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This report is the part of my Managing Customer Service. The topic of my report
is chocolate. In this report I am going to discuss about the whittakers
chocolate. This report consists of three parts. The first part of the report is the
introduction, in which the information about the chocolate and its brand would
be given. Chocolate is the thing that provides us the utter pleasure. James Henry
was the person who first tasted the stuff when he was working on a confectionary
shop in England when he was just 14 years old. Afterwards he started using his
expertise to make it in his home in Christchurch in New Zealand in 1890 and sold
it door to door by using his horse and van. After that he moved to Wellington and
made Australias premium chocolate till 1896. Then in 1913, his sons named
Ronald and James joined him in partnership in order to make J.H. Whittaker and
Sons. Even today the company is carried out by Whittakers family and Andrew
and Brian Whittaker are trying to overtake Cadbury to become countrys biggest
chocolate sellers. Now it is one of the trusted brand in New Zealand. The second
part consist of the main body in which the information of the chocolate and its
retailer is given. In this part, the type of the customer service, quality of the
product and uniqueness of the product is discussed. And at the last third part
conclusion and recommendation is given.

Each carry box of the Whittaker Chocolate contains 30 bars of Whittakers milk,
cashew, fruit and nut, dark Ghana and white.
Method of distribution:
Santa Catalina Mts: In this dataset, Whittaker and Niering (1965) chose the
subsample size subjectively from the two alternatives. From the Santa Catalina
Mts data of whittaker and Niering, Whittaker (1967) gave the gradient analysis
curves. They gave their data in terms of the six original moisture categories in
the paper and in the material deposited in the Library of Congress. It was
composite data gradient in spite of descriptive names for categories.
Name of the organization:

One of the organization selling Whittaker is Countdown Store.

Address of the organization:
Countdown is situated in 76 Quay Street Auckland.
Number of people working:
Approximately 30 people are working there.
Job title of the each customer service personnel:
Store Manager: As it is clear from the name itself, store manager is the person
who manages the whole store in a manner so as to carry on the working of store
Store Keeper: The store keeper usually performs the duties like he/she is engaged
in shipping and receiving goods, stocking activities, distributing supplies and
equipment, maintaining stock and inventory records, etc.
Cashiers: Cashier is the person who is engaged in handling the customers by
punching their goods that they have bought and in taking payments. He/She also
sometimes manage the cash registers.
Supervisors: Supervisor is the first responsible person who has to see whether
everything is going according to the standards and whether everything is
accepted within accepted quality and cost limits.
Security: Security guard or security officer is the person who is paid in order to
protect the property, assets or people. These people are always visible in
uniforms. In stores, they usually stand infront of the main gate of the store.
Demographic of the customers for Whittaker:
These days, the number of premium chocolate products with exotic flavours are
growing but c-store customers are ignoring them for most of the part.
Mostly people like chocolates a lot but girls and children make the majority
among them that usually eat chocolate frequently. But now they are becoming
more choosy and starving for the delicious combinations of blue cheese and
chocolate or bacon, etc.
Need that Whittaker fulfills:

Chocolate is like a sweet dish that gives energy to our body and if one feels
hungry then he/she can satisfy this need by having Whittaker. We can also use it
as a desert. Sometimes we can use it as a food in case when we have no place or
even time to cook food. It is even very beneficial for our heart. We can also use it
as a bedtime snack. Its also a good sourceof malnutrition.
Unique features of Whittaker:
One bar is having approximately 60% of cocoa beans and has got the Award
Winning Taste.
It is organic and free trade certified.
It contains a blend of Natures richest fruit antioxidants called Xantios.
Whittaker is truly guilt-free and provides 250 calories per bar.
Major competitors of Whittaker:
USP for the major competitor:
Constant improvement of the quality of the product is one of the major known
unique selling preposition of Whittaker chocolate company. It also uses unique
innovative methods of promotion of the products. Feedbacks are always
welcomed from the chocolate lovers so as to maintain the quality levels in order
to satisfy their needs and wants.

Gurpreet Singh
277 Swing Drive
Auckland City, New Zealand
19th August 2013
Mr. Tobias Brown

123 Main Street

Subject: Product (Whittaker) refund status
Dear Mr. Brown,
Thank you for giving your valuable feedback on Whittaker Chocolate. We are
extremely disappointed that you are unhappy with the product. We would like to
apologise you with this letter on behalf of Whittaker Chocolate team.
We have received the letter which you have sent to us claiming for a refund of the
product. We cannot understand the exact problem which you faced with the
product. Unfortunately, the company is not able to give you a refund of the
product since it is evident that the product has been used and it has also suffered
some substantial damage.
We apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Lina Pincer
(Customer Care Services)

Customer Service Training of Sales Staff

Staff training is most be important for customer service. It helps to making
business successful. Most of business staff are spend money training their staff
for better customer service. Some topics to be concided when training staff are
knowledge of the product, ability to use positive language, acting skill, time
management skill and ability to read customers.
Firstly, knowledge of the product is forward facing staff in our company will work
on having a deep knowledge of how our product work. Every team member are
able to build their product from scratch but rather than they should be know how
products work. It help to the customer when they are run into the problems.
Secondly, ability to use positive language. If the staff has ability to make
languages positive it help to go truly long way in creating happy customers with

the products. Language is very important part of people specially customer who
create perceptions about the staff and the business company. Small changes with
the languages positive it can greatly affected how the customers hear our
Thirdly, acting skills is the most important for the staff for running their business
for the company. Every time staff need positive nature when deal with customer.
Staff should know about all the details about product then can be deal with very
confidently. Staff must be handle customers with smily face thats the most
important acting skill to staff training.
Fourthly, time management skill is that there is a limit of time and staff need to
be concede with getting customers what they want in an efficient manner but
sometime customer are in problem at that time staff should be released when
they help them. Dont waste time trying to go up and beyond for a customers in
an area whwn aware you will just end wasting both of your time.
Fifth, ability to read customers, that the staff should be able to see customer face
to face and hear a customer voice. Sometime we want able to facing with our
customer perfectly thats not good way to read our customer what they want.
Staff has been ability to read customer because it takes knowing our customers to
create a positive experience for them.

In the business there is many problems are facing for the staff. One of the
customers with sales team is having a difficult time who will not listen and keep
saying that the competitor product is better and cheaper that the product which
we are selling, then our sales staff members refers the customer to solve this
problem. Some of the important things that we will need to do for customers.
One of the first important thing is that I would be clearly provide the information
of the product to the customer and try to understand what the customer actually
wants. Where they are coming from. We all have a different way of viewing
things. It will be some sort of helping the customers.
And then another important thing is that we should be try to keep right attitude.
Sometime the business employee get angry with the customer that the not good
way to attend the customer with the product we should be maintain the right

attitude towards the customers in order to maintain the images of the business in
the eye of the public.
In the addition I will also try to customer feel happy and satisfied. There are many
ways to make customer happy in which a business can keep it. Since the particular
customer is reasoning that the competitor product is cheaper than our product,
then we could give an interest fee payment for one month when she purchases
the product from our shop. These all the most important things to attend the
customer. Business employee having a good relationship with the customers and
public image it will help to make our business successful more.
The customer always write, so companies have been amazing to achieve
customer satisfaction through different angles such as improving their product
quality, offering and slashing price. The important of the good reputation is that is
one of the most important asset.
If we make a good reputation survival the different between with the firm. Having
a good customer service reputation is the one important thing to make our
business to grow up. That is the kind of business that will make a lot of profit than
the other business. To have a good customer service reputation will mean that
you have a good public image in a business.
The customer are the most important in the business and good customer
relationship can be only maintained there is good service provided by the
business. Customer Service is the business that is provided by the customer to
help the customer have experience with the business.