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Curriculum Vitae

I am a fourth year undergraduate student, pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science at JIITU. I am keenly interested in research domains of graphics, computer vision, algorithms and human computer interaction. My ongoing research project is : · Incremental Model Learning for Large Image Databases.

Program B.Tech (CSE) High School Institute/Board Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University (JIITU) CBSE (St.Francis School, New Delhi) De Sales Year 2010 2006 2004 GPA/Marks CGPA 7.7 / 10 Class XII 90.2% Class X 91.6%

Selected Achievements
Aug 2009 Won the 1st prize for two projects, ‘Content Based Multimodal Retrieval for Huge Databases of Indian Monuments’ & ‘Bayesian Model Based Automatic Classification (Indexing) of Videos’ at the International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3 2009) Organized Programming Contests for 1st year and 2nd year students at JIITU and worked as a Teaching Assistant twice for the undergraduate courses at JIITU Won the 4th prize (Consolation) for the project ‘Content Based Video Search’ at the International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3 2008) Selected in a team of top 5 students, in JIITU to compete for the ‘Microsoft Go Alive Challenge 2008’. Our website, (now not operational) was selected in top 50 across India Was amongst the top few students to obtain A+ grade in Fundamentals of Algorithms and A grade in Data Structures courses at JIITU

Jan 2009 Aug 2008 July 2008 May 2008

March 2008 Active member of the Indian Underwater Robotics Society (IURS). Attended a 13 day workshop on autonomous underwater robotics, conducted by IURS Dec 2007 Feb 2007 May 2006 Nov 2005 Nov 2004 June 2004 Jan 2003 Elected in the core committee of the Training and Placement Cell at JIITU Adjudged 3 in the Autonomous Robotics competition at Delhi College of Engineering Awarded for academic excellence in Computer Science (98%) in class XIIth Senior Secondary School Examinations Taught one illiterate person to read and write as a part of the National Literacy Mission, India Secured distinction in Science and Math, in the International Assessment for Indian Schools, conducted by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia Awarded for being amongst the top 0.1% successful students in the All India Secondary School Examination 2004, for two subjects, Science & Tech (99%) and Social Science (99%) Secured 86th Position in the All India EROSE Open Scholarship Examination, 2002 – 2003

Languages Known
C, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Technical Reports
‘Automatic Opinion Polarity Classification of Movie Reviews’
Hima Bindu , Aman Agarwal et al Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, JIITU October 2009

SOAP Based Automatic Contact Retrieval for Social Networking Sites
Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain February 2009

Content Based Multimodal Retrieval for Huge Databases of Indian Monuments
C.V. Jawahar, Aman Agarwal International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3), August 2009

Bayesian Model Based Automatic Classification (Indexing) of Videos
Sanjay Goel, Aman Agarwal et al International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3), August 2009

Publications Under Development
‘Content Based Multimodal Retrieval for Huge Databases of Indian Monuments’
C.V. Jawahar, Aman Agarwal Center of Visual Information Technology, International Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad)

‘Automatic Classification and Retrieval of Videos on Audio Content’
Sanjay Goel, Aman Agarwal et al Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, JIITU

Research Projects
Content Based Multimodal Retrieval for Huge Databases of Indian Monuments Under Dr. C.V. Jawahar (Center of Visual Information Technology, IIIT Hyderabad) (May - July 2009) A focused web crawler automatically populates the database and updates it over time. Image and its relevant text are indexed to the search system. Efficient text parsing algorithms parse the HTML for keywords relevant to image. Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) features are extracted for each image and visual words (‘bag-of-words’) are computed from a prebuilt K-Means model. Images sharing visual characteristics with the input image are extracted. Currently implemented for 10 monument categories for over 15000 images. Developed Using: Microsoft Visual C#.Net

Incremental Model Learning for Large Image Databases Under Dr. C.V. Jawahar (CVIT, IIIT-Hyderabad) & Dr. Vikas Saxena (JIITU-Noida) Final Year B.Tech Thesis (Underway) A hierarchy of a few initial categories is adopted using Wordnet. Initial images for these categories are made available to the system for the initial training of the visual model. The overall framework works in an incremental way. More and more images are automatically added and the model is updated according to the newly added images. The classification process becomes more precise with every subsequent iteration. As a consequence, the database becomes larger and larger. The primary purpose is to make human effort negligible while improving performance with every iteration. Developing Using: Microsoft Visual C#.Net

Undergraduate Projects
Content Based Searching and Classification of Videos via Speech Recognition and Machine Learning (June 2009) This software is content based video retrieval and indexing system based on features in the spoken dialogue in large video databases with the accuracy and speed of text search. Preprocessing involves speech recognition on the audio track of the video. The equivalent text is stored as an “inverted” table data structure, storing the text along with time of occurrence of each word in the video. This text is given to a machine learning algorithm which uses the Naïve Bayesian classifier to learn the words that occur frequently within the video. Once this correlation between the dictionary and the videos are learnt, new videos are classified automatically. Developed Using: Microsoft Visual C#.Net

Automatic Opinion Polarity Classification of Movie Reviews (February 2009) The development of internet as a major communication medium has resulted in an exponential increase in amount of reviews available for any product or services. Context of the sentences is a vital parameter in determining the polarity. This application automates the polarity estimation of articles/reviews. A dataset of known polarity is used to train the model initially. Any new review/ article is then fed to the system, which calculates its probability of belonging to each set using appropriate machine learning algorithms. Developed Using: Microsoft Visual C#.Net

Digital Image Processing Toolkit (March 2008) An Image Processing library to acquire a basic knowledge in image processing. This library was developed using no pre-built libraries like OpenCV etc. Several image processing functions such as grayscale conversion, dilation, erosion, histogram of color and grayscale images, rotation, scaling and zooming etc were implemented. All functions were implemented to operate on the pixel values of the images. Developed Using : C++ in GCC 4.3.0 Environment

Finger Print Matching (Nov 2007) Software that implements matching of two fingerprint images. MATLAB is used to thin the fingerprint images which then serve as input to the system. Minutiae points are extracted from the same using the crossing number algorithm and appropriate results are produced using a suitable fingerprint matching algorithm. The developed GUI toolkit has MS Windows-like display in DOS graphics mode and can be extended to any other application in DOS environment. Developed Using : Turbo C++ 3.0

Robotics Projects
Automatic Line Follower An automated robot designed to work on the principle of capturing reflected light from the underneath surface of the robot. The robot follows a white line on a black surface or vice versa, using Light Dependent Resistances (LDR) as sensors and a preprogrammed Atmega 16 Controller. Water Boat A manual robot operating on two propeller motors (rear) and one direction motor (front). The robot operates on an externally provided 24 Volt, 18 Ampere DC power source. Road Vehicle A manual robot operating on 4 motors functional through an externally supplied 24 Volt, 18 Ampere DC power source. Combination of current directions to different motors provided the change in robot’s direction.

Industrial Projects
SOAP Based Automatic Contact Retrieval from Social Networking Sites (Matsya (Contact 2.0)) TPF Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida (May-July 2008) Project included retrieval of information about the anonymous callers on the mobile phones via fetching of data from social networking site(s). Our implementation involved Windows Mobile platform and Facebook as the website. Web Service calls were made for the communication between the mobile device and the server and the service was made available to the registered users on our website. Developed Using: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for Windows Mobile 6.0 Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd., Noida (December 2007) Studied various topics, prepared reports and acquired hardware experience in Flash Module Testing (testing flash ICs over Chips Bank (2090 & 2080), USBest and SkyMedi controllers), IC Sorting (DDR I and DDR II), SMT (Surface Mounting Technique, SPD Writer(Serial Presence Detect), DDR I and DDR II module testing using RST v5.01 and Memtest-86 v1.65 and networking security techniques.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant Introduction to Computer Programming course at JIITU (Aug 2009 – Nov 2009) Teaching Assistant Data Structures course at JIITU (Jan 2009 – May 2009) Taught a child to read and write as a part of National Literacy Mission (2004 – 2005)