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2. Brand elements are the most useful for differentiating Cinthol from competing brands?

Memorable : Cinthol has been evoking confidence and freshness in its users. Cinthol is the
epitome of machismo. It is the brand of the alpha male, with other celebrities like Shah Rukh
Khan, Hrithik Roshan endorsing Cinthol over the years[2].
Meaningful : With the launch of Cinthol Lime it was etched with a brand image of freshness.
Likeable : Cinthol soaps have forever been known as a brand associated with freshness and
superior smell.
Transferable The goodwill of Cinthol has been extended to 4 brand extensions i.e. Cinthol
soaps, Cinthol Talcum powder, Cinthol Deo spray and Cinthol Shower Gel[1].
Updatable : The packaging of Cinthol has also undergone a change to give a more clean,
sharp and youthful image. It has moved from 24-hour confidence to the recent Alive is
Awesome tagline[4].
Protectable : The CINTHOL trademark is filed in the category of Cosmetics and Cleaning
Products , Pharmaceutical Products[3] .

3. Differentiating features of Cinthol from other competitors

Cinthol has a rich history in India. There was only one variant of Cinthol soap until the year
1986, when Cinthol launched new variants were launched marketed under New Cinthol.
The original Cinthol makes use of both packaging as well as colour/design of soap to
differentiate itself from its competitors. The original Cinthol has:
1. Distinctive packaging of Red colour wrapper with a simplistic font to differentiate
itself by way of packaging. This design portrays a heritage and trust unlike numerous
other brands which cannot be offered by other soaps.
2. Cinthol uses a distinct aroma for the original Cinthol which cannot be replicated by
other soaps. This distinctive aroma is one of the key differentiators of Cinthol from its
competitors. Even some of the famous Cinthol advertisements try to leverage this
particular aspect of unique aroma.

3. Cinthol uses a unique dull green colour for its soap implying the herbal ingredients.
Few soaps realistically portray the use traditional herbal ingredients.
4. Cinthol offers a skin protection and deodorant qualities.
In 1986, Cinthol embarked on a brand reinvention with an image makeover. New variants of
Cinthol were introduced. Soaps launched under this reinvention were marketed as New
Cinthol to attract young customers. These products differentiated themselves from both the
original Cinthol and other brands by use of :
1. New look packaging projecting freshness and modern lifestyle
2. New unique shape, completely different from other soap offerings
3. Use of celebrities to endorse the products
Post such an expansion, Cinthol embarked on both brand as well as line extension leveraging
the brand equity. The newer offerings are:
1. Cinthol Deo Soap: This variant offers a deodorant soap combination unlike other
competitors with premium cologne ingredients
2. Cinthol Confidence+: This variant offers germ protection with reliability of Cinthol
3. Cinthol Cool: This variant offers respite from summer heat

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