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AS 4458—1997 Australian Standard® Pressure equipment—Manufacture Fis pobihed a AS 48581997 PUBLISHED BY STANDARDS AUSTRALIA (STANDARDS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA) 1 THE CRESCENT, HOMEBUSH, NSW 2140 ISBN 0 7397 1008 8 AS 44581997 2 PREFACE This Standard was prepared by the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee ME/] on Pressure Equipment. i This Standard is the result of a consensus among Australian and New Zealand representatives on the Joint Committee to produce this document as an Australian Standard. Consensus means general agreement by all parties. Consensus includes an attempy to remove all objections and implies much more than the concept of a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity. It is consistent with this meaning that a member may be included in the Committee list and yet not be in full agreement with all clauses of this Standard. This Standard is one of the ‘core’ documents which form part of the revised arrangement of the pressure equipment Standards; and is intended to unify and revise the manufacturing requirements for the pressure equipment Standards, AS 1210, Pressure vessels, AS 1228, Pressure equipment—Boilers and AS 4041, Pressure piping. in this way misunderstanding, cost and delay in manufacture can be reduced and safety can be improved. It is intended to avoid unnecessary duplication and promote greater confidence in reciprocal acceptance of qualified procedures. This Standard is based largely on AS 1210, with due allowance for practices or requirements of AS 1228 and AS 4041 Requirements have been formulated with a view to maximum compatibility with recognized International Standards Statements referred in mandatory terms in notes to tables and figures are deemed to be requirements of this Standard. The terms ‘normative’ and ‘informative’ have been used in this Standard to define the application of the appendix to which they apply. A ‘normative’ appendix is an integral part of @ Standard, whereas an ‘informative’ appendix is only for information and guidance. © Copysipht ~ STANDARDS AUSTRALIA Copveghe acai areggminded that copyright subsiats in all Standards Australia plications and software. EAcept whore the Copyright Act allows reproduced, sored in Sumndards Australis will permit up to 10 pecceat of the techoical content pages of a Standard 10 be copied for use ‘aclusivey in-house by purchasers of the Standard without payment of @ yal & advice to Sennends Rea pavanes aang wil alto permit the ielsion of i copyright rmatcrial in computer software programe for no royally Payment provided such progratts are used exclusively in-house by the erosions ofthe oboe Siig be taken to ensare that material wed i fom the current edition of the Standard und tht jt is updated whenever the Stendard is amended or revised, The number and dtc ofthe Sancarl should therefore be coaio coatiet commereiat cera in print form or in computer software programs to be used commercially, with or withoatpayaen, oF ia commercial contracts is subject tthe paymeat of «royalty Tie policy #24) be varied by Stneads Ausils sean ee 3 AS 44581097 CONTENTS Page SECTION t SCOPE-AND GENERAL 1.1 SCOPE BES eR Rae eeiaatnic : 8 1.2 APPLICATION ...........000055 : de 8 1.3. REFERENCED DOCUMENTS oe 8 1.4 DEFINITIONS 7 8 SECTION 2 MATERIAL GROUPING ......-..-+.- en eee tL: SECTION 3 DRAWINGS AND PRODUCT QUALITY 3.1 CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS... 2.0.26. 5 055 Eee eat 3.2. COMPETENCE OF MANUPACTURER .......-.00.002202200eeeee 12 3.3. MANUFACTURE AND WORKMANSHIP, 2 3.4 QUALITY ASSURANCE . pete eee eee 3.9 INDEPENDENT INSPECTION .. .. eee ec 12 3.6 REPORTS ..........-++ Bitte 7 ce pce 12 SECTION 4 MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION 4.1 GENERAL .....- el PES ettaee tact eda ttt 4.2. TYPES OF IDENTIFICATION OF MATERIALS ....00s..0. 00000005 14 4.3. MATERIAL NOT FULLY IDENTIFIED eee cet 4.4 IDENTIFICATION AND MARKING . .. . seeeeseeee 14 4.5 DEFECTS IN MATERIALS 16 SECTION 5 MATERIAL CUTTING 5.1 GENERAL ... eee a etieHcel pareah 7 5.2. THERMAL CUTTING .... REPT Haceicesceineseases 5.3. MECHANICAL CUTTING AND EDGE PREPARATION .......0.0..5 19 5.4 EDGE EXAMINATION .....- 200-2000 eee 2 19 5.5 EDGE FINISH oe WD SECTION 6 FORMING OF PRESSURE EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS 6.1 GENERAL ......- - 21 62 HOT FORMING OF PRESSURE EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS 22 6.3 COLD FORMING OF PRESSURE EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS FROM PLATES AND SECTIONS ....... Se Peete te ne ei tect tea 6.4 COLD FORMING OF PIPES AND TUBES eee 30 6.5 INDUCTION BENDING OF PIPES ....--..-+.-+.-+ eta: 6.6 REPAIR OF SURFACE IMPERFECTIONS AFTER FORMING 0... 33, SECTION 7. DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES ON FORMED COMPONENTS AND PRESSURE EQUIPMENT 7.1 GENERAL .....- 34 72. TOLERANCES ON SHELL AND ENDS OF PRESSURE VESSELS AND BOILERS .........040+ eect 1 34 7.3. GENERAL DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES ON HEAT EXCHANGERS .. 38