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Part three - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

789 crew are a London based UK Hip-Hop/RnB/Experinmental collective. Since they come from an inner built city area their representation would be connoted as urban. We showed their representation through their costume design. The group had a costume design of hoodies, jeans and t-shirts this denoted that they’re stereotypical thug like boys. The costume design also connoted they were in their teens, because you wouldn’t expect other ages groups to dress in this urban style. This is a still image of the inside front cover of the DVD cover and the bottom image of the magazine advert. It’s clearly connoted that the artists are dressed in an urban dress sense which connotes them as young and connected with hip hop culture. This is another image, taken from the video, you can see the consistency in the costume design, thus the representations of the artists run through all products.

We challenged the representation of the female in the video. We started of with her being shy, however through the course of the video she came out of this mode and became more confident.

Picture from the video

Magazine image DVD image

These images show how her representation changed. In the music video still image, she has been connoted as looking down which denotes her being shy. However in the magazine image she’s shown in an intimate pose, with the actor, which demonstrates she’s become more confidence, nevertheless she’s still connoted looking down which shows she still has a withdrawn representation. The DVD cover picture shows she’s come out from her shy representation into being more confident, this is connoted by her smile and her revealing costume design. The vibrant lighting also adds to the light hearted confidence mood.

Our mode of address had to be specific to our target audience. Our target audience were around the ages of 14-21 with a hip-hop/rap interest. We used an inter textual reference from grand theft auto on our DVD cover. The typography of the title connoted an urban graffiti style which denoted a serious mode of address. Our mode of address changed in the video. Through the main course of the video, we kept it serious, so the narrative was clear; however we ended it with a light hearted approach, which shows the change of the atmosphere the song created.

DVD cover

DVD cover As connoted “789”group has been shown in two different ways. The logo from the disk, was the original logo from the group, however we used this and changed the colours to adapt to our consistency. We used this because of the creative construction around the headphones; this can be linked with the music studio shots in the actual video, where the artist is connoted wearing headphones. The title on the DVD cover is connoted as bold to attract the audience in; it also catches their attention because of the bright colour.

DVD disk

These pictures have been taken from the music video. We tried to keep a house style of orange and blue running through all the products. This fit in with the branding of the group, as they are an Asian hip hop group, the orange denotes the culture as well as entertainment and youth. Overall the main combination that runs through all three products is the colour orange. You can tell the products are combined as still images

used on the magazine and DVD have been taken from the music video, which is a form of recognition.