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Communication Skills
Kamil Siddiqi

Labyrinth of information
The myth: that we can have an access to any and every information we desire is
exploded the moment we enter the labyrinth of different sites and search engines.
Thousands of pages may be downloaded from the internet even then no clear picture
would emerge for the explorer to look at the topic of investigation clearly.
How then can an inexperienced and young mind find a way out? Not, of course,
without the help of a seasoned guide. Reading between the lines is not the domain of
every Tom, Dick, and Harry! Media, in many ways, keep on misinforming people.
Pseudo-intellectuals, on the other hand, base their intellect on such media and continue
misguiding the simpleton. Reading between the lines is difficult for majority of them.
The world may have been globalized, but cohesion still remains a forlorn quest.
Thus, we see that the world at present faces wars on two fronts: ECONOMIC and
IDEOLOGICAL. The perpetrators of these wars play a game of double standards, and the
rule of their game is: heads I win, tails you lose! by hook or by crook.
How much are we aware of these two wars? Can anybody draw any analysis
through the means IT has provided us? Analyzing something needs intellect and
dexterity. Whereas, the constant use of internet is producing more of unintelligent and
less of intelligent young breed. The IT mania can be seen on the face of every urban
youth nowadays.
Having gained some knowledge of IT, can any youth go forth and grab a single
technology in any discipline for the benefit of its own people? Technology is meant to be
classified. And on some occasions it is highly priced and sold dearly. We subscribe
tangible and intangible products of technology and pose as if we have ourselves become
great technologists!
There could be two directions in which a net-user could venture: decent and
indecent. The decent direction is the normal or usual path where one finds information of
the typical queries. The indecent direction is the vulgar and the immodest direction
unsettling the chemistry of a person.

We are entering an INFORMATION AGE, arent we? In our day-to-day life we are
continuously being affected by forces which are strong and harmful. Can any student
living in this Information Age point out any of these clandestine forces? What causes the
decay of time-tested values and cultures in the society? It is expected that the present age
of information will usher the haves into a KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY, but what about the
have-nots? They are obviously going to remain grumbling stooges, not knowing the
clandestine forces which have made them so. These will also include many a pseudointellectual mass-produced by faulty education systems.
Living in a knowledge society is entirely different than living in a fools
paradise. The student of today will have to decide which of the two suits him. For the
former: he needs a guide. For the latter: internet itself is enough.
Many a time our eyes cannot see the truth, our minds cannot perceive reality. It is
as if we are groping in the dark. How can this blindness be removed? Either borrow the
light or wait for intuition: whichever you like!