones not for have-nots.

For example if anybody is apply for job but if he is

among the have-nots the organization give the preference
To that employee who is belonging torch family or if has
a source even his ability is not match the ability of the
employee who is belonging to the poor family but he is
Rejected just because he is belonging to the poor family.
Thats we are so backward in the state of developing
Similarly in education department there are
lots of difference between have and have-nots students.
Just we take the example of self-finance scheme that
scheme are truly organized for the students whos
belonging to the rich family and the students whos havenots they didnt get admission in the department
Which they like thats why graph of commit suicide is
Goes on increasing day by day.
The recent example, which is passed in the past
The daughter of chief justice got the grace marks and
She got admission in medical college thats happened
Because her father is the chief justice of Pakistan and he
Use his power and his daughter got the admission in the
medical college so its show a lots of difference between
Have and have-nots. That is violation of rights of the
students whos belong to the poor family and they have
no power or source to use and they become hopeless
most of them forbid their education. There sin is that
Are births at the house of poor man? Thats is the
embarrassment for our society and we have to shame on


The panacea for all our ailments is very easy and simple
And the solution is that: If we live our life according to
Islam and according the education of our holy prophet
(P.B.U.H) because the Islam is the complete religion & it
helps us or guide us in all walks of life. The quran is the
complete source of information if we recite
It daily and trying to understand what is the meaning of
Quran and what is purpose behind it that Allah brings
this book for us if our society understands the meaning
of Quran and live their life as the quran said then that is
not Very far when our society is become clean by any
corruption there is no violations of rules every one is
respect the rights of others and there is no comparison
between rich and poor and every body are live there
lifes safely and peacefully. But that things are when
happened when we Act on it and trying to prompt our
Culture through media and many other sources.
One thing I should like to add in all discussion
Which is come in my mind at 31 of Dec 2008 at the time
When the clock reach at 12:00 and the New Year were
celebrated in that manner when our younger generation
Is starts fireworks there is one thing, which is come in
my mind, which is that if we celebrated our new year by
praying Allah for our country, the prosperity of our

And for protection of our country but we celebrated our

new year by fireworks I think! That is the reason why
that whole year we heard blast and we lost lots of
Pakistani brothers.
At the end I pray to Allah: Allah makes us powerful
Allah makes us harmless
Make us your channel
Make us useful to our country
And our family.
Allah gives us clean habits and clean
Thoughts and teach us to respect our
Elders and our parents.
Allah increase our knowledge (Ameen)

End of the report: At the end of the

report I will explain the whole scenario by that story
which summarize the whole report in few words.
Once upon a time there was a king who has a
very beautiful hawk .he take care of him very
well. But one day he is flew away from his
palace king set the price for the hawk and said
if any body found the hawk then price is for
that person. One day hawk caught by a grand
lady .she says to hawk I dont like your wings
so she cut down his wings after that she says I
dont like your peak she also cut down his

peak one day one follower of king found that

hawk and present him in front the king .the
king said take him away from here the
follower said why the king said I take care
of him very well but he has no respect for me
and flew away from my palace look at him
how he is look like he looks ugly. After that
The king said take him away from here I have
No need of it because he didnt respect me and
trying to change his life look at him his life is
become more miserable.
The reference of context of this story
is: The people of society is forget Allah
and trying to adopt western culture and tradition
but like what they are done to themselves they
are become corrupt, life of people is priceless
adopt different kinds of ailments in that manner
like king Allah is love there people very much
but people didnt respect Allah thats why the
graph of social ailments in our society is goes on
increasing day by day the easy and straight way
of all these ailments are we live our life
according to Islam and prophet(P.B.U.H).